DVD Got Game Chapter 5: A new challenge

DVD was living a great life. He had graduated from high school and had bagged several ladies all the while doing his own thing without having any obligations towards anybody; he was living the life of a teenager who was about to become a man. He had fully taken advantage of his summer and was ready to embark on a new challenge.....College.

DVD made it to Bishop University a week early in order to get acclimated to his surroundings. He met several people who immediately recognized him and claimed he would be the one to bring the school to heights never previously enjoyed.

2 weeks later, DVD was at practice meeting his new teammates. The frontcourt players were feeling him and showed him some love whereas the backourt players were distant and disrespectful since they figured he would be replacing them. DVD still tried to be cool about it and be cordial but they weren't having it. One of the frontcourt players, told him not to worry about it and that they would eventually become cool with him once they saw he was all about the team. In the meantime, several Canadian and American channels such as CBC, CTV, TSN and ESPN had approached the school to follow the team throughout their season. The coach refused but the school's dean was more then happy to pass on the obligation onto the head coach as he figured it would bring a great spotlight on the school.

Once the team learned of this development, the backourt players went out of their way to make DVD look bad during practices. For instance they would call out plays during practice scrimmages that were no longer in the playbook in order to make DVD seem dumb and uncoachable. One of the bench players approached DVD and offered to help him with this dilemma.
Player: Listen, I see what they be doing to you to make you look bad and it ain't cool; I think i can help.

DVD: We've been practicing for a few days, but you never mentioned your name; what is it?

Player: My boys usually call me Shyne, and by the way we from the same hometown gawd

DVD: Word. Good to know, but why you wanna help me out though and how??

Shyne: Simple. If you look good, we all look good. But if you look great, we all look great and we win. But to tell you the truth, it's more about pride; hometown Montreal gotta look good baby!!

DVD: Aight, cool.....so how you gonna help Shyne?

Shyne: Simple. I'll teach you all the plays from last year and I'll help you get a feel for all the guys on the team. That way you'll know all of our strenghts and all of our weaknesses.

DVD: Good looking out man, let's do this then.

Shyne proceeded within a day to teach DVD the old playbook and the new one as well for good measure. He was then able to give DVD a detailed scouting report of all the guys on the team. The following practice, with the cameras rolling and everyone anticipating DVD looking bad on the court once again, DVD proceeded to dazzle all those present, even his own teammates; Shyne included. Cid had taught DVD to be receptive to change and to always pay attention and listen to good advice. And boy did it show; DVD set up his teammates for countless baskets not shooting once, even waiting for his guys on fast break opportunities. The backourt players had seen his talent and could no longer continue their childish games with him; they decided to incorporate him into the offense and make him the focal point during practice. DVD then went on to score, score, score and score some more, not missing one shot during the scrimmage.The practice ended and the coach vacated the gym but the players decided to hold a final team huddle. With the cameras still rolling, the players unanimously decided then and there to make the young freshman the team captain for his impeccable leadership. A new team was born.....



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