What happens when you play fantasy (Part III)

Ced: “Yo Shyne, what do you say we put our difference aside and go see what’s happening at the kids table, go see if they’re getting enough to eat’’

Shyne: “Yea we could, I don’t think these development league cats are ready for an NBA tryout though. Here we go…’’

(Ced in blue, Shyne in black)

The Big Boys eat you lunch and laugh at the table/
Y’all eat on the floor cuz your stats suck and amount to a bagel/
Feels like a league full of Isiah’s, who’ll attempt suicide the soonest? /
What d’you expect from guys who went with players named “Hedo, Rafer and Zydrunas”/
These clowns can’t battle with Shyne and Ced/
Like sending the Backstreet Boys to rap battle Meth and Red/
J Crew’s gay crew, I think I get where he messed up/
He thought I meant it literally when I said his picks would get him fucked/
One dude went all out to snatch Okafor/
To which I ask “what the hell you need ‘Oka’ for?”/
Why Hakim has jokers as his ballers is kinda hard for me to understand/
I think he sets low expectation, isn’t he a Clippers fan? /
How come we ain’t hearing y’all talk? /
Y’all seemed hopeful after the draft/
We’ll keep playing “who finish on top” /
While y’all play “who don’t finish last” /
Oh yea, and “you know who”, helped “you know who” pick “you know who” /
Let’s keep that between me and you/
For now…


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