Cavaliers @ Hawks Game 3 Recap

The Cleveland Cavaliers marched into Atlanta with the goal of winning Game 3 and putting a choke hold on the Atlanta Hawks. In my mind, it was obvious that the King was going to give a king's performance. On the road with a chance to completely kill the spirit of the Hawks, LeBron James would try everything possible to distance the Cavs from the Hawks. I was expecting something along the lines of 32 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. But something weird happened along the way. Atlanta made the game competitive and the Cavaliers' role players were struggling a little on the road. Delonte West was no longer blowing by Mike Bibby for warm up lay ups (seriously, West abused Bibby in Game 2 and kept converting lay ups as if in the lay up line), Wally Szczerbiak could no longer connect on his shots from mid range and long range. Mo Williams was making shots and Zydrunas Ilgauskas scored only when LBJ attracted the defense and fed him for easy lay ins. For the most part, Atlanta had Cleveland exactly where they wanted them. LeBron James would have to completely bail out his team in order for them to get a W. And you know what? Once the King decided to do just that, the game was pretty much over. Unlike in Game 2 in which we saw all of the LeBrons characters from the famous Nike LeBrons commercial (Pop LeBron, Business LeBron, Kid Lebron and Basketball LeBron), Game 3 treated us to Business LeBron. A ruthless assassin that knew when to turn it up and go for the kill in order to seal a business deal. Business made three pointers, mid range fade away jumpers, acrobatic lay ups, floaters and all you can imagine. But he wasn't done. He defended Flip Murray, Joe Johnson, Josh "I keep missing open jumpers because the defense leaves me open on purpose and I keep taking them just like Larry Hughes" Smith, got tough traffic rebounds and created great passing plays. This was very reminiscent of the Etroit 48 point game (after what he did to the Pistons, there no longer is a D in Detroit). Business finished with 47 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists. The only thing missing from his performance was him combing out his business afro with his flashy pinky ring. Oh and by the way, Game 4 is tonight.


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