Name that Award.....Cid Answers

So I was thinking about all the great players that the NBA has seen and yet some of the awards do not yet bear any of their names. So me and Supreme thought that maybe we should find names for all the nba awards.
Example: The NBA Finals trophy is now known as the Bill Russell. So what do we do with remaining awards?

MVP: Michael Jordan
Defensive player of the year: Dikembe Mutombo Award
All-NBA: K J Award
All-NBA Defense: The dream Award
All-Rookie team: lebron carmelo bosh wade class
Rookie of the year: LeBron Award
6th Man of the year: Ginobili and Van Exel Award
Western Conference title: Magic Trophy
Eastern Conference Title: Bird Trophy
Scoring Title: Iverson he only wanna a score lol
Rebounding Title: Dennis Rodman Title
Assists Title: John Stockton Title
Steals Title: Chris paul Title
Turnover Title: Allen Iverson Title
Field goal Percentage title: Shaquille O'Neal Title
12th Man: mateen cleaves
Best broadcaster: Jeff van gundy and bill Walton
*All-Star Game MVP: Magic johnson
Hell, why stop at basketball?(remember, I'm asking you for the name of the award)
Hottest chick : megan good
Best rapper: The Biggie Award
Best R&B singer: The R. Kelly men Award Mary J Blige Lauren hill
Best Rap Album: Life after death Award
Best TV Show: The Fresh prince Award
Best Movie: The Godfather Award
Best white actor: The Al Pachino Award
Best black actor:The Denzel
Best Movie Soundtrack: The Above the Rim Award
Best Videogame: Any nhl from ea sport
Best cluhb track: Must be a wu track Award


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