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At the SBG blog, I do my best to cover a wide range of topics. I'm often faced with a multitude of things that go through my mind that I'm not necessarily sure how they all fit together. For instance, I have a Joe Budden line on my mind from the track Unthinkable that's playing in my head:

"They say you doing something wrong
 If all the critics love you
For some it's a career
For some it's just a hustle
Me all I do is win,
And that begins with not rocking my LeBrons
Unless the n*gga got a triple double"

What does the track mean? I'm not sure. But when my mind goes racing like that, that's when I know it's time for me to share my Scattered Thoughts.

*"If you still hollering that men ain't sh*t, you need to shut the f*ck or get yourself a girlfriend". Immortal words to live by, as told by Katt Williams. But the man has a point ladies; every time you find this new "perfect guy", you go head over heels for him and then he inevitably shows you the peace sign (whether you realize it or not, he does it) and does his best Jay-Z impersonation as he moves On To The Next One. 50% of my audience just nodded and gave their approval. Another 25% are already in relationships but are nonetheless curious. The remaining 25% are either in denial or have figured out men by now.  So you ladies must be curious to know how to avoid falling for that guy (you know, the fake perfect guy). The answer is easier than you might think.
The first thing ladies, is you must have standards. Whatever they are, it's important that you have some because they will dictate the type of men you end up with. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers expect to compete for NBA titles, not divisional banners and playoff appearances. Consequently, they set the bar real high in terms of the people that join the team. They want winners. So if we bring this closer to home, if people that lack standards, tend to settle for less and get disrespected. Take that to the bank.

Now that the most important factor is out of the way, you have to figure out how to differentiate between a good dude and a fake dude. Now pay attention closely; because I'm about to lay out the men's player manual right here for you. Here's how it goes:

  1.  He scopes you out or gets friend to introduce you.
  2.  He lets you talk and gets perspective on your interests.
  3. He shares some info about himself but not too much, a mystery leaves a woman somewhat intrigued. If he's not getting through to her with the mystery, he'll share more about himself and get you to endear yourself to him.
  4. The info exchange (phone number, email, Facebook, etc..).
  5. The date set up.
  6. The date: he might not blow you away but he will be good enough to warrant either a second date or even first date sex.
  7. Whether the sex comes after the first, second, third or whichever date; the rest of steps are the same.
  8. After about two to three weeks after having sex with the woman, he stops texting, stops calling and moves on to something or someone else.
  9. You have officially been relegated to old news: when you call or text him, he tells you to stop sweating him, and that you're always bugging him.

 That is the how men behave in a nutshell.. Keep in mind, the steps won't be exactly as such, there might be a slight variation but all in all, that's how things will break down. Admit it ladies, you recognize some of these patterns. I bet you're curious to figure out how to avoid falling prey to the "game".

Guess what, you're in luck. Let me breakdown the crucial mistake that you almost always make. Once you provide your list of standards to the guy that's courting you, you automatically disqualify the guy that's honest about his shortcomings. His faults might not even come into conflict with your standards but you perceive his weaknesses right off the bat as a sign that he's not worthy of your time. Big mistake. The guy that's perfect is the guy that you want to run away from. He's the guy that's lying to you and hiding all of his faults. You want to be with the guy that's honest with you from the get go. That's the guy that once you get to know him (granted this comes after several dates), you will know exactly how he will always treat you. Once you have witnessed that; then you can decide if he's the guy you want to be with. Yes it's true.

If you chose to keep the same patterns and keep on dating the perfect types, you will continue to be a victim in the game of "Get Some & Get Out" (I own the copyrights to that term from now on, ok maybe not but I had you convinced for a second there that I did). Good luck on your mission.

*I was talking with this girl I know and she's having trouble hooking up with this guy that she's really into. Here's her problem in a nutshell: the dude is always casually flirting with her but when it's time to seal the deal and set up a date, he backs off. If she tries to initiate a conversation that might lead to a potential date with the dude, he kind of goes quiet and disregards what she says. So she asked me: what gives? 

To me the answer was simple. If a guy acts like Mike Lowry one second and then switches it up and acts like the 40 Year Old Virgin the next moment; there's only one reasonable explanation: dude is in a committed relationship. He just wants to know if he still has it. Can he still call on his pimp game when needed? That's all he wants to know. If this is your situation ladies, show him the peace sign and move on to bigger and better things.

Although I wrote it last summer, it still applies today. So if you're interested, feel free to go check out the Booty Call Guidelines.

Because I typically write about the NBA on the blog, you won't find anything new or earth shattering in here (just giving you a heads up).

*Have a look at the NBA standings

Eastern Conference
1- Cleveland
2- Orlando
5- Milwaukee
6- Miami
7- Charlotte
8- Toronto

Western Conference
1- L.A. Lakers
6-Oklahoma City
7-San Antonio

If the Western Conference standings stay as is, the Lakers will have to go through some tough solid battles just to get back to Finals. The champs would get the Blazers in the first round, the Nuggets in the second round and the Mavericks in the Conference Finals (obviously this scenario assumes that the teams that are favorites to win their respective series actually do win).

On the other hand, in the Eastern Conference, with the way the standings are right now, Cleveland would face Toronto (Bosh's last games as a Raptor and perhaps a bit of a yawner), Boston, and Orlando on their way to the Finals (if favorites win in each round).  We might be in for a great postseason this year.

*In case you missed it, I strongly suggest you read up on my list of NBA franchise players. It took me about a month to compile in, but hopefully you'll enjoy reading up on some your favorite current NBA players. Here's the list of players.

*About two months ago, I asked the question: Whose career would you rather have: Kobe Bryant's or LeBron James'? If you didn't get a chance to read up on it, you can click here and give it a read.

*Brooklyn's Finest: This movie completely disappointed me. I was expecting a story a bit like Donnie Brasco, where an undercover cop gets in too deep and actually assumes the persona of a certified gangster; and can no longer go back to being a cop. Instead, I was left with a weak imitation of The Departed. I won't spoil the movie for you but the movie is a poor attempt at replicating The Departed; except with a predominantly African-American cast and story with more holes than an orgy porn set. Seriously, when did it become cool to just steal off movie ideas from people and then just change the type of cast involved in the movie?

I'm genuinely terrified that someone in Hollywood might like the idea and re-make every movie with actors of a different ethnic background. Illustration:

- Pirates of the Caribbean with a cast of Mexicans: "Nah papa, the treasure no esta aqui hermano; go tell segnor Turner we have to go now. Davey Jones is on our culo yo."

- The Dark Knight with some Jamaicans: "Nah mon, ya cannot cross the Dark Knight mon; Jah Bless".

- The Bourne Identity with Italians: "Hey bro, I'm gonna go hunt down those paysans from Treadstone and then we can go have some of my mom's lasagna. Now get the f*ck outta heeeeere"

If those ideas sound completely ludicrous, why was it a good idea to take a Boston based movie, and have it done in New York? I bet the director is a Yankees fan.

*Shutter Island: Good movie overall but you kind of have an idea from the start of the movie how it's going to end. Good movie overall, but I was expecting to be completely shocked and dumbfounded (I call it the Saw movie effect; no matter how smart you are, you fall in the little traps they set for you and end up surprised by the end of each of the Saw movies) by the ending; but such was not the case after watching Shutter Island.

*In case you missed it, I'm a big Trey Songz fan. Check out my post on him, it's right here.

*Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known that your favorite Silverback Gorilla will be attending the Slaughterhouse show on April 10th.  Those of you that know me, know I'm a huge Joe Budden fan and consequently a huge fan of Slaughterhouse as well. I missed the show last year unfortunately but this year I'm all in. Since I can't just be a name dropper, let me quickly breakdown my favorite Slaughterhouse track.

Cut You Loose: Joe, Royce, Joell and Crooked talk about their love relationship with a special someone. Unfortunately, too many people have been with that special someone and might have ruined her for others. It's like when you date a girl that's been around the block and she's had her head messed with by a bunch of guys, you end up dealing with all of her issues that stem from her past actions with her former partners. In this case, the Slaughterhouse cast isn't actually talking about a girl, they're talking about music. Please give it a listen. Here's a quick line from Joe's verse on the song.

"I used to dream about just being with you,
Woulda probably gave whatever to be seen with you
On the block
On the scene with you,
And the most beautiful with you
Is we shared the same passion
And I can get cream with you…"

ShynePhone Rotation
Gucci Mane ft Ludacris – Atlanta Zoo
Joe Budden – Hello Expectations
Joe Budden ft Royce Da 5'9 – New York, Jersey, Philly
Royce Da 5'9 – Over Freestyle
Crooked I – So Close, So Far Freestyle
T-Pain – Reverse Cowgirl
Lil' Wayne ft Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin'
Joe Budden - Unthinkable
Jay-Z ft Rihanna & Knaye West – Run This Town
Joe Budden – Downfall
Webbie ft Letoya Luckett – I Miss You
Mariah Carey ft Trey Songz – Inseparable (Remix)
Pleasure P – Boyfriend #2
Usher – Lil' Freak
Royce Da 5'9 – Slaughter
Chris Brown – Shoes
Usher - Guilty
Chris Brown – Perfume
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