2010 Week 1 NFL Picks

After much deliberation, the SBG  NFL Picks is back peoples!! If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section or shoot me an email by clicking here.  So without further ado, my Week 1 NFL Picks…

Minnesota (0-0) @ New Orleans (0-0)
For obvious reasons I have to pick this game but it feels kind of silly really. So the New Orleans Saints are opening the NFL season on Thursday night at the Superdome with a raucous crowd while the Minnesota Vikings bring in a bruised and battered up Brett Favre that will have to face a defense that will be looking to blitz him on every down for the sake of getting him out of the game. Really? Plus there’s the whole Brad Childress posing as George Costanza thing on the sidelines (come on, it never dawned on you that Childress looks as clueless as George at times?) while Sean Payton looks like a certified football genius. And we haven’t even begun to mention the injury concerns for the Vikings….
Pick: Saints win 28-24

Miami (0-0) @ Buffalo (0-0)
Buffalo fans please do not take offense. But the truth is the Bills cannot be trusted. At all. You cant’ trust them to win when they’re supposed to and you can’t trust them to lose either. Hell, you can’t even trust them to show up for home games anymore considering that they are playing some of their home games in Toronto. Furthermore, I’m never sure who their starting quarterback will be from week to week because of the punishments that they keep taking. Having said that, I can’t in good conscious pick the Bills to win versus the Dolphins. It’s not so much that they are a horrible team; it’s more so that they just are not good enough.
Pick: Dolphins win 17-13.

Detroit (0-0) @ Chicago (0-0)
Last week, I watched the movie Takers. The movie is about a crew of men that set up elaborate plans to steal big amounts of money. Every second of their heists is carefully calculated to make sure nothing is left to chance. One of the crew members was caught six years ago but is now fresh out of prison and planning the robbery of a lifetime. Ghost (portrayed by rapper T.I.) feeds the group the information and helps them execute the job. The problem mind you is that he ultimately double crosses them once the money is apprehended. As a result, some people die in the crossfire. Bringing it back to football, and Ghost is none other than Jay Cutler. It’s not so much that he’s double crossed the Bears, but more so that he will give the fans hope that he will be better this time around and will help lead a turnaround in Chicago. He’ll be good versus certain teams but he will also be horrible against others. In the end, people will lose their jobs in the crossfire because they entrusted their future to Cutler.
Pick: Bears win 20-16.

Oakland (0-0) @ Tennessee (0-0)
Al Davis: Smithers, who is this fool?
Smithers: Why, this is Tom Cable sir, head coach of your Oakland Raiders.
Al Davis: Blasted Smithers, I thought we fired him last year because he picked that codeine addict JaMarcus Russell in the draft!
Smithers: Um no sir. He wasn’t the head coach at the time, and you’re the one who actually picked Russell Mr. Davis.
Al Davis: Hmmm. Interesting. Please give this man a job. I could see him coaching the Raiders and bringing the team back to prominence.
Smithers: Sighs. Yes sir Mr. Davis. Tom, come back next week after Week 2 and we’ll do this all over again.
Given the fact that you could actually see this scenario playing itself out in real life, do you really want to pick Oakland to win in Tennessee? Didn’t think so.
Pick: Titans win 19-16.

Cincinnati (0-0) @ New England (0-0)
Everyone is talking about how combustible the Bengals might be this season given the presence of both Terrel Owens and Chad Ochocinco on the team, and I’m on board with that to some degree. But has anyone actually considered the fact that perhaps that only one or two teams have the corners to match up with both players? Let’s be real, both of them are still productive as receivers (which means they are also still productive as trash talkers), which could translate into a great season for Cincinnati. My one question though is Carson Palmer. Until I see him consistently play at a high level, I’m not ready to get on the Bengals bandwagon, but I’m still keeping an eye out on them.  Instead, I’d rather rely on tried, tested and true: the arm, the hair and the bottle popping with models all point to Brady.
Pick: Patriots win 23-20

Carolina (0-0) @ New York Giants (0-0)
Week 1 tends to bring a lot of unknowns in the NFL and right now that’s the issue I’m having with Matt Moore and the Carolina Panthers.  They have the running backs and the wide out, but will their quarterback make plays in the face of the G-Men’s pressure? Until I see him perform in games that count, I cannot yet endorse the Panthers. Cue in Alicia: “Let’s hear it for New Yorkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”
Pick: Giants win 23-17.

Atlanta (0-0) @ Pittsburgh (0-0)
Although Ben Roethlisberger will miss the first four games of the regular season, the Steelers are still the Steelers. They’re like the CSI series: whether based out of Las Vegas, Miami or New York, as long as they still have Jerry Bruckheimer involved somehow and the CSIs are actually solving cases thanks to forensic evidence, the show is in great hands. If you translate that to the Steelers; well they still play in the same city, same loud fans, same terrible towels, same zone blitzing defense, same Dick Lebeau, same Troy Polamalu and same roster save for a few tweaks. Can the Steelers win a Lombardi trophy without Big Ben? No. But can they survive for four games given their team identity? Absolutely. They have the attitude, the coaches and the defense to survive for a few weeks, starting with Week 1.
Pick: Steelers win 19-16.

Cleveland (0-0) @ Tampa Bay (0-0)
This is game like taking The Happening and merging it with The Last Air Bender (yes, both movies by M. Knight Shamalayan) and having a huge audience still turn out for it just because of loyalty to the brand. No matter who wins this game, ultimately everyone goes home disappointed because of the poor quality of play that will be on display. From now on, every bad NFL match up should be called a Knight Game.
Pick: Browns win 10-6.

Denver (0-0) @ Jacksonville (0-0)
Don’t count on me to tune in for this game. The Garrard Vs. Orton match up does not sound glamorous at all. However, if Orton gets knocked out of the game early and Tebow has to go under center for the Broncos? This game automatically garners my interest.  Tim Tebow has been picked to fail in the NFL for various reasons but ultimately here’s what matters most with NFL quarterbacks: a boat load of confidence (I’m talking about your testicles being bigger than Shaquille O’Neal’s head), determination, leadership and no fear of failure. The former Florida quarterback has all these intangibles and it’s only a matter of time before we see him put them all to use. I am not saying he will be savior from the moment he is given the reigns, but he still slowly develop into a more than competent NFL quarterback.

As it pertains to the game, I’m not sure what to make of either team currently. And in the NFL, when in doubt, pick the home team by three points. Words of wisdom to live by.
Pick: Jaguars win 20-17.

Indianapolis (0-0) @ Houston (0-0)
Initially I was going to pick the Texans to win this game but something (besides the fact that I’m a Colts fan) just kept nagging at me and telling me to go the other way. And last night, I got my answer. I was watching NFL Total Access last night and Mike Lombardi said something about the Texans that I always thought to be true: the team always manages to find a way to lose games in the fourth quarter. No matter what the score, a Houston lead entering the final period is never safe. They lack the toughness required to close out games properly. Until I see them defeat Peyton Manning convincingly (their lone win over the Colts in the Manning era was on a 48 yard field goal at the end of regulation back in December 2006), I will have to put my chips on the Colts to come out with a road victory.
Pick: Colts win 24-20.

San Francisco (0-0) @ Seattle (0-0)
A new era is about to start in the NFC West. With Kurt Warner retiring, the Arizona Cardinals can no longer be counted on to win the division as they have in the past few years. Consequently, one team has to rise up and take the division by the horns and own it. Let’s look at our candidates:
-Arizona Cardinals
-San Francisco 49ers
-Seattle Seahawks
-St. Louis Rams

This might be tough right? Let’s go by process of elimination. I have already made it clear that I have no faith in Arizona. The Seahawks do not have enough talent to scare people, the Rams are starting a rookie quarterback and not much else. Which means that the 49ers should end up being the class of the division One problem mind you is that their quarterback has yet to prove that he can lead. As a result, I see  San Francisco winning the division almost by default because they are the team with the most talent in the division. Just so we’re clear, I’m picking them to win the division, but not to have a great team record though.
Pick: 49ers win 23-20.

Green Bay (0-0) @ Philadelphia (0-0)
Everyone in Philadelphia seems awfully confident that Kolb will get the Eagles back to the playoffs but there two things that I have yet to hear mentioned about him:
1. We haven’t seen enough of him to unequivocally say he’s an NFL caliber starting quarterback.
2. Not all sports cities are created equal. Certain cities are notoriously tough on athletes and it takes a certain type of character to handle it. There are two cities that immediately come to mind: New York and Philadelphia. Eli Manning has the guts and personality to handle the bright lights and pressures of New York; while Donovan McNabb handled the tough Philadelphia fans year in and year out despite all their complaints about him. Do we know if Kolb has that in him? Hell, not to get off topic here, but Mike Vick had trouble handling the Atlanta fans at times, which tells me he will have trouble in the city of brotherly love if he is ever named the starter. Back to Kolb though, we are going to have to find out real soon if he has the thick skin required to strive in Philly; and honestly I don’t think he will, at least not in his first year.
Pick: Packers win 27-20.

Arizona (0-0) @ St. Louis (0-0)
Remember that Cardinals team that participated in arguably the best Super Bowl ever (seriously, the Big Ben play to Santonio Holmes for the game winning touchdown is one of the best plays in Super Bowl history)? Well the two quarterbacks that were on the team at the time have come and gone. Kurt Warner has since retired and Matt Leinart was released because of his inability to move the chains and lead the team. So where do the Cards go from here? Three options:
1. Ken Whisenhunt should alter Brad Childress’ playbook and send his whole team, general manager, team president, ticket staff, balls boys and beer sellers to Kurt Warner’s house to offer him a $20 million contract with the hope he returns to team.
2. With the use of Photoshop, the Arizona staff edits some pictures to make it seem as though Warner was a frequent customer of Arizona strip clubs and also had a penchant to do some rather freaky things with strippers given his exquisite aim. Then someone delivers these photos to directly to Warner and gives him 72 hours to report to Cardinals camp or else TMZ gets a hold of these photos.
3. They start off the NFL season by losing to Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams.

Which scenario seems more realistic? Of course you picked #3!
Pick: Rams win 20-16.

Dallas (0-0) @ Washington (0-0)
I turn this one over to Cowboys super fan (trust me, she’s as big a fan as there is) Marcie Wahrer: “This is supposed to be our year. The Super Bowl is in our house in Arlington. We have the potential, we have many commentators picking us for the Super Bowl win, and we have fans, like myself, that would give their last breath to watch the Cowboys claim the title. Prior to pre-season I was so sure. I knew this was it, it would start here. The infamous Cowboys dynasty of the 90's would be re-built and come alive again.

Then came pre-season.

Along with pre-season came injuries, many of which included our O-line. It showed during games as Tony Romo was sacked numerous times. I don’t care how great a QB could be, how fast our RB's are, or how amazing our receivers can catch, if we don’t have a strong offensive line to protect everyone, it all means nothing. I will admit my confidence is now shaken. I see many improvements needed on our team already, and hope, since it was pre-season, we weren’t giving it our 100%. As fans, that's all we have is hope right?

Cowboys vs. Redskins week 1: Mr. McNabb couldn’t beat us with the Eagles, and despite new coaching and an improved Redskin team, he surely wont beat us with the Redskins.”
Pick: Cowboys win 23-20.

Baltimore (0-0) @ New York Jets (0-0)
The knock on Joe Flacco is that he cannot be trusted to make big plays with the game on the line when the heat is on. Well does the pressure get any bigger than the Jets on Monday Night Football on the road? For those of you with a short memory, last season the Jets attacked Tom Brady in their first match (in Week 2) up once they realized he was tentative. They kept blitzing him and hitting him, which resulted in them getting a win. They did that to Tom freakin’ Brady; the NFL equivalent of Sean Michaels. So what do you think happens when the Jets see Flacco on the other side of the ball? They will be like prison inmates that just spotted Ricky Martin in the showers.  Nuff said.
Pick: Jets win 16-10.

San Diego (0-0) @ Kansas City (0-0)
Word is that some people are picking the Chiefs to win the AFC West. They have some talent and are quite tough to beat at Arrowhead Stadium. However, the road to the AFC West crown goes through San Diego; and despite the absence of Vincent Jackson, you still need to be explosive on offense and air tight on defense to beat the Chargers. Until I see the Chiefs do it, I can’t hop on their bandwagon.
Pick: Chargers win 27-23.


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