NFL Supremacy Poll

After six weeks of football, I think it's time we rank our teams from worst to first, in our NFL Supremacy Poll.

32. Carolina (0-5)
The worst team in the NFL bar none.

31. Buffalo (0-5)
As bad as things are Bills fans, it could be far worse. You could be rooting for the Panthers.

30. San Francisco (1-5)
The 49ers finally erased the donut they had in the win column. Congrats on no longer being a winless team San Fran. Sadly, the win meant that we were robbed of great Mike Singletary sound clips. Let's hope San Francisco finds a way to get their head coach to scare us a bit in his next press conference.

Random observation: The next Mike Singletary has to be Ray Lewis. Couldn't you see him as a coach in the huddle screaming at everyone?

29. Cleveland (1-5)
The only highlight that will involve Cleveland this year will be LeBron James' return to the city with the Miami Heat on December 2nd.

28. Detroit (1-5)
Good young team that plays hard and never quits. The Lions manage to find ways to stay in games only to lose them late. These guys could potentially be like the Houston Texans in a few years with Matthew Stafford, Jahvid Best and Calvin Johnson. With that said, no matter how much they manage to hang around in games, they still have five losses through six games. The consolation prize? They are the best 1-5 team in the NFL.

27. Dallas (1-4)
Please tune into the podcast this week (Saturday) when Philly and I discuss the fate of the Dallas Cowboys. I have yet to speak with him at all this week, but even he must have lost some of his optimism regarding this season. All that talent and yet they just cannot find a way to put it all together to be a dominant team. As Will once told Geoffrey on an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: "And you are…THE SHAME OF A NATION!" So much for America's Team…

26. San Diego (2-4)
The Chargers have won two games so far this season, and they were against Jacksonville and Arizona at home. If you thought things were bad in San Diego, well they could potentially get worse. Look at some of the games left on their schedule:
-October 24th: Vs. New England
-October 31st: Vs. Tennessee
-November 7th: @Houston
-November 22nd: Vs. Denver
-November 28th: @Indianapolis

The question might be premature but relevant nonetheless: is this the season that San Diego cannot recover from a slow start? Let's be honest here, things aren't exactly great when you're looking up to…

25. Oakland (2-4)
People out in Oakland probably aren't happy with the team's record, but the truth is they are happier going into Week 7 this year than they were last year. During the 2009 season, the Raiders abysmal from Week 3 to Week 7:
-Week 3 loss Vs. Denver; final score: 23-3
-Week 4 loss @Houston; final score: 29-6
-Week 5 loss @ NY Giants; final score: 44-7
-Week 6 win Vs. Philadelphia; final score: 13-9
-Week 7 loss Vs. NY Jets; final score: 38-0.

Although the Raiders do not have the look of a playoff contending team, they have improved from last year and could potentially play spoiler to some playoff hopefuls. By the way, who would have ever thought that Oakland would be ranked higher than San Diego and Dallas?

24. Denver (2-4)
Although the Broncos do not have a shining record at the moment, they are still my sleeper pick to win the AFC West. Let's be honest, these guys played Indianapolis, Tennessee, Baltimore and the NY Jets; and were able to go 1-3 in those games. The remainder of the schedule is much more favorable as they play teams in the NFC West as well as divisional foes.

23. Jacksonville (3-3)
I don't anticipate Jaguars fans objecting with the low ranking, but just in case, look at some of these scores:
-Loss in Week 2 @ San Diego 38-13
-Lost in Week 3 Vs. Philadelphia 28-3
-Lost in Week 3 Vs. Tennessee 30-3

Where else would you slate a team that was creamed this bad?

22.Cincinnati (2-3)
Perfect spot for the Bengals. They tease you just enough into thinking they might make the playoffs but then you realize that they are just a notch below; but still a notch above most non playoff teams.

21. Minnesota (2-3)
The Vikings are now 1-1 since the acquisition of Randy Moss and I'm actually intrigued with the way Minnesota used him in the second half against the Cowboys. He caught a few short passes because the Dallas corners played soft coverage on him and consequently gave him room to catch a few short ones. The attention given to Moss allows the likes of Percy Harvin to get open in the secondary and also help out the ground game because he keeps a safety occupied.

My one concern with the Vikings is that Brad Childress refuses to trust Brett Favre in the red zone. Once they cross the 20 yard line, they keep feeding Adrian Peterson; and this has been since last year. If he can't trust his quarterback to win him regular season games, I have a tough time imagining him allowing Favre to lead them to the playoffs. Just something worth checking out.

20.Arizona (3-2)
19.Seattle (3-2)
18.St. Louis (3-3)
With all apologies to the 49ers (let's please welcome San Francisco back into the NFL after finally getting a win), these three teams represent the NFC West. They seem as though they will remain awfully close to one another; but I ultimately think that the Rams will find a way to squeak out the division. So far this season, they are the only NFC West team that has not been blown out and they have actually gotten better as the games have come. Do not sleep on St. Louis.

17. Tampa Bay (3-2)
The Buccaneers have won games this year against Cleveland, Carolina and Cincinnati. Those three teams have a combined record of 3-13, so although the Bucs have been better this year, they are not yet on the level of the top tier teams in the NFL. Their two losses were blowouts (at home no less) against Pittsburgh and New Orleans. That proves to me they are a middle of the pack team, good for spot #17 in these rankings.

16. Green Bay (3-3)
Will the real Green Bay Packers please stand up? This team looked dominant in the first two weeks of the season and then leveled off a bit. Between injuries and coaching, save for the first two games of the season, Green Bay has disappointed. Can they solve their issues and become the dominant team we all expected them to be after watching the preseason? Jury is still out.

15. Kansas City (3-2)
If the Chiefs want to create some separation in the division, this four week stretch is the time to do it. Look at the teams that all AFC West teams will play within the next month:
-Kansas City (3-2): Jacksonville, Buffalo, @Oakland, @Denver.
-Denver (2-4): Oakland, @San Francisco, Bye, Kansas City.
-Oakland (2-4): @Denver, Seattle, Kansas City, Bye.
-San Diego (2-4): New England, Tennessee, @Houston, Bye.

As you can see, Kansas City, Denver and Oakland will all play each other within the next month; and the team that plays the best football during this period will probably have the best chance at winning the division. Kansas City is in the lead right now, but their back to back road games in Oakland and Denver might potentially change that.

Random observation: I can't believe the refs failed to call offensive pass interference on Andre Johnson (they instead call it a defensive penalty) on a passing play that helped set up the game winning touchdown for the Texans. If not for that bogus call, the Chiefs could have gotten a big road win in Houston that would have brought their record to 4-1. Make sure you keep that in the back of your mind when you're trying to decide whether this team is good or not.

14. Miami (3-2)
Don't let their 3-2 record fool you, the Dolphins are a good team that could potentially make the playoffs. They have won games in Minnesota and Green Bay (two tough places to play) and their two losses so far this season have come against the Jets and Patriots. Keep an eye out for Miami.

13. Washington (3-3)
Have you ever dated a seemingly normal crazy chick? You know, the type of girl that seems normal, says all the right things and treats you right but seems to lose her mind every other week for some weird reason that you can't explain? She might blow a fuse one day because a girl looked at you and then the following day she might actually seriously suggest a threesome with a her hot friend. In a nutshell, that crazy lady is the Washington Redskins.

The Skins have defeated Green Bay and Philadelphia this year, but yet figured out a way to lose to St. Louis. Couple that with the fact that they dominated the Texans for about three quarters and half and then failed to seal the deal and let Houston escape their stadium with a win and well, you kind of get the sense that Washington isn't always all there. And yet despite all that, they are still a legitimate threat in the NFC. If they ever get their stuff together, watch out.

12. Chicago (4-2)
We have an exclusive sit down right now with Shyne and Dennis Green on the SBG Network.
Shyne: Did we overvalue the Bears?
Green: The Bears are who we thought they were.
Shyne: C'mon Denny, did you really expect them to lose at home against the Seahawks in a game win which Devin Hester returned a kick for a touchdown?
Shyne: Dude, calm down, it was a simple question. Do you think they have what it takes to win the NFC North?

11. New Orleans (4-2)
Are the defending champions back? One game does not overshadow the five previous ones; however the Saints looked good on the road in Tampa Bay and seem to be finding out how to get by without Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush.

10. NY Giants (4-2)
The Giants aren't getting much fanfare outside of New York, but they have quietly managed a 4-2 record with signature wins against the Bears and Texans. The tilt at Dallas next week should be a great one.

9. Indianapolis (4-2)
After hearing every one in the media (I'm not sure if I count but, I also mentioned it) tell them they were the Colts weak link, their defense has pitched two solid back to back games in wins against the Chiefs and Redskins. Although the team has been turning the ball over at a higher rate than usual, they seem to be rounding into form.

8. Houston (4-2)
After his performances in Washington and against Kansas City, perhaps we should start talking about Matt Schaub as an extremely underrated quarterback in the clutch. Obviously it helps to have Andre Johnson, but Schaub just manages to get his team in a position to win games.

7. Tennessee (4-2)
Good teams take care of business and usually do it big. Some might feel that I am overreacting to the Titans blow out of the Jaguars, and you might have a point. Mind you, we should not look at Tennessee's shellacking of Jacksonville alone, but rather within the context of the Titans season. And when viewed as such, here's what stands out:
-Tennessee smoked Oakland 38-13
-Tennessee smoked NY Giants 29-10 (on the road)
-Tennessee smoked Jacksonville 30-3 (on the road)

Tennessee has handled the mediocre teams and also had a signature win against a top 10 team on the road (NY Giants). Could the Titans potentially win the AFC South? The idea isn't far fetched.

6. Atlanta (4-2)
Until proven otherwise, all roads in the NFC South go through Atlanta. The Falcons took a tough loss in Philadelphia this past Sunday but still own the tiebreaker against the Saints in what is becoming a tighter divisional race than most expected.

5. Philadelphia (4-2)
No Kolb? No problem. No Vick? No problem. NFC East teams have a brutal schedule, but the team that wins the division might just end up representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. Currently, Philadelphia is tied with the NY Giants for the top spot in the East…Just remember where you heard it first.

4. Baltimore (4-2)
I haven't heard anyone discuss the fact that Cam Cameron and Joe Flacco froze late in the fourth quarter like Jimmy Rabbit (played by Eminem) in his first rap battle in the movie 8 Mile. The play calling seemed suspect and Flacco essentially refused to throw downfield and instead preferred to dump off short passes to Ray Rice. If this team is going to make it to the Super Bowl, they are going to need Flacco to make some plays late in games a la Ben Roethlisberger. He does not seem to have that ability yet but could potentially develop it as the season goes along.

3. New England (4-1)
How do you trade away a Hall of Fame wide receiver for a draft pick and then turn around and tell your fans you know exactly what you're doing? You do it by beating the team that most people have picked to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl (Baltimore).

By the way, I'm all for tough talk and all, but I thought it was peculiar that Terrel Suggs and Ray Lewis were trash talking after the game (against the Pats) as if they had won it. It warranted this response from Tom Brady: "You know, we've played (those) guys a lot, and they've beat us one time in all the times that I've played them. They talk a lot for beating us once in nine years." Let's see if Baltimore can back up their talk at some point.

Random stat: The Patriots are 4-1 this season when Tom Brady starts games with that hair that everyone seems to hate.

2. Pittsburgh (4-1)
They just welcomed back their quarterback and are ready to do some damage in the AFC. They were my early favorite pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and have done nothing so far to make me change my stance.

1. NY Jets (5-1)
In order to consistently win in the NFL, you need to be able to do one thing better than everybody else. If your team is capable of doing possibly two things better than the rest on average, expect great things from that team. The Jets run the ball better than anybody in football, and their defense keeps teams on their heels by forcing turnovers. Team Green is right now the best team in the NFL because they have been able to impose their will on teams for five straight weeks and take care of business.

Observation: The Jets own the spot now but the return of Roethlisberger might lead to a change at the top of the rankings in the next few weeks. The Steelers have the best defense in football and one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the league on their team. If we get the Jets and the Steelers in the AFC title game, I won't be mad at that at all.

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