The Easy Girl

The title might sound a little offensive to some and if such is the case, well you might just have to get over it. It’s not that I don’t care, but rather that it hammers the point quite well.
A few days ago, I was entertaining a conversation with a couple of friends and we touched on multiple topics such as road trips, infidelity amongst men, raising children and being a single parent to name a few. Eventually, we landed on the subject of the Easy Girl.
With enough life experience and age, you eventually learn to stay away from that particular person or how to manage the dynamic when dealing with her.
The group of men that were privy to this conversation collectively agreed that in their younger days, such a woman was a person of interest because of all the needs she could potentially fulfill despite the lack of work involved to gain her attention, trust and affection.
The male species has figured out that in order to obtain the privilege of being with a woman – whether that’s a date, relationship or sexual encounter – some efforts may need to be exhausted. Women have multiple options as far as men are concerned – there’s a reason they let women into clubs far easier than they do men – whereas men don’t always have the possibility of parking their car in the garage that pleases them.
However, if the Easy Girl comes along, well then she becomes quite the Christmas gift for a young man.
Typically, this woman offers up little resistance and allows men to penetrate her emotional barriers without putting up too much of a fight. Most women know to keep their shields up until the person chasing them has earned the right to see past it; but our easy one opens herself up rapidly and puts her trust into the hands of this new guy that she barely knows.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of horrors stories that ensue from these situations, but for the most part, things are rather tame. She acquiesces to requests of unprotected sex, multiple people in attendance during coitus and a multitude of other ones.
The “problem” with the Easy Girl, as most men eventually find out, is that she is, well, easy.
Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
Men typically have large egos when it comes to women, and tend to think that their seduction game is the best in the business. Consequently, it’s inconceivable for them to think that she could potentially find happiness elsewhere. And in fact, it’s the complete opposite.
The lady in question usually opens up rather quickly, thus if the primary male that’s holding her attention starts to neglect her or simply keep her at bay, it might take a little time, but she will quickly find someone else to give her some attention. And once she does, she will be quick to complete any request he might have.
At times, the biggest shock for people is the realization that other people are exactly what we think they are.
A scientist is an individual that relies heavily on facts, data and empirical evidence if you will; and for whatever reason, some might be surprised to learn that some scientists are completely opposed to the idea of religion or fate. This is quite obvious, a person that requires proof in their every day life might object to the notion of God given that it’s impossible to prove his existence.
Drawing from that previous example, why do men then magically think that the Easy Girl will stop being easy? It’s the exact same principle.
You’ve all been warned…  
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Mister P.R said...

Cool subject blog boy!

But what about the times when you got that easy girl in your clutches and thinking you more clearer than a dark skin african chick using bleach cream? you know the type that have an epiphany and wanna do a 180 and turn the page on their whorish behaviours? Like Ironhide from Transformers would say: It grinds my gears...! The whole fact is that not all men enjoy the algebra type chicas and womean as well..! So lets all say it together...No one likes to work heard for anything nowadays.. ex: microwave food, fast food, Ipad, Texting..FB and all that nwo shit...! Marinate on that


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