Men Feel The Other Side Too

For women that have spent an inordinate amount time going on dates with so called losers, cheapskates, cheaters, liars and scumbags; meeting a respectable fellow can in fact become a huge and yet incredibly pleasant surprise.
A man that opens doors, says please, asks for the woman’s input and makes nice gestures that leave one with the impression that his mother occupied a huge place in his life can make a woman happy and yet weak at the same time after a few dates.
Forget potential, this man might just be what she is looking for.
He doesn’t have an issue with picking up the check and can actually hold a decent conversation that doesn’t revolve around sex. In some circles, women refer to this dude as the jackpot.
This man creates problems though.
Because he is in the eyes of the woman that’s dating him so charming, charismatic, smooth and nice, he occasionally creates a bit of insecurity for the woman involved.
True story.
She starts subtly trying to see who he’s sending out text messages to, checks out who he messages on Twitter, who comments on his photos or updates on Facebook and what type of bond he has with these people and the like. Eventually a little hint of jealousy takes over as she starts to question his actions and whereabouts regardless of the fact that they aren’t actually involved in an exclusive relationship.
This, ladies and gentlemen, often earns the label of crazy from the male species. Indeed, men usually drop the ever popular man bitches be trippin’ in these types of circumstances.
But in reality, the truth is a little more complicated than that.
Men know it, but aren’t always willing to acknowledge it.
See, men too go through these circumstances on occasion; and it perplexes them just as much as it does women.
Because the male gender spends a lot of time courting the same type of women they’ve been accustomed to for most of their lives, should it find a mate that’s much more exceptional than the others, well we want to keep her to ourselves.
A dude might begin to ponder about her beauty, smarts, sense of humor and common interests as well as her hobbies or knowledge that he might learn from her, which in turn make her amazing.
All of a sudden, men betray their typical behaviors and try to lock the woman down because she just seems to be good to be true. As this goes on though, the crazy characteristics occasionally emerge from dudes as well.
They want to know who is calling, who is sending out text messages, why she’s taking so long to reply and why she can’t make anymore free time for you despite spending a vast majority of it with you already.
The insecurity pops up because we feel threatened…
Just like women do.
But of course, no man would willingly admit to this, because it’s perceived to be a sign of weakness. But in fact, those that go on dates and finally find someone worth their attention can indeed feel weak. This incredible person will surely register on someone else’s radar, hence ensuring that we are their only viable candidate is the surest way to go, or so we might think.
Jealousy and insecurity be damned, it’s about protecting our assets and interests.
Men and women share this trait, but it seems that many are unaware of it. Both sexes can in fact get lonely, and should they find someone that could potentially change that feeling, they may in fact unknowingly sabotage their chances with them by essentially trying too hard to be with that someone.
These are just some of the intricacies of dating that one must be aware of when involved in the chase. Perception isn’t always reality; sometimes we just don’t realize how much we mean to people…
And perhaps that’s the bigger problem.


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