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Game preview ( on Superbowl Sunday)

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Word on the street was that Cid was complaining about playing time, we get the scoop directly from the source..

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Game preview vs Serbie

The SBG will play Serbie on Saturday January the 26th 2008 @ 3:45om on their homecourt. In their last encounter at Rosemont College, the Gorillas won 76-59 thanks in large part to the contributions os Superstar (23 points) and G-NO (18 points). Qwest had also provided some offense with his 14 points; however his biggest contribution came in the form of his perimeter shooting combined with Superstar's which produced 4 3 point field goals in the opening quarter which immediately took them out of their zone defense and thus allowed G-NO to play against single coverage man to man defense. Although the Gorillas won the game by 17 points, Serbie is not to be taken lightly; they currently sit in third place in the division. The Gorillas will be without Shyne ( who will be at work), while Cid and Darrel will only be available for a half because they have a game scheduled a little later where they will be coaching their boys. The Gorillas hope to be able to pull this one out............

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We talk to Cid and probe him about just about anything...(in french)

Recap + Boxscore 01-12-2008 vs Vieillepus (Sorel)

1st half
Our game against Vieillepus was a grueling match up from the get go. The home team benefited from their home crowd as well as the very home friendly officiating which gave them a 9-2 edge in free throw attempts after the 1st quarter; but the Gorillas had a 16-13 lead after the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter was tightly contested as well; Vieillepus packed the paint and collapsed at every opportunity on our big men on the low block.
Although we were able to generate some open shots, we were never able to consistently knock them down. Further compounding our problems was G-NO's foul trouble as he was saddled with 3 fouls early in the 2nd quarter. The halftime score was 33-33.

2nd half
After analyzing Vieillepus' first half defense, we decided to switch up our game plan and stop pounding the ball inside. Instead, we went to a pick & roll offense with shooters spread out on the court. Consequently, our ball movement became less stagnant and everybody was able to get involved in the game. This little change led to confusion on their part which in turn resulted in G-NO getting several finishes right around the basket(10 points in 3rd quarter). Having adjusted to the officiating, we stopped fouling for the most part and ended the the 3rd quarter with a 56-52 lead (despite giving them several lay-ups). With our offense now in full gear and our defense in lock down mode, we were able to get several stops which resulted in fastbreak points. The home team eventually lost their poise somewhat and were charged with a technical foul. Our great 2nd half play led us to a 76-62 win.

12 points
2 3pt fgs
2 fouls

10 points
4/7 fts
1 foul

0 points
0/2 fts
1 foul

7 points
1 3pt fg
0 fouls

0 points
4 fouls

12 points
1 3pt fg
1/3 fts
4 fouls

15 points
1/2 fts
3 fouls

2 points
1 foul

0 points
2 fouls

18 points
2 3pt fgs
2/3 fts

Randy was absent for the game but his name was still entered in the boxscore for the game.

Loose Change

Parasco postgame details

Parasco postgame (01-13-2008)

Parasco pregame (01-13-2008)

Sorel postgame (occured 01-12)

Gorillas go NBA

Cid and the Swirsk (Chuchk Swirsky)

Cid and Jonesy (Paul Jones)

Cid, Anthony Parker and Darrel

Cid and Mike Brown

Cid and Jose Calderon

Cid and NBA Great Alex English

Game time tomorrow 7:45 pm on the road in Sorel

Gorilla TV

Qwest and Shyne take you inside a college basketball game team huddle; nothing spectacular, just a lil something.

Preview of next game on January 13th

Shoutout to the fans

Gorillas lose........

Just a brief recap of why we lost; with the help of Coach Boone (Denzel Washington in "Remember the Titans")

Next Game

The Silverback Gorillas will be playing thei next game on Saturday,January, the 5th 2008 @ Rosemont College. After a long hiatus due to the holidays, the Gorillas will be looking to get back on track and stay above .500 when they face Freshmen. The hidden story in this game is that Qwest used to play for Freshmen and therefore would like to take to them and get the Gorillas a win. There were some issues with regards to the scheduling of the game due to gym availability as well as referee availabilty which changed in the last day due to some clerical errors. Nevertheless, The Silverback Gorillas expect to play a home game tomorrow saturday, january 5th 2008 @ Rosemont College and hopes to come out on top.


Gorillas are coming in 2008.....

We officially iniating yall to Kompa (Haitian music)!!!!