Philly on the Habs (again lol)

Remember the las few scences of Boyz in the Hood when Cuba Gooding Jr. gets in the wip to got cap that fool that murked his homey Ricky(side note, isn't it sad the one of the biggest movies in Hood movie history came out almost 20 years ago and stuff like this still happens) but then just can go through with it. Well, tonight, I expect the Habs to come out like Doughboy an destroy these fools. In the past three games, the flyers have made the Habs look like the first few scenes of every Karate Kid movie, get crushed, train, get crushed some more, train harder, get get my drift. It's only normal at that point that I expect someone to take R.J. Umberger(Oakley body and mind with K-mart in NJ skills) head and introduce it to a piece of lumber and or board, It's only normal I expect someone other then Carey Price to crack anybody that comes close to the goalies crease. I dont understand how Nate Robinson can walk up to basketball giants with his fist tight like the girls in denver(Kobe!) but there's not one of these stick weilding, tooth missing MEN is willing to show some hoodness. They are starting to make me think Arvydas Sabonis should've played hockey. All in all i predict
a) Habs win the game
b) Good offensive output by the habs(4 goals or more) sparked by
c) there will a be fight(if not more) within the first period
So to all Habs fans , i hope we wont be running to a very hairy Nia Long(proof that laser hair removal works) talking about we scared, crying like punks, let's hope we wake up tomorrow like Doughboy saying" hey gangsta rap made 'em do it"


Last night's action

So the Suns were eliminated by the Spurs……..AGAIN. It's a funny thing though, I was one of the people that thought that the Suns just kept getting screwed every year, but really when you think about it; don't we have to see that they can't beat the Spurs? Not only that, the Suns have yet to prove they can close out a big game. Every time they were presented with a chance to win a big close playoff game against the Spurs in the clutch, they were unable to come up with the big stop, the big score or inbounding the damn ball. This series just proved to me that the Spurs are just too damn good. While teams keep retooling and try building their teams to beat the Spurs, San Antonio just stands pat with its core and keeps on winning. Wait until next year starts and the Suns race out to a pretty good record and every one starts picking them to win the title until…… guessed it; until they have to play the Spurs!!!!!!

As EJ, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley would say, the Suns are gone fishing…….

While we're at it, I'd like to offer a warm welcome to Andre Iguodala for finally making a cameo in the 2008 NBA playoffs. He finally showed up in game 5 but so did the Pistons, so really at this point it might be all for naught. Here's a though for all you Philly fans: What if Iggy had showed up for game 4 in Philly?? Isn't reasonable to think the Sixers might've won that game? I'm just sayin…..

Congratulations to the New Orleans Hornets for dispatching the Dallas Mavericks in five games. Chris Paul showed up big by orchestrating( stop me if you've heard this before) the offense and making all the timely plays necessary to get the W. He came up with a triple double to pace the Hornets. Chris Paul is like Kanye West, everybody feels him on some level and loves the way he goes about his stuff but yet doesn't seem to stand out all that much on a national level. Call me crazy, but Chris Paul is the best point in the league and it's not even arguable…..

Habs vs Flyers

Although this is a basketball blog, because I live in Canada, I have to give at least some semblance of love to hockey( even though it's really not my thing). So for some of you mofos out there that enjoy hockey with a passion, I got Philly to write a recap of game 3 of the Canadiens vs Flyers.....

Although the series is only 2-1 for the flyers, watching last nights game between the Habs an the Rikers Island Flyers was like watching Dwight Howard run through the Raptors*, it just never seemed fair. The Habs outshot their opponents in every period, they even had 8 power plays to philly's 3, but the physical abilities of the philly forwards was just too much to handle. If you arent a hockey fan then you wont remember this but the old school Habs had a habit (triple H would love this sentence) of letting teams think they were going to win then they would crush 'em like it never mattered(ie.: like the bulls vs sonics or bulls vs utah or bulls vs suns... ). They tried that yesterday and ended up losing 3-2(shots in the 3rd period mtl 17 phi 2).However, everything has to be put in perspective, even if you consider Carey Price to be the possible greatest goalie of time, Kobe couldn't hit an 18 footer even if Brandy let him tap one of her little brother's dimes now he's in the 3pt shootout and scoring 81 points in a game (although Rip went that year too but I digress), my point being that he showed signs of greatness but he also gave up 3 goals on 6 shots. He gave up the puck to random thuglins chillin' right next to his goal, problem was they played on the wrong team. It looked like a video game, like in 2k8 when they have the center on your team(mine in Spencer Hawes...damn no trade clause) inbound the ball and you see your shooting guard(Rudy Gay !!!) running the break like he just saw Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush arguing in the stands and thought "if i break this motha... i get my own tape" but your center chucks the ball in the complete opposite direction ... in the stands...well watching the habs last night looked and felt just like that moment where you say to yourself "lemme play some Madden".

*Raptor: inept subpar lower being in search of a spine/bizzals, categorized by it's inability to draft correctly two years in a row

Boston vs Atlanta

Let me see if I get this straight…..Joe Johnson is burning you in the 4th quarter and no one else has really stepped up (besides maybe Josh Smith) and you don't bother to do one of these two things: put your BEST DEFENDER on him aka James Posey OR maybe just maybe send a double team at him when no one else has hit a shot in the quarter… does that sound???Any of this sounding too far fetched? Doc Rivers must have Flip Saunders syndrome……I can hear the Sports Guy right now going crazy from last night……more to come on this later.

NBA Playoff Predictions (from before they started)

East 1st Rd
*Boston defeats Atlanta 4-0
*Detroit defeats Philly 4-1
*Toronto defeats Orlando 4-3
*Cleveland defeats Washington 4-3

2nd Rd
*Boston defeats Cleveland 4-2
*Detroit defeats Toronto 4-1

East Conf Finals
*Boston defeats Detroit 4-2 with an epic game 5 showdown in Detroit for the ages where KG and Rasheed play one of the best playoff games head to head by big men ever!!!!!!

West 1st Rd
*Lakers defeat Denver 4-2
*New Orleans defeats Dallas 4-3 ( Chris Paul comes up big in Game 7 with 22pts 15 ass 11rbs 4 stls)
*Phoenix defeats San Antonio 4-3 (Steve Nash goes for 15 pts, 15 ass ; Amare goes for 42 pts and 15 rbs & Shaq holds Duncan to 7-21 shooting, while Ginobili goes for 35pts, 5 ass, 5 rbs)
Utah defeats Houston 4-2 ( T-Mac breaks down and cries and is immediately traded to the Knicks as Isiah Thomas's last GM move before he's fired lol)

2nd Rd
*Lakers defeat Utah 4-2 ( Kobe has an amazing game 5 where he carries the Lakers with 45pts 10 rbs 8 ass one night after receiving the MVP award)
*Phoenix defeats New Orleans 4-3 ( Shaq and Amare abuse the Hornets frontline who have all but given by game 7 as Amare goes for 30 pts 20rb 3blks and Shaq goes for 15pts 20rbs and 4 blks; Chris Paul has nothing left in the tank but goes for 20 pts 11 ass 4 rbs 2 stls)

West Conf Finals
Lakers defeat Suns 4-3
Game 1: Shaq whines and cries about officiating after commiting 3 offensive fouls and Kobe gets to the line 10 times in 4th quarter......Lakers win
Game 2: Shaq gets exposed on defense and ejected from the game because of a hard foul on Kobe....Lakers win
Game 3: Shaq is suspended because of his foul on Kobe......Suns rally and play faster without Shaq but lack inside toughness and rebounding, they squeak out a win thanks to Amare's brilliant play
Game 4: Shaq comes back for game 4 and goes for 30pts and 20rbs while going to the free throw line 40 times as Phil Jackson keeps laughing on the sidelines for no apparent reason, Suns win by 10.
Game 5: Kobe comes out firing but under control, the game is always within a 5 point spread but Lakers keep lead throughout game as Gasol goes for 25pts 15 rbs 4 blks and Kobe explodes for 50pts
Game 6: Shaq garantees a victory back in Phoenix and a victory parade, Kobe goes on ESPN and says that Shaq has always been about himself and his lack of dedication and willingness to play defense cost the Lakers at least 2 titles, Kobe brings his MVP award to Phoenix and dresses it with a Kobe jersey just to spite Shaq. Kobe then scores 65 points to propel Lakers to Finals

Stay tuned for Finals preview

Lakers vs Nuggets

One can only wonder……would the Golden State Warriors give a better showing then the Denver Nuggets?? I mean seriously, here's what we've seen:

1.Nuggets come out in game 1 and game looks somewhat interesting until Lakers pull away
2. Kobe comes out firing on all cylinders in game 2 and the Nuggets, feeling as though they have not provided enough entertainment in the series, decide to talk trash with only the best player in the league. Lemme say that again…..the Nuggets, feeling as though they have not provided enough entertainment in the series, decide to talk trash with only the best player in the league……and then people wonder why a team with so much talent ended up being an eight seed ( I get the whole loaded western conference argument, but a team with that much talent should have been competing for a top four spot). There are very few certainties in professional sports, but here's a couple: Shaq will miss 20 to 30 games next year, Lebron James will average at least 30 points, 7 reb and 7 assistst;You NEVER talked trash with MJ in his prime, you don't call Roger Clemens a cheater (oops , had to slip that one in there), you don't piss off Ray Lewis, you don't accept to have Ocho Cinqo on your team no matter how much he promises to behave, you never agree publicly disagree with TO (if he's on your team obviously) & YOU DON"T TEST KOBE BRYANT.

So the Lakers will try to sweep tonight……Carmelo called out the whole team; so I gotta figure they come out tonight, take an early 15 point lead and play hard. Then the Lakers will be the Lakers in the 4th quarter and they will pull out the win

Cavs vs Wizards

The NBA Playoffs are interesting and yet funny at times. The Washington Wizards started out the playoffs saying they wanted to play the Cleveland Cavaliers because they offered the best matchup head to head. The reasoning behind this statement was that the Cavaliers had not yet established the required continuity to be considered a playoff powerhouse in the playoffs; consequently, the Wizards figured they were gonna mop the floor for the Cavs. Although the series is far from over (and I stress far from over even after a 3-1 lead), doesn't that statement from Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards seem completely ludicrous now? I mean the sublots surrounding the series has almost been more entertaining then the games themselves. Between Soulja Boy showing up for game 3 in Washington, and Jay-Z having a diss track (which I'm dying to hear but can't find anywhere yet) directed at the Wizards, you'd think this series involves the 2001 Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. After four games, we've had two classic "Lebron games" where he delivers in the clutch and we've had two 30 point blowouts. What does this series hold in store for us for game 5????

Why Bother????????

The whole point of the blog was to display all the events surrounding the Silverback Gorillas (good or bad) during the course of the season and if possible even during the off-season. That being said, certain videos I will admit had absolutely nothing to do with basketball. And several occasions, I featured some of the team members in off court activities where viewers could watch and laugh at us in different situations; and for the most part we all laughed together as a team. However, certain people (that shall remain nameless) feel as though it's cool to make fun of others but can't accept when they are the butt of a joke. Furthermore, I even received some negative feedback from guys that felt that they were not displayed on the site more often (keep in mind they never voiced their desire to be featured more and rarely if ever made the time to make an appearance. The purpose of this post? Well basically, as the title says, I'm at the point where I have to wonder why i bother to keep the site up wasting some of my own damn free time when all I get is complaints......Don't get me wrong, we had a fabulous season capped off by a championship. However, I still can't stop wondering.........Why Bother?

Championship Toast

Philly's Finals MVP pick

Gorillas #1 fan....Haitian Herve

"We Da Gorillas....." 2008 Champs

Recap of Conference Finals Game

The Silverback Gorillas used a balanced scoring attack to take a 78-61 win at the expense of J-Corp. The Gorillas started the game out real sluggish as some players (that shall remain nameless) had the look of guys that went out the previous night and weren't really ready to play (Quick sidenote; I was told that two of the players smelled like alcohol......once again, they will remain nameless). The game started with several missed defensive assignments as well as well as a lack of effort and tenacity on defense which resulted in a 21-17 deficit after the first quarter. The Gorillas were given a blessing in disguise whenn the scoreboard malfunctionned; indeed, for most of the second quarter we were unable to know the score and the impression we got from the flow of the game was that we were getting blown out. Once halftime came around, we were somewhat discouraged but then found out the score was merely 37-31 in the favor of the opposition. After making a few adjustments, we came out to start the 3rd quarter with an intensity that J-Corp was not ready for at the time. We became more physical, faster, quicker and most important, we displayed heart.By the time the 3rd quarter had ended, we outscored the opponents 29-11 in the priod and lead the game 60-48. Our team cooled off in the 4th quarter, but we still displayed great poise and some outstanding defense. Our offense bogged down down the stretch as we only scored 18 points in the period because we decided to slow down the tempo and just try to tire them out by spreading the ball around without being too aggressive. J-Copr capitalized by getting a few fastbreak opportunities, but we still shut them down when it mattered for a convincing 78-61 win.

The Championship Game will be held @ Rosemont College on April 20th 2008 at 11h15am

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