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The Silverback GOrillas will be participating in a basketball tournament held at the Université de Québec à Montreal (UQAM)this weekend. The first slate of games scheduled are on saturday May the 24th 2008 @ 1:00pm and also at 3:00pm. Any additional game info will be added afterwards......make sure you tune in for SBG TV!!!!!

Western Conference

So here's a recap of the whole playoffs up until today (11:30am) with some assistance from the billboard itself. The year's best songs will give the story of every playoff team…..let's go


Artist: Usher
Song: I can't win
Lyric: "I can't win"
Team:To the Denver Nuggets……they were the only team in this years playoffs to get swept. Basically , they entered and exited the NBA postseason with as many playoff wins as me…..nuff said.

Artist: Usher
Song: I can't win
Lyrics: "Always guilty before the sin, I can't win, I can't win" ( so good I had to use it twice)
Team: This goes to the Houston Rockets. Let's be real, T-Mac playing, no Yao Ming and playing the Jazz; we knew they were getting bumped from the first round right? Easy to explain….let's move on

Artist: Justin Timberlake & Madonna
Song: 4 Minutes
Lyrics: " We only got 4 minutes to save the world…"
Team: The Phoenix Suns were unable to win a close game against the Spurs. Once the 5 minute mark in the 4th quarter hit, it's as if the Spurs took it to another level and the Suns went down a notch. We have to wonder if they'll ever be able to deliver in the playoffs in the clutch……

Artist: G-Unit
Song: I'm Leavin
Lyrics:"I'm leavin on the next plane, I don't know when I'll be back again"
Team: Don't the Dallas Mavericks have to start from scratch at this point? They fired heir head coach, but I don't know that he was he problem honestly. They beat the Spurs two years ago in a tough game 7 on the road and then beat the Suns and then lost in the Finals. They've gone downhill ever since; my question is this: Could be that the players aren't mentally strong enough? They got Jason Kidd specifically for his mental toughness and well; he was mentally tough enough to watch The Real Deal Chris Paul run circles around him and pile up 30 point 10 assist games…….

Artist: Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne
Song: Black Republican freestyle
Lyrics:"People wanna know when the north and the south are gonna collide, guess what; we already did…"
Team: The Utah Jazz are the most physical team in the league and you see it in their opponents free throw attempts. Every game is an epic confrontation of bodies flying around; you have to love an organized, disciplined and well coached team.Although it's not technically the north and the south, doesn't their series against the Lakers give the impression that it could end up being an epic one and possibly the best one out west? Time will tell……..I had originally thought the Lakers would win in 5 games but this has all the makings of a great 7 games series. Stay tuned for this one.

Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: No One
Lyrics: " No one no one no oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….."
Team: What a curve ball huh? Alicia Keys, ya that's right….. For the effin Spurs that always throw us curve balls. Every year we plan their demise and yet they always come back strong and beat the team that was supposed to beat them. They probably broke up the Suns this year man…….every time I predict the Spurs to do something, they come out and mess up my prediction like no one's business…..go figure…..let's move on

Artist: Flo Rida & Timbaland
Song: Elevator
Lyrics:" I'm on Ele-Ele Elevator…."
Team: To the surging New Orleans Hornets who were not part of any of the expected conference finalists, and yet they are now one win away from claiming a WCF spot. Unreal……..they came out and conquered Dallas and now will try to slay the defending champions. They are a team on the rise that keeps elevating their game…….let's see how this shakes out..

Artist: Lil Wayne & Fat Joe
Song: Make it rain
Lyrics: "I make it rain on them hoes"
Team: This one obviously goes to the Lakers that look poised to make it to the finals. However, keep in mind the Jazz will not bow down and let them stroll along the way. Utah will try tonight to take their first lead in the series, whereas the Lakers want to defend their home court and position themselves to make the WCF and then the finals.League MVP Kobe Bryant will in due time unleash an assault on somebody and I have to figure Kirilenko gets the brunt of it…….Quick observation: Lamar Odom is playing out his mind right now, he keeps this up, it's a wrap…….I got the Lakers winning tonight and in game 6 at Utah…..with Kobe set about to make it rain on his next opponents……..

Recap…..down south style with Lil Wayne on the beat…….

"Weezy in the N.O."
N'awlins came out last night and gave the Spurs the bidness. The Spurs came out with Fat Joe and Lil Wayne and decided to "Make it Rain"; they came out hot and made threes from all over the place and probably figured it would discourage the Hornets from double teaming Tim Duncan. Ginobli, Bowen and Finley all made perimeter shots to somewhat keep the Hornets chasing them, but I got the distinct impression that N.O. was fine with all these perimeter shots probably figuring they would eventually cool off.

"I got the Fireman, I got the Fireman, I got the fire fo-fire fire fo Fireman"
David West came out in the first half and single handedly carried the Hornets' struggling offense. With everybody on the team struggling to make shots, he came out like an All-Star stud and scored 22 points in the first half hitting a multitude of shots and jumpers over different defenders and looked great doing so.

"I can't feel my faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
The Spurs are known as a flopping team; they basically exaggerate contact and send their goon (Bruce Bowen) to hack people all over the place. The Hornets decided to be ultra-aggressive and be physical on offense and defense. When they drove the ball to the hoop they made sure to hit the defenders first and create contact. On defense they tried not to allow any "and one" plays with some good hard fouls.More importantly, they did what I've been begging to see this for years, and one team finally did it (shoutout to my boy Karim cuz he feels the same): the Hornets kept Tony Parker out of the paint and forced him to shoot jumpshots which for he most part clanked off the rim; and secondly whenever he did make it into the paint, they were physical with him and sent him to the floor a couple of times…….. I love NBA playoff basketball!!!! Where Tony Parker getting slapped around happens…….

"We don't diss them, we dismiss them"
Tyson Chandler did something last night that not many people in the world can do……..he played Groundhog Day (Tim Duncan) straight up for most of the second half without much double team help, and guess what, he was actually successful at it. Mind you he did take turns with David West at guarding him but was mostly matched up one on one with him and made him work for all his points. You have to love a guy that commits almost exclusively to defense and gets all of his points off of his fabulous alley oops by his point guard and offenseive rebounds.

"I am real cash money no counterfit, I don't parking lot pimp, I just politic"
Chris Paul is the Real Deal ladies and gentlemen. He basically led the charge in the third quarter and stepped up his intensity and put the team on his back thus allowing his team to outscore the Spurs 29-11 in the period. By the fourth quarter, the Real Deal basically wrapped up the game; orchestrating the offense to perfection and creating mismatches all over the court. At one point, he was able to create a mismatch through a pick and roll that led to Tony Parker guarding David West. Advantage West for a basket with the foul.

Chapter IV

In ligh of last night's game 4 in Cleveland, we will use the song "Clan in Da Front" by Wu Tang Clan to illustrate how the game went against the Temptations….

*"Up from the 36 Chambers... Heheh.. it's the Ghost..*Face*..*Killahh* Hehheheh Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm The RZA, the GZA, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, U-God Ghost Face Killer, the Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, the Master Killer Raw Desire, LeVon, Power Cipher Twelve O'Clock, Sixty Second Assassin, the 4th Disciple The Brand White K.D. the Down Low Wrecka, Shyheim AKA The Rugged Child Doo-Doo Wales, Mista Hezakiah -- better known as the Yin and the Yang The Tru Masta, Asan, DJ Skane, The Tru Robocop comin thru Scientific Shabazz, my motherfuckin man Wise the Civilized The Shaolin Soldiers, Daddy-O and Popa Ron Comin down from the motherfuckin South end of things Killa beez all over your fuckin planet Thirty-six chambers of death Three-hundred and sixty degrees of perfected styles Choppin off your motherfuckin dome... ...peace, and every fuckin borough Crooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island The motherfuckin Bronx, killa beez.... "

That was the pregame intros……..let's move on to the game shall we.

*"The Wu is comin thru, the outcome is critical Fuckin wit my style, is sort of like a Miracle"
Game 4 and the Cavs can't afford to go down 3-1. They start off the game playing their excellent brand of defense, and all of a sudden it hits me: The Cavs have no business being able to hang in this series with likes of the Celtics. The one reason why Cleveland has been advancing in the playoffs these past years is DEFENSE. They defended so well that it makes up for their putrid offense and allows them to have their closer go to work late. That being said, both teams come out and defend each other pretty well which leaves us with a tight first quarter (unlike last game).

*"I don't give a god damn, on the shows you did How many rhymes you got, or who knows you kid?"
This one is a little late but I had to use this line…….it's aimed at Deshawn Stevenson lol

*"And my DJ the catcher, he's my man Anyway he's the one who devised the plan"
This one goes out to Doc Rivers; I mean his defense throughout the game was outstanding, but I gotta figure he has to find a way to get his scorers some shot attempts and quality ones at that. At no point in this game did I think any of the Celtics players would get their points……if I'm a Celts fan; what a scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy thought.

*"so stop, the life you save may be your motherfuckin own I'll hang your ass with this microphone"
The game was kind of back and fourth in the first half as no team took any commanding lead. The Cavs did have a seven point lead ( I think) with about 3 mins left in the 2nd quarter, but then Lebron picked up his 3rd foul and it seemed as though the wheels would fall off during that time but the Cavs held on for a two point lead going into halftime.

*"With the game and soul, of an old school flick Like the Mack and Dolemite, who both did bids"
To the best halftime show we've got in basketball; Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley baby

*"Make way for the merge of traffic"
The third quarter was much like the 1st half: seesaw battle filled with missed shots and great defense with neither team really seperating from one another once again. Ray Allen did get hot and scored 9 points in the quarter while Paul Pierce was still off. KG was somewhat invisible in the third and Lebron's jumper was still off but he did display some excellent passing skills.

So with the game in the trenches in the 4th, the Celts are unable to muster any type of offense. Sam Cassell is struggling, Paul Pierce is struggling whenever matched up with Lebron, KG is playing the role of Nick Lachey (The Invisble Man) and Ray Allen has now been contained. On the other hand, Anderson Varejao is now making shots, Joe Smith is looking like an all-star while Big Z and Ben Wallace encourage their teammates from the bench despite not playing in the 4th quarter. Lebron sticks a big three point shot in the quarter as the building goes wild and senses the momentum shifting. The Celts still manage to get off a couple of quality looks but are unable to generate much offense. By contrast, although the Cavs don't make a lot of shots, they made more then Celts which ultimately is what mattered. With Daniel Gibson hitting shots in the quarter, it somewhat stretched out the Celtics defense; which left us with the exclamatin point of the night……

*"The response while I bomb that ass, You ain't shit!"
Lebron James put Paul Pierce in a top of the key pick and roll and then when Posey came out to hedge, Lebron gave him an in and out move and drove to the basket and met KG ( who stuck his forearm into LBJ's chest) for a thunderous dunk that sent the house into a craze.

*"Cuz the hoe didn't win but the sun will still come out tomorrow and shine shine shine like gold mine "
To the Cets, at least you going back home tied 2-2.

*"Egos is somethin the Wu-Tang crush ,souped up niggaz on a stage get rushed"
At some point, don't we have to wonder if the Temptations are shook??? I mean, they've lost the last 2 games in Cleveland by double digits and lost all their game in Atlanta in the previous round. Mind you, if they keep winning at home, it really won't matter because they have home court advantage. That being said………

*"Clan in da front, let your feet stomp Niggaz on the left, brag shit to death Now hoods on the right, wild for the night Punks in the back, c'mon and attract to... "

Never underestimate King James and the whole Wu Tang Clan………predicting a phenemonal Game 5 on wednsday night in which the Cavs pull out a tough one

Chapter III of Celtics @ Cavs

The Temptations showed up at the heart of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (for u mofos that don't know, it's in Cleveland) and basically morphed into 98 degrees (yes the boy band group featuring Nick Lachey that sang "Invisible Man"). 98 degrees showed up and layed an egg. There defense was actually pretty good, however the Cavs coaching staff made some adjustments taking advantage of the Celtics defensive schemes. They stopped putting Lebron in so many pick and rolls and instead used more motion on offense and ran some pin down plays to at times confuse the defense and take advantage of their quick rotations that kept titlting towards Lebron. The sexual healing took a break in this game as Marvin Gaye did not have his most spectacular outing in this one; however Marvin Gaye and the band morphed into the Wu-Tang Clan performing Triumph. The Rza, the Gza, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck and Lebron playing the role of Meth this last Saturday at the game. No one really shun more then the other; nevertheless, Method Man came out with Mary J. Blige and perfomred "You're All I need" for the Cleveland fans and had the two best blocks of the playoffs when he rejected Rajon Rondo and cuffed the ball on the board, on the second one he timed Rondo's fastbreak layup and pinned it up again on the board with his left hand……spectacular, just spectacular. So the series is now 2-1 in favor of 98 degrees…..tune in for a preview of tonights game later on……..

"Wu Tang is here for ever!!!!! Aight my n*ggas and my n*ggarettes, I'ma rub your ass in a moon shine, let's take it back to '79!!!!"

Preview from thursday morning(before actual game)

The Temptations will square off tonight against Marvin Gaye @7:00pm in Boston. I will go on record and predict a tough hard fought game in which KG goes for 20,10,5 and Paul Pierce goes for 20 points with several free throw attempts. Jesus Shuttleworth will have a quiet 15 points with a couple of threes and nothing else. Furthermore, expect Mr Sprite ( remember when that used to be Grant Hill? Things done changed!!) to come out aggressive to start the game. He has a habit of adjusting his mindset from game to game to throw off the opponents gameplan (Case in point: Check out boxscore from first game of the year when Cleveland played Dallas and then compare it to the boxscore of their second game versus Dallas later in the year). The X-factor for game 2 in my opinion will be Ben Wallace`s defense on the Big Ticket; if he is able to slow him down and keep him off the boards, the Cavs will have a shot at a win. In order for the Celtics to win this one, the biggest thing they have to do is rebound. The Cavs are known for exerting their will on the boards which at times demoralizes teams and thus makes the advantage bigger. However, I believe the Leprechauns will be able to possibly limit the Cavs possesssions and force turnovers as well. In the end, the Temptations will provide an exquisite performance and leave their fans happy (think Eddy Murphy at the end of his Delirious Stand up). Unfortuantely, due to a prior commitment, I will miss most of the game and will probably only be able to catch the 4th quarter (if lucky); therefore don't expect a huge game recap tomorrow. Prediction: Temtaptions by 5

Game 2 Orlando @ Detroit Recap

Detroit came out from the outset and established a real physical game. They clutched, grabbed, hit and then hit some more. The Orlando Magic reminded me of Eric Foreman (playing the role of Magic) and Donna Pinciotti( as you guessed it, the Pistons) from the 70's Show…….. Eric just seemed to be completely out of his league. However, a funny thing happened ni the third quarter, Eric started raining putting the moves on Donna and finally looked like he be belonged. He was smooth, funny charming and suave; at one point you even thought he was gonna get to home plate……enough with the analogy; the Magic made seven three pointers in the 3rd quarter to take the lead until they were robbed at gunpoint at the end of the quarter because of a clock malfunction that allowed the Pistons to get off a succesful three point try tha gave them the lead. Dwight Howard came out in this one and played like a man…….he dominated the glass and had a huge and I mean HUGE stick back jam on Theo Ratliff. Nevertheless, DEEE-TROIT was sharper and tougher down the stretch; they executed better while Orland seemed a little rattled. With about 45 seconds left in the game, Turkoglu fired up a wild three point attempt with plenty of time left on the shot clock, then with a chance to tie the game Rashrd Lewis shied away from contact and missed a scoop shot. The nail in the coffin, with the Pistons clinging to a two point lead and set to inbound the ball, Keyon Dooling fouled Rip before the ball was inbounded meaning they got to shoot a free throw and inbound the ball……Ball Game.

The Pistons once again won the war of words as well as the game. Theo Ratliff had stirred up some harsh feelings from Magic players when he said he wasn't worried about Rashard Lewis because he was just a "3 man" bascially a small forward. Rashard responded by challening Ratliff to come guard him and lo and behold they ended up matched up a couple of times. Rashard had a good game but he had trouble taking the bigs off the dribble (especially Maxiell); mind you he did a great job on the boards in the second half (which really impressed me), he didn't allow his man (whichever big he was guarding) to make it to the offensive glass…….let's see how game 3 plays out.

Jazz @ Lakers

So the most physical team in the NBA stepped inside the Staples Center, hit all the players on the court (even at times their own), outrebounded the opposition and forced turnovers in the second half. This would have all the makings of the recipe for a playoff win right? Guess again. The Lakers kept going to the line and kept making shots while several Jazz players were in foul trouble and kept getting beat on defense. The Lakers displayed great basketball IQ with their passing and cutting from the triangle offense. The Utah Jazz ran some great halfcourt sets that put pressure on the Lakers defense. The Jazz did miss some pretty open looks mind you but we'll see what the adjustments will be heading into game 2. One thing that stood out to me though, and keep in mind I'm not nitpicking on T-Mac, but Kobe MVP Bryant got whatever he wanted (with the exception of maybe three or four shots in the 4th quarter) whenever he wanted it whereas T-Mac seemed to be in a constant struggle to score. After watching game 1, it hit me……The Lakers are the Jackson 5: the most dynamic and entertaining team in the playoffs. As we watched them grow, it was clear that th youngest one was destined for greatness which he attained; however his legend took a hit when he was accused of a crime (real creepy comparison I know and yet it's so on point) but is still the most polarizing figure in sports. Kobe Bryant like Michaal Jackson, has just kept bumping hits and is now entering what the Sports Guy would call "Pantheon Status". Stay tuned for more developments on the Jackson 5's legacy.

The Utah Jazz on the other hand, would have to be Boys II Men. They are consistently good and you can always count on them to give you a great showing every now and then. They never give you the impression they're just going through the motions in their delivery and are somewhat underrated. The key here is their productivity as well their longevity. Although the Utah Jazz have had different top performers in the past 20 years whereas Boys II Men has kept the same nucleus, the one person that ties it all together (kinda) is Jerry Sloan; always on top of his game and never allows his teams to settle for less. Isn't it amazing that Boys II Men and Jerry Sloan have been thoroughly consistent and good if not great for for some odd 20 years and yet they are both underrated and at times unappreciated…….Let's see who wins the battle, Jackson 5 or Boys II Men?

Recap from yesterday`s Celtics game

Congratulations to the Atlanta Hawks for entertaining the hell out of us for three games (all three games in Atlanta), but then again how could they not make at least one of the games in Boston competitive?? Sheeeeeeeeeesh!!!They got wiped of the floor in game 7 (they gave me the impression of just being happy to be playing in game 7 with nothing to prove). That being said, the Celtics came out and handled their business with their suffocating defense. The one question left to answer is if they can take that defense on the road and win. Although everyone is quick to bash the Celtics (myself included) for allowing the Hawks to win three games, they remind of the 2000 Lakers squad that struggled in the opening rounds to win road games. They were dominant at home but somewhat mediocre on the road in the earlier rounds(look it up, they went the full 5 games against Sacramento in the 1st round). Maybe the Celtics needed this early wake up call to get in the flow of the playoffs. One interesting note however: their late game execution needs to get drastically better. They haven't been tested at home yet, but on the road it was absolutely horrendous. Let's just hope that when the 4th quarter rolls around that Doc Rivers remembers he has Paul Pierce on the team…….you might recognize him by looking for his kersey number, I think it's #34, you know the dude that gets to the line at will and that usually steps his game up in the clutch?? Look him up whenever you get the chance. Thanks for looking into it Doc, really appreciate it

Highlights from SBG Final

Funny thing happened today....See; I'm as lazy as the next dude, so at times I tend to procrastinate and not stay on top of things. Would you believe that only today did I decide to check my email and see that M.-E. (SBG #1 fan baby!!!) and sent me an email in which she actually filmed a few bits and pieces of our final game!!!!!. So yes I suck, but nevertheless, thanks M.-E. for being there all year and for giving us additional footage
here you go....


Philly previews tonights games

Celtics Vs Hawks

Although i dont believe their season will go past tonight, the Hawks have to be happy with what they achieved, they finally drafted the right guy and if they can keep the core of the team together(johnson, smith and horford...no bibby aint a core player, at least not on this team...) and supply them with a nice ensemble of potent guys they will make noise for years to come or become the next Bobcats(think Richardson, Wallace Okafor). In the meantime, with the way Detroit AND Cleveland have been playing, the C's will continue their merry road to the finals as of tonight when they show another coach the direction to the unemployment line.

I couldn't care les about the Houston vs Jazz series because a) I hate Karl Malone( http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/columns/story/334471.html ) thus everything Jazz and everything Utah b) i dont beleive the hype aka t-mac is not a winner and CAN'T LEAD a team past the first round regardless of the win streak and the "we're better without Yao" non-sense. TMAC IS A LOSER PERIOD

Imagine , the arena is completly dark all you hear are the first few notes of Ether(if you dont know nas's ether the hip hop cannot save you life) but with soulja boy slangin some ignorant jibber jabber(I think that YAAAAAHHH song is the perfect definition of Mr. T's jibber jabber expression ... it barely sounds like english) all over it...crowd going crazy !!!!! (Now i know this would never happen but Deshawn Stevenson was once a highly touted prospect* so you never know ) The cavs come out "Jigga what Jigga who...
Modaf***s wanna act loco, hit em wit, numerousshots with the fo'-fo'
Fa***s wanna talk to Po-Po's, smoke em like cocoa
F**k rap, coke by the boatload
F**k dat, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed
Left holes through some guy clothes
Stop your bullsh**tin, glock with the full clip
Mothef*****s better duck when the fool spit
One shot could make a ni**a do a full flip
See the ni**a layin shocked when the bullet hit
Oh hey ma, how you, know niggaz wanna buy you
But see me I wanna F**k for Free like Akinyele
Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it
inside your belly, if it's tight get the K-Y Jelly
All night get you wide up inside the telly
Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you're too much for me

I think LBJ is going for 60 tonight, I also think deshawn might have single handedly motivated LBJ for the next 5 years...i can't believe he had the balls to call him overated, dude they compared you to MJ...

Shouts to Caron and Twan you got game but the series ends tonight!


* This is from nbadraft.net, it's there fact sheet for Stevenson for their 2000 mock draft

NBA Comparison: Michael Jordan

Strengths: Special player. Extremly gifted athlete. Great ball handler. Very advanced shooter and scorer for his age. A showstopper. Can play the 1 or 2. Won the McDonald's High School dunk contest. Super character. As NBA ready as any HS player in his class.

Weaknesses: Tries to do too much at times. Learning how to be a consumate team player, something his idol Kobe still must learn himself. Gets criticized for being too fancy,still has alot of basketball to learn

8 years and 8.7 ppg later...

Habs lose.......(produced by Philly)

Yesterday I told you the habs would show up...well they didnt, Umberger stil treated them like an array of ragdolls. The worst is philly seems to be enjoying it. And once again , after shooting 28 times(more then half of these shots came too late too early too soft) and makin Biron a guy who had never played in the playoffs before this year look much bigger then his 6'3 160 pound frame, they scored twice in a minute. There was 6 minutes left an the game was tied. Habs had dominated the game offensively and where about to give philly THE BUSINESS(stealing games at the very end) but the habs got a penalty right after that, Daniel briere scored and suddenly, with about 4 minutes left, it felt like the game was 4-0....(another movie reference coming up).Remember the first House Party; they start the movie by making you understand that Kid is the underdog(Martin Lawrence's Bilal cant be considered an underdog because his breath was so foul that he had NO chance and you gotta be in the game to be the underdog...) he even got gonged at the school talent show...but at the party when the mic came out you could feel Kid prepared for war where as Play prepared to...well play*. The Habs need to stop asking Dirk Nowitski what time it is. The habs need to go over to the flyers locker room, snatch Daniel Briere lunch box right out of his hands and eat his lunch, right in his face...the problem is that GUY wont be with the habs until next year. This series is looking more and more like Magic VS Animal that's been instinct for millions of years. I guess plekanec will have plenty of time to chill with Brezec an Nesterovic.

[ Play ]*
It's my party and I rhyme if I want to
Be careful and don't you step to the front to
Diss, cause I'ma dismiss with a death kiss
And make you sorry that you ever stepped to this
Microphone wizard, so come on, place your bet
Is it gonna be me or Eraserhead?
Why put your money on a sorry old poor thing
When you can get behind a sure thing
And that's me, the capital P on the hype tip
One false move and you'll get your ass whipped
Just tell me how the rhymes and the cuts sound
You won't start feelin the pain till you touch ground
Boy, you're goin way out, I'm ready to serve you
If you can stay out pass your pops curfew
Look at him, already a has-been
Let Uncle Play say a rhyme that'll tuck your ass in

[ Play ]
Am I paid or what?
[ Kid ]
[ Play ]
[ Kid ]
Alright, two can play at this game

[ Kid ]
Anything you can do, I can do better
I can do anything better than you
[ Play ]
No you can't
[ Kid ]
Yes I can
[ Play ]
No you can't
[ Kid ]
Yes I can
[ Play ]
No you can't
[ Kid ]
Yes I can
Once again..

[ Kid ]
The boy's blowin smoke 'bout what he wanna be
But it isn't and wasn't and it ain't never gonna be
Possible, cause I got lots of pull
And when you rhyme - ooh, there's lots of bull
When it comes time to step to a mic I don't sit around
Play, you know I don't Kid around
So come with it, boy, don't even hide your best
Cause 'Kid' spelled backwards describes you best
Look around, watch the people clap hands in unity
As the momentum swings from you to me
You issue a challenge, yeah, you do it up
Step to the stage - too late, I blew it up
The knowledge to build, just filled with excellence
You heard the rhyme, you been petro ever since
There's no missin the words that I laid out
You didn't Play, you just got Played out