Diesel strikes back

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Shaq, bothered after a phone coversation with Kobe just hours after it was released to radio, calls the local radio station requesting that his new record be played.. Only one verse is aired for the public, with promise of releasing the entire track the following day...

Team USA coulda done without YOU/

Brace yaself for ``how my ass taste`` part 2/

You still trying to rhyme? I thought you put that behind you/

You still the Thug Poet? Tyra Banks out rhymed you/

Try to test me on a rap front and you gonna get slayed/

You only did without me cuz I sent my son D-Wade/

Surrounded by real talent, you made through a bunch a no-names/

Ok you beat the Angolians, squeeked past Spain/

When you flopped in the final, your teammates were to blame?/

So what, you didn’t have enough help when you lost the allstar game?/

And don’t talk relationships, you creeping with Ameichi on the real/

So forget how your ass taste, tell me how your ass FEEL

Phone Conversation....Can you guess who's on the phone?

A man wakes up in his house and decides to call up one of his old friends that’s currently stating in Miami. So he dials out 305-555-7427 (check out was the last 4 digits spell out on the phone). And then someone picks up:

Dude answering phone (DAP): HELLO?

Dude calling(DC): How you doing brother?

DAP: I’m good man how about you?

DC: I’m great man. So you saw me on TV win a medal?

DAP: ummmm, who this? Lebron? JKidd?

DC: Nah man, guess again; but before you guess; I’m guessing you missed the game cuz you was too busy stalking some chick in Atlanta accordingly to TMZ…..BURN!!!

DAP: Yo, that ain’t funny, is it Penny??

DC: Nah man, I’m way better then Penny ever was, screw him! You want a hint?

DAP: Yeah man, please do give me a hint.

DC: Aren’t you supposed to be a cop or something? Man you suck at it.

DAP: F you!!! Now gimme my damn clue!

DC: Ok ok ok; here we go;
last week I was able to do without you,
cuz turns out you’re the one without a fucking clue;
Think about it you might be ringless if not for me,
Score in the clutch and play great D,
Not only that, Phil chose ME;
While you was trying to reconcile stuff with ya girl,
I was busy delivering on the grandest stage in the world;
And remember, you made fun of me when I caught a case,
Now it’s your turn to be a disgrace,
Worse yet you’re shadow of yourself and your game is a waste,
So Diesel tell me how my ass tastes!


DC: No shit Sherlock!

DAP: Don’t ever pull that stunt again Kobe!

Kobe: Or what? You won’t pass me the ball? You’re gonna talk bad about me in the media? Mofo, you’re done! People don’t feel you anymore, they see you for the prideful, spiteful, hypocritical dumb ass you are. No one ever thought I’d win our “break up” and guess what Shaq…….I’m winning!!

Shaq: Whatever, my wife is calling me, I gotta go.

Kobe: People were right, that song was tight, tell me how it tastes again!

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Madden best QBs since 2000

5. Daunte Culpepper

Pre-injury Culpepper (with the Vikings) was a phenomenal and dominant force in Madden. Although his passes weren’t necessarily the most accurate, he would just never go down; which consequently resulted in a lot of completed passes. You’d have your speed rusher coming off the edge and your defensive tackle coming up the middle ready to light his ass up like a blunt and do puff puff pass only to get stiff armed and then have him spin away for either a completion or a long run. He actually might have gone higher if not for the fact that he went to Oakland and then Miami and completely stunk up the joint.

4. Brett Favre

The Gunslinger. Favre has been able to complete in the past few years the longest passes in Madden due to his phenomenal arm strength. Keep in mind, his effectiveness was not merely due to how far he threw the ball, but also the accuracy and production that Favre provided at the Qb position. Where Favre lost points is that he’s currently become an at times erratic thrower (kinda like now in real life), throwing the ball into coverage but with a little less accuracy then before thus causing interceptions.

3. Peyton Manning

This one caused me to go back and forth on the positioning but I think it’s pretty fair. Manning walks up to the line of scrimmage and audibles three or four times per play and then usually gets off a decent positive play. His offense almost always produces and gets into the end zone. For the purpose of Madden, this is really the point of playing the game, winning and scoring points. However, we have…..

2. Tom Brady

Long regarded as the guy with the rings but without the stats, Brady has always been able to keep his teams (still talking Madden here) into games and finish them off late just like in real life. He made a leap last year when he started putting up great fantasy stats in Madden 08 and I’m guessing this trend will continue in Madden 09. Not the most fun guy to play with due to his lack of speed (like Manning) but will put the ball on the spot and never gets rattled under pressure and even completes passes of his back foot. That being said, the number…..

1. Michael Vick

Not only is he the #1 Qb in Madden in the past five years, he might actually make a case to be a Madden Hall of Famer. His video game skills are just uncanny; ability to throw the ball deep and I mean DEEP. Not much accuracy but if you run short routes, he’ll complete a high percentage. However, what sets Vick apart, is his blazing speed. Vick will outrun and player at any position if he gets a head start.In addition, his juke moves usually fake out defenders and get him out in the open field. Possibly the most fun athlete to play

Madden best RBs since 2000

Post by Philly

There was a time… when edge was actually relevant, he had the most yards per rush which translated to “ I’m running over you” in madden. It used to be Colts + red zone = edge, he had a stiff arm for the ages, reminiscent of Jamal Anderson in GameDay. He was the definition of a power back

4. Shaun Alexander

It’s pure comedy that this guy is on the outside looking in now but Mr. Seahawk was the truth at one point. A combination of speed and quickness gave Alexander the ability to take over a game. Being a NFC man myself I’ve only had to deal with him in the playoffs…he ended up rushing for 182yds…on the Dallas defense which was STACKED.

3.Ladanian Tomlinson

The best way to sum this up is through a story…I had made the necessary trades (Testaverde, 1rd pick and, jones and george…yeah eddie george along with the best free agents available that I signed to trade) to have him in Dallas. Mid-season, in a barn burner with the Giants (and you know I aint losing to the Giants) my Qb which was Drew Henson gets demolished by strahan. There was not much time left in the game(maybe 2/3 of the 4th quarter left) and I wasn’t about to put the game in Romo’s hands(I swear I think I said “you aint eva eva eva throwin’ for my Boys”) so I ran the ball for almost a full quarter…he ended up with 6tds..with 3 in that 2/3

2.Priest Holmes

Two words…priest sweep …the culmination of speed and elusiveness, an automatic 7yrds every run, the only way to beat the Chiefs at that time was to run up the score fast so they would pass the ball an even at that … if the could see the end zone the would get to it…

1.Marshall Faulk

To me he is the single most important athlete to ever affect football gaming. He forced programmers to come up with a way to re-create an ability that would translate in me pointing and laughing at some of my friends (Qwest!) while I high-step to the end zone à la Deon. He also introduced the era of “at third and long I’m gonna line up my rb at wr and tear your 3rd cb to shreds! ”

Boys in Blue

In the aftermath of the teenager that was shot and killed by police officers this past weekend (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080812.wconfrontation12/BNStory/National/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.20080812.wconfrontation12), I wasn't sure if I should say something about it considering this is a sports blog. That being said, something happened to me this morning, that although is completely minimal and unimportant in comparison to what happened to this kid; I still felt it was necessary for me to speak up on this. Considering what just happened, I would have assumed that police officers would have been a little more sensitive towards minorities considering what just transpired. Well turns out, IT DON'T MATTER. I was stopped this morning along with a mailman of arab descent for crossing the street on a red light. They needed two squad cars to pull us over and get out information to give us a ticket of $37.00. In the meantime, keep in mind that while one guy was verifying our info, the other guy stayed in his squad car to make sure we didn't flee the scene thus allowing countless other non-minorities to commit that exact same infraction me and mr canada post were guilty of. Police trust is such at a low point, that all the black people that saw me get pulled over waited there to view if the police officer would try anything ''shady''. When it was all said and done, I felt like saying something to him along the lines of ''when will y'all ever learn?''; but that would have been pointless. The issue at hand is with the very foundation in itself, and although I bring forth this subject, perhaps I should be doing something more productive like possibly looking into how to change things, but mind you the first step is to discuss it. That being said, things have to change for better, but how??

Playstation 3 vs Xbox360

This has probably already been done by others in the past, but what the heck, I’m tackling this issue today. In the event that you are guys unhappy about my topic choice of today, I’ll give you two options:

1- Tough effin break, suck it up and read

2- I’m sorry for not entertaining you more, so as a result, you will receive a 50% discount to your SBG subscription package.

Keep in mind this comparison is based off of two years of experience with the Xbox360 and two days worth of experience with the PS3; therefore, please take my comparisons with a grain of salt. On with the show……”I’ve been patiently waiting to blow, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the SBG show”.


This one is not even close. The 360 controller is a little too big and the buttons just seem to be somewhat out of whack and therefore is not necessarily practical for kids (I’m an adult keep in mind, but you get the point). Furthermore, the 360’s controller requires you to purchase batteries for your wireless controller whereas the PS3 controller charges automatically when connected to the PS3 thus negating the need for batteries altogether. However, the cable to connect the PS# controller is somewhat short and therefore requires you to be seated in front of the TV to play (like back in the days when you played Nintento, good times).

Advantage: PS3


The Xbox 360 allowed you to go online and download demos, screenshots of games, game content and the like. In contrast, I have not yet found anything of substance while browsing the Playstation Store, however keep in mind I’ve only had the chance to view the PS Store once (therefore I might update this section) and fairly quickly, but what I found wasn’t all that impressive. No game demos and the trailers and screenshots were average in my estimation. That being said, although the PS3 still has to step up its game in the domain of online material; it still defeats the 360 in the area of multimedia. When uploading pictures to the 360, the images aren’t displayed as wide and large and even seem to lose some of its resolution. Furthermore, when saving a picture as a background on the desktop, the image is reduced and therefore does not cover the whole screen. In addition, the 360 only plays video files in WMV format; whereas the PS3 plays AVI and MPEG files which are much more frequent and popular. However, both consoles allow you to download an online update which permits you to play videos in other formats. One catch though, with the 360, once you turned it off, it’s as if the update was gone and therefore it always had to be connected to Xbox Live in order to view AVI files. The PS3 however does keep the update and allow you to continuously view these video files without being connected to the internet. Also, although trivial, when browsing through media files on the PS3 it shows you a preview of all the files within the section that is being browsed.

Advantage: PS3

That’s it for now. Keep in mind I’ll be going into more detail and more analysis during the week, I just wanted to touch on the issue right now and progressively give you guys feedback.

Tonight, I’ll be taking it a little deeper……..will be comparing Madden 09 on both consoles!!!!

Stay tuned!

Small Forwards

Same rules apply.....

10 .Tayshaun Prince
One of the best defenders in the league and also one of the smartest players. Decent shooter and driver but a very good post up player. Very efficient with the ball and rarely makes bad decisions. His wingspan allows him to cover a lot of ground and also swat shots from the weak side or from behind.

9 . Rashard Lewis

Lewis is a tall and gifted player. He is a very good shooter and also converts at a high rate from the free throw line. He does have the ability to drive to the basket every now and then but seems afraid of contact and therefore settles for jumpshots more often then not. Furthermore, he does not make in to the post enough in my opinion considering the size advantage he usually has over every player guarding him. Rashard should be much higher on this list but his inability to rebound and defend have landed him here.

Lewis defeats Prince 11-8

8. Richard Jefferson

Picture this. You've spent your whole career playing with a Hall of Fame point guard that basically go the rebound, ran the break and then fed you for dunks; your only job was to run, catch and finish; even in the halfcourt, he would lob the ball over to you for alley oops and make you look real good. Now you get to watch Michael Redd put the ball up 25 times per game while the rest of the team tries to fight for shots. GOOD LUCK. Nevertheless, Jefferson is a very good defender and also a great slasher. He is not a great jump shooter but has made great strides in improving his jump shot; in addition his handle is good enough that he can initiate the offense at times. Watch Jefferson listen to Kanye West's '' Good Life'' song and just recall all his favorite Kidd to Jefferson moments and then ask to be traded to Dallas.....

Jefferson defeats Prince 11-9

Jefferson defeats Lewis 11-8 ……Lewis says:” One dimensional, and still getting payed like a star babayyyyy!”

7. Andrei Kirilenko

The next group of guys are essentially the same except for a few differences. They are all good or great defenders, score of plays created by others , jump into passing lanes for steals, play different positions, run the floor extremely well, rebound, block shots and finish well. Kirilenko is the lowest rated player of this group of guys because he's been wildly inconsistent in the past few seasons, His performances fluctuate vastly from one game to another; nevertheless, he is a phenomenal player that just does so many things well that ti would be tough for him to get the nod ahead of the guys mentioned before.

Kirilenko defeats Prince 11-8

Kirilenko defeats Lewis 11-9

Kirilenko defeats Jefferson 11-10

6. Shawn Marion

The ultimate stat stuffer ladies and gentlemen. So we've already covered all of his skills in the paragraph dedicated to Kirilenko; but where he differentiates himself is with his individual defense. He is able to defend guards, forwards and centers without ever missing a beat. Think about it, how many guys do you knows that can guard Tony Parker and Tim Duncan in the same game? Or Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant in the same game? That's how good this guy is. In addition he is an outstanding finisher. The one part of his game that is lacking is his ability to create his own shot. He can do it all except that, and in the NBA, if you can`t get your own shot, you're not a Franchise Type guy.

Marion defeats Prince 11-8

Marion defeats Lewis 11-7

Marion defeats Jefferson 11-5

Marion defeats Kirilenko 11-7….Andrei says I’m headed to Russia

5. Josh Smith

Why is he this high compared to Marion and Kirilenko? He has slowly become more adept at creating his own shot and also creating for his teammates. He can now take guys off the bounce and to rim to finish with authority (He might be along with Amare Stoudemire, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, one of the best finisher in the league). Furthermore, his ability to erase and change shots is just phenomenal when you consider the fact he is a small forward.

Smith defeats Prince 11-8

Smith defeats Lewis 11-7

Smith defeats Jefferson 11-6

Smith defeats Kirilenko 11-4

Smith defeats Marion 11-8 …..Marion then says he is unhappy and wants to be traded.

4. Ron Artest

Simply put, he is the best two way player in the league. No other perimeter player can defend the way that he defends for a full game and also provide a consistent offensive production. Although Artest does not fill up the stat sheet with rebounds, assists and the like, he is a phenomenal disruptive defensive force. I recall seeing him pick up Jason Kidd full court once and getting a steal and a basket in that same sequence; mind you his prowess is not limited to perimeter players as we have seen him guard likes of Dirk Nowitzki as well. Moreover, Artest is straight out of a Saturday morning high school show (think Degrassi or Biff in Back to the Future) in the sense that he is the ultimate bully on the block. Whether offense or defense, he just pushes you around, hit you, and pound you with that wide body of his and frustrate you into submission. Although Ron is not the most gifted offensive player, he generally plays to his strengths: back down smaller players and shoot over them , drive to the basket, get out in transition and finish and also spot up and shoot every now and then. Conversely, he is not without fault; at times Artest just pounds the ball and does not allow anyone lese to touch it and then fires up an ill advised shot. That being said, he is just too crazy to pass up (crazy dude like this brings out the fear in the opposition)…..Artest is like a dude playing all coked up; and you know what they say; Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Artest defeats Prince 11-4

Artest defeats Lewis 11-3

Artest defeats Jefferson 11-6

Artest defeats Kirlenko 11-2

Artest defeats Marion 11-4

Artest defeats Smith 11-7 ……Josh Smith then speed dials Mike Woodson (coach of Hawks) and yells at him that he lost cuz of him.

Top 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Carmelo Anthony

Possibly the best pure scorer at the position in the league. Carmelo has in my humble opinion the best first step in the league and also the best crossover of the 6’7 and up group of guys in the L. He does it in a variety of ways: jab steps, jump shots, post ups, transition, pull ups, attacking the basket and finishing with either hand, mid range, long range, short range, etc….You get the idea. Carmelo reminds me of Jigsaw (the dude from the movie Saw) because he toys with you, he gives you choices that you don’t want to make but have to. Peep this convo between him and Bruce Bowen…

Melo: I want to play a game

Bowen: Huh?

Melo: I can take you in the post and hit you and score or I can take you off the dribble, score and get fouled. You only have 5 seconds to choose or I make the choice for you and just embarrass you in front of your loved ones. Let the games begin……

Bowen: Post, post, take me in the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melo: My work will love on, see you next Halloween

Anthony’s problem however you ask? If he’ having a bad shooting night, he almost doesn’t give you anything else. He rebounds a little, doesn’t create for teammates and is an average defender. That’s what kept him from being higher.

Melo defeats Prince 11-6

Melo defeats Lewis 11-4

Melo defeats Jefferson 11-7

Melo defeats Kirilenko 11-5

Melo defeats Marion 11-5

Melo defeats Smith 11-7

Melo defeats Artest 11-9 ……..after Melo defeats Artest, he goes into the crowd to sell his album and gets heckled and then subsequently jumps a fan or two

2. Paul Pierce

Mr Finals MVP. Pierce had always been a consistent player that carried his team. Ealier in his career a gifted scorer that didn’t do much besides. With the years he has been able to elevate his game to a level where he was a bonafide franchise player. This last year did a lot for his reputation as people finally noticed how great of a player he is. Pierce scores, rebounds, defends, creates for teammates and leads. Pierce tends to get jump shot happy early in games but takes it hard to the basket in the 4th quarter and does so in a relentless fashion. The impressive aspect of PP’s game in my estimation is that he does not possess a huge repertoire of offensive moves, and yet still scores at a high rate all the while remaining efficient. Think about it, free throw line, jump shot or drive and finish. That’s it. No punishing you inside the post (unless a point guard is guarding him off a switch), no outrageous pump fakes or impressive handles. He just gets it done however is needed and has the ability to get his guys to follow which is no easy feat. Pierce getting recognition for his skills and talents is like Denzel winning an award for Training Day; overdue and yet well deserved…..”My Man”

Pierce defeats Prince 11-6

Pierce defeats Lewis 11-5

Pierce defeatsJefferson 11-4

Pierce defeats Kirilenko 11-6

Pierce defeats Marion 11-7

Pierce defeats Smith 11-8

Pierce defeats Artest 11-9

Pierce defeats Melo 11-10…..after being defeated by PP, Melo goes to buy weed from an undercover cop and when he sees he’s caught he tells him: “ Stop snitching”.

1.Lebron James

Bar none the best small forward in the league and he’s creeping up on the title of best player in the league as well. Lebron possesses a plethora of talents that allow him to be such an overpowering force: awareness and passing skills of a great point guard, a streaky but yet effective jump shot, a great team defender and also a great individual defender when he decides to clamp down on defense, a tremendous ability to finish around the basket even after getting hit and the ability to know how to use his body. The most impressive trait of his game is his ability to know when to turn it on. He usually coasts through three quarters and gets his teammates involved all while figuring out the defensive game plan of that team in order to exploit it in the 4th quarter. Lebron rebounds, scores, defends, leads, directs teammates and gets them going. The things he is able to do for his size are just incomprehensible, thus making him #1!!!

Oct 30th 2008, on the eve of the new NBA season, Lebron holds a press conference to address the NBA in his best Jean Girard voice (Talladega Nights reference): “ If you say I love crepes, I will leave right now and go to Europe, if not am coming for you Ricky Kobe….”

The sporting world is stunned….

Bron defeats Prince 11-2

Bron defeats Lewis 11-3

Bron defeats Jefferson 11-5

Bron defeats Kirilenko 11-3

Bron defeats Marion 11-4

Bron defeats Smith 11-6

Bron defeats Melo 11-7

Bron defeats PP 11-8

Stay tuned

New column coming out later today.............the top 10 Small Forwards in the league.

Quote/Joke from Chris Rock

As long as the President of the United States is white, they`re will never be a black president. Why you ask? Because a black dude will shoot the white Prez to get the black dude promoted......

Shooting Guards

So here’s the premise for this one: if I’m building a team to contend for the NBA title in the next 2 years , which shooting guar would I pick based on these last five years of production? Keep in mind, just to spice this one up a little bit, we have to take into account that a higher rated player will always beat a lower rated player in a game of one on one( game of 11 points). So here goes………

10. Richard Hamilton
Hamilton is the best and most consistent defender on this list. He plays excellent defense and usually picks up his man ¾ of the court. His best skill mind you is his off the ball movement; he’s the best in the game at running his man off of screens and setting up for catch and shoot. A solid #10 for my liking.

9. Michael Redd
One of the most deadliest shooters in the league in my opinion. Furthermroe he has the quickest release next to maybe Peja Stojakovic which allows him to squeeze out quality shots out of tight spots. However his defense his somewhat lacking and his mid range is somewhat inexistent. That being said, he would be a solid contributor on a team aspiring for a title and not the guy you want carrying the team.
Redd defeats Hamilton 11-8

8. Vince Carter
There used to be a time that it was debatable that he could be #1 in this list. However that time is longggggggggggggggg gone!!!. VC still gets highlights and pulls off amazing feats every once in the while, but after being rejuvenated for a few seasons after being traded to Jersey, his production has progressively slipped. The points have gone down and so has his overall impact and effect on the game. He is no longer feared on the perimeter. That being said, Carter is still a very good overall shooting guard and player. He still makes good decisions with the basketball in terms of reading the defense, passing and getting into the right spots to get open shots. When he decides to take it to the basket he can still finish with authority; however those moments are few and far between. His allergy to defense is also problematic as he is prone to get lit up; but I still think he beats Redd one on one lol
Carter defeats Hamilton 11-7
Carter defeats Redd 11-10

7. Joe Johnson
Ever played marbles? While most guys can only shoot marbles and might have just about an average aim; some guys can do it all. Shoot big marbles, medium marbles and small marbles with great aim, carry them in the bag, trade them with other kids, differentiate them by color, style, size and weight and also set up the game with the rules. That’s Joe Johnson; he does it all. Ask him to play D, and he’ll do it. Ask him to hit the open shot with accuracy, and it’s a wrap. Ask Jo Jo to handle the ball, run the offense, keep everyone happy and get his, sure why not, it’s a wrap. His overall skill is just that much superior in my estimation then the players mentioned beforehand. Keep in mind as well that he has steadily improved throughout his time in the league.
Johnson defeats Hamilton 11-6
Johnson defeats Redd 11-7
Johnson defeats Carter 11-9

6. Ray Allen
ALong with Reggie Miller, is one of the best pure shooters in the history of the league. Although he is a phenomenal shooter, don`t get it twisted, Jesus Shuttlesworth will burn you off the bounce and finish in traffic. Everyone and ''they mama'' thought he was done this year during the Celtics-Cavs series when Wally Szczerbiak outshun him.However, the real Ray Ray came back to life in the Eastern COnference Finals and the Finals. He was all over the place hitting jumpers and finishing in the paint and icing games at the line. Remember, with the game hanging in the balance in Game 4 in Los Angeles, Ray got the ball with the time ticking and delivered and could have actually been the Finals MVP as well. His critics mind you will point to his defense and rightfully so, because it's really subpar when playing elite two guards; but he rarely gets lit up without going back at you and producing. One concern though, durability.
Allen defeats Hamilton 11-7
Allen defeats Redd 11-5
Allen defeats Carter 11-10
Allen defeats Johnson 11-9

5. Manu Ginobili
Possibly the most underrated shooting guard in the league. During a stretch around the All-Star break, Ginobili was performing just as well as Kobe Bryant. Manu kills you in so many ways: very good handle to take you off the bounce, jabs right and goes left almost every time and yet players are still trying to figure him out,he's a gifted player always looking to make the right play wether for him or a teammate, he's a decent enough shooter that you have to fear his range and he's got some king sized COJONES. Manu wants the ball in the clutch and more often the not delivers. Although he is somewhat unorthodox, he gets the job done and keeps bringing it to the defense. When he required he will take it to the basket, get hit hard and keep going back. Granted he's not the best defender but does well enough in a team concept that he won't hurt you at that end.
Ginobili defeats Hamilton 11-3
Ginobili defeats Redd 11-5
Ginobili defeats Carter 11-3
Ginobili defeats Johnson 11-7
Ginobili defeats Allen 11-9

4. Allen Iverson
The toughest little man in the history of the league. Period. Iverson takes you to the hole at ease and finishes in traffic despite taking several hits per game. His heart and toughness will never be questionned as he puts it on the line every night and rarely misses games. If his jump shot is clicking on any given night, pencil him in for 40 points easy.His size doesn't allow him to defend other 2 guards, but when they defend him they rarely do much to contain him. AI gets into passing lanes to create steals and finish on the break. AI is also a very capable passer which at times creates a problem for him because they ask him to play point guard every now and then which is clearly not the position he's best at. My one concern with Iverson is that he is a volume shooter, meaning he will shoot you in to games and also out of them; if he's having a bad shooting game, there`s not much he can do else to help you win as your starting shooting guard. He does get to the line at a fairly high rate especially when you factor in his size.
Iverson defeats Hamilton 11-9
Iverson defeats Redd 11-9
Iverson defeats Carter 11-7
Iverson defeats Johnson 11-10
Iverson defeats Allen 11-9
Iverson defeats Ginobili 11-10

3. Tracy McGrady
Anyone remember when they're used to be a time when people argued who was better between McGrady and Bryant??Those days are now over but Tracy hasn't fallen off that far off as he? Let's examine this. T-Mac, like many mentionned before him, does it pretty much all. Dribbles, sets up the offense, shoots, takes it to the rack, dunks with athority, defends, comes up with occasional higlight blocks and might go on a scoring rampage like Bernard King that leaves defenders looking like crackheads. Ever seen a crackhead that wants and needs crack? That's the exact look that comes to mind: '' Hey mang, can you please hook me up with something, an ything to stop Tracy mang?'' Please mang, I'm begging you; help a brotha out mang''. A lot of peopel say he's fallen off and can't do it like he used to do it and that because he's never been out the first round he's a bum ( hell even I said it!!!!); but is that an accurate statement? Historically, Tracy has had good or great regular seasons and then turned it up to a completely different level in the playoffs. His career regular season average is 22.4 points per game whereas his career playoff scoring average is 28.5 point per game. If we take last season (07-08 season), w`'ll notice his regular season scoring average stood at 22.4 and that for the playoffs he averaged 27.0 points per game. Therefore, one can conclude that McGrady is still a proven playoff performer that does it all and does it all quite well.Rebounds, assist, points, defense. Go back to the 2005 playoffs when the Houston Rockets faced off against the Dallas Mavericks in a tough seven games series and T-Mac was assigned to guarding Disco Boogie Nights Dirk. All Tracy did? 30.7 ppg, 7.4 rbg, 6.7 asp, 1.6 spg, 1.4 bpg and 45.6 FG% . He did that by ''holding'' Nowitzki to 23.7 ppg and 40.6 FG%. McGrady still comes up with the same production, where he falls short however is in the clutch. Can you think of any stretch in his playoff career where he came up with big plays repeatedly to win games? A key rebound, an assist, free throw, jump shot, block.......Anything??? This may seem harsh, but when you got in top 3 range, you have to be the total package.....
McGrady defeats Hamilton 11-5
McGrady defeats Redd 11-2
McGrady defeats Carter 11-8
McGrady defeats Johnson 11-9
McGrady defeats Allen 11-7
McGrady defeats Ginobili 11-9
McGrady defeats Iverson 11-8

2. Dwyane Wade

Hoodie Hooooo, I got Eminem to spit a few bars about D-Wade:

"Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say
but nothin comes out when they move their lips;
just a bunch of gibberish
And motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dwyane"

Wade has been somewhat forgotten this season because of his injuries, but don't let that fool you; he's still a prime performer in the NBA, and is almost the best the league has to offer at his position. Wade is practically unguardable, his handle is unbelievably smooth and he is able to get from Malibu to Compton with one crossover (amazing right??). Although he is not a great shooter, he is nevertheless a phenomenal scorer with an array of moves that might make you dizzy. Jab right go left, pump fake and jump into you and get to the line, cross you up and get to the hole, left handed bank shot, floaters, finger rolls, breath and stop move (dribble, dribble and then act like you're going to shoot but actually keep dribbling without carrying the ball and actually gets the defender to jump or lsoe balance). Dwyane's best feature mind you is probably his ability to finish around the basket. He will take it to you and posterize you if you're not careful. That being said, his defense is at best average, he might get lit up every once in the while but nothing overly drastic. He will however gamble into passing lines and at times pick up a steal and breakaway, but the times he gambles and misses, he leaves his teammates at a disvadvantage. That being said, he is still an unstoppable offensive player that is still able to contribute even on his worse shooting night. Cue in Eminem again....

"So what do you say to somebody you hate (What?)
Or anyone tryin to bring trouble your way?
Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way? (YUP)
Then just study a tape of Dwyane Wade!"
Wade defeats Hamilton 11-7
Wade defeats Redd 11-3
Wade defeats Carter 11-6
Wade defeats Johnson 11-8
Wade defeats Allen 11-4
Wade defeats Ginobili 11-8
Wade defeats Iverson 11-9
Wade defeats McGrady 11-10

The #1 Stunna......Kobe Bryant
Kobe is the best player in the world. Period. Do I really need to add anything to that? Not really; but just for entertainment purposes I will. Most gifted and complete offensive player in the game. Left or right? As the Rock would say.......IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!! In addition, Kobe might end up putting you in a pump fake torture box, where he just pump fakes you until you fall for it. His jumper is so ridiculously nice, I won't bother talking about it, instead I'll just mention the fact he routinely makes off balance fade away threes. Furthermore, Kobe has the ability to set up the offense and get his teammates involved. This has been apaprent especially this year; Kobe has only looked to score when absolutely needed or when he's sensed that it was a crucial point in the game where he could clsoe it out (like game 6 against the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals). His ability to deliver in the clutch is nearly unmatched. If that weren't enough, Kobe is one of the best defenders at his position; he should normally be the best, but he is not because he no longer shuts down his opponenents on a regular basis because he gets disinterested at times; he might let his man score a few times if he's a marginal player and then progressively turn on his defense as the game goes along. If he's guarding a great player, he'll pick and choose his spots where he plays hounding defense but save it mostly for the 4th quarter.
The last issue people have with Kobe has nothing to do with his game.....Peep this scenario.

Shaq:Kobe, I'm gonna report your ass to the police department and you're going to be through...

Kobe: Is that so?

Shaq: Yeah

Kobe: How you plan on doing that Shaq? You been smoking PCP all day.

Shaq: You planned this, you set me up.

Kobe: I've had this planned for weeks, you thought I was gonna have a little mofo like you f*ck my sh*t up?

Shaq: F*ck you

Kobe: So starting tomorrow, you tellin Kupchak you want to be traded from the Lakers

Shaq: Damn

Kobe: My n*gga..........Oh and tell me HOW MY ASS TASTES!!!

Bryant defeats Hamilton 11-5
Bryant defeats Redd 11-1
Bryant defeats Carter 11-3
Bryant defeats Johnson 11-7
Bryant defeats Allen 11-6
Bryant defeats Ginobili 11-8
Bryant defeats Iverson 11-6
Bryant defeats McGrady 11-8
Bryant defeats Wade 11-9

Week 2 NFC picks

Green Bay at Detroit
GB Finally gets it’s first win in the new A.F. era. Shitna keeps it pretty ugly with 2 td passes and 3 ints
GB(1-1) 21
Det(1-1) 17
Chicago at Carolina
Can’t pass, can’t run
this is the way we lost a Superbowl son! This is on Brian Urlacher debut cd called “One foot out tha door ” to be released soon. I heard he is keeping it very gully and very gangsta. Guest list includes, Dr West aka Kanye Drama, Twista and Rhymefest. LL is also featured on a rock version of “Mama Said Knock You Out” Ray Lewis on the chorus…can you say ringtone banger!

Devin Hester scores the only td for his team

Chi(0-2) 13
Car(1-1) 20

New Orleans at Washington

After a 3 10yrd runs( the last one starting with Bush going on a Priest Sweep and giving Jason Taylor a Starbucks Double Cappuccino Grande with the whip on top à la Marshall Faulk circa 2000. If you remember Gameday 2001 with Mr. Faulk on the cover, they had just introduced the juke move on that franchis,damn….)

Reggie Bush tells Jason Taylor “I dance circles around you like Christi Yamaguchi” to which Mr. Taylor replied “Kim’s a** be dancing circles around Ray J’s…” you get the rest.

Bush runs for 135yds 2 tds, 7 catches 112 yrds 1td
NO(1-1) 31
Wsh(0-2) 17

NY Giants at St. Louis
NYG(1-1) 21
STL(1-1) 24

San Francisco at Seattle

First home game of the year, San Francisco already on the field, the announcer prepares to introduce the offense going last is Brett Favre who comes out to Three 6 Mafia and Project Pat’s Poppin My Collar:

Now every since I could remember I been poppin my collar
Poppin poppin my collar, Poppin poppin my collar
Every since I could remember I been working this hoes
And they betta put my money in my hand

SF(0-2) 10
SEA(1-1) 24

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

ATL(0-2) 17
TMP(2-0) 27

Miami at Arizona
MIA(1-1) 14
ARZ(2-0) 28

Philadelphia at Dallas

Mr. Adam Jones gets his first pick 6 on McNabb, Mr. Ware gets 3 sacks and T.O. gets iHURT t-shirt for Donovan(http://blogs.mysanantonio.com/weblogs/nfl/2008/07/to_pushing_tshirts.html and totees.com ) as well as 175yrds catching and 2 tds.

PHI(1-1) 21
DAL(2-0) 31

Top 10 NBA point guards of last 5 years

This list is compiled based on the premise that these are the best top 10 PGs in the NBA of the past 5 years. So here we go…………analyse and discuss!!!!!!

10.Andre Miller
Probably the most underrated point guard in the NBA. High assist and low turnover guy. Every good point guard has an uncanny psychic ability to see plays develop in slow motion and capitalize on them. Andre Miller has always seen the floor well and been able to get the ball to the right people especially in lob situations; he is in my opinion the best lob passer in the league. Where he loses points mind you is his shooting ability (or lack thereof), his ability to create with a late shot clock and his ability to drive and finish.

9.TJ Ford
Ford is in fact one of the best lead guards in the league. He has amazing speed and quickness and is a very good if not great passer. He is very good at setting up teammates and also has the ability to get by defenders and finish at the rim. However, you do fear that he will not be able to take the hit considering his history of injuries. That being said, he is a very good point guard; however where he gets himself into trouble is in the 4th quarter, where he tends to get Rick Davis syndrome (ignore all teammates and just shoot). Consequently, his teammates end up standing around at times; this became an issue throughout the game (and not just the 4th quarter) this season when he lost his job to Calderon; he became a certified ball hog which left his teammates dumbfounded. Once he went back to the starting lineup, he went back to normal and just hogging in the final period; not the makings of the ideal point guard.

8. Gilbert Arenas
Agent Zero is far from the prototypical point guard but he still gets the job done nonetheless. He is a good shooter and fearless going to the basket. He is at best a slightly above average passer possessing average offensive awareness which leads him at times to take questionable and low percentage shots. He does mind you deliver in the clutch thus making him a prime time player……as a shooting guard. He does go ahead of Ford and Miller in this list mind you as a point guard because of his ability to generate offense for himself and his teammates is better then the previous two candidates. Keep in mind, had Arenas not been injured these past two years, he might be higher on this list.

7. Tony Parker
Tony Parker is somewhat of a hybrid Allen Iverson…..Calm down, it’s not that far fetched, I’ll explain. Parker has great speed and quickness and almost always blows by his defender to get to the rim and finish. What’s impressive about Parker is that he is able to make a living in the paint and thus consequently has a high field goal percentage. On the flip side, he struggles at times with directing the offense and getting his teammates the ball in the right spots. That being said, you can expect Parker to be a highly efficient player on the court; he brings a lot to his team and doesn’t take away much from what they do.

6. Baron Davis
If this list was based strictly on playoff performances, Baron might be #1 on this list; however turns this compilation revolves around regular season AND playoffs performances. Davis is the total package; decent shooter, great slasher and finisher and also a great passer. Furthermore, he’s as exciting as they come with his flashy handle and his in your face rim rocking dunks. Baron’s problem? Consistency!!! He plays when he wants to play (mostly in the regular season) and has battled injuries due to his weight. He fixes those, maybe he gets to #1 in this spot……..Maybe

5. Deron Williams
Deron is the prototypical guard physically. Right height, right build and just enough athleticism to embarrass you every now and then. Williams sees the game like a true guard and knows when to assert himself as a scorer and when to step back and let his teammates get the shine. He’s got tons of confidence and attitude, as evidenced by the Jazz’s western conference final against the Spurs when he tortured Bruce Bowen and made him look silly. Great shooting ability as well as the ability to take it the hole. Can still impact a game even when he’s having an off day on offense.

4. Chris Paul
Paul established himself last year as the premier point guard in the NBA. His ability to direct his offense and consistently get his teammates in the proper spots this past season was just astounding. Whenever a teammate had a hot hand, he would go to the well until it ran dry. Hell, he made Tyson Chandler part of Team USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! In addition, he has the ability to easily get by defenders and score in the paint with a series of floaters, lay ups and tends to draw a lot of contact. What puts him in the higher echelon of point guards for the past five years is obviously his exquisite passing, his ability to take over games by generating offense for his teammates or himself and also the all around havoc he wreaks with his help defense and quick hands in the passing lanes. He is as good as they come……

3. Chauncy Billups
Remember when I said Andre Miller might be the most underrated point guard in the NBA, turns out I was wrong; that title goes to Mr Big Shot. What sets him apart from the names above is his consistency. Although some of the players mentioned before are good or great up and coming players, Chauncy has been doing it consistently for the past five years (and more). Although his court vision isn’t necessarily up to par with some of the best guards in the league, Billups knows how to get his guys in the right spots to execute the offense and score efficiently. Furthermore, his shooting touch keeps defenses honest and he is able to close out games with his free throw shooting. In addition, he never gets rattled and knows when to take the ball to the hole to get fouled. As if that were not enough, he is excellent in terms of his team defense (helping on screens, coming from the weak side and switching on screens) and also is the best in this top list in terms of individual defense. You’d think he’d be #1 based off these characteristics, but #1 & #2 are just that good……..moving on…….

2.Jason Kidd
No one has amassed more triple doubles then JK in the past 5 years; and no one as made it look more effortless in this past decade. Jason Kidd is the ultimate set up guy, always looking to get his teammates going. Easy break away lay up , nah he’ll wait for one of his players to come take a pass and finish or just throw it off the board for a highlight finish. Been a while since you last shot the ball? He’ll make sure you get an attempt right at the basket. Kidd basically does it all for you: score (when needed), rebound, pass, lead and defend. Unfortunately, due to his age, his defense has slipped considerably in the last year or so but he is still a capable defender. His one glaring weakness is perimeter shooting; he never has been and probably won’t be at this stage of his a career or high percentage shooter, but he does however know where to get his shots and also when……basically a future Hall of Famer.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, the best NBA point guard in the last 5 years is none other then Kid Canada…..Steve Nash!!!!! Nash has directed the best scoring offense in the league for 6 of the last 7 years if I’m not mistaking. In addition, Nash has been able to make several players look wayyyyyyyyyy better then what they actually were (think Tim Thomas, Pat Burke, Steven Hunter,Q. Richardson, etc..) by doing all the work of setting up the offense and feeding them with dishes right at the rim or wide open for a an uncontested shot. In addition, Nash (especially in the last 5 years) tends to have very high assist numbers and fairly low turnover numbers. He sees plays develop faster then most and while some players have trouble getting the ball to a partially guarded player in a tight spot, Kid Canada does this with a relative ease; even at times leaving defenders dumbfounded. Adding to that, Nash has made it “fun” to pass in a generation of one on one, school you of the dribble and take it to the whole with a great individual finish. I cannot say he has done it by himself, but for the most part he has made it relevant once again to look to pass and set up the next guy. The other aspect of Steve Nash game that is highly impressive is his shooting; he is as efficient and deadly as they come. He may indeed be the best shooter in the world, look up his shooting stats when you get the chance, always around 50% field goal percentage, 40% 3pt field goal percentage and 90% free throw percentage. Keep in mind, although Steve Nash will at times take it to the hole and convert on an awkward lay up, he scores mostly on jump shots, which makes that 50% field goal percentage all that more impressive, especially at the end of games when you consider he’s the one with the ball in the 4th quarter setting up the offense and then asserting himself to score if required. Furthermore, like Billups, his killer free throw percentage allows him to close games out as he’s always a sure bet to ice his free throws. His one weakness is his defense, however I would argue that his offensive capabilities (shooting and passing) as well as his leadership(notice how he is always positive with teammates after a make, miss or terrible screw up) outweigh his lack of defensive prowess and make him the best PG of the last 5 years.