NFL Week 4 Recap

Cleveland (1-3) @ Cincinnati (0-4)
Cleveland wins 27-24
Reality: Cleveland won 20-12
I’m ticked off folks. I had predicted a collapse of monumental proportions and yet nothing. Chad Ocho Cinqo is still sane and has not gone out to the media and started bad mouthing the organization, he has not called for more balls to be thrown his way and I have yet to see or hear anything outrageous from him. I think the Bengals franchise has finally gotten to him and he needs to leave before he loses all of his entertainment value.

Minnesota (1-3)@ Tennessee (4-0)
Tennessee wins 20-7
Reality: I mean this is getting ridiculous; the Titans defenders were like the inmates in the movie AmericanHistory X with the whole Minnesota Vikings offense played the role of Edward Norton. That comparison should be enough for you to grasp how much of a mismatch this game was.

Kansas City (1-3) @ Denver (3-1)
Denver wins 31-13
Reality: Kansas City won 33-19
We all knew that at some point Denver’s inability to defend would catch up with them and bite them in the ass. It came this past Sunday in the form of Larry Johnson acting like he was the Dogg Pound and Denver was New York City in the video of “New York New York” (look it up on youtube if you’re clueless, it will make sense to you after)and got stomped all over. SBG contributor has Johnson on his fantasy and we were at practice and therefore could not check the game and he kept giving me updates on LJ and the score and it became apparent real fast Denver was not coming back. The Chiefs are no longer tied for worst team in the state of Missouri and the NFL, that title goes to..

Buffalo (4-0) @ St Louis (0-4)
Buffalo wins 24-13
Reality: Buffalo won 31-14
In all honesty, I am actually unhappy that Linehan got fired; I mean what would have been his next move? Bench Steven Jackson? Bench the offensive line? Bench the whole defense? I’m afraid we will never find out now. However, with the Detroit Lions being on their bye week, the title for worse team in football currently goes to the St Louis Rams. The intriguing thing about the Rams is that they remind me of the Bill Russell Celtics; remember how no matter how bad it looked or how by how much they were down, you would expect the Russell led Celtics to come back and somehow win the game. The Rams are like the Bizarro Celtics in the sense that you can expect them to lose no matter what. For instance, they went up early against Buffalo and just kept tuning in to see how they would lose; it never even occurred to me that they might win the game. In the words of Ace Ventura, the terms that applies to them best is: “Loo-hoo-zer-her”

San Francisco (2-2) @ New Orleans (2-2)
Pick: New Orleans wins 27-20
Reality: New Orleans won 31-17
The Saints forced the Niners into coughing up the ball three times to get the win. Neither of these two teams have yet impressed me, so not much to say for now on them.

Green Bay (2-2) @ Tampa Bay (3-1)
Pick: Tampa Bay wins 21-17
Reality: Tampa Bay won 30-21
I hate to use material I have already used but at times you have to dip back into your old bag of tricks. Aaron Rodgers got beat up and slapped around by the Tampa Bay defense as predicted and was left for dead on the field; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head Jon Gruden walks over to the body of Rodgers that is on the ground waiting for a stretcher and says “Damnnnnnn, You got knocked da fuqq Outttttttttt”
Look at the vid below (recycled I know)

Atlanta (2-2) @ Carolina (3-1)
Carolina wins 21-13
Reality: Carolina won 24-9
ATL got ATL stomped!

Houston (0-4) @ Jacksonville (2-2)
Pick: Jacksonville wins 21-16
Reality: Jacksonville won 30-27
The Texans gave it all they had, unfortunately they are a crackhead team; no matter how much they do, say or try it just is not enough to scratch that itch; right now the Texans are “loss junkies”.

San Diego (2-2) @ Oakland (1-3)
San Diego wins 27-21
Reality: San Diego won 28-18
Remember the ending of the movie Boogie Nights when Dirk Diggler is staring at himself in the mirror with his shlong looking back at us and says something along the lines of: “ I am Dirk Diggler, and this is my huge ROOSTER. That line applies to what LaDainian Tomlinson did against the Raiders; with the Chargers clinging to a 21-18 lead with less then two minutes left in the game, LT took the hand off at the Oakland 41 yard line and took it to the house for the game sealing touchdown and the tear drop. I am LaDainian Tomlinson and this is my……(insert whatever word you want, they all work, trust me).

Washington (3-1) @ Dallas (3-1)
Dallas wins 27-20
Reality: Washington won 26-24
After watching the game, the Washington Redskins reminded me of the commercial by Nike, The Second Coming. You know, the commercial in which NBA All-Stars such as Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Jermaine O’Neal, Lebron, Kobe and the like walking smoothly towards the visiting gym dressed in Nike gear from head to toe and make it in there to play their brand of outstanding ball. The Redskins did exactly that at Texas Stadium; they made their way in there and just played their type of football and did all the necessary things to get the win. The Skins had a pivotal 10 minute drive (10 freakin’ minutes!) in the fourth quarter that essentially put the game away. Random note: I mentioned to my cousin Philly (SBG contributor and writer) how Ditka mentioned on Sunday Countdown that it was only a matter of time before T.O. turned on Romo, well let the countdown begin ladies and gentlemen..

Philadelphia (2-2) @ Chicago (2-2)
Pick: Philly wins 15-9
Reality: Chicago won 24-20
The Chicago Bears defeated the Philadelphia Eagles at home which is fine, but what bothers me about the Bears is that I cannot figure them out, not sure what to expect from them on a week to week basis, kind of like a DMX album. DMX would drop an album with songs like “What these bitches want”, “The Heat is on”, “X is coming for you” (where he talks about murdering and raping) and then the last song on the album would be a prayer to God and calling for all to live amongst each other in peace and the like. That my friends is the Chicago Bears, they take you on a ride every week, you're not sure which defense is going to show up, but when they do boy are they tough to beat.

Arizona (2-2) @ NY Jets (2-2)
Pick: Arizona wins 24-21
Reality: NY Jets won 56-35
The Hot 97 Smackfest winner of the week: The NY Jets!!

Baltimore (2-1) @ Pittsburgh (3-1)
Pick: Baltimore wins 17-14
Reality: Pittsburgh won 23-20
The Steelers were able to pull out a tough game against the Ravens but their offensive line have to help out Big Ben, who right now just looks like a human piñata. The worse part; when you look at their remaining schedule, he might end up like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable by the end of season, here’s their remaining schedule: @ Jacksonville, Bye, @ Cincinnati, and then tough stretch with NY Giants, @ Washington, Indianapolis, San Diego, Cincinnati, @ New England, Dallas, @ Baltimore, @ Tennessee and Cleveland.

Mr Burns finally stopped asking " Smithers who is this fool?" evey morning and finally decided to fire Lane Kiffin after months of specualtion on when the axe would fall. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that according to sources, Kiffin was fired via the telephone and without pay. Get the rest of the story at . Who knows, maybe Al Davis might eventually end up coaching the team himself at the rate he's going. I mean, why bother hiring head coaches when rumors start flying after the first few losses? Does Mr Davis expect for the culture to change when he changes coaches more often then Ron Jeremy has sex? But then again, he is rich ; so he might know something I don't.

KG vs TD

The 2008-2009 NBA season is set to tip off in about a month from now with all teams vying for a shot at the NBA championship. However, we all know that there are perhaps only a handful of teams with their current rosters will be able to compete for the NBA title; amongst those teams we have the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics which are anchored by the two best power forwards in he league: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. These two players represent by far the cream of the crop of big men in the league when you look at their contributions on offense, defense, leadership and understanding of the game situations. It is a widely accepted opinion that Tim Duncan is the best power forward in the history of the NBA (although he is for all intents and purposes a center); however, who is the best power forward between them right now? In other words, if I am starting a franchise right now and I want to compete for a title, who do I want? Let’s break it down.

Although this has no impact in terms of winning a title, it has an impact with the fans and a GM and owner would be crazy not to look at this aspect when making a decision. This one is not even close honestly, Garnett’s charisma as well as his personable nature make him the more marketable player and the guy that fans want to get to know. In contrast, Duncan is quiet and keeps to himself and his teammates. Ultimately, this leads to the Garnett jersey sales (well that and the fact that a Celtics jersey is better looking then a Spurs jersey) surpassing the Duncan jersey sales. While we’re on the topic, can anyone pinpoint a signature Tim Duncan interview? At least to me nothing came to mind; whereas Garnett has that sit down with Bill Russell (perhaps the best conversation ever witnessed between two transcendent players on camera) and also his reaction after winning the title when he screams “Anything is possibleeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” If you can’t get amped watching KG you have serious issues.

Big Edge: KG

Tim Duncan is possibly the most gifted low post scorer that I have seen in my life next to Olajuwon and McHale. Duncan will take you down in the box and score on an array of moves and make defenders dance like Omarion and hit them with the “Bump Bump Bump”. Furthermore, Timmy will take defenders out on the perimeter and kill guys with bank shots, an occasional crossover and a maybe a drive or two to the basket per game. His one weakness is his free throw shooting; if he is struggling from the line in a given game he may even seem to shy away from contact every now and then. Another aspect of Duncan’s game that does not get much acclaim is his passing; he is able to find open teammates and every now and then make a point guard type play. Nevertheless, great defensive teams have been able to confuse the future Hall of Famer and get him to commit turnovers.

Now when looking at Garnett, we may notice he relies on his deft footwork and shoulder fakes to get shots off. His low post moves are not necessarily the best but they are effective nevertheless as he is always able to get the jump shot he wants and does so with a certain wow factor. Occasionally, Garnett will come with a swing move and use his first step to take it to the basket for a thundering finish. One of the Big Tickets biggest strengths is his passing ability; he knows how to find guys whether they are covered or not. Even if the play is run for him, he will gladly give up the ball if he sees one of his teammates in great position to score. That being said, Garnett’s biggest strength and weakness as an offensive player is his jump shot; he along with Rasheed Wallace are the best shooters from the post in the league, but Garnett will too often rely on his jumper instead of attacking the basket. Indeed, KG’s career scoring average is 20.4 points per game on 16.4 shots per game at a 49.4% field goal percentage with 5.1 free throws per game. Duncan on the other hand has a career scoring average of 21.6 on 50.8% field goal percentage with 7.3 free throws per game. Although a small difference between he two, it increases in the playoffs as TD gets to the line 8.7 times per game whereas KG only makes it there 5.3 times. Once again, the difference is not huge by any stretch, but with a game on the line, one of them is getting a quality shot in the form of a lay up, bank shot, hook shot, a play that draws a foul or a jump shot and the other one is simply putting up a jump shot; have you figured out which is which? In the end, although Garnett’s moves in the post just seem to wow you because of his grace and ability to make jumpers over 7 footers, Groundhog Day Duncan just gets it done more efficiently.

Edge: TD

It has always been widely assumed that Duncan was the better defender of the two because of the Spurs reputation as an outstanding defensive team as well as the fact that TD is a phenomenal help defender. Rarely have we seen a big man be a team’s defensive anchor and yet avoid foul trouble (for his career, Duncan commits 2.7 fouls per game while Eddy Curry commits 3.0 while not playing any defense) thus allowing him to maximize his rebounding and shot blocking opportunities. In addition, Duncan is a great pick and roll (staple of NBA offense) defender; he is able to hedge and contain the ball handler, trap the ball handler and on occasion switch depending on the player with the ball.

Garnett’s performance and defensive intensity this past year have made me rethink KG’s ability as a team defender. His individual brilliance always stood out when guarding players individually because of his ability to contest shots with his length and jumping ability and also his ability to pick up any player in the NBA on a switch. I can remember a few years back, KG switched on the screen and got matched up with Steve Nash who did everything possible to shake KG and get to the rack but The Kid was not having any of it and forced Nash into a tough shot. That being said, what has impressed me with KG is his ability to defend the whole court and be the Celtics’ defensive anchor this year. Like Duncan, he has been to play all forms of pick and roll defense only a little better. His long arms, foot speed, anticipation, grit, pride, discipline and defensive footwork have allowed him to be a premier defensive anchor and the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

Edge: right now KG gets it

This aspect may seem overrated to some but think about guys whimping out at the sight of a certain player because he brings fear and a mouth for a motor like Ray Lewis. Tim Duncan intimidates with his game; he rarely utters a word at the opposition, he is content to let his game do the talking and slowly cut your heart out and let you talk yourself out of your game. I am reminder of the Spurs-Sonics series from a few years ago in which Reggie Evans kept taking cheap shots at Duncan and kept talking in his hear, Duncan never spoke a word but yet never backed down. Duncan just called for the ball and put Evans in the torture chamber on the low block and kept scoring all the while being fouled by Evans and getting him taken out of the game.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Kevin Garnett who makes sure you know he is on the court; he talks the talk, walks the walk and screams the scream. Off the court, KG is cool, calm, respectful and humble, but on the court he is like Chad Ocho Cinqo; he will let you know what’s happening as the game progresses and will make sure to yell in your ear if given the opportunity. Once again, this may seem unimportant, but think of the Atlanta Hawks folding against the Celtics in the first round and think of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom handing over all their lunch money to Garnett for the entire series; KG’s intimidation got to a point that Kendrick Perkins started acting like he was the best center in the league, it basically became contagious.

Edge: KG

Who vs Who

This one is not a deal breaker at all; however I just figured it would be interesting to have a look at how Duncan and Garnett matched up against some of the best players at their position throughout their respective careers when they played head to head. Let me reiterate once again that the raw numbers themsevles did not sway me at all but are still interesting to look at nonetheless. The numbers represent the career averages of the players when playing head to head against the other, and the players used for comparion are Karl Malone,Rasheed Wallace, Dirk Nowitzki and Amare Stoudemire. Haev a look....

Duncan 25.2 ppg 11.3 rpg 2.2 bpg 3.0 apg 52.8 fg%
Malone 20.7 ppg 9.9 rpg 0.8 bpg 4.0 apg 42.9 fg%

Duncan 19.5 ppg 11.9 rpb 2.5 bpg 3.1 apg 45.6 fg%
Wallace 15.2 ppg 7.0 rpg 1.4 bpg 1.7 apg 41.6 fg%

Duncan 22.7 ppg 11.6 rpg 1.9 bpg 3.2 apg 52.2 fg%
Nowitzki 21.6 ppg 8.9 rpg 1.1 bpg 2.6 apg 44.6 fg%

Duncan 24.2 ppg 13.9 rpg 3.2 bpg 4.7 apg 55.0 fg%

Stoudemire 19.1 ppg 9.3 rpg 1.4 bpg 1.3 apg 51.9 fg%

Duncan 20.6 ppg 12.1 rpg 1.9 bpg 3.4 apg 45.9 fg%
Garnett 21.2 ppg 11.6 rpg 2.3 bpg 4.6 apg 44.7 fg%

Garnett 19.3 ppg 10.0 rpg 1.7 bpg 3.6 apg 46.8 fg%
Malone 24.5 ppg 8.8 rpg 0.7 bpg 4.1 apg 51.7 fg%

Garnett 19.3 ppg 10.6 rpg 1.9 bpg 4.3 apg 47.1 fg%
Wallace 16.0 ppg 7.1 rpg 1.1 bpg 1.7 apg 48.1 fg %

Garnett 24.3 ppg 12.8 rpg 1.4 bpg 4.9 apg 52.6 fg%
Nowitzki 22.6 ppg 8.7 rpg 0.9 bpg 2.2 apg 46.2 fg%

Garnett 25.8 ppg 14.0 rpg 1.5 bpg 4.5 apg 54.1 fg%

Stoudemire 21.2 ppg 7.0 rpg 1.3 bpg 1.3 apg 53.7 fg%

Duncan 20.6 ppg 12.1 rpg 1.9 bpg 3.4 apg 45.9 fg%

Garnett 21.2 ppg 11.6 rpg 2.3 bpg 4.6 apg 44.7 fg%


After carefully examining both players head to head, if I were looking to build a title contender for the upcoming 2008-2009 NBA season, I would unequivically select Kevin Garnett to be my starting power forward that would try to lead my team to an NBA title. This is not to say that Garnett is the better player of the two when comparing their careers (Duncan has played twice as many playoff games as Garnett), but rather that at this juncture in their careers I would rather have The Big Ticket patrolling the paint for me and psyching out the opposition.

Linehan canned

Apparently the Marc Bulger benching was not enough to save the job of Rams head coach Scott Linehan. According to ESPN, it would seem that he is has been fired this morning after losing 31-14 to the Buffalo Bills. For details, go here . One can only hope this shakeup is enough to get the Rams to play better; time will tell , but bring back Bulger!!!

NFL Picks:Week 4

Atlanta (2-1) @ Carolina (2-1)
The league's leading rusher ( I know it's only been 3 games but Michael Turner was backing up LT and now he is leading the league in rushing, go figure) goes to Carolina expecting a big day. The Panthers defense allows teams to run on them and Michael Turner should be bumping Ludracris' "Move Bitch" in his ipod on game day. That being said, the Falcons will not make enough big plays in the passing game which will result in a Panthers win.
Carolina wins 21-13

San Francisco (2-1) @ New Orleans (1-2)
Will Mike Martz (Niners offensive coordinator) be disciplined enough to run the ball on the road or will he just air it out? I think he airs it out with the Saints and then is left to pick up the pieces and investigate the crime scene after a loss and must find the evidence that the 49ers actually lost the game. Notice the resemblance to CSI star William Petersen?
New Orleans wins 27-20

Denver (3-0) @ Kansas City (0-3)
One big rule about picking road teams to win is that they must be substantially better then the host team. In this case, we can say it applies (Kansas City as well as Detroit and Saint Louis might be collectively the three worst NFL teams I’ve seen in the history of the league) but here is where the game will be won and lost: Denver will run the ball and then look to throw it all over the place; a good pass defense would be able to somewhat nullify that but the Chiefs have managed through three games 2 sacks ( NFL sack leader John Abraham has 6 sacks all by himself) and 0 interceptions. Go Broncos Go!
Denver wins 31-13

Arizona (2-1) @ NY Jets (1-2)
I see this being a back and forth type of game with each team exchanging a crucial turnover (Favre pick and a Warner fumble) that sets up the opposition for a score. That being said, this one is really tough to predict; on one hand Arizona has played well against its opposition (even in losses) whereas the Jets have not looked all that good but yet have the talent to compete but have not yet shown much. When in doubt, go with the certainty; the team that is actually performing, in this case it's Arizona.
Arizona wins 24-21

Green Bay (2-1) @ Tampa Bay (2-1)
Two good defenses, two good ground games and two unsettling quarterbacks (we know not to expect much from Griese, but I have not yet figured out Rodgers) lead to a lot of head scratching. However, I think Rodgers struggles in his first big test on the road (Detroit didn't count) as the Buccaneers pressure will get inside his head and force mistakes. This game should give us an idea on what to expect from Rodgers for the rest of the season as Tampa Bay should come up with the blueprint of what to throw at him.
Tampa Bay wins 21-17

Houston (0-3) @ Jacksonville (1-2)
Jacksonville should get another divisional win in this one. Mind you I could see this game going either way, but I think Jacksonvile pulls this one out in the end with a key stop where Houston had a shot at winning late. Random note: when Jacksonville was under the radar, they were a good ball club that won their way and just beat teams up (think about how the Titans play now) ; however , once they started to garner a little spotlight and started carrying a bulls eye they became a mediocre team. There is something to be said about the Patriots, Colts, Eagles (when McNabb is healthy) and even the Chargers to a certain extent as they have been able to win consistently in the past few years while being the hunted. Let's see how teams like the Cowboys, Bills and Titans handle the infrared gun laser that's pointing between their eyes.
Jacksonville wins 21-16

Cleveland (0-3) @ Cincinnati (0-3)
Ladies and gentlemen the Ohio Cup! Anyone notice how quiet Segnor Ocho Cinqo has been? As in quiet to the point you forgot he was in the NFL playing for the Bengals. But I am here today to let the world know things change this weekend when he goes nuts on the field (I’m talking multiple TD receptions and dances) and then goes nuts off the field (blasting players, coaches and management) after a crushing loss by field goal. Ocho Cinqo will do everything possible to get traded which the Bengals will refuse to do; and then the genius that 85 is will get drunk and repeatedly drive by the Cincinnati Police station until he is arrested for the #1 NFL law infraction: a DUI. Chad will pull this stunt until he is gets released and is free to join either Oakland or Dallas. Remember where you heard it first………..
Cleveland wins 27-24

San Diego (1-2) @ Oakland (1-2)
LT has had a habit of coming up big against the Raiders and I think we should expect him to do so again. If the Chargers are the team everyone thinks they are, they need to get it in gear; they won’t face the Jets every week. One concern for San Diego is they have trouble stopping the run and Oakland will try to pound the ball all game long but when forced to pass the ball, bad things might happen with Jamarcus at the helm. Most intriguing subplot in the NFL that does not involve Vince Young: Mr Burns (yes from now we will refer to Al Davis as Mr Burns) is hoping to get Lane Kiffin to quit which he will not so he keeps threatening to fire him. Think about this, what happens if Davis fires him Kiffin over the weekend but Kiffin just figured he is talking crazy and shows up for practice on Monday only to find Dennis Green coaching the team?
Kiffin: What are you doing here?

Green: Coaching the team. I’m your replacement; and I mean, who takes the field this late in the day anyhow?

Kiffin: Excuse me? My replacement? And where do you get off telling me how late or early I get out on the field for practice?

Green: If you want to crown his ass then crown it, but Mr Burns let you off the hook!
San Diego wins 27-21

Buffalo (3-0) @ St Louis (0-3)
The benching of Marc Bulger pays off. All in the same play, Trent Green produces a socre (pick six), get sacked and has a concussion thus forcing him to retire. Bulger is sent in but refuses to enter the game and the Rams are forced to put in Brock Berlin and Linehan gets fired at halftime but is promised a job in NFL Europe which he is ecstatic about until he realizes that NFL Europe folded last year.
Buffalo wins 24-13

Washington (2-1) @ Dallas (3-0)
Expect Jason Campbell to be blitzed a lot (that kid has amazing arm strength) and to get hit. He might not finish the game; but the Cowboys will call on their closer to run the ball hard and efficiently thus demorolizing the Redskins defense. I can't recall ever seeing a running back as fierce as Marion Barber. He reminds me of Deebo in the movie Friday; just the ultimate bully that refuses to take no for answer and imposes himself on all by force all the while petrifying mofos. For those of you who do not know who Deebo is, check out the vids at the bottom....Get Yo Pop Corn ready!
Dallas wins 27-20

Philadelphia (2-1) @ Chicago (1-2)
Expect this one to resemble the Pittsburgh and Philly game; a lot of hits on the quarterbacks, a lot of field goals and not many touchdowns. Kyle Orton should schedule an appointment at massage spa in Chicago for monday because that Eagles defense is going beat him up bad.
Philly wins 15-9

Baltimore (2-1) @ Pittsburgh (2-1)
Pittsburgh #2 rush defense in the league might be in trouble when it faces Baltimore's #2 rushing offense. With Casey Hampton listed is out for this game, the Ravens might be able to take advantage of his abscence and pound the ball up the middle. Flacco should have a real tough game against Dick Lebeau's blitz scheme but all that is asked of him is to not screw up whereas Big Ben will be relied upon heavily to produce against a tough turnover forcing, points scoring, end zone strutting, chest beating physical defense.
Baltimore wins 17-14

Minnesota (1-2) @ Tennessee (3-0)
Gus Frerotte on the road against what may be right now the best defense in the league. Tennessee's defensive line should do a number on Minnesota's offensive line and spend the day in the Vikings backfield. Cheer up Vikings fans, this could be worse; Tarvaris Jackson could be starting this game!
Tennessee wins 20-7

Bye: Detroit, Indianapolis, New England, Miami, NY Giants, Seattle.

Random note: Expect Detroit to go into their bye trailing and then losing big in their bye week; yes they even lose during their bye week.

Kellz (by Philly)

I know this is a sports blog and I know the material is usually very light but this is an issue that is bigger then sports and bigger then all of us. Over the past 6 or 7 years, R. Kelly has been going trough one of the strangest, most disturbing turn of events which ended up in him being acquitted of charges including having sex with a minor. The issue is not that I disagree with the verdict because I don’t want to hammer at something I clearly don’t control, it is merely that I forsee niccas in general starting to forgive this dude when he’s been playin us the whole time. Every song I remember from R.Kelly is full of nasty messages and I’m starting to think that he is knowingly messing with us. Just like a killer that starts leaving clues on the scene of the crime because unconsciously he wants to get caught. The Pied Piper of R&B.!??! For those who don’t know the Pied Piper is an old story which is essentially about a man who plays a flute that children cannot “resist”. It has been told as a happy story but in it’s earliest rendition it was linked to a pedophile….aint that some ish!!!!( ) R.Kelly has been calling himself the Pied Piper for all these years, there is a tape of him doing it and he still beat the case; you damn sure know if that was a 14 year old white girl on that tape Kellz would have been in jail for 5 years already.

Do you remember that interview on Bet waaaaaaaayyyyy back when they had the news at 11(they once had Duvalier on that ish ) and then Bet Uncut right after, Kellz kept repeating the same ish over and over again
Pick any song out the hat go on google and type R.Kelly lyrics, matter fact take his most recent song Skin, matter fact watch the video after you read the lyrics:
I'll be touching your skin Kissing your skin
Feeling your skin
I'll be touching your skin
Kissing your skin
Feeling your skin
I feel like I'd just been let out a cage girl
Cause for so long for you iv had this crave girl I'm waiting patiently and now your ready
Now I can tell you feel this sexy when you smile at me
Whele enter
Take it off
Come here
Well your so soft
Said I would be your toy
Play with me like Lego
I'm your soldier boy Girl you'll get no angel

Philly breaks down his Cowboys

The Cowboys are "ok" offensively(high powered but still at the top of the league for penalties) and by the way Miles Austin played last game you see how they could benefit from a REAL 2nd receiver(Dora says can you say 8: O-CHO. Miguel says can you say 5: Cin...). They have 2 legitimate threats on special teams in Felix the Cat an Mr. Jones, but the defense has yet to show me that dominant side . With a line that stacked if you include the OLBs (Spears, Ware, Johnson Elllis, Ratliff and Canty) and the MLBS , they should be killing other teams on that side of the ball. That being said they showed that the most important thing is to not panic in close games. They have gotten themselves in a couple of jams but got out of them which is a major me they are the favorites to take it all.

Detroit Blues for some and Soul Music to others

Did I not warn you about Matt Millen? It was only a matter of time before he couldn't blackmail Mr Ford (Lions owner) and NFL Comish Roger Goodel . Click on the link below:

Last sunday

I completely forgot to inform the masses of the result of our first practice. Turns out our head coach was missing to a prior commitment so we just played amongst ourselves and man did some of us need to shake off some rust..... ME ESPECIALLY. I was dead tired and had all the trouble in the world getting out of bed this past monday; but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll give you more updates as we go along; in the meantime, feel free to ask for any info you might want about the team or any topic you would want for me to tackle.

NFL recap

Cowboys (3-0) @ Packers (2-1)
Pick: Dallas over GB 27-24
Reality: Packer fans wake up to a reality in which Aaron Rodgers is not the best QB in the league as they originally thought. Ladies and gentlemen, the Cowboys are not the Minnesota Vikings or the Detroit Lions. The Dallas running game showed up in this one and just wore down the Packer defense; while Romo was efficient and performed well enough for a sound victory. The Packers will get better and these guys might meet again in the playoffs; but for now Green Bay is not ready for primetime as of yet.
Cowboys won 27-16

Pittsburgh (2-1) @ Philadelphia (2-1)
Pick: Philly over Pitt 24-20
Reality: I lost two teeth just by watching this game. McNabb took a couple of hits on the game but Philly took it to Big Ben. The Eagles defense came out during the intros singing: “F-I-F-T-Y C-E-N-T and S-N-Double O-P, we internationally known to rock the microphone and slap around P-I-T-T, we are P-I-M-P”
Big Ben was sacked 9 times and got slapped around some more by the Philly defense (playing the role of Bishop Magic Juan) that treated Ben like a “pross” that had been working a corner for a weekend only to come back empty handed.
Philadelphia won 15-6

Cleveland (0-3) @ Baltimore (2-0)
Pick: Baltimore wins 20-13
Reality: Sucks to be a Browns fan right now. The only Dog Pound I know of that's happy is on the West Coast and has nothing to do with football. Murder was the case that they gave him (could also apply to the Browns).
Baltimore won 28-10

Detroit (0-3) @ San Francisco (2-1)
Pick: Detroit over SF 24-21
Reality: The Niners finally figured out that maybe JUST MAYBE if they give the ball to Frank Gore 25 times that it might lead to a win. Detroit did not disappoint though; they came out like a washed up porn actress and just laid there not sure when the show would start or when it would end for that matter (usually they realize half through that the director said action an hour and half ago). If I’m a Detroit Lions fan, I start boycotting the games; I mean seriously, how do Matt Millen and Rod Marinelli manage to still be employed by anything or anyone associated with the National Football League? The answer: Millen had pictures of Paul Tagliabue and afterwards got the goods on Goodel who then advised the Lions owner that they could not be fired. Marinelli got the juice on Millen and therefore here we are; none of them can be fired for the time being…..
San Francisco won 31-13

St Louis (0-3) @ Seattle (1-2)Pick:Seattle over STL 17-10
Reality: I haven’t checked the schedule yet but wouldn’t it be wonderful if St. Louis played Detroit in the next few weeks? We could even call it “the Memphis Grizzlies Bowl: Race for Last”. If you were expecting any comments about this game you must be crazy; but I am a man of the people so, Julius Jones had a terrific game. Moving on.
Seattle won 37-13

New Orleans (1-2) @Denver (3-0)
Pick: Denver over NO 27-20
Reality: Game filled with offense and points. Denver is leading the league in scoring but might also be in the bottom five of the league in terms of points allowed. Expect them to keep having these high scoring games like the Phoenix Suns.
Denver won 34-32

Arizona (2-1)@ Washington (2-1)
Pick: Arizona over Washington 23-20
Reality: Although Arizona came up with some big plays, Washington did what was needed to win. Runs, screens, short balls, long balls. They kept it simple and got a hard earned W.
Washington won 24-17

Miami(1-2) @ New England (2-1)
Pick: New England over Miami 21-9
Reality: Miami came out of the gates and dismantled the Pats like New England was the underdog. The Dolphins basically played two quarterbacks in this game: Chad Pennington and Ronnie Brown. New England must now go back to the old drawing board but make no mistake, this loss will serve as a wake up call for New England.
Miami won 38-13

Cincinnati (0-3) @ NY Giants (3-0)
Pick: NYG over Cin 20-13
Reality: The Bengals gave the defending champs a run for their money. Cincy had a shot to win the game in regulation but came up short and instead were still able to send the game to OT where Eli (don’t look now but he has been conducting efficient game winning drives in the past two years but doesn’t get the love; off the top of my head, against Eagles 2 years ago or last year, NFC title game and Superbowl) took them down the field for the winning field goal. The thing about the Giants is that they remind me of former WWE Champ Mick Foley; they win ugly and people keep expecting them to lose to a bigger and badder team.
NY Giants won 26-23

Houston (0-2) @Tennessee (3-0)
Pick: Tennesse over Houston 24-13
Reality: Tennessee demolishes Houston and let's them know they are not on their level by repeatedly playing the same segment of Jay-Z's Takeover song during the fourth quarter: "When I was pushing weight, back in '88, you was a ballerina, I got the pictures I seen ya"
Tennessee won 31-12

Tampa Bay (2-1) @ Chicago (1-2)
Pick: Chicago over Tampa 20-17
Reality: Brian Griese put the ball up 67 times and yet was not sacked once; talk about an amazing stat.
Tampa Bay won 27-24

Oakland (1-2) @ Buffalo (3-0)
Pick: Buffalo over Oakland 23-17
Reality: I'm shocked no one has brought this up yet; but isn't Al Davis a dead ringer for Mr Burns from the Simpsons? Now think about the reports of Lane Kiffin's firing; and imagine the conversation Al Davis has with his most trusted confidant:
Davis: Smithers, who is this fool?
Smithers: Well that's Lane Kiffin sir, head coach of your Oakland Raiders.
Davis: He's young, handsome and is taking our team in the right direction; I want him fired!!
Smithers: But why sir?
Davis: How dare you question me! I didn't make it here today by taking rash decisions without thought to consequence; I know what I'm doing Smithers!
Smithers: Assuming this to be true, aren't you the person that hired Kiffin? And why hire him if you wouldn't allow him to do his job?
Buffalo won 24-23

Kansas City (0-3) @ Atlanta (2-1)
Pick:Atlanta over KC 17-9
Reality: A KC fan calls up an ATL fan because he missed the game and asks:
KC Fan: Did my Chiefs win?
KC Fan: Did my Chiefs win?
ATL fan: WHAT?!
KC fan: Dude answer me or I'm hanging up.
ATL fan: OK!
KC Fan: Seriously, let me rephrase then, did Atlanta win?
Atlanta won 38-14

Carolina (2-1) @ Minnesota (1-2)
Pick: Carolina over Minnesota 24-12
Reality: KG left Minnesota and immediately won a title; T Wolves fans must be sad and yet happy for him; but must be wondering how they would have faired had he been given a good supporting cast. Well Vikings fan, you don't need to worry about such a scenario because you guys have Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson, neither of whom will you give cause to think this team might make it out the NFC. But hey, let's start the Gus Frerotte Era!!
Minnesota won 20-10

Jacksonville (1-2) @ Indianapolis (1-2)
Pick: Indy over Jacksonville 20-17
Reality: Even though Indy had a shot to win this game simply by running the ball on the last drive once they made it inside the 5 to kill some clock; Jacksonville desrved to win. They run the ball, ran it again and ran it some more and played tough defense. They took it to the Colts and kept pounding them but still needed a field goal at the end to win it. Bad sign for Jax or bad sign for Indy? Time will tell. Imagine Peyton Manning talking to Dungy during the game (from A Few Good Men):
Manning: I want you to show me in the manual, the section where it says how to stop the run.
Dungy: Umm there is no such section.
Manning: You mean to tell me that our season might go up in flames because we can't stop the run but there is no section on it in the manual?
Dungy: Ummm yea.
Manning: The prosecution rests your honor. Your witness mr Freeney.
Dwight Freeyney (Colts DE): Coach Dungy, can you please show me in the manual the section where it says to throw the ball to a receiver that is covered by three players at the goal line which eventually results in a pick?
Dungy: There is no such section.
Freeney: How can there not be such a section when quarterback play is paramount to winning in the NFL? The defense rests your honor.
Jacksonville won 23-21

NY Jets (1-2) @ San Diego (1-2)
Pick: San Diego over NYJ 27-24
Reality: The Chargers stopped whinning and started playing. Rivers played huge and although LT did not have a big statiscal game, he still scored two TDs. Are the Chargers back? Perhaps, but the only way they make it out of the AFC is if their defense steps up the rest of the year.
San Diego won 48-29

Picks this week: 10-6

NFL Picks

Kansas City (0-2) @ Atlanta 1-1)
Two average teams built on shaky QBs and running game. One of the teams is on the road; pick the home team. Think about this: If this game involved rappers from respective areas battling each other out, the game would go like this
Kansas City rappers: Tech N9ne
Atlanta Rappers: Jeezy, Outkast, Ludacris, T.I. just to name a few
Atl all the way
Atlanta wins 17-9

Oakland (1-1) @ Buffalo (2-0)
Last week I picked Jamarcus Russell to struggle on the road and he did. So evidently, for the sake of consistency I think this holds true once again this weekend. The rushing attack of both teams should pretty much cancel each other out; we are therefore left with QBs and special teams. Advantage Buffalo. Random observation: Doesn’t Jamarcus look more like someone’s security guard rather then an NFL quarterback?
Buffalo wins 23-17

Tampa Bay (1-1) @ Chicago (1-1)
Tough defense, running game, average QB at the helm; wait a sec which team am I talking about? These teams are pretty much the same, I’ll pick the home team to win it late.
Chicago wins 20-17

Houston (0-1) @ Tennessee (2-0)
The Titans recipe will be easy to map out: run on early downs, throw it on 3rd and long or run draw plays and pressure the #$@! out of Matt Schaub with their front four (scary group). Expect to hear about how Vince Young is doing better and is recuperating (they said the same thing about Michael Jackson)
Tennessee wins 24-13

Carolina (2-0) @ Minnesota (0-2)
You have the love the fact that Minnesota benched Tarvaris Jackson when they were the ones putting him in a position to fail. They refused to run the ball in the red zone and kept asking him to be successful in certain passing situations where the defense had the edge in containing the Viking plays. So now they bench him and expect to win. Simple formula; that same play calling will be in place, therefore they will score field goals and not touchdowns unless Peterson goes nuts(not banking on it). Panthers will have trouble running the ball but their passing attack should do enough especially with the return of Steve Smith. Random note: Philly and I were checking the Vikings game last week and both noticed that Tarvaris has what seems like it is a silver chain…..for a puppy. I am usually against “bling”, but Tarvaris, you’re an NFL quarterback (or at least supposed to be), step your game up; or else you might make it on the “Queer eye for the straight guy” and I’m not playing.
Carolina wins 24-12

Miami (0-2) @ New England (2-0)
Nothing to discuss about the actual game, so let’s touch on another issue: With that soft schedule, Matt Cassel might come out looking like the next Tom Brady and start worrying the actual Tom Brady (highly unlikely, but I mean with every win without Brady, doesn’t he have to wonder? Remember Bledsoe?). Tom might be looking at this with his model girlfriends and start planning sabotage because he remembers all too well what happened with Bledsoe. This might end up like Game and G-Unit.
New England wins 21-9

Cincinnati (0-2) @ NY Giants (2-0)
Talk about a statement game, going on the road and shocking the defending champs; too bad it won’t happen. The Giants will follow the same script the Titans used last week: run the ball and pressure the quarterback. Essentially New York has the team to follow the exact same blueprint of Tennessee, although Eli Manning might make the game interesting if he throws a couple of interceptions.
NY Giants win 20-13

Arizona (2-0) @ Washington (1-1)
Arizona has trouble running the ball but has been somewhat potent at stopping the run. I have a hunch their defense comes to play in Washington and gets them the win. At the post game conference, Clinton Portis will come out dressed like Soulja Boy, here’s a live look into the future:
Reporter for ESPN: “Clinton, what was the reason you guys lost? Was it because you didn’t run the ball a lot?”
Portis: “Ya trick Ya!
Reporter from NFL Network: “Is it true we must now refer to you as Soulja Boy?”
Portis: “Soulja Boy Tell’em”
Reporter from FOX: “ What that dance move you did after your touchdown Clinton?”
Portis: “ Ouhhhhhh, Crank dat Soulja Boy!!!”
Arizona wins 23-20

Detroit (0-2) @ San Francisco (1-1)
The Detroit Lions have fallen behind big in their last two games only to come back to have a chance at winning the game and losing it all over again. The key to beating such a team is a strong running game. After going up early, good teams will look to pound the ball and kill some clock. Normally this would be perfect for Frank Gore; however his offensive coordinator is super CSI Gil Grissom uh I mean Mike Martz. Martz , for those who do not know, has never met a passing play he has not liked; so for this reason, Lions come back to sting San Fran late. Quick note: Detroit is dead last in rushing defense in the NFL.
Detroit wins 24-21

St Louis (0-2) @ Seattle (0-2)
I suppose one of these teams has to get a win right?
Seattle wins 17-10

New Orleans (1-1) @ Denver (2-0)
Nawlins gives up on average 147.5 yards on the ground while Denver averages 140 on the ground. See where this is going? On the other hand, Denver gives up 266.5 yards passing per game while N.O. averages 266 passing yards. What does this all mean? Denver will pound the ball and go up early while the Saints will throw the ball to either stay in the game or get back in the game. Put the ball up often enough in the air and something bad is bound to happen.
Denver wins 27-20

Pittsburgh (2-0) @ Philadelphia (1-1)
Two heavy blitzing teams facing off against each other should make for some entertaining match ups. On one hand with McNabb that has been throwing the ball all over the place at a high rate (in two games: 46 for 76, 65.7% completion percentage) and connecting at a high clip with his receivers; in contrast Big Ben has not had to throw the ball ( 26 for 34, 76.5 completion percentage) because of the Steelers’ commitment to the running game. I can McNabb having a huge day against the Pittsburgh pressure and in contrast I feel as though Roethlisberger will struggle with the Eagles corners.
Philadelphia wins 24-20

Jacksonville (0-2) @ Indianapolis (1-1)
A win by either team might have huge impact on how the division shakes up at the end of the season; that being said, Jacksonville needs to win this game at all costs. They should be able to stop the run against the Colts injury riddled offensive line, and also get pressure because of the ability of their cover corners. The absence of Bob Sanders should allow the Jags to the run ball effectively, however Jacksonville will get in trouble in third and long situations where they will be vulnerable to the pass rush of Freeney and Mathis. Game will stay close long enough for Peyton to pull it out.
Indy wins 20-17

Cleveland (0-2) @ Baltimore (1-0)
The Ravens defense will get inside the mind of Derek Anderson and freak him the hell out. He will be blitzed left, right and center; in addition,Baltimore will not allow Cleveland to run the ball. Expect the Ravens to run the ball down the throat of the Browns as Romeo Crennel just stands and watches all the while being completely confused and yet think he is in control. I can’t believe no one has noticed the parallels between him and Peter Griffin (Family Guy reference).
Baltimore wins 20-13

Dallas (2-0) @ Green Bay (2-0)
America’s team takes its show to Lambeau Field, where they ask TO about Aaron Rodgers and he promptly answers: “ I think Aaron was jealous of my success, the fans you chant my name every time I came to the stadium and they would boo him every time he made the Lambeau leap and would instead tell him they wanted me to leap cuz I’m TO, TO, TO,TO and I luhv meee sum meee! But you know what, the Cowboys would have been in the Super Bowl last year if Aaron was our quarterback…..” Rodgers should face a lot of pressure in this one from the media and the Cowboys defense. Green Bay loses its first game.
Dallas wins 27-24

NY Jets (1-1)@ San Diego (0-2)
San Diego has to get a win right? Let's see if they can get it done at home. I know it's early but think about it; CHargers lose their third game in a row and they might be in danger of not making the playoffs....Yikes!
San Diego win 27-24


The NFL picks will be posted later then usual, but should be available this evening. Stay Tuned

NBA's most outrageous contracts

“A millie, a millie, a millie , a millie ; a me, a me ; a millie , a millie , a millie, […] I am a millionaire, I’m a cash money millionaire tougher …..”

After spending my ride to work this morning freestyling to the sounds of Weezy’s “A Millie” beat; I figured I might as well discuss the five most outrageous contracts in the NBA.

5. Ben Wallace $14.5 million

The Chicago Bulls were a team on the rise but lacking leadership and a superstar to take them over the hump. So what did they do? They went out and picked up Ben Wallace?!?! Well It makes sense when you think about it actually; Ben was a superstar, umm wait no he is not, but the Bulls biggest weakness was their lack of interior scoring which he solved….errr actually he did not do that either. However, when the Bulls needed leadership, they turned to Ben; who defied his coach and wore a headband when team policy forbids wearing them; wow…..This really is not working. Why did they sign Ben Wallace then? Some people are still wondering.

4. Peja Stojakovic $13.1 million

Peja was once a great scorer on those wonderful passing Sacramento Kings teams (Webber and Vlade would constantly feed him for easy lay ups and open threes). Once Webber and Vlade left, Peja was still a good scorer/shooter but lost some of his effectiveness. In 05-06’ Peja averaged 16.5 points per game on 40% field goal shooting; he was then traded to Indiana where he averaged 19.5 points per game on 47% field goal shooting. He then signed with New Orleans (his current contract) only to average 17.8 and 16.4 points per game in the last two years with nothing else! Stojakovic is an over glorified shooter who got a big chunk of change and yet disappears in big games.

3. Kenyon Martin $14.1 million

K-Mart owes half his money to Jason Kidd. Kidd always figured a way to get Martin the ball right at the rim with a chance to finish at the rim. However, after getting dismantled by Tim Duncan in his second straight trip to the Finals (utterly undressed, Timmy almost had a quadruple double in game 6) , Martin faced the Pistons in the second round of the 2004 playoffs and was abused this time by Rasheed Wallace. After the disappointing exit, Martin wanted a max contract when clearly he was not a max player which NJ recognized. For some obscene reason, Denver thought they were getting a max money type player from a guy that had averaged 16 points and 9 rebounds (and nothing else). In the 06-07 season, K-Mart averaged 9.5 points and 10 rebounds and in the 07-08 season averaged 12.4 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. Hardly all-star worthy, and the worse part is everyone knew this when Denver signed him. Paid like an all-star to play like a non star.

2. Rashard Lewis $17.2 million

Rashard Lewis’ contract runs until the 2012-2013 season. That year, Lewis will make $23.8 million (we’re talking Garnett money here people) as primarily a jump shooter. ‘Nuff said.

1. Stephon Marbury $21.3 million

Quite simply, Marbury’s production has not been up to par with his contract. He plays in a big market and yet has been unable to be a great player (which is what the salary calls for) and has also failed to get the Knicks into the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference. The league’s self proclaimed best point guard has averaged just about 15 points per game and 5 assists per game in the past two seasons. Although his contract was signed back when he was with the Phoenix Suns, you could clearly see the potential and even perhaps for long stretches the production; but such a contract asks for production over an extended period of time which has not at all been the case. Marbury is getting paid his money to “half ass” it. Only in New York……

Honorable Mention: If KG had not won a title; we would be saying he is not worth the coin.... all $24.7 million of it

Arenas out for a month

Remember how I said the Washington Wizards were crazy for giving Arenas a huge contract when they were unaware if he was physically ready to play? Well Agent Zero will miss at least the first month of the season after knee surgery.

NFL Recap

Tennessee (2-0) @ Cincinnati (0-2) & Green Bay (2-0) @ Detroit (0-2)
Pick: Green bay wins
Pick: Titans win 24-17
Reality: Roger Goodel issued a statement today indicating that due to lack of financial support, fan support, sponsorship issues, failure to meet targets and fan complaints, the NFL will see a couple of franchises fold during the off-season. The Commissioner explained that the leagues finances as well as the leagues image problems do not allow it at this stage to carry 32 teams and would thus be better suited to function with 30 teams. As a result, Goodel has stated that the Cincinnati Bengals who have contributed to the leagues image problems and in addition have been unable to win games to overshadow this issue will be the first team to be revoked from the NFL. Second in line will be the Detroit Lions who have after a dozen or so drafts finally found a wide receiver (Calvin Johnson) to complement Roy Williams but have been subject to the biggest petition ever in professional sports to have a general manager fired (add to that that they are perennial losers). Apparently, it is currently being signed by people in India. Goodel has therefore decided to have both teams close up shop. Now see, you have to admit that you believed this whole paragraph for a second because it sounded convincing and plausible; which means these teams suck!

Packers won 48-25
Tennessee won 24-7

Oakland (1-1) @ Kansas City (0-2)
Pick: Chiefs win 20-10
Reality: I had picked both runnings games to cancel each other out and the difference to be the QBs with Jamarcus struggling (boy was I right on this one); so what happens? Huard gets knocked out of the game, the Chiefs can’t run the ball and ask a quarterback by the name of Thigpen to win them the game. But hey, I was half right!!

Oakland wins 23-8

Indianapolis (1-1) @ Minnesota(0-2)
Pick: Vikings win 24-20
Reality: The Vikings suck to the point that they have not realized yet how much they suck. It’s line when you go to the court with a guy that is horrible at ball but he insists on taking all the shots (call it the Like Mike syndrome). I mean who is the offensive coordinator for the Vikings? They run the ball until they hit the red zone and then feel the need to pass the ball when clearly the Colts cannot stop the run. So what happens? Minnesota settled for five field goals in a game where they should have blown out the Colts.

Colts win 18-15

Buffalo (2-0) @ Jacksonville (0-2)
Pick: Jacksonville win 20-17
Reality: This Buffalo team has really impressed me thus far; I had very low expectations for them and just figured they would be an average team. Now, granted two games do not make a season but the way they have won demonstrates a cohesive unit that knows how to rally around one another. The Bills came back on the road to shock the Jags who are now left with questions.

Bills won 20-16

New England (2-0) @ NY Jets (1-1)
Pick: Jets win 30-20
Reality: Let Favre throw the ball!!! The Patriots dispatched the Jets with a terrific defensive performance. I know some people are getting excited by the Matt Cassel era but please remember folks that the Pats have scored 17 and 19 points respectively in both games.That being said, New England is 2-0 in large part due to their defense ( they have yet to face any good offensive teams though, but have shut down the teams they are supposed to).

Pats won 19-10

San Diego (0-2) @ Denver (2-0)
Pick: Broncos win 27-24
Reality: Best game of week 2 by far. Tomlinson was injured and therefore could not give any real type of big production; however Sproles came up big. Charger fans will say that they got robbed out of a win because of that fumble/incomplete pass play, but remember that Cutler was not pressured and was allowed to have a comfort zone in the game. On the TD and the two point conversion, he sat there and had time to go through his reads. I’m just saying.

Denver won 39-38

Pittsburgh (2-0) @ Cleveland (0-2)
Pick: Cleveland wins
Reality: Quite frankly, I started to watch this game but I was bored out of my mind by halftime. The Browns mismanaged the clock and did not look ready to play with the big boys. The Steelers were by far the tougher team, relying on their running attack in a game that was largely affected by the wind (determined field position). Bottom line, Romeo Crennel has yet to instill any toughness to the Browns and he probably never will; they are not yet ready for primetime.

Pittsburgh won 10-6

Philadelphia (1-1) @ Dallas (2-0)
Pick: Cowboys win 31-24
Reality: The NFC east is the toughest division in football right now. The combined record of all teams is 6-2 with those two losses coming in head to head matchups. The Eagles lost on the road but the way they lost leaves us to suggest these two might meet again possibly in the playoffs. Some were worried about the Cowboys’ toughness and how they would react when things got down; although this is merely an early game in September, I would say they passed their first test. However, they do need to shore up that defense

Cowboys win 41-37

Miami (0-2) @ Arizona (2-0)
Pick: Arizona wins 24-13
Reality: I’m not sure if this still exists, but Hot 97 (hip hop radio station in NY)used to have contests where the winner would get tickets to a particular show. Seems simple and innocent enough right? Wrong! One of the contests was named Smackfest. It involved taking turns at smacking your opponent and getting them to quit. The Miami Dolphins took two quick smacks from Kurt Warner and called it a day.

Arizona won 31-10

Chicago (1-1) @ Carolina (2-0)
Pick: Chicago wins 23-13
Reality: Carolina won two tough games without their best player. The Carolina Panthers remind of former WCW champion Ric Flair. Remember how Ric Flair was champion and every time someone faced him, there would be a critical point in the match where Flair would be down and his opponent would get ready for his finishing move but Flair would pull out brass knuckles and knock out the challenger or throw powder in their eyes and then put them in the figure four leg lock. When faced with a crucial point,regardless of the fact that he cheated or not, Flair delivered ( I know wrestling is fake but you get the point) and always left you scratching your head and wondering how he got the best of his opponent. Ladies and gents, your Carolina Panthers!! (The irony is that Flair is from North Carolina)

Carolina won 20-17

New Orleans (1-1) @ Washington (1-1)
Pick: New Orleans wins 21-17
Reality: On the game's biggest play, the Saints matched up a rookie corner with Santana Moss with no safety help; you tell me what the end result was.

Washington won 29-24

NY Giants (2-0) @ St. Louis (0-2)
Pick: Giants win 21-7
Reality: Presenting Smackfest the 2nd Edition with Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning!

Giants win 41-13

San Francisco (1-1) @ Seattle (0-2)
Pick: Seattle wins 21-10
Reality: 49ers come up huge on the road to stun Seattle at home in overtime......tough break Seahawks fans!

San Francisco won 33-30

Atlanta (1-1) @ Tampa Bay (1-1)
Pick: Tampa bay win 17-14
Reality: As predicted the Falcons struggled on the road. QBs and running back looked great against Detroit but came back to earth against the Bucs.

Tampa Bay won 24-9

We comin'

Trophy comes home

NFL Picks

Tennessee (1-0) @ Cincinnati (0-1)
The Sports Guy usually has a rule about this: “Never pick a crappy QB on the road”. I would normally agree with this statement especially when we’re not sure which crappy QB will be in the game at this point (Vince Young is said to be injured and therefore Collins might start) but I mean that Cincy defense is like a booty call that you just need because it’s been a while; call her up and you’re set to score with no resistance or obstacles. So who you think wins this one? The team with the strong running game and great pass rush. Keep this in mind: The Titans had 32 carries for 137 yards against a tough physical Jaguars team and were able to snuff Jacksonville’s rushing game to the tune of 17 carries for 33 yards. In addition, the Titans came up with seven (count them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) sacks. Needless to say, the Titans have the Bengals on speed dial for next Sunday; it’s been a while since they got some…..

Titans win 24-17

Oakland (0-1) @ Kansas City (0-1)
Oakland gave up 141 rushing yards to the Denver Broncos while the Chiefs ran it for 102 yards against a tough New England defense. I can see the Chiefs getting the ground game going against the Raiders but the passing game should struggle as Kansas City had trouble protecting their quarterback. The Raiders on the other hand ran for 150 yards against the Broncos which should translate against the Chiefs due to their inability to clog the running lanes. So this matchup essentially is run game vs run game with inexperienced QB on the road vs average QB at home (Huard) or inexperienced QB (Croyle seems to be injured) at home. Home team wins this one.

Chiefs 20-10

Indianapolis (0-1) @ Minnesota(0-1)
Good QB on the road with a shaky offensive line going up against a good defensive line. At the other end of the spectrum, average QB at home with an average offensive line going up against a great pass rushing defensive line that cannot stop the run. Simple formula: if the Colts get an early lead they win, if the game remains tight throughout then the Vikings running game should prevail. I see this game being close and Tarvaris Jackson making just enough plays for the home team to come out on top.

Vikings win 24-20

Buffalo (1-0) @ Jacksonville (0-1)
Buffalo’s special teams performed wonderfully in week 1 good for an A++; we should expect at least a B- performance against the Jaguars which should be huge in terms of field position. However, I expect a physical Jaguars team to come up big at home against the Bills. Expect Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to pound the Bills into submission with Garrard making the short ball control throws that keeps the offense on the field. The game however will be close with the Jags pulling it off at the end.

Jacksonville wins 20-17

Baltimore (1-0) @ Houston (0-1)
The Texans special teams will struggle against the Ravens and so will their offense. Baltimore will blitz Houston left right and center all the while stuffing their running game. Joe Flacco will struggle on the road but his defense will carry him to a win.

Baltimore wins 17-13

New England (1-0) @ NY Jets (1-0)
The Patriots embark on the Bradyless Season hoping to turn skeptics into believers as they march their way on to the Super Bowl. That was worth a good laugh. But this should be a great game, the hated Pats face off against the Anti-Christ Eric Mangini (calm down Jets fans, I mean Anti-Christ for all Pats fans because he blew the whistle on them). Belichick and Mangini should devise some good defensive game plans to disrupt the offenses.New England should be able to pressure Favre into one of those erratic games at home in which he tosses multiple TDs and picks. The Jets on the other hand will put eight in the box and send multiple defenders at Cassel and force him to make decisions; and this point in his career, he will be making a few bad decisions which will put the Patriots in a bind. Expect Goodel to attend this game with the hopes of telling Belichick after the game that he had payed off Pollard for the hit on Brady and then give him an evil laugh showing him he\s in charge.

Jets win 30-20

San Diego (0-1) @ Denver (1-0)
San Diego has long been reputed for their ability to create pressure (knockdowns, hurries, sacks and turnovers) thanks to its linebackers that came from all angles in their 3-4 scheme. However, they were only able to register one sack last week and allowed Delhomme to march his team down the field for the winning score all the while giving up 142 rushing yards. The Broncos on the other hand ran the ball for 141 yards against Oakland and will look to duplicate that running game against San Diego. Merriman is out for the season and therefore the Chargers defense just lost some of its aura. That being said, the Broncos have had trouble stopping the run these past two years so expect LT to have a monster game. The Chargers need their defense to show up big in order to win this game which I think it won’t.

Broncos win 27-24

Pittsburgh (1-0) @ Cleveland (0-1)
Unless Cleveland figures out how to get into the Steelers backfield I can’t see them winning the game. Cleveland’s inability to create a good pass rush against Romo last week led to their downfall and reproducing that same effort will put them in a 0-2 hole. The Browns come back this week with a huge defensive effort and also put up some points on the board to get a W. Lebron James will come to the game and hug Willie Parker and say he has always been a Steelers fan and will get booed as neurotic Clevanders throw beer bottles at King James who tries to flee the scene but tears his ACL and his shelved for the upcoming NBA season. New Yorkers plaster Lebron’s face on the statue of Liberty in an effort to show they are worthy. Stay tuned Cleveland Fans………

Browns win 28-24

Green Bay (1-0) @ Detroit (0-1)
After seeing Atlanta gash the Lions for 346 rushing yards, expect the Packers to come out running the ball to ease pressure off Rodgers. The key to the game will be Detroit’s ability to confuse Matt Ryan in obvious passing situations and also apply pressure at the same time. They will be somewhat successful but it will not be enough to get the win. The Packer defense will put the clamps on the Lions offense and win ugly.

Packers win 20-13

Chicago (1-0) @ Carolina (1-0)
In November 2005 (I’ve been known to do some research on occasion), Kyle Orton started for the Chicago Bears against the Carolina Panthers in a game that was won 13-3 by the Bears. The Bears defense forced three fumbles and two interceptions in that game. IN a rematch in the playoffs later that season, the Panthers gashed the Bears 29-21 with Rex Grossman quarterbacking the Bears. On Sunday, Carolina will host the defense that produced the most points in Week 1 and the QB will not be Grossman. Expect a back forth game going into the fourth quarter with the Bears special teams coming up big; the Panthers had trouble with Darren Sproles last week and will be facing the best kick returner in the league in Devin Hester. Game should blow open in the fourth.

Bears win 23-13

New Orleans (1-0) @ Washington (0-1)
Some might be ready to jump on the Saints bandwagon but I would urge you to be cautious for a few reasons: the Saints defense looks like a team that may end up giving up a lot of yards and in addition they just lost Colston for a few weeks. I would normally agree to pick against New Orleans on the road, but Washington looked Tyrone Biggums (you should know who this is, but google him if you must) against the Giants; although right now I would be ready to state that the Giants defense is superior to the Saints’. I expect the Skins to grind out yards on the ground but look average in the passing game while the Saints place pressure on the Washington corners with their air attack.

Saints win 21-17

NY Giants (1-0) @ St Louis Rams (0-1)
What de we know about these teams? The Giants will pound the ball and get pass happy every now and then and will find angles to generate pressure on the quarterback. The Rams run defense sucks, passing defense sucks and special teams sucks. But there is some good news; St Louis still has Nell:

“Just walked thru the door
what's it gonna be,
I can't get to the floor
girls all over me.
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?
Where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?”

Giants win 21-7

San Francisco (0-1) @ Seattle (0-1)
The Seahawks won both games against the 49ers last year by a combined score of 47 to 3 with an average of 99.4 rushing yards per game. The rushing production might not be the same but I do expect the end result to be. Remember the scene from the Longest Yard when they take Paul Crewe (played by Adam Sandler) to see the warden; imagine that convo between Mike Nolan and Mike Holmgren:

Holmgren: Man you seem like a guy that knows football, how do we get better and raise morale?

Nolan: You guys need a puck me up, how about playing a team that you know you will beat?

Holmgren: Hmmmmm, your Niners any free?

Nolan: Lemme check my schedule, waddya know, Sunday September 14th good for you?

Holmgren: That’s great!! See you there, thanks for helping out.

Seahawks win 21-10

Atlanta (1-0) @ Tampa Bay (0-1)
The rookie QB gets his first road game and boy will it be ugly. Monte Kiffin (defensive coordinator for the Bucs) will hold nothing back as he looks to attack Matt Ryan . Brian Griese is expected to start this game which means Tampa’s air attack will be limited but should still be effective.

Bucs win 17-14

Miami (0-1) @ Arizona (1-0)
Miami gave up some yards on the ground to the Jets and the Cards seem committed to running the ball. In addition, the Dolphins corners will not be able to match up with the Arizona receivers. Miami will hang around for a while but will struggle on the road and eventually lose this one.

Cardinals win 24-13


Philadelphia (1-0) @ Dallas (1-0)
McNabb went untested last week as the Rams gave him all day to throw. The Cowboys will force Donovan to beat them with his arms and legs. Romo will be tested as well but his offensive live should be able to pick up blitzers long enough to allow him to complete plays. The game will rest on Philly’s ability to stop the run on the road; and well I doubt they will effective enough. Philly is a die hard Cowboy fan but has McNabb on his fantasy team, I am going to enjoy watching this game by his side.

Cowboys win 31-24

Record this season: 7-8

Sue me? Nah Bitch I sue you!!!

CBS decided to sue the NFL and the NFL decides screw you, we're suing you! We'll see how this one plays out.

Best of the "Ringless"

With Patrick Ewing getting inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame with Hakeem Olajuwon, I got to wondering who were the best players of the past 15 years in the NBA not to win at least a ring. Mind you, instead of just sitting there and wondering, I decided to make a list of the best 15 players in the league dating back from 1993 to today. In compiling this list, a few requirements were in order:
- multiple all-star appearance are a must;
- eight years worth of playing experience in the NBA (simple logic: players usually hit their prime around that eighth year);
- and finally, to be eligible for this list, players are required to have played at any point in time between 1993 and 2008 (present day).

So let’s tack it shall we……

15. Reggie Miller
Career averages: 18.2 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 3.0 apg, 1.1 spg
Best season (’89-90): 24.6 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 3.8 apg , 1.3 spg
Analysis: Some people might expect Miller to make it higher on the list given his history of great performances especially in the playoffs; however, Miller was a good scorer and great shooter and not much more. Statistics do not always tell the story, but I was somewhat surprised when looking at “Miller Time’s” numbers. They were far lower then what I expected. Have a look

14. Shawn Kemp
Career averages: 14.6 ppg, 8.4 rbg, 1.1 spg, 1.2 bpg
Best season (’95-96): 19.6 ppg, 11.4 rbg, 1.2 spg, 1.6 bpg
Analysis: From 1989 to 2000, Shawn Kemp was a dominant power forward that struck fear into the hearts of opposing players as he averaged 17 and 9 during that time frame. The numbers do not jump out, but anyone who saw him play during those years will tell you he was a beast (think Amare Stoudemire). Kemp would take the likes of Barkley, Malone, Garnett, Duncan, Webber and Rodman and score on them with an array of acrobatic shots in the lane; but more importantly, he was fearless and he would induce fear into opponents with vicious dunks and highlight rejections. His teams had trouble coming out of the West because of the elite teams that stood in his way: Utah, Phoenix, Houston and Chicago (when the Sonics finally made it to the Finals). His numbers eventually took a huge dip when he joined Portland and became overweight and barely had any impact in the games. Nevertheless, ask your older brother about Kemp or better yet, check it out here

13. Grant Hill
Career averages: 19.3 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 5.4 apg, 1.4 spg
Best season (’99-00): 25.8 ppg, 6.6 rpb, 5.2 apg, 1.4 spg
Analysis: Before getting injured, Hill was pegged as the guy next in line to rule the league once MJ would retire for good. For those of you that did not get the chance to see a young Hill play; try to imagine a skinnier version of Lebron James with a better handle. Hill would routinely take guys off the dribble to finish in traffic with authority ( he made guys look bad, I mean real bad!!). Quick peek . Hill’s biggest problem prior to his injury was that his teams never had the talent; he was asked to do it all and would regularly lead his team in all major statistical category only to lose in the first round.

12. Vince Carter
Career averages: 23.8 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4.2 apg, 1.3 spg
Best season (’04-05): 27.5 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 4.7 apg, 1.5 spg
Analysis: Vince Carter may be one of the best players of this decade, but just doesn’t seem to care enough to be in that elite group. When he wants to play, he is practically unstoppable; he drills fade aways from anywhere on the court, finishes with either hand at the rim, gets to the line, sets up his teammates with great passes and comes up with spectacular dunks. In contrast, when he does not feel like playing, he settles for bad shots and barely attempts to play defense. That being said, he is a phenomenal talent who is currently ringless partly due to his lack of being surrounding by talent but also due to his lack of physical and mental toughness.

11. Jason Kidd
Career averages: 14.2 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 9.3 apg, 2.0 spg
Best season (’98-99): 16.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 10.8 apg, 2.3 spg
Analysis: Easily, one of the best point guards the league has ever seen. Although he is currently on the decline, JK can still fill up the stat sheet and make it look easy. The consummate point guard, he is constantly looking to get someone else the shot and will only shoot when absolutely necessary (which is more often then not reflected in his shooting percentages). Several people would expect Kidd to have a championship on his resume but his problem is that although he has been spectacular for years, his teams have always been that one player short (you know how some teams are good but just seem to lack something or someone; well that’s Jason Kidd’s teams). Nevertheless, his name will be in Springfield one day.

10. Dirk Nowitzki
Career averages: 22.4 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.0 bpg
Best season (’04-05): 26.1 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 3.1 apg, 1.5 bpg
Analysis: When it is all said and done, Disco Dirk will be in the Hall of Fame because of his amazing scoring ability and shooting touch as a seven footer. Dirk made it cool to draft Europeans because of his talent. Dirk displayed a lot of toughness in a series against the Spurs when he took Bowen to the hole for a basket with the foul which eventually propelled the Mavericks past the San Antonio in a huge game 7 win. However, we have yet to see that same Dirk emerge once again; we saw him fold in the Finals against the Heat and also get bullied in the first round series lost to the Warriors.

9. Steve Nash
Career averages: 16.7 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 9.2 apg, 0.9 spg
Best season (’06-07): 19.0 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 11.9 apg, 0.8 spg
Analysis: His numbers (except for rebounding) are fairly identical to Jason Kidd. The big difference comes down to shooting. Teams are often reluctant to leave Nash open whereas they dare Kidd to shoot. Some of you might say that Kidd’s rebounding should make up for his inability to shoot, however in my opinion (we all have one) it does not. Point guards are expected to make good if not great decisions when running the offense, have the ball late in the shot clock because of their ability to either find the open guy or shoot themselves and shoot at a high percentage. Furthermore, Nash has been able to orchestrate offense very efficiently and always make great decisions with the ball. In addition, there are very few active players I would choose over Nash to have the ball in the clutch; that’s how great he is and has been. One last note, people in general tend to think Nash blossomed late, but his career numbers clearly illustrate that he’s been consistent throughout his career and not just a player that had three or four great seasons in a row.

8. Tracy McGrady
Career averages: 22.4 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 4.7 apg, 1.3 spg
Best season (’02-03): 32.1 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 5.5 apg, 1.7 spg
Analysis: Perhaps the greatest player in the history of the NBA not to make it out the first round. McGrady is clearly an elite player, one that has always elevated his game in the playoffs year in and year out who has at times been the one guy nobody could stop. Remember when MJ would have a playoff series where he would just me the guy from start to finish on offense and defense; when he would go on scoring tears and shut down the best perimeter guy on the other team? That’s TMac. Although with Battier on the team in the last few years he has not been asked to defend as such but I can still remember a few years ago when he shut down Nowitzki in the playoffs. Bottom line, easily one of the best players the league has ever seen.

7.Allen Iverson
Career averages: 27.7 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 6.3 apg, 2.3 spg
Best season (’05-06): 33.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 7.4 apg, 1.9 spg
Analysis: Perhaps the toughest player the NBA has seen. Iverson has always been an fantastic player who played with an amazing amount of heart. His ability to set up guys and more impressively take hits and still finish at the rim will undoubtedly make him a Hall of Famer. When looking back 20 years from now, when people ask what did AI contribute to the game, old school balers will reminisce and say he gave us all the crossover.

6. Chris Webber
Career averages: 20.7 ppg, 9.8 rbg, 4.2 apg, 1.4 spg
Best season (’00-01): 27.1 ppg, 11.1 rbg, 4.2 apg, 1.3 spg
Analysis: One of the most versatile and best big men of his generation. Webber was known for taking it to the hole strong with an array of flashy big man dunks and also for his exquisite and flashy passing skills (think Magic playing power forward at the high post or low post). People think back to the Webber that was in Philadelphia and had trouble elevating and scoring; but forget the Webber that put the Kings on the map. That Chris Webber (before his devastating knee injury) would battle against the likes of Charles Barkley ( , Karl Malone, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Brian Grant, Antonio McDyess, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Kemp, Dennis Rodman and even Shaq and put up all-star numbers. A big man with a ton of talent. Check him here:

5. Patrick Ewing
Career averages: 21.0 ppg, 9.8 rbg, 1.0 spg, 2.4 bpg
Best season (’89-90): 28.6 ppg, 10.9 rbg, 1.0 spg, 4.0 bpg
Analysis: The guy that is actually responsible for this list. Patrick Ewing was an outstanding center; he scored, rebounded, defended and intimidated. Ewing was a competitor who played against the last remaining great centers of his generation and played them well (Robert Parish, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan to name a few and Greg Ostertag; just making sure you’re paying attention). My lasting memory of Ewing though, is that whatever he did, he was never enough; he always got one upped when he played an opposing star center (like I said, that’s how I remember it, not necessarily the case).

4. Karl Malone
Career averages: 25.0 ppg, 10.1 rbg, 3.6 apg, 1.4 spg
Best season (’89-90): 31.0 ppg, 11.1 rbg, 2.8 apg, 1.5 spg
Analysis: The NBA’s second all time leading scorer. Malone is one of the five best power forwards ever. The intriguing thing about Malone, is that he played for so long ( all the while remaining consistent his entire career) that he had the chance to play against great players from the old school and great players from the new school. Think of guys like Kevin McHale, Derrick Coleman, Larry Johnson, Chris Webber, Charles Barkley, Shawn Kemp, Rasheed Wallace, Tim Duncan, Dennis Rodman, Antonio McDyess, Dirk Nowitzki and would almost always come out on top in his matchups. One interesting thing about Malone his best statistical season matches up exactly with the best season of…..

3. John Stockton
Career averages: 13.1 ppg, 10.5 apg, 2.7 rbg, 2.2 spg,
Best season (’89-90): 17.2 ppg, 14.5 apg, 2.6 rbg, 2.7 spg
Analysis: The NBA’s all time assist leader and all time steals leader (Some might argue that Malone should be ahead of Stockton which is a fair point, my argument to that is do Jerry Rice and Randy Moss break receiving records with Rex Grossman at QB? That should position it for you)The play that best sums up John Stockton in comparison to Magic (the two best point guards ever in the minds of most) and vice versa is this: Magic when he hit that hook shot against the Celtics in the Finals, look at the play, Kareem is WIDE OPEN underneath the basket but Magic wanted it so bad that he wasn’t passing the ball which ended being a good decision considering the fact he scored. Stockton on the other hand in the 1997 Western Conference Finals had a play designed to go to Malone on the inbounds pass for a jumper from the free throw line but Stockton’s man jumped Malone and Stockton made the split second decision to get the ball and score; same result but different method; Stockton made the best basketball play. Check it here:

2. Dominique Wilkins
Career Average: 24.8 ppg, 6.7 rbg, 2.5 apg, 1.3 spg
Best season (’87-88): 30.7 ppg, 6.4 rbg, 2.9 apg, 1.3 spg
Analysis: It’s just plain crazy how people tend to forget Dominique. He is one of the most forgotten players in terms of NBA history (blame MJ). Wilkins lead the league in scoring, led the lead in highlights and also lead the league intimidating plays that were not blocks. Ultimately, ‘Nique came up at the wrong time in the league and it did him in. Think about the teams he would have to go through IF his Hawks were to ever make it to Finals: Erving’s Sixers, Bird’s Celtics, the Bad Boys and of course the Bulls. That being said, he never made it easy on them, but it was never enough.

1. Charles Barkley
Career averages: 22.1 ppg, 11.7 rbg, 3.9 apg, 1.5 spg
Best season (’87-88): 28.3 ppg, 11.9 rbg, 3.2 apg, 1.3 spg
Analysis: Barkley simply did it all. He rebounded, scored, passed, brought the ball up on the break and did it all that while being the team enforcer. Here’s the thing that places Barkley here for me more then anything: when he played with a collection of Hall of Famers on the Dream Team, Charles Barkley was bar none the best player on the team when they played in Barcelona in 1992. End of argument.

Guys that missed the cut:
Penny Hardaway, Shawn Marion, Mark Price, Kevin Johnson, Baron Davis, Stephon Marbury, Latrell Sprewell, Tim Hardaway, Dikembe Mutombo, Allan Houston, Jerry Stackhouse, Peja Stojakovic, Steve Francis, Yao Ming, Antawn Jamison & Terrell Brandon.