NFL Picks Week 9

New York Jets (4-3) @ Buffalo (5-2)
People in general love to say that Brett Favre is Superman because of his NFL consecutive starting streak and his ability to rise to the challenge (mostly in years past) and excel. This weekend, if Brett Favre is Superman, this game will be a re-enactment of Superman II with Bills QB Trent Edwards playing the role of General Zod in the fight scene in Metropolis. Kneel before Zod Superman! Random note: In Favre’s early years, it was a well documented fact that he was addicted to painkillers. Maybe Buffalo fans this Sunday could all dress up as a painkiller prescription to see if it throws Favre’s edge off a little. Just a thought.
Buffalo wins 21-16

Detroit (0-7) @ Chicago (4-3)
Detroit has to win a game at some point right? I mean think about it. They have been competitive in most of their games but have just lacked the talent necessary to pull off the wins. Calvin Johnson has been playing great and may end up being star in the NFL. The Lions are due for a win sooner or later. Unfortunately for Lions fans, in this case it will happen later. The game will be close but the Bears will prevail in the end. Cheer up Detroit Lions fans, at least Matt Millen was fired; and you guys are in the running for the number one overall pick. Good times!!
Chicago wins 23-17

Jacksonville (3-4) @ Cincinnati (0-8)
If Jacksonville were playing any other team in the NFL, I probably would have picked that team at home to defeat the Jaguars. That’s how bad things have gotten in Cincy and yet we hear nothing from ownership on the Marvin Lewis front. If you are not convinced of how bad a coach he is, picture this scenario: you are a very wealthy person and it so happens that you are not often home. Therefore, you decide to pay someone to house sit for you during the times that you are away and basically take care of your house while you provide that person with any necessities you feel are required to properly fulfill this task. Now you obviously stop by the house every now and then to see if things are going along smoothly. However, you notice that the house is dirty, your house sitter is inviting guests over who trash your place and ridicule you and your home all the while disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood. So I ask you good people reading this, do you fire his ass once you notice the soon to be irreparable damage or do you keep this person employed for eight weeks going on nine? And you wonder why I am baffled about the Cincinnati Bengals.
Jacksonville wins 24-17

Baltimore (4-3) @ Cleveland (3-4)
When picking NFL games, one rule of thumb is to avoid picking rookie quarterbacks on the road. That is usually a disaster waiting to happen; for further evidence you can look back at Joe Flacco’s performance in Indianapolis a few weeks back. However, Flacco has gotten better and a great defense can travel and play anywhere. That coupled with the fact that Cleveland is coached by Romeo Crennel spells doom for the Browns. Ray Lewis plays the role of Darth Vader to Derek Anderson and tell him after a jailbreak blitz leading to a sack: Derek—followed by silence and then heavy breathing—who is your daddy?
Baltimore wins 20-13

Green Bay (4-3) @ Tennessee (7-0)
If Green Bay can duplicate the same run stopping scheme that Indianapolis used last week against Tennessee, they should have a great shot at winning in Tennessee. Green Bay’s physical corners should be able to out muscle the Titans receivers and sit on their routes. Green Bay’s offense should be able to do just enough in my estimation to win a tightly contested game.
Green Bay wins 23-20

Tampa Bay (5-3) @ Kansas City (1-6)
When I was younger I used to watch Saved by the Bell every Saturday morning and thought the show was cool. One of the main characters was Zach, a young man with charm that never did his homework but would always be able to weasel himself out of trouble. In addition, Saved by the Bell included Slater, who was a Hispanic football player that also knew his way around the girls; and finally we had Screech who was a train wreck waiting to happen. He was goofy, clumsy and at times downright ridiculous. I bring the show up because it reminds me of the AFC West. Denver would be Zach, Slater would be San Diego and Kansas City would be Screech. That being said, would you really pick Screech to win even if he was at home? Right.
Tampa Bay wins 23-16
Saved by the Bell

Arizona (4-3) @ St Louis (2-5)
Remember how Kurt Warner used to play for St. Louis and was somewhat of a mentor to Marc Bulger? Well times have obviously changed and this reminds me of Star Wars (I’m a geek, so sue me). So here goes the pre-game conversation at midfield:
Bulger (playing the role of Anikin Skywalker): I have come to defeat you my former master.
Warner (playing the role of Obi Wan Kinobi): Marc you were like my brother!
Bulger): All lies! You wanted to rule without me and held me back! Now I have the power of the dark side and shall defeat you!
Warner: No Marc! You were the chosen one! I believed in you! I thought you would take us to the Superbowl.
Bulger: Prepare to kneel before me! I will ruin your chances at a postseason run!

For those of you that do not remember, Obi Wan defeats Anikin and leaves him to die with his legs cut off with the heat from the lava slowly burning his body. Translation: Arizona gets a big road win that springboards them for a solid second half run.
Arizona wins 24-21

Houston (3-4) @ Minnesota (3-4)
A Minny
A Minny
A Minny
A Minny
If you are Minnesota fan,
You must be wondering if they have a plan,
But the truth is
It’s a crisis,
The team could lose less,
The coach is clueless,
And right now everything is a mess;
Fixing things, is the test
And this Sunday Houston is the best….
Houston wins 20-17

Miami (3-4) @ Denver (4-3)
If Denver expects to make the playoffs, this is the type of game they need to win. Miami is a good up and coming team, but the Denver Broncos are playing for more. Or are they? Denver’s defense is on the same level as Jack Sparrow’s honesty. It is basically a myth. Some people swear they have seen the Broncos play defense but we have no tangible proof of this. Perhaps one day, we will see something hinting us that Denver can indeed play some defense, until that happens, let’s wait until we see it. For the time being mind you, Denver will invoke the rules of piracy and ask for Parlay!
Miami wins 24-21

Atlanta (4-3) @ Oakland (2-5)
I can just picture Atlanta rapper Lil John traveling to Oakland and performing in the Atlanta locker room before the game his hit son "Snap ya Fingers" and sending the troops off into a frenzy. At the other end of the spectrum, Oakland's local talent involves E-40 and Too $hort; which would probably get the Raiders feeling hyphy (whatever that means) or in the mood to pimp some hoes. Based on that argument alone, I vote that we pick ATL to snatch a win on the road in Oakland.
Atlanta wins 20-17

Dallas (5-3) @ New York Giants (6-1)
I am currently in the midst of reading Boys will be Boys by Jeff Pearlman. In the chapter I just finished reading, they detail how the 1990’s Cowboys dynasty was built. Pearlman explains that the Cowboys had traded for Charles Haley that was a certified nut case at that time but was a phenomenal defensive player. Although he very often did some outlandish things that would leave you scratching your head, Haley was a great leader on the field. He picked up on tendencies and shared them with teammates, encouraged his guys and helped them execute. In short, whatever Michael Irvin did for that team in terms of leadership on the offensive side, Haley did the same on the defensive side. Fast forward to this season, there is no player on that defense save perhaps for Zach Thomas that I could see leading that defense and getting them to play at high level. Think of what Michale Strahan did last year for the NY Giants and that should give you an idea of what I mean. Until Dallas develops or brings in someone to direct and pick that team up, they will be an overrated bunch. In contrast, look at the NY Giants. Not the most talented team but they rely on each other through the leadership of their players and tough out games right now better then anyone except Tennessee. I asked Philly for his thoughts on this game:
“Here is the perfect opportunity for the Cowboys to show they are for real. If they can beat the Giants in NY, I would consider putting them in the "contender" category. The problem is I don't think they will beat them, especially after what they showed me at home against the Bucs. DAL 17 NYG 31”

Philadelphia (4-3) @ Seattle (2-5)
A few weeks ago, I heard a radio interview of Rasheed Wallace (NBA player that grew up in Philly) who mentioned he was not an Eagles lover. In fact, he referred to them as pigeons. I vote for us to officially rename them the Philadelphia Pigeons. Rolling with the Pigeons theme, I could see Seattle using the song "No Pigeons" by Sporty Thievez during the game......Here's a preview:
Philadelphia returns the kick off to the 30 yard line and now the offense comes out. Donovan McNabb runs a play action only to be sacked on a linebacker blitz by Leroy Hill. Then the song breaks out through the stadium:
“I don’t like no pigeons
cuz they be the girls that gets no dubs from me,
playing the bar dumb broke with her best friend’s coat,
tryin to holla at meeee!”
Despite the motivational ploy, the Seahawks fail to get a win.
Philadelphia wins 24-17
No Pigeons

New England (5-2) @ Indianapolis (3-4)
The Indianapolis Colts may end up missing the playoffs altogether. With that in mind, this game may well end up being the Colts Superbowl. Their hated rival comes to Lucas Oil Stadium hoping to keep their pace and possibly take sole possession of the top spot in the AFC East. The Colts on the other hand get Bob Sanders and possibly Kelvin Hayden back which should help bolster the defense and even possibly spark a run. The Colts fan in me thinks that Peyton Manning has to knock off the rust at some point and start connecting with his receivers down the field in one on one match ups; but realistically that may take another few weeks given the lack of accuracy on Manning’s deep throws. Indianapolis does just enough defensively and offensively to get a win.
Indy wins 23-20

Pittsburgh (5-2) @ Washington (6-2)
Pittsburgh’s offensive line has shown that I will not hold up against pressure. The one thing the Steelers can do to get a win in DC is apply enough pressure on Jason Campbell to force him into committing mistakes. That might be a tall order considering the fact he has taken great care of the ball. In the end, the Skins pull it off and drop Pittsburgh’s record against the NF east to 0-3.
Washington wins 24-20

Last week: 10-4
Overall: 64-50

Jump Off Joey

I just copped Joe Budden's new mixtape. I have not yet listened to all the tracks, but once I am done I should be able to give you guys some info on Joe's new ish. Make sure to stay tuned for that one. As Budden's would say:


It's what?


NBA Tonight

In the spirit of Opening Night of the NBA season, I will pick the three games that will be played on Tuesday October the 28th 2008. While we're at it, I just wanted to mention that I was coerced into joining an NBA fantasy league at work and I'm doing like Terrel Suggs, I am putting a bounty on all the teams in the league. The guys probably think that I am talking perhaps too much smack; but let be known, I am going to do this in the Ocho Cinqo way. Expect to hear about the league every now and then in my posts; it should be interesting. I was kind enough to offer the other members of the league the possibility to play for third place because my point total will be enough to secure first AND second place. On with the picks ladies and gentlemen.

Cleveland @ Boston

The Gahden will go crazy right before tip-off as the Celtics will be awareded their NBA championship rings. The frenetic energy in the building originating from the ring ceremony as well as the game itself coupled with Garnett's intensity will set off the Celtics to a huge win. LeBron James will have an average game by his standards as he tries to get his teammates involved early and looks to dominate late. The problem mind you is that by then it will be too late.

Boston wins by -7.5

Milwaukee @ Chicago

Two non-playoff teams from last year square off in what is sure to be a yawner at the United Center. Scott Skiles makes it back at the scene of the crime for his first regular season game coaching against the Bulls after his firing. My only interest in this game is how Derrick Rose plays when he gets into the game and how the Bulls manage their perimeter players (way too many perimeter guys on the team). One other thing to look at in this one: Ben Gordon is back after a long summer of contract disputes and is playing for next year's contract. Let's see how often he gives up the ball. That being said, the new look Bucks with Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour just bomb away from deep and this game will end with an exclamation dunk by Jefferson.
Milwaukee wins by -3.5

Portland @ Los Angeles Lakers

Everyone is hopping on the Lakers and Blazers bandwagon. The general consensus is that the Lakers will win the title and that Portland will make some noise and make the playoffs. So the NBA does us a favor and matches these two teams up for Opening Night (what a thing of beauty). The world wants to see how Andrew Bynum plays after getting back from his injury; but the universe is waiting on Greg Oden to be that dude (Quick note: Until Oden changes his number to 50 instead of 52, all I have in my head are images of him getting dunked on by shooting guards and point guards; in other words, please switch to 50 Greg) and the next center the NBA can bank on. However, Oden will get abused tonight as he slowly leanrs the ropes of the NBA while guarding the likes of Bynum and Gasol and eventually fouls out of this one. Expect a rim rattling dunk and an outrageous rejection from Oden. Kobe will coast until the fourth quarter and will then turn on the jets and try to dunk on Big Greg as a welcome gift to the league......Question is does he make it or no? What do you guys think.....
LA Lakers win by +5.5

NFL Recap Week 8

Tampa Bay (5-3) @ Dallas (5-3)

Pick: Dallas win 27-24

Reality: Dallas won 13-9

The Dallas Cowboys have been having problems on the defensive side of the ball for most of the season, thus prompting head coach Wade Phillips to become more involved in the defense. Remember, Phillips was an excellent defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers. Based on this past weekend's results, I would have to say he knows how to set up a defense. Mind you, one game a season does not make. Let's wait for next week against the New York Giants and see what goes down. Random observation: Every Cowboy fan and they mama keeps mentioning how they should get TO more involved and that they are a great team when that happens. Anyone stop to think that maybe TO can't get as open as he used to? And secondly the guy that needs the ball is Barber. He did not produce a lot of yardage on the ground but did enough to help his team win. Watch this story unfold as the season goes along.

Washington (6-2) @ Detroit (0-7)

Pick: Washington wins 24-17

Reality: Washington won 25-17

"Juelz, Dip Dip
Santana, Set, Set
Where we grip, grip, tec, tecs
Who you wit, wit
Dog, no set
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, what (Oww)
Santana, Killa, Jim Jones, Freaky
Killa, you already know what it is
My man Juelz Santana, that boy got that crack man
Diplomat Records man"

That was Santana Moss' answer to a reporter asking him to assess his own performance after producing nine catches for 140 yards and a TD and an 80 yard punt return for another TD.

Buffalo (5-2) @ Miami (3-4)

Pick: Miami wins 23-20

Reality: Miami won 25-16

When it's all said and done, New England will win the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills do not have enough collective big game experience to overtake the division. These guys need more battles together (especially on the road) against the top teams in the NFL in order to grow and mature as a team. This is not "Remember the Titans" ( where Denzel Washington brings a whole bunch of guys together and start winning games and end up winning the championship at the end. That was a Disney movie. In real life, you need an established team with a great core that has been together in the trenches to win consistently. Some of you might wonder how I can endorse the Patriots to win the division when Cassel has only started actually participated in games in the NFL this year; which is indeed a valid question. My response is simple: Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady were young quarterbacks that led their to a Superbowl victory because of the foundations their teams had the time. Great defenses and very good offenses where they were not asked to do too much. Remember where you heard it first. Buffalo will slow down on their winning ways.

Remember the Titans

St Louis (2-5) @ New England (5-2)

Pick: St. Louis wins 24-20

Reality: New England won 23-16

You have to love (or hate depending on your perspective) the NFL. I pick the Rams to upset New England at home with Steven Jackson leading the charge. Well Steven Jackson was inactive for the game because of an injury. Vince McMahon could not have scripted this scenario any better for the Patriots. They did just enough to squeak out the win. Quick observation: Is it at all possible that the players on the Rams roster just decided during training camp that they were going to get Scott Linehan fired? This team has gone from night to day after the coaching change. They have been able to turn on a switch that has made them competitive and capable of winning. This would qualify as sabotage worse then what Allen did to Vinny Chase in preventing him from starring in his dream movie Medellin. That last one was an Entourage reference, in case you don't watch the show; drop whatever it is that you're doing and do yourself this favor of watching at least one episode of Entourage. Trust me. You will thank me later.

San Diego (3-5) @ New Orleans (4-4)

Pick: San Diego wins (did not enter an actual score in picks column)

Reality: New Orleans won 37-32

Some fantasy owners were ecstatic to see #21 perform like he used to perform in the past. Dare I say that Tomlinson is back? Tough to say after one game but let's keep an eye on him for the remainder of the season. I was disappointed by New Orleans production against San Diego. The Chargers are last in pass defense in the NFL and I was expecting Brees to go for 500 yards passing and yet he only managed 339 yards. In all seriousness, the Saints won a big game in London to stay afloat in the NFC South while San Diego's playoff chances just got slimmer. The Chargers still do have a shot because of their terrible division. Important note: I will now refer to Drew Brees as Dr Doogie Howser for his ability to surgically operate on opposing defenses and doing so with his young boyish look.

Kansas City (1-6) @ New York Jets (4-3)

Pick: NY Jets win 20-10

Reality: NY Jets won 28-24

Jets fans went crazy when they traded for Favre. The line of thought was that Favre would put them over the top and have them competing possibly for one of the top spots in the AFC. Instead, the defense is not that good, the offense lacks balance and Brett Favre is still playing like Penny Hardaway in Orlando and Penny Hardaway in New York… the same GAME!! Translation: He is great and mediocre depending on the stretch of the game you're watching. This means I can no longer look at the Jets as a playoff hopeful until they play better.

Atlanta (4-3) @ Philadelphia (4-3)

Pick: Philadelphia wins 21-16

Reality: Philadelphia won 27-14

You have to hate the fact that this game was decided on a blown call at the end of the fourth quarter. The Falcons forced an Eagles punt and the Falcons player was getting ready to catch the punt but instead avoided the ball and the refs deemed that he had touched the ball (which he did not) and Philadelphia recovered. Atlanta was out of timeouts and could not challenge. In the words of my boy Karim, c'est dommage; which translates into tough break.

Oakland (2-5) @ Baltimore (4-3)

Pick: Baltimore wins 20-10

Reality: Baltimore won 29-10

There was no way I was going to pick the Raiders to win on the road in Baltimore. Hell, I would have picked Baltimore if the game was in Oakland. That's how sure I was that the Ravens defense was going to rough up the Raiders. Terrel Suggs reminded me of Nelson Muntz, you know the bully in the Simpsons. After every tack for a loss, I could just imagine him going HA HA. But hey, at least Al Davis got his way right? Right? Are we even sure he knows what he wants at this point? I'm thinking he is hoping to get back to contending and winning a Superbowl. If that's the case, he should know he is failing his franchise. This begs the question, how long before he realizes he is the nuisance and not the guys he keeps hiring and firing? The one common denominator is him. Let's all hope for the sake of a good NFL that he eventually figures it out.

Arizona (4-3) @ Carolina (5-2)

Pick: Carolina wins 27-23

Reality: Carolina won 27-23

The Carolina Panthers played an excellent game thus allowing them to defeat the Falcons at home. In the meantime, no one can explain to me the home field advantage hat NFC South teams seem to benefit of. Mark my words, I will obtain some information on it

Cincinnati (0-8) @ Houston (3-4)

Pick: Houston wins 21-13

Reality: Houston won 35-6

Cincinnati has lost eight games this season (stating the obvious I know). Of those eight losses, four of them have been by more then 10 points; of those four losses, let's look at the last three: lost by 12 vs NY Jets, lost by 28 vs Pittsburgh and lost by 29 @ Houston. Translation: It's getting worse in Cincinnati and no one seems to care. I am putting the league and Bengals fans on notice that I am watching this unfold and that we cannot allow this to stand. At least Detroit is competitive in their losses; but Cincy just seems like they have completely given up. I am not an advocate of firing a head coach during the season, but Marvin Lewis has clearly lost his players. They no longer play for him and one has to wonder in what time zone the Cincinnati Bengals ownership group operates because it seems to me like that clock has been ticking for quite some time and yet refuses to strike midnight. When fans refuse to support the team next year, just remember this all started with in the 2008 season and could have somewhat been avoided.

Cleveland (3-4) @ Jacksonville (3-4)

Pick: Cleveland wins 20-17

Reality: Cleveland won 23-17

As predicted, the Appalachian State Special!! Remember, if I helped you make some money, remember to send me my 10% cut at:

44 Silverback Drive

Gorilla, Pimpin'



New York Giants (6-1) @ Pittsburgh (5-2)

Pick: NY Giants win 23-20

Reality: NY Giants won 21-14

The Giants took it to Pittsburgh this past Sunday in the Steelers backyard and let them know who run this motha. If the NFL were anything like the WWE, this is how the whole scenario would have played itself out. Rock would play the part of the Giants and Big Show would play the part of the Steelers. Remember the game was played in Pittsburgh.

Seattle (2-5) @ San Francisco (2-6)

Pick: San Francisco wins 24-13

Reality: Seattle won 34-13

Congratulations to Seattle for a very well played game at Candlestick Park. The Seahawks came into the game badly seeking a win. In the end, they walked off the field as this week's Smackfest Weekly winner, which goes to the team that – you guessed it—smacks its opposition into submission. That being said, did any of you see Mike Singletary's press conference? The dude is terrifying! People have no choice but to listen to him. Here's the press conference and pay attention to the size of his hands and wonder if that's the type of guy you want to enter a brawl with…..

Mike Singletary press conference

Indianapolis (3-4) @ Tennessee (7-0)

Pick: Indianapolis wins 24-21

Reality: Tennessee won 31-21

Last week, I spoke about how certain teams just reflected their coaches attitudes and overall makeup. Jeff Fisher just exudes toughness when I see him. The man is confident and instills that into his team. He keeps his team prepared and focused. On the biggest stage of the season so far, he had his team come out and take a few punches but kept delivering the body blows which eventually KO'd Indy. In contrast, Indianapolis seemed confused, unsure about themselves and the dreaded word…..soft. The corners kept giving five to seven yards worth of cushion to the receivers and the defensive linemen were unable to generate much of a pass rush, we saw penalties and missed opportunities. However, the biggest reason Indianapolis is struggling this year is simple: Peyton Manning is unable to put the ball on the money when his receivers are matched up one on one. Several times in the past few weeks he has overthrown his receivers or simply has not placed the ball at the proper location. Once he figures that out, the Colts will be back, until then they are screwed.

This week: 10-4

Overall: 64-50

Cancun Cid

SBG gets a W

Qwest shares his thoughts...

Extra nuggets

SBG is now 1-0

NFL Picks Week 8

Tampa Bay (5-2) @ Dallas (4-3)
The Dallas Cowboys are one bad loss away from a huge team blow up. The locker room might end up more divided then the East Coast and West Coast during the Biggie and Tupac feud. However, the apocalypse will be put on hold for at least another week –at the NY Giants—as Dallas should be able to muster up enough pride to defend their home field and defeat the Tampa Bay Bucs. That being said, America’s team is in trouble right now and some changes might be under way. Random note: Remember how Wade Phillips’ job status came into question after the playoff loss last year despite the fact the team finished the season with a 13-3 record? Expect the questions to keep creeping up with every loss and every shaky win. But hey, Boys will be boys…(Philly should hurry up and finish the book so I can read it).
Dallas wins 27-24

Washington (5-2) @ Detroit (0-6)
Detroit has been one of the best teams in the league for the past few years. The club has managed to be a conference finalist in the postseason six straight times and is regarded as one of the most well run franchises in all of professional sports. The team boasts excellent chemistry and never looks to emphasize individuals at the expense of the team. For all intents and purposes, the franchise is one that others should indeed attempt to model themselves after. All that is left to say is DEEEEEE-TROIIIIIIIIIIIT BASKETBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!
What’s that you say? Oh right, we’re talking about the Detroit Lions and not the Detroit Pistons. My bad. You want me to talk about the Lions ? Well umm… the Detroit Lions suck. Don’t blame me, I tried saying something nice about Detroit but turns it’s an NFL picks post…..
Washington wins 24-17

Buffalo (5-1) @ Miami (2-4)
Buffalo is good but I cannot yet take them seriously. I need to see them beat a contender on the road before I can anoint them as an AFC contender. Until I see that, they are just a team leading the division that may end up fighting for a wild card spot. Random observation: NBA players constantly mention how tough it is to play against the Miami Heat because of the city’s night life. How come NFL players do not have this problem? Although I know that NFL players have curfews, I still find it interesting that these guys never get into trouble in MIA. Anyone care to chime in as to why? Please feel free to educate me on this one, I’m curious.
Miami wins 23-20

St. Louis (2-4) @ New England (4-2)
“Andalay Andalay mami E I E I Oh Oh!!!”
Jim Haslett has brought the Lou back to respectability and given the players and the fans a new hope if you will. The biggest issue plaguing the Rams under Linehan was their defense. They surrendered 36.8 points per game to the opposition and forced two turnovers before Haslett became the head coach but have been able to trim it down in the last two games with their new coach to 15.5 points per game while forcing seven turnovers. The Rams defense has stepped it up but can they actually do enough to defeat New England is the question Pats and Rams fans are wondering about. Common sense would dictate to pick the Patriots in this game because of their ability to game plan and exploit an opponent –especially one with a losing record—but I have this feeling that Steven Jackson will be running circles around the New England linebackers. So there you have it, an upset pick right here at SBG.
St. Louis wins 24-20

San Diego (3-4) @ New Orleans (3-4)
The San Diego Chargers have underachieved so far this season but this is mostly due to LaDainian Tomlinson inability to perform at a high level like in years past. Chargers fans are hoping to get a great performance out of LT this weekend in order to avoid dropping out of the AFC race altogether. San Diego’s offense should produce in London against New Orleans but will they be able to make enough stops to win? I think San Diego does just enough to win and avoid overall sucktitude for now. Fantasy note: Drew Brees might throw for 500 yards in this game. Remember where you heard it first.

Kansas City (1-5) @ New York Jets (3-3)
Herm Edwards comes back to his former place of employment with a score to settle because the Jets had the gall to let him out of his contract to become the head coach of another team. He will play the disrespect card and get his troops fired up to play for his honor because New York essentially did not fight to keep him. In the end, it will not matter. Larry Johnson will have a great view from the bench and I will make it to the stadium carrying a blown up picture of Dave Chappelle dressed as Dylan from Making the Band—Chapelle Skit—with a huge text that says “I spit hot fiya mon”. Expect complete pandemonium as LJ finds me in the crowd and assaults me. Way to take one for the team.
NY Jets win 20-10

You play to win the game!

Atlanta (4-2) @ Philadelphia (3-3)
The young Matt Ryan will be tested in this game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia will blitz the living daylight out of Ryan from all angles and all sides of the field. On the other hand, McNabb has now turned into Tracy McGrady; he plays either poorly or fairly well against good defenses but lights up bad defenses like Hydro-Quebec. Interesting to see what Atlanta’s defense dose against McNabb, however I do think that the Eagles defense will be the reason Philadelphia wins the game.
Philadelphia wins 21-16
Oakland (2-4) @ Baltimore (3-3)
Jamarcus Russell on the road against quite possibly the best defense of this past decade. I would hope that last phrase in itself tells you where I am leaning on the result of this one. Baltimore should have two defensive scores in this game and that should be enough to win the game.
Baltimore wins 20-10

Arizona (4-2) @ Carolina (5-2)
Remember how I mentioned that NFC South teams seem to have the best home field advantage in the league because of the possible party atmosphere. However we are still unable to explain Carolina; perhaps they are just a good football team –there’s a huge revelation – that knows how to edge out wins. On the other side of the spectrum, I am starting to believe in the Cardinals. They remind me of the 2005-2006 Los Angeles Clippers team that had been doormats for so long but figured out how to change the culture. The parallels are somewhat similar. Both teams had been expected to be contending for a playoff spot given their talent but kept falling short of expectations. The Clippers were missing a glue guy to hold it all together and also someone that could turn a very good Elton Brand into a great Elton Brand. They found that one player to fill those two voids in the form of long time veteran Sam Cassel that eventually led them to a second round playoff appearance. The Cardinals on the other hand had that player on their roster but had decided to give the reins to quarterback of the future Matt Leinart last year. This year, the Arizona coaching staff decided to give the job to Kurt Warner who has stood inside the pocket and taken hits for the team attempting to complete passes. In the process he has made Larry Fitzgerald look terrific. I expect Arizona to win the NFC West and make the postseason this year but until they develop that G-Unitism to just disrespect teams and take what they want on the road, I cannot pick them to win on the road against a good team.
Carolina wins 27-23

Cincinnati (0-7) @ Houston (2-4)
It’s a shame when a team like Cincinnati that was once a team on the rise, has now been reduced to the hook of an old Sporty Thievez song: “You ain’t getting nada from us, not even a dolla from us”. Bengals fans have nothing to be happy about or look forward to. The team sucks, their quarterback is injured, their defense is horrendous,the receivers are slowly going to stop giving it their all; basically this year is done with and the same might apply for next year. Bengals fans must feel cheated at this point and I can’t blame them one bit.
Houston wins 21-13
Sporty Thievez

Cleveland (2-4) @ Jacksonville (3-3)
This game has the feel of an Appalachian State Special (from now on, all upsets shall be referred to as the Appalachian State special with Cleveland traveling to Jacksonville for a tough road game. All the Browns need to do to win this one is get Romeo Crennel to contribute as little as possible to the game on Sunday. Some of you might be raising your eyebrows wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well it’s simple: no situations that involve making a decision to either go for it or punt on 4th and 1, no situation where an onside kick recovery is involved, no situation where Crennel has to decide to either go for it or kick the field goal from the 1 yard line on 4th and goal and finally no decision involving a direct kick off or a squib kick. If one of these situations presents itself, forget it the Browns lose. Although, if the Browns have momentum early, Crennel might be feeling gutsy and it might benefit his Browns team. That being said, I think that Cleveland will get lucky enough to avoid these situations or possibly only have one of them presented to them.
Cleveland wins 20-17

NY Giants (5-1) @ Pittsburgh (5-1)
Expect NBC’s Sunday Night Football crew to break this game down with great details as Jerome “the Bus” Bettis and Tiki “I throw my guys under the bus after I retire” Barber offer some tidbits on both teams.
Bob Costas: What a performance today by the Steelers defense Bus.
Jerome Bettis: Dick Lebeau is a genius when it comes to preparing a defensive game plan and setting up the blitz. He almost got me to play defensive nose tackle as a run stopper considering my size and weight.
Bob Costas: Yes, Lebeau is indeed one of the best. Tiki what are your thoughts on the Giants ability to rush Roethlisberger into some bad throws today?
Tiki Barber: Eli is always slouching and just has bad body language which is why his guys never respond to him. I don’t think Eli will ever win a playoff game in New York.
Bob Costas: We’re getting a bit off track here Tiki, but nevertheless, Eli won four playoff games last year on his way to becoming a Superbowl champion. I think he led them pretty well. Moving on…(Tiki cuts him off)
Tiki Barber: And another thing, if it wasn’t for Tom Coughlin, I would still be playing and we would have a won Superbowl ring instead of losing in the playoffs again last year.
Bob Costas: Clearly Tiki you are not over the Giants Superbowl run, however Peter King has some inside information on the Giants.
Peter King: Yes Bob, I spoke to several sources today that claimed that our very own Tiki Barber has been stalking members of the Giants front-office begging for a shot to play again only to be refuted several times. A restraining order is now in place.
Bob Costas: Let us now go to a commercial break.
NY Giants win 23-20
Seattle (1-5) @ San Francisco (2-5)
One of the scariest and most terrifying linebackers the league has ever seen –for those completely unaware, I am referring to Mike Singletary— has been promoted to head coach of the Niners. He should be able to scare his team just enough to get them to compete and slap the Seahawks at home. Seriously, if the 49ers fail to come out fired up for their first game under their new head coach, they should not be allowed to play any more games for the remainder of the season.
San Francicso wins 24-13

Indianapolis (3-3) @ Tennessee (6-0)
There is no other way to slice it, Indianapolis needs this game in the worse in order to remain in the hunt for the division and a playoff spot. Tennessee on the other hand can smell blood and want to show the world on Monday night that they are the early favorites to represent the AFC in the Superbowl. Tennessee’s tough defense has bruised and bloodied some of the worst offenses in the league but will face the Colts in what I would call an even Madden IQ match up – if you don’t get this line, buy or rent Madden 09—where a very good defense squares off against a traditionally potent offense. We should see a good contrast in styles when these teams meet and see how much of the Titans physicality on offense and defense wears down the Colts. I could see Indianapolis coming out and showing some toughness early with some hard runs that will set the tone for the rest of the game and announces to NFL that the Indy train is back. Mind you, if they get blown out, you never read this.
Indianapolis wins 24-21
Bye: Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Denver
This past week: 8-6
Overall Record: 54-46

Jerry Maguire vs Any Given Sunday (by Philly)

As a die hard sports fan , it’s hard for me to make this comparison. As much as I loved Cuba’s role in Jerry Maguire (he plays Michael Irvin and Prime time in one person), it's the authenticity of the characters that bugs me. First, a wide receiver would never have such a sucka as an agent…in the real world it’s the agent that would be on the phone screaming to Cuba” I’m gonna tell ‘em to SHOW YOU THE MONEY!!!!!!!! Thus showing it to me too via my commission.” Second, although he’s a great actor, Cuba is just not “that dude” for black people, for the youngins he’s like Terrence Howard of the 90’s. Third, where is Drew Rosenhaus; Tom Cruise is Rosenhaus!?Even though the casting was suspect (forget Cuba get Wesley Snipes or Big Will,even Matthew McConaughey) the movie garnered acclaim and revenue in bunches which tells me that even if it is coated with a thick lather of romantic comedy, sports fans will go see a sports movie, and that brings me to Any Given Sunday.

Show me the money

Ten years removed, I now know what I could feel all along…there was a lot of tension on that movie set. Unlike Jerry Mguire, Any Given Sunday is an attempt to show viewers the inside view of the locker room. It's like comparing Jay-Z’s Fade to Black or The Show( if you haven’t seen The Show we talkin’ Wu-Tang, Snoop , Biggie, Dre and slick rick just to name a few so it’s a must cop!!!) to hustle & flow or get rich or die trying(sorry Terrance). Anytime you get to see Jim brown AND Lawrence Taylor on the same team it’s going to be bananas. All of the true issues of the NFL’s climate in 1999 were well depicted; the aging white quarterback getting upended by the young athletic black quarterback(the 1999 draft not only gave the NFL two black quarterbacks in the top three picks[2. Mcnabb 3. Akili Smith] but also a total of six, four of which played considerable roles on their teams), the self-motivated running back, the mysterious coach, the flashy receiver(even Bill Bellamy was better then Cuba…as a receiver), the coked up beat up crazy ass linebacker and the devilish owner. With that kind of cast and that kind of storyline it’s not hard to understand why, 10 years later, I can walk in any barbershop and expect to hear “Willy Beamen!” when I scream “My name is Willy” VS a Mongolian mountain dweller who speaks not a word of English but knows “show me the money!”. Jerry Maguire was just meant for a larger audience.

My name is Willie

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NFL Week 7 Recap

San Diego (3-3) @ Buffalo (5-2)

Pick: Buffalo wins 24-21

Reality: Buffalo won 23-14

The Chargers have the feel of a team loaded with talent but that will underachieve throughout the season; basically they are the Dallas Cowboys of the AFC. The common denominator between the teams would be head coaches with shaky reputations. I hate to put all the blame on the coaches because they are not responsible for everything that goes on the field but they have an impact nevertheless. Your team is supposed to be a reflection of its coach; the attention to detail, the drive to fight for an inch (think Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday), the refusal to quit and the overall toughness of a team usually all come from your head coach. Does Norv Turner give you the impression to have any of those qualities? Maybe all he needs is Steamin Willie Beamin…

Minnesota (3-4) @ Chicago (4-3)

Pick: Chicago wins 20-10

Reality: Chicago won 48-41

Gus Frerotte throws four interceptions and yet Minnesota only lost by seven and put up 41 points on the board. Talk about a weird game. If I were playing Madden and threw four picks, chances are I am throwing F bombs in the house and getting real close to the reset button. Kudos to Minnesota for staying in the game but you guys still lost.

Pittsburgh (5-1) @ Cincinnati (0-7)

Pick: Pittsburgh wins 24-12

Reality: Pittsburgh won 38-10

Remember in the picks column how I mentioned that waiting for Cincy to win is like waiting for the Detox album to drop? Turns out it just got worse. After a blowout loss at home to the Steelers, the Bengals now look like Wile E Coyote concocting a devious plan to catch the Road Runner , only to fail miserably every time. Mind you, we always tuned in hoping he would catch it right? Who knows….

Tennessee (6-0) @ Kansas City (1-5)

Pick: Tennessee wins 24-17

Reality: Tennessee won 34-10

"You play to win the game; HELLO!".

That's exactly what the Titans did in this game. They Kansas City look like a team that had no business playing them head to head. Maybe next year Chiefs fans. Side note: I was watching NFL Network last night and found this gem. They were showing how most of the times reporters are quick to blame a player or a coach in a game when something goes wrong when in actuality the player either did the right thing or was trying to cover up for another player that screwed up. The purpose of the show was to demonstrate that there is only so much that we actually understand about what happens on the field and that unless you have played in the National Football League, most of what you see is not actually what you see. In order to educate these same reporters, then New York Jets head coach Herm Edwards conducted a mini-camp for the New York media in which he had them sit in the film room for explanations and then put he them through some NFL practice drills. Sports Illustrated's Peter King attended that camp and thought it was indeed a phenomenal idea which helped him understand several nuances of professional football. After seeing the show, it stood that Herm Edwards is a man with tons of charisma. It struck me there that this man lands coaching jobs because he knows how to sell his point and line of thinking. In addition, the man clearly has some smarts and knowledge as it pertains to football (considering his head coach position). So I was left with this last impression: is it at all possible that Edwards would be better suited to be an analyst on NFL Network where he analyses teams with other analysts or possibly – I think this second option would be the best—give him his own show where he can bring in guests such as players, coaches, owners, former players, reporters, general managers and the like. I would tune in every week to watch that. Imagine him entering a debate with Chris Collinsworth or having TO, Ocho Cinqo and Michael Irvin ALL ON THE SAME SHOW! Let's make this happen people.

Dallas (4-3) @ St. Louis (2-4)

Pick: Dallas wins 20-13

Reality: St Louis won 34-14

The Rams have knocked off the Cowboys and Redskins in back to back weeks. The question I have is this: did we overrate the Skins and Boys or could it be possible that Linehan was that bad and that he was holding this team back? The answer probably lies somewhere in between. Right now, Dallas stinks; there is no other way to put it. After the game, some reporters took the time to ask Jerry Jones some questions (actual questions, not a figment of my imagination):

Reporter: Will Wade Phillips be fired?

Jones: Now hold up, just because a team has a bad season doesn't mean the coach is going to be fired. Jimmy was 1-15.

Reporter: Yeah but that was different.

Jones: No, Jimmy was 1-15. Hey you won't necessarily get fired for losing as opposed to winning. I mean people get fired for losing and also get fired after winning Superbowls.

Reporter then laughs.

TO walks into the room and says the team would be undefeated if Tom Brady was HIS QB (ok I made that last part up). How long before this team is actually able to put it together? At some point, that defense needs to start hitting people in the mouth and not let teams walk all over them. Offensively, Jason Garrett needs to recognize that his best player is Marion Barber and that he should be trying to feed him the ball every other play; too often they seem to forget about him and yet he still produces.

Baltimore (3-3) @ Miami (2-4)

Pick: Miami wins 20-16

Reality: Baltimore won 27-13

The Baltimore Ravens figured out how to stop the Wildcat offense thanks to their disciplined defense. Every year, that defense seems to be among the best in the NFL. One of the very few teams in the league that can stop the run and still attack the quarterback with success. All they need is to be able to run the ball and avoid turnovers and they win. Random note: Why is that we are unable to muster up more footage of Ray Lewis chirping on the field? This guy probably leads the league in sound bytes. Whether with teammates or opponents, this guy says some stuff that just gets your juices flowing. Seriously, if I met him on the sidelines of a game, he could get me to strap up the pads and play; that's how much of a talker and leader he is. You would think middle linebackers in the league would pay him just to teach them a thing or two right?

San Francisco (2-5) @ New York Giants (5-1)

Pick: NY Giants win 24-17

Reality: NY Giants won 29-17

The NY Giants defense went after J.T. O'Sullivan worse then Game went after Bow Wow in their Madden challenge. They attacked him to the tune of six sacks, four forced fumbles and two interceptions. It would seem that they were unhappy with their showing against the Cleveland Browns and came back ready to prove the game was a fluke. That being said, we should know more about the Giants in the next few weeks. Look at their next three games: @ Pittsburgh, Dallas and @ Philadelphia. Should be real interesting.

Random note: SBG contributor Philly still thinks that the Giants won the Superbowl because they got lucky. He mentioned if he could back in time he would make the Patriots win; to which I replied that he would probably be better off getting the Cowboys to beat the Giants in last year's playoffs. His answer: "Um no. I would rather take them losing in the Superbowl." Needless to say, he is not a happy camper.

New Orleans (3-4) @ Carolina (5-2)

Pick: New Orleans wins 27-24

Reality: Carolina won 30-7

It's official, I am no longer picking road teams in the NFC South. So far this season, every time two NFC South opponents have met, the home team has won for the most part fairly easily. It makes you wonder, these divisional foes go these cities every year and you have to figure that they develop some pretty good connections in terms of people and clubs. Think about it, in the NFC South, except for Carolina, I could see some pretty wild parties going on in Atlanta, New Orleans and Tampa Bay the night before the games. Any possibility that it might have an outcome on the games? I have no facts to support this mind you, just a guess. Any way anyone can do some research on this? Anyone?

Detroit (0-6) @ Houston (2-4)

Pick: Houston wins 16-10

Reality: Houston won 28-21

Lost in the shuffle of the Millen firing, the mounting losses and the Roy Williams trade is that Calvin Johnson is having a pretty good season. He is sixth in the league in receiving yards, eighth in receiving yards per game and is tied for sixth in the league with four receiving touchdowns. Keep in mind, he has accomplished this with a mere 25 catches and the Kitna / Orlovsky combination of quarterbacks; which means he knows how to get open. Matt Millen knows how to pick players it would seem huh? If only they had kept him…..Who am I kidding, he had to get lucky at some point right!

New York Jets (3-3) @ Oakland (2-4)

Pick: NY Jets win 21-16

Reality: Oakland won 16-13

For some reason, I picked Favre to come up big in Oakland. This is funny in its own way, because at the time that I made the pick I had no clue that his big Monday night game when his father had passed was in Oakland. Nevertheless, Oakland made just a few more plays to win. We now live in a world where Jamarcus Russell outshines Brett Favre head to head. That should be a sign in itself folks. Random note that's not so random: How long before an NFL player ends up on Maury for not one but several paternity tests? I'm banking on Darren McFadden for this one and hell I hate watching those paternity tests but I would gladly watch this one. Let's go Darren, keep dipping if you know what I mean.

Indianapolis (3-3) @ Green Bay (4-3)

Pick: Indy wins 21-17

Reality: Green Bay won 34-14

Where has this Packers defense been all year? Their corners challenged the Colts receivers like I have never seen them been challenged before. The one advantage Indy had was their ability to run the ball (for once) because Green Bay kept dropping guys in the secondary to help against the pass but Indy kept looking to pass the ball. Green Bay was very efficient mind you on offense. They took advantage of poor tackling and penalties to blow out the opposition at home. Remember how I mentioned previously that at some point if your coach is tough and preaches toughness, chances are your team will be tough. Well, Indy's defense has yet to show me some toughness this season and same applies for the offensive line. The last time this team had any semblance of toughness was when they won the Superbowl. Is it at all possible that Dungy might be failing them? Just a thought.

Cleveland (1-5) @ Washington (5-2)

Pick: Washington wins 24-17

Reality: Washington won 14-11

How come no post-game conference in which Romeo Crennel says: "See now that was Browns football". No hyperbole after a loss Rome? If anything, this game was more indicative of the Browns we've come to know. Remember how I mentioned the Yesop-Semaj theory (not being able to do the little things to get a win, basically James Posey in reverse)? Well the Brows are officially the poster boys for this. All that's missing at this point is for Braylon Edwards to pull a Michael Ray Richardson and say "The ship be sinkin".

Amen brother.

Seattle (1-5) @ Tampa Bay (5-2)

Pick: Tampa Bay wins 20-13

Reality: Tampa Bay won 20-10

Mike Holmgren is sure going out with a bang in his last year with the Seahawks. Mind you he cannot be blamed for the rash of injuries this team has suffered. Perhaps Seattle will regroup next year and have a better season because clearly this season is pretty much done. On the other side of the field, Jon Gruden is getting Tampa Bay to play some wonderful winning football. Remember how I previously mentioned that Ray Lewis could probably get me to play football? Well Gruden could probably get me to tackle to the snot out of somebody. He puts the emotion in that team.

Denver (4-3) @ New England (4-2)

Pick: Denver wins 23-20

Reality: New England won 41-7

On the heels of the Boston Red Sox losing Game 7 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Patriots needed to win this game to keep the state from rioting. Matt Cassel looked better then last week but still has a propensity to hold onto the ball too long. The Pats were clearly in control of the game at halftime, but once Champ Bailey got injured the game was –in the words of Kenny Smith – OVA ! Randy Moss all of a sudden was wide open with Dre Bly covering him. The fantasy season would like to welcome Randy Moss and Wes Welker back; it's been a while since you guys really mattered but thank you for joining the rest of the NFL players (through no fault of your own) in the fantasy world.

This past week: 8-6

Overall Record: 54-46