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Allen Iverson sits down to talk to Terrel Owens and Donovan McNabb

NFL Week 17 Recap

So for this week’s recap, I decided to only discuss games deemed important. By important, I mean games that had an effect on the playoffs. So don’t expect any talk about the “Unemployment Office Games” because they held no relevance at all in the landscape of the NFL. So you guys ready? JUust so you know I get paid by the letter like A B C D E F G, etc…. then my fake Jamaican accent kicks in as I say: “Liquid means rewind and gunshot means forward, so Liquid one mo’ time!.” Like I said I get paid by the letter like A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Remind me to thank Weezy for that one, now let’s hit the recap.

St. Louis (2-14) @ Atlanta (11-5)
Pick: Atlanta wins 23-16
Reality: Atlanta won 31-27
Atlanta was hoping this game would have a meaning in the standings. If the Falcons won and the Panthers lost their game against the Saints, then Atlanta would get the #2 seed in the NFC. Although the Dirty Birds had a little trouble defeating the Rams, they were still able to handle their business against Nellyville USA (what happened to Nelly? Haven’t heard of him in a while; must be out of bed time songs to turn into pop songs) and head into the playoffs with some momentum. By the way, I’m calling it right now; Atlanta wins their opening playoff game on the road next week.

New England (11-5) @ Buffalo (7-9)
Pick: New England wins 24-20
Reality: New England won 13-0
This game had some playoff implications early but became inconsequential late.

New York Giants (12-4) @ Minnesota (10-6)
Pick: NY Giants win 20-17
Reality: Minnesota won 20-19
Faced with a situation in which they needed to either win or have Chicago lose for them to make the playoffs, the Vikings relied on themselves to get into the postseason by defeating the team I said was the best in the NFL. Although the Giants primarily went with back ups in the second half, Minnesota still had to play to win the game. This wasn’t going to be like a Christmas party; they weren’t going to get a prize just for showing up. Mind you, one thing comes to mind when thinking of the Vikings in the playoffs: back when Mike Vick was a prominent quarterback/running back/wide receiver, FOX hyped up his games with promos asking fans to tune in and watch the Michael Vick Experiment (which I thought was a great term at the time) as he seemingly carried the Falcons offense single handedly. Well next week, we get to witness the birth of the Tarvaris Jackson Experiment: an athletic player trying to figure out how to play quarterback in the NFL in the playoffs. Keep in mind though, if you’re starting quarterback is trying to figure out how to be an NFL QB come playoff time, it probably does not bode well for your team’s chances of advancing deep. Quick random note: Earlier in the season, I mentioned that Tarvaris Jackson needed to either lose that metal chain he sports as a necklace or have it replaced with actual bling because it just looked weird. Let the record show he has not yet done either. If you’re QB doesn’t look like he belongs at least aesthetically, chances are it’s because he doesn’t.

Carolina (12-4) @ New Orleans (8-8)
Pick: New Orleans wins 27-24
Reality: Carolina won 33-31
Teams in the NFC South have an extremely hard time winning on the road head to head. It’s like you have this girl you’re seeing and you never get any action whenever you go over to her place, you eventually start thinking one of two things: a) something has to give, the streak has to end at some point; or b) I’m never going to get any at her place so screw it she is going to have to come over. And wouldn’t you know it, Carolina followed scenario A which got them the #2 seed in the NFC for the playoffs. This team is very dangerous; make sure to keep an eye on them.

Cleveland (4-12) @ Pittsburgh (12-4)
Pick: Pittsburgh wins 24-17
Reality: Pittsburgh won 31-0
The Steelers were locked into the #2 seed but Roethlisberger’s concussion might be something to monitor in the next few days. Although you never wish for someone to get injured, Pittsburgh has to at least love the fact they get 2 weeks to rest him.

Oakland (5-11) @ Tampa Bay (9-7)
Pick: Tampa Bay wins 20-16
Reality: Oakland won 31-24
With your season riding on one game against a weak opponent, you figure that Tampa would at least defeat Oakland and then hope for the chips to fall in the right place for them to get into the playoffs. Instead, the Buccaneers choked away their postseason hopes against the Raiders. Better luck next year b*tches!

Chicago (9-7) @ Houston (8-8)
Pick: Houston wins 23-20
Reality: Houston won 31-24
I’m not old by any stretch but then again I’m not as young as I used to be. Nevertheless, when I was younger, I would go out to clubs and house parties very frequently and became accustomed to the lifestyle. That allowed me to see the differences between good clubs and great clubs. A good club has a fairly average DJ, a specific crowd that always shows up on the clubs trademark night and only a few gun totters. On a night when several good clubs are having a party (for instance Labor Day weekend), you might not be sure what club to go to because all of them are pretty much the same. However, you want the club that will entertain you the most by the end of the night; which leads us to great clubs. The great ones typically have an outstanding DJ, an unspecific crowd (if the club is off the hook, please believe that it will have several different types of peeps checking it out, not always regulars) and usually a cast of dudes that crash the party with guns. That club, you can expect it on its trademark night to be packed and same goes for a special night. 9 times out of 10, the great club kills the good average club. However, when the good clubs go head to head, they usually end out even. Depending on the night, one good club might bring in more money then other and vice versa. They are so equal, that you can’t always predict which one will have the better night. That’s exactly what happened to the Chicago Bears. Don’t let their record fool you, they were just about the same team as the Houston Texans. It just so happens that on this given day, the Houston club was better.

Miami (11-5) @ NY Jets (9-7)
Pick: No pick made for this game
Reality: Miami won 24-17
Last year, the NY Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. And yet, once the game ended, all anyone wanted to talk about in the media was how New England lost. It’s as if the Patriots went on the field and played against themselves and lost. No one really gave the Giants credit at first; they were mostly busy talking about how New England lost instead of how the Giants won. Well, the same recipe held true on Sunday when the NY Jets were eliminated from playoff contention by the Miami Dolphins. Most of the talk centered around Brett Favre, Eric Mangini and the Jets instead of discussing the Dolphins running back combo, Chad Pennington and the job Tony Sparano did. Let’s just please take the time to realize that Miami was 1-15 last year and are now AFC East champions.

Dallas (9-7) @ Philadelphia (9-6-1)
Pick: Dallas wins 58-0 (that was Philly’s heartfelt pick)
Reality: Philadelphia won 44-3
Justly or unjustly, we judge individuals in their profession by their ability or inability to produce in the biggest moments of their professional lives. For instance, think back to Johnnie Cochran and his ability to get a non guilty verdict in the O.J. Simpson case, Obama’s victory speech or simply Tupac’s Hit’em up. More often then not, your greatness can be associated to one moment or one sequence of moments that may grant you a lifetime get out of jail card. The opposite end of that spectrum, is the repeated inability to come through in big moments or simply one failure so spectacular it gets you a lifetime choker status. Look at these examples: Michael Johnson’s loss to Donovan Bailey for the title of fastest man alive, Mike Tyson trying to avoid losing to Holyfield by biting his ear to instead get himself disqualified, Karl Malone’s disappearing acts in the NBA Finals, the New York Knicks franchise this decade, the Buffalo Bills Superbowl appearances, the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, Canibus’ vs LL Cool J, Kobe’s street cred versus Shaq and now the 2008 Dallas Cowboys.

Jacksonville (5-11) @ Baltimore (11-5)
Pick: Baltimore wins 17-9
Reality: Baltimore won 27-7
I guess Baltimore’s black guy to white guy ratio of 10 to 1 (Philly’s observation in the pick column) was indeed a factor in sending the Ravens to the playoffs. Their playoff game against Miami should be quite a treat.

Denver (8-8) @ San Diego (8-8)
Pick: San Diego wins 24-23
Reality: San Diego won 52-21
Please add the Denver Broncos to the same list as the Cowboys.

NFL Picks Week 17

We’ve been a little slow here at the SBG blog during the holidays, but don’t worry; it will pick up soon. Most of our readers are basketball fans and you guys will finally get your wish. With the NFL season coming to close this weekend and the playoffs starting the following week, there will be less to write about concerning the NFL and more time to discuss the NBA. Start drooling now NBA Fans! In the meantime, Philly and I leave you with the last picks column of the NFL regular season. Enjoy!

St. Louis (2-13) @ Atlanta (10-5)
Remember when Jim Haslett took over as interim head coach and the team won two games in a very short span of time? The owners at the time wanted to add a clause in Haslett’s contract stipulating that he would be named head coach automatically if he won a certain amount of games. This begs the question, how many games would he have needed to win? Obviously it doesn’t matter because he has not won a game since word of the contract got out. See, there’s a reason they were going to put that clause in; they knew Haslett wouldn’t get there.
Atlanta wins 23-16

New England (10-5) @ Buffalo (7-8)
A trip to the playoffs on the line for the Pats and the Bills are playing to prove….. See, I tried to put in something here that would stand out but none of it did. My first choice was “playing to prove they are not chokers”, but the last game of the regular season for a team that’s not going to the playoffs does not accomplish that. So scratch that one. My second choice was “playing to prove the rivalry with New England runs deep and they want to beat them bad” but the Patriots have defeated them something like 14 times in a row. So once again, scratch that. My third choice was “playing to prove that the law of averages does exist”; if you lose 14 times in a row to someone, you’re bound to win at some point right? Nevertheless, as you can see I didn’t go with either of my three options. I realized that all three were bad and that the sum of all three together point out to a team that is on the rise to lose against their divisional foe.
New England wins 24-20

Kansas City (2-13) @ Cincinnati (3-11-1)
This week NFL fans will be treated to two “Unemployment Office Games”. The unemployment office game is a term I developed for bad teams playing each other towards the end of the season. The teams facing each other will have members of the coaching staff fired and players cut going into the next season. So these games will result in several people being out of work. So when CBS hypes up this game, here’s how it should go (cue CBS music):
“CBS welcomes you to the AFC Unemployment Office Game! Marvin Lewis and Herm Edwards go toe to toe and blow for blow. It’s the NFL on CBS!
Cincinnati wins 17-13

Detroit (0-15) @ Green Bay (5-10)
Promo (cue FOX music): “Marinelli. McCarthy. One of these coaches came into the season with big playoff expectations while the other hoped to have the team show every Sunday for 16 straight weeks. Neither has happened. Today, FOX presents the NFC Unemployment Office Game! Here is Troy Aikman and Joe Buck with some pre-game analysis.”

Aikman: The Detroit Lions continuously continue to suck (Bill Simmons joke). The Green Bay Packers better win this game or else the fans might burn down Lambeau Field.

Joe Buck: Yes indeed Troy, I mean it’s one thing to trade Favre for practically nothing and then be 0-8 in all your close games; but losing to a winless Detroit team would be despicable.
Green Bay just better win regardless of the score.

Tennessee (13-2) @ Indianapolis (11-4)
These two teams have absolutely nothing to play for. Tennessee is locked in as the #1 seed and Indianapolis is locked in as the #5 seed. So both teams will and should rest their guys right? Wrong. The Colts won the Superbowl in 2006 because they had to actually play out all of their games and were sharp entering the playoffs whereas the years they locked up the top seeds early they rested guys and kept losing early in the playoffs. And by early I mean the divisional round. Conversely, the New England Patriots and New York Giants met last year in a meaningless Week 17 match up and refused to rest guys. Coincidentally, those two teams met up in the Superbowl. The team that plays its regulars the more in this game might actually end up making it to the Superbowl as the AFC representative. Remember where you heard it first.
Tennessee wins 19-16

New York Giants (12-3) @ Minnesota (9-6)
Tough game to predict. Not sure if the Giants will play their guys or not in this one; however the betting line suggests that the regulars play. The Giants have clinched the top spot in the NFC while the Vikings are trying to win the NFC North which would give them the #3 seed heading in to the playoffs. But going up against the Giants will prove to be too tall a task for the Vikings even if NY only plays their guys three quarters. The Giants right now are so good that even if they don’t play their guys, they can still play like Michael Jordan when he was with the Wizards. Although not particularly flashy or highflying, MJ was still putting up 20 points per game at 40 years old against the likes of Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to name a few..
NY Giants win 20-17

Carolina (11-4) @ New Orleans (8-7)
Carolina needs to win to secure the #2 seed in the NFC. But remember how I ALWAYS pick the home team in NFC South games? That pick is not about to change. These teams for whatever reason know how to seal the deal at home. I still stand by my early season theory that the NFC South cities are great for parties and opposing teams get sucked in to that.
New Orleans wins 27-24

Cleveland (4-11) @ Pittsburgh (11-4)
The Steelers have the #2 seed locked up and will probably look to rest Big Ben and all of the other injured players on the roster. This is like a Teen Wolf game. Although Pittsburgh will show up to the game probably without the Wolf, I still see them beating Cleveland in a contest that really won’t be that close. Michael J. Fox himself could come out to play corner for Pittsburgh and be assigned to cover Braylon Edwards and I would still pick Pittsburgh to win the game.
Pittsburgh wins 24-17

Oakland (4-11) @ Tampa Bay (9-6)
This game will be uglier then a sober, sober, asleep or awake Amy Whinehouse.
Tampa Bay wins 20-16

Chicago (9-6) @ Houston (7-8)
Wouldn’t it suck for the Bears if the Texans kept them out of the playoffs? Matter of fact, I’m calling it here; that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
Houston wins 23-20

Washington (8-7) @ San Francisco (6-9)
Talk about going in opposite directions. The Redskins were the up an coming force at the beginning of the season, the 49ers were in trouble from day with their QB of the future relegated to Kurt Warner duty at the local Walgreen’s. With the season near the end, the skins have found themselves falling flat on a couple occasions and Mike Singletary’s troops that you can fear and respect a brother with a lisp.

Jacksonville (5-10) @ Baltimore (10-5)
I wont lie to you I never know what’s up with Jacksonville until the playoffs. It bothers me that it seems they’ve always had the same dudes on the field…unless these suckers get hurt. What’s worse is they always look like contenders at the beginning of each season. So who will win, the team that needs more white guys(Jacksonville is the wrong place to have brothers with free time…) or the team with the exact balance between black guys and white guys (10 to 1)?
Baltimore wins 17-9

Miami (10-5) @ NY Jets (9-6)
-Cue the NFL Films music

- Start video of all kinds of white QBs ( sorry about the racial overtone but I just spend the last couple days with my in-laws who happen to all be white…in the words of Eminem I’m having a relapse) in all kinds of situations where the adversity is palpable and blah blah blah

- Insert crappy Brett Favre references , he had his best game after his dad died, people are always hating on him blah blah blah adversity.

--Insert video of Chad Pennington getting hurt 28 times while with the Jets, then being Young Moneyed AKA Lil’ Waived by the Jets only to become the starting QB/WR/HB/TE/C on an overachieving team, blah blah blah adversity.

A bunch of crap that will overshadow what should actually be a great game.

Dallas (9-6) @ Philadelphia (8-6-1)
I have chosen not to discuss anything Cowboys related until they are eliminated or win the Superbowl…..in other words we’ll talk about them in 2 weeks MAX.
Dallas wins 58-0

Seattle (4-11) @ Arizona (8-7)
This is the reason why you should never celebrate season achievements 10 weeks before the season ends.
Seattle wins 27-24

Denver (8-7) @ San Diego (7-8)
The game of the weak errrrr I meant week. After the controversy surrounding their first game about “the fumble that wasn’t fumble but was fumble but actually wasn’t cuz I didn’t call it a fumble”, both teams have come full circle to meet up and finish the season head to head. Denver won a lot early but then lost a lot late to get to where they are now, whereas San Diego lost a lot early and won a lot late to get to this final showdown with the AFC West crown on the line.
San Diego wins 24-23

Make sure you guys throw it up during the holidays!

NFL Recap Week 16

Baltimore (10-5) @ Dallas (9-6)
Pick: Dallas wins 16-10
Reality: Baltimore won 33-24
Star Wars is probably one of the most popular movie series of all time. We follow the evolution of a young Luke Skywalker that eventually becomes the hero that everyone wants him to be. However, Luke can only become that hero through hard and disciplined training with Master Yoda. Although Luke Skywalker is the saviour, some would argue that Yoda is perhaps the most popular of all the characters in the series (especially with his fight scenes in Episode I,II & III). The death of Master Yoda in Return of the Jedi left many hardcore fans dumbfounded because they could not possibly fathom that he could die. My comparison here obviously applies to one of the most popular, if not the most popular football franchise in the NFL; the Dallas Cowboys. For years they have been known as “America’s Team” and yet on Saturday night the Cowboys were placed in a coffin ready to be buried. Some way somehow, because other NFC teams lost over the weekend, the casket basically remained open and Dallas actually has a chance at being revived. We’ll see if a funeral is held next week for America’s Team in “Return of the T.O. Jedi”.

Yoda vs Emperor Palpatine

Cincinnati (3-11-1) @ Cleveland (4-11)
Pick: Cleveland wins 23-17
Reality: Cincinnati won 14-0
The security guards in the deep end zone are required to stare off into the stands and be completely oblivious to what’s happening in the game. I’m not even sure they are allowed to talk. Admit it, that sounds exactly like what Romeo Crennel does right?

New Orleans (8-7) @ Detroit (0-15)
Pick: Detroit wins 23-20
Reality: New Orleans won 42-7
This game was a perfect representation of my Sunday afternoon. It’s as if the Saints were snow and Detroit was me trying to shovel the snow in the entrance. No matter how long I stayed outside to toss snow aside, it just didn’t matter. The front entrance just kept getting piles and piles of snow and at some point I just gave up and went back in to watch football games. Yes, I just said that Detroit has quit playing. Too much snow to shovel man.

Pittsburgh (11-4) @ Tennessee (13-2)
Pick: Tennessee wins 16-13
Reality: Tennessee won 31-14
Could you imagine a wrestling match involving Bret “the Hitman” Hart and Chris Benoit? Hart and Benoit are two of the best technical wrestlers I have ever seen. We would be watching these athletes go head to head and matching up the same strengths. It’s always interesting (at least in my opinion) to watch adversaries who both have the same exact strengths go up against one another. Normally, the winning party is able to master his strength and execute better then the losing party (think of two dudes going head to head at Madden). On Sunday afternoon, the Titans showed that their defense should be feared and that it may actually be on par if not better then the Steelers. Using back up defensive linemen, Tennessee slapped around Ben Roethlisberger worse the Charles Oakley slapped Tyrone Hill and Jeff McInnis combined.

Miami (10-5) @ Kansas City (2-12)
Pick: Kansas City wins 20-16
Reality: Miami won 38-31
It’s hard out there for a pimp. From what I’ve heard, a pimp is constantly working. He must recruit prospects, make sure his regulars are out there collecting top dollar, get nasty when they don’t collect, put pressure and possibly hand out a beating on a non paying customer and handle the finances. In other words, in order to be a pimp, dude has to handle his business. The parallel I’m trying to draw here is that if an NFL team is going to be part of the playoffs, that team needs to handle its business. That usually involves beating teams that you are supposed to beat no matter the place, no matter the time and no matter the weather. If Miami wins next week and makes the playoffs; they will be granted pimp status.

San Francisco (6-9) @ St Louis (2-13)
Pick: San Francisco wins 24-20
Reality: San Francisco won 17-16
Didn’t I warn you guys about Mike Singletary? Although they will not make the playoffs, Singletary has found a way to get his guys to perform regardless of who is on the field. Quick, can you name the starting quarterback for the 49ers right now without the benefit of ESPN or Google? Only Niners fans will probably be able to answer that question (the answer by the way is Shaun Hill). I’m too lazy to do this myself but can anyone start a dynasty in Madden playing with the 49ers, then fire coach Mike Nolan after eight games, promote Singletary to head coach; then simulate the remaining games and see if it shakes up like it did in reality. Anyone?

Arizona (8-7) @ New England (10-5)
Pick: New England wins 34-31
Reality: New England won 47-7
Man the Arizona Cardinals are bad in the cold. Actually, considering how bad they got smacked by the Minnesota Vikings the week before; could it be that they are just bad? Right now, I would pick Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington, Green Bay, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore and Jacksonville to defeat Arizona. How many of those teams are locks to make the playoffs? What do you think that says about the Cardinals playoff chances?

San Diego (7-8) @ Tampa Bay (9-6)
Pick: Tampa Bay wins 23-20
Reality: San Diego won 41-24
Previously, I mentioned that to be a pimp you have to know how to handle your business. Well the other side of that is a Poker player. A Poker player can have the best hand in his life and go all in and lose out to another dude that ends up having the better hand. This goes out to the Chargers who have been playing Poker for the last few weeks. They have been winning games all the while hoping that Denver loses out in order to sneak into the playoffs. And wouldn’t you know it, the Chargers have a chance next Sunday to become a pimp if they handle their bidness. And you know what? I think San Diego will reach pimp status and make the playoffs. Sometimes you have to take things from others.

The Mack : Yo bitch chose me (fast forward to 0:35 mark, real pimp ish)

NY Jets (9-6) @ Seattle (4-11)
Pick: NY Jets win 24-17
Reality: Seattle won 13-3
The Jets put up a stinker in Seattle and must win on Sunday and hope some of their divisional opponents lose so that they can make the playoffs. The Jets are essentially like a mailman in December; they have trouble delivering because of the weather and the holidays are a great excuse for delayed or undelivered packages. Quick note: Philip Rivers is not going to Hawaii but Brett Favre is?!? How in the hell does that make sense? Rivers is leading the league in QB rating while Favre is leading the league in interceptions but Rivers can’t sniff the Pro Bowl because Favre is going. That my friends is a great reason to booo.

Houston (7-7) @ Oakland (3-11)
Pick: Houston wins 20-16
Reality: Oakland won 27-16

Buffalo (7-8) @ Denver (8-7)
Pick: Denver wins 27-20
Reality: Buffalo won 30-23
Latrell Spreewell, Tracy McGrady, Buffalo Bills (in any era) and Tony Romo. We thought that these guys were chokers but the Denver Broncos are proving to be almost on a different level by themselves. A few weeks ago, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen reported that all Denver had to do was win one game and they would win the AFC West title thus clinching a playoff spot. Those weeks have passed and here we are with Denver losing their last two games and facing a “win and in” game on Sunday against San Diego. Good luck to Broncos fans who will have to watch that game with tied knots in their stomachs as San Diego wins and heads to the playoffs.

Philadelphia (8-6-1) @ Washington (8-7)
Pick: Philadelphia wins 23-17
Reality: Washington won 10-3
Donovan McNabb meets up with a Minnesota Vikings representative in March:

Vikings rep: You have a very impressive CV Donovan, however one thing troubles me…

McNabb: It’s the Chunky Soup commercials right? I’ll cut down on those.

Vikings rep: Umm no, we love those. The problem we have is that although you were phenomenal last season, you managed to put up a tie game against Cincinnati, then you compounded that by saying you were not aware there were ties in the NFL. Then you said something retarded about how that would not work in the playoffs. The following week you got benched against Baltimore. A few weeks later you managed to get your offense to produce a weak three points against Washington.

McNabb: Word. I know. Thanks for taking the time to meet me though. I’ll go look elsewhere.

Vikings rep: Whoa, wait a sec Donovan. I said those were areas of concern but we still want you my good man. Have you seen our QBs? We’re not making the Superbowl with Tarvaris Jackson or Gus Frerotte. Let’s work out the numbers for the deal.

Atlanta (10-5) @ Minnesota (9-6)
Pick: Atlanta wins 24-20
Reality: Atlanta won 24-17
Congrats to the Atlanta Falcons for going on the road and getting their ATL Stomp on and making the playoffs in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Mike Vick was probably positive that the Falcons would suck and figured once his prison term was up that he would be able to stroll back to ATL again. Now, Vick is probably wondering how he’s going to repay all those loans he took from dudes in the joint.

Carolina (11-4) @ NY Giants (12-3)
Pick: NY Giants win 27-23
Reality: NY Giants won 34-28 in OT
Man what a great game. The raw emotion associated in the game amongst the fans must have been off the charts. The Giants were down in the fourth quarter and then came back to tie with a touchdown and a two point conversion with a few minutes left on the clock. Then Carolina came back with a shot at winning the game and the number one seed in the NFC but missed the field goal. On their second possession of overtime, New York took the ball the length of the field for the winning score. The game was filled with so much energy that it reminded me of Michael Jordan’s double nickel pperformance at Madison Square Garden, Dr. Dre’s Chronic Tour DVD and 50 Cent’s performance at the Bell Center in Montreal. Just a lot of excitement and adrenaline involved. Let’s see if this game catapults the Giants to a big playoff run.

Dr. Dre

Green Bay (5-10) @ Chicago (9-6)
Pick: Green Bay wins 17-13
Reality: Chicago won 20-17
Tony Kornheiser said something that hit me during this game; he mentioned how Green Bay looked more like a team playing to get into the playoffs while Chicago looked like a mediocre team. The Packers forced turnovers, ran the ball when needed and made key plays that gave you the impression they would win. However, the Packers Achilles heel this season has been finishing or closing out games. With the score tied and a chance to win the game, the Bears blocked a 38 yard field goal attempt. Then in overtime, the Green Bay defense that had stopped Chicago for most of the night suddenly seemed out of sync. Between a horse collar penalty and watching Matt Forte come out of the backfield for a long reception that set up the winning field goal, the Packers defense went missing in OT. The Green Bay Packers fold faster then clothes at the laundry mat in close games. That’s why their record is what it is. Better luck next year. The Bears in the meantime have a shot at making the playoffs.

NFL Week 16 Picks

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this week's version of the picks will be shorter then usual.

Baltimore (9-5) @ Dallas (9-5)
Remember how Rabbit just kept knocked down and embarrassed in 8Mile? That's what you should expect today for both quarterbacks as two of the best sack happy teams in the NFL square off head to head. Welcome to Sacktown,USA!
Dallas wins 16-10

Cincinnati (2-11) @ Cleveland (4-10)
The juggernaut state of Ohio holds a 6-21 record in the NFL. Cleveland and Cincinnati are such powerful adversaries that we get to see them play again! Great times. I liken it to watching two of Vick's damaged dogs fighting.
Cleveland wins 23-17

New Orleans (7-7) @ Detroit (0-14)
Lions fans finally go home happy! Obviously I'm not taking into account the day that Millen got fired.
Detroit wins 23-20

Pittsburgh (11-3) @ Tennessee (12-2)
I don't see this ending well for Ben Roethlisberger. That Tennessee defense is known for applying pressure and beating up quarterbacks. Expect Ben to be treated like an inmate at the Compton State Penitentiary. Trust me, probably not a pretty sight if you've seen prison movies like American History X.
Tennessee wins 16-13

Miami (9-5) @ Kansas City (2-11)
Miami's playoffs hopes take a huge hit when they lose at Kansas City. After the game ends, Herm Edwards will hold a press conference saying how happy he is that his team is in the playoffs. Then a reporter will remind him that his team is not even in playoff contention. Then he will make a huge scene at the podium an say the NFL should be ashamed for not putting his Chiefs in the playoffs and quit on the spot. Brilliant move to avoid getting fired.
Kansas City wins 20-16

San Francisco (5-9) @ St Louis (2-12)
If I am going to endorse Mike Singletary as head coach of the Niners, I have to pick him to defeat St. Louis right? It's the only logical thing to do.
San Francisco wins 24-20

Arizona (8-6) @ New England (9-5)
Here's a quiz question : What do you call a person or team that consistently fails to show up in big games against good teams (basically an egg layer)? Give up? The answer is an Arizona Cardinal.
New England wins 34-31

San Diego (6-8) @ Tampa Bay (9-5)
In the movie Saw, Jigsaw kidnaps criminals or people that have committed wrongdoings but offers them a chance at redemption by putting them through gruesome tortures in machines he designs himself. His tortures usually involve getting the victims to sever the part of their body that was mostly used to commit the crimes; if the victim didn't go along with it, the torture machine led directly to their death. Well San Diego's season has essentially been put through the torture machine and this Sunday they are unable to complete the task requested by Jigsaw and the Tampa Bay torture machine kills the Chargers playoff hopes by eliminating them from the playoffs.
Tampa Bay wins 23-20

NY Jets (9-5) @ Seattle (3-11)
I know the Jets are 0-3 on the West Coast, but if you can't beat this Seattle team with the playoffs on the line, you don't deserve to make the playoffs.
NY Jets win 24-17

Houston (7-7) @ Oakland (3-11)
The only good reason to watch this game involves fantasy purposes.
Houston wins 20-16

Buffalo (6-8) @ Denver (8-6)
Two teams that just can't seem to make the cut in my opinion.
Denver wins 27-20

Philadelphia (8-5-1) @ Washington (7-7)
Philly tied against Cincinnati and Washington lost against Cincinnati . So what gives? Philly has to win right?
Philadelphia wins 23-17

Atlanta (9-5) @ Minnesota (9-5)
I would have picked Minnesota if not for the Williams injury on the defensive line. With Williams out, it's like going out with Jessica Shepard (portrayed by Ashley Judd in the movie Twisted) , it's basically pretty easy to come up the middle.
Atlanta wins 24-20

Carolina (11-3) @ NY Giants (11-3)
ESPN Classic had Rocky IV on last night and I was reminded just how improbable that fight was. Every now and then you forget certain details; but I mean there is no way in hell that Rocky could have defeated Drago under neutral circumstances (with the fight in Vegas for instance). Drago was too strong, too big, too young and had too much endurance; all in all he was a giant. That being said, the fight wasn't even held on a neutral site, it was held in Moscow during the Cold War. I mean let's be real; if Floyd "Money" Mayweather went to Iraq to fight their best guy, is there any realistic chance that Mayweather wins the fight? The referee would be bought, his food would be poisoned and the water given to him between rounds would have anthrax. Essentially what I'm saying is that the Rocky will not defeat Drago on Sunday. The bigger, badder and better team will prevail.
NY Giants win 27-23

Green Bay (5-9) @ Chicago (8-6)
Green bay upsets Chicago and keeps them out of the playoffs with this loss.
Green Bay wins 17-13

Thursday Game recap

Indianapolis (11-4) @ Jacksonville (5-10)
Pick: Indianapolis wins 24-20
Reality: Indianapolis won 31-24
In the show “How I met your mother” we are treated to a dude named Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) who is tired of all the meaningless and superficial relationships he has encountered and is now looking for Ms Right. However, looking for the right one is not as easy as it sounds, more often then not it ends up being a hit and miss situation. Once you see she’s not right for you, you take the L and send her on her way. Ted has a great group of friends that support him and try to help him out in his quest. Mind you, there is the one wild card: Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris). To women, Barney is that guy. The guy that you swore you would not let get into your pants because you knew he was playing you but he still managed to hit it. Barney is the guy that picks up women at the bar with a ridiculous line and then gets his and bounces before the lady notices anything. Regardless of the obstacles presented to him, Barney knows how to seal the deal. On Thursday night, for about 55 minutes, the Jacksonville Jaguars looked like Barney Stinson. They had all the right moves going as they took the lead early and pounded the ball with great success during the game. Little did we know that Jacksonville was playing the part of Ted Mosby; and that they would eventually hit and miss. No matter what they did, they let Indianapolis stay in the game. Turns out that the Colts were playing the role of Barney with their ability to stay close until the end and go for the kill. With less then 5 minutes left in the game, Keiwan Ratliff picked off David Garrard and took it to the house for what turned out to be the game winning touchdown. Indy sealed the deal while Jacksonville is still looking for the one to take them to the promise land.

Barney drops some lines

Thursday Pick

Indianapolis (10-4) @ Jacksonvilel (5-9)
Most men have a problem when it comes to keeping it real. Only a select few are able to put their onions on the table and say what they want to say when they want to say it. It's as if men in general are afraid to be the poster of the Chappelle skit "When keeping it real goes wrong". Indeed, males normally lie when it comes to women. They date a few different women but are unable to tell them that they have other options…..several other options (for those of you wondering, no I will not drop names). However, at some point the dude will place one of the women at the top of his list (she's not his girlfriend or wifey, just the #1 option but she believes it's a little more then that because that's what she was led to believe)and invariably spend more time with her then others. That woman eventually gets a read on your habits, tendencies, body language and your lies. Once the dude suspects that #1 has figured out his patterns, he tries to switch up a little to avoid getting caught. In essence, that's the nature of an NFL divisional game (admit it, you had no clue where this was going). Divisional opponents face against each other so often throughout the years that every now and then certain teams have to switch up what they do because the opponent knows exactly what plays you want to run depending on field position, down and distance. The Colts advantage is normally their ability to get in and out of plays at the line of scrimmage; however that advantage tends to be somewhat nullified against teams within their division. Therefore, Indianapolis must rely on sharp and crisp execution. Jacksonville on the other hand, is a different style of team. They rely on power football (running the ball and defense) to shorten the amount of possessions and control the ball. In their first match up this year, Jacksonville dominated the time of possession and the rushing game. Mind you, that Colts defense has improved during the season and I am anxious to see how they fare against the Jags. I think Indy drops a new type of lie on the Jags and get the W.
Indianapolis wins 24-20


Stephen A. Smith interviews Terrel Owens and Katt Williams (SBG Style). Enjoy!!

NFL Recap Week 15

Tampa Bay (9-5) @ Atlanta (9-5)
Pick: Atlanta wins 26-23
Reality: Atlanta won 13-10
As usual, home teams in NFC South match ups keep winning. I was telling Philly on Sunday, every week that Matt Ryan comes up big and wins; Vick must be sucking his teeth and telling himself “this kid’s got nuttin on me; I’ll be back in Atlanta by June”. The one problem with that is that Vick’s comments probably shrink every week while the prison bookie keeps telling Vick “ you better figure out a way to get me my money; I don’t care if you go into gay porn; u getting me my money lefty, you pretty enough to pull it off”.

Washington (7-7) @ Cincinnati (2-11-1)
Pick: Washington wins 26-17
Reality: Cincinnati won 20-13
Remember a few weeks ago, some analysts were arguing about the Redskins possibly being a Superbowl contender? I had dismissed the talk as ludicrous and pointed out that Washington was merely on a good run and that they would eventually show they were an average team. Some readers called me crazy and said I was clueless; well then where does losing to Cincinnati put Washington at, the NFC Title game? At least Philadelphia didn’t lose to the Bengals, they tied (I made a huge stink about the tie at time, but boy Washington must be wishing they tied right now).

Seattle (3-11) @ St Louis (2-12)
Pick: Seattle wins 20-17
Reality: Seattle won 23-20
Remember how Elmer J. Fudd would go into the woods looking to hunt rabbits and stumble on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Bugs Bunny would tell Fudd that it’s duck season and Daffy Duck would claim that Bugs was wrong and that it was rabbit season and back and forth they would go. Ultimately, the debate was pointless because Elmer J. Fudd wouldn’t catch any of them. Well same applies here. Seattle defeated St Louis in a game that put them in third face in the NFC West; which is great until you remember there are four teams per division. Nevertheless, it could have been worse, Seattle could have lost to St Louis.

Wabbit/Duck season

San Francisco (5-9) @ Miami (9-5)
Pick: San Francisco wins 16-13
Reality: Miami won 14-9
If you are going to contend for a spot in the playoffs, you have to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. Miami did just that and took another step towards a very much in reach playoff spot. Kudos to the Miami Dolphins for staying in the hunt and refusing to fade down the stretch.

Buffalo (6-8) @ NY Jets (9-5)
Pick: Buffalo wins 24-20
Reality: NY Jets won 31-27
Congratulations to the NY Jets for pulling out a win when the chips were down. But what the hell is up with the Bills coaching staff? Protecting a lead, 2nd and 5 with a mediocre QB before the two minute warning, you call a pass play and then Losman gets sacked, fumbles the ball and it gets returned for a touchdown. Game blouses. ESPN’s Bill Simmons wrote a piece a few weeks ago saying that if you get enough reps at something, you will eventually master it. As an example, he used LeBron James and the amount of reps he took at becoming a superstar before he finally figured it out. Well strangely the same seems to apply to Dick Jauron who just seems to get reps at being a poor coach. He had lost his touch earlier in the season, as Buffalo was winning consistently but eventually got his mojo back and his team went into a funk. I mean, I was watching the highlights of the game and told Philly maybe we should call Ralph (die hard Bills fan) just to make sure he was alive. I mean these guys have turned heartbreaking losses into an art. We should start calling them the “Losing Isaac Mendez’” (Heroes reference) because of their ability to paint a masterpiece as far as heartbreaking losses go.

Detroit (0-14) @ Indianapolis (10-4)
Pick: Indianapolis wins 20-13
Reality: Indianapolis won 31-21
Detroit managed to tie the game in the fourth quarter but then Peyton Manning pulled out a classic “ Don’t worry, I got this, no way we’re losing to these scrubs” touchdown drive that put the Colts ahead for good and resulted in a victory. Quick note: The NY Giants and Tennessee Titans have pounded on opponents for most of the season but suddenly seem vulnerable with the playoffs approaching. This leads me to wonder, which team is currently playing the best in the NFL? We have teams like Pittsburgh, Carolina, Minnesota, Indianapolis, NY Jets and Baltimore. Speaking of which, I am in no way, shape or form saying that the NFL is fixed, but isn’t it somewhat curious that this late in the season the #1 seed in the AFC (Tennessee) will be playing the #2 seed in the AFC (Pittsburgh) at 1:00 pm and the #1 seed in the NFC (NY Giants) will be playing the #2 seed in the NFC at 8:15 pm on the same day (yes I know all about the flex scheduling but it’s still odd)? I’m just saying.

San Diego (6-8) @ Kansas City (2-12)
Pick: San Diego wins 24-20
Reality: San Diego won 22-21
Norv Turner vs Herm Edwards. I can’t believe I completely missed this angle in the picks column. I mean two of the best coaches to bet against in the NFL. I mean, if you had to pick a coach between these two right now to win a game against one of the top teams in the NFL, who would you go with? I’d put all my marbles on Herm; the guy has tons of charisma and knows how to motivate players. With a team composed of the likes of Tyler Thigpen (who?), Larry Johnson (who is a better club bouncer then running back right now) and Tony Gonzalez, the Chiefs almost pulled out a win against a San Diego squad composed of Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles, Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates. In addition, even if my Herm Edwards led team loses, you can expect some good sound bytes and Herm will get the media to be almost sympathetic to the fact his team lost. Norv Turner on the other hand is said to be an offensive genius that loses at every stop he makes.

Green Bay (5-9) @ Jacksonville (5-9)
Pick: Green Bay wins 26-23
Reality: Jacksonville won 20-16
On Sunday, I was at the SBGTV ‘s second mansion (Philly’s house) where he alluded to my post comparing Weezy’s up and down rap skills to the NY Jets. The topic was how utterly ridiculous Wayne can get at times with his rhymes; here’s an example: “I get paid by the letter like A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z….” Riveting stuff right? Well that rhyme was more intriguing to me then this game. That’s what happens when you get teams together combining for 18 losses.

Drake ft Weezy – Ransom

Tennessee (12-2) @ Houston (7-7)
Pick: Houston wins 23-20
Reality: Houston won 13-12
Great win for the Texans. However, I have to wonder about the Titans right now; losing to Houston isn’t an embarrassment, mind you Tennessee should come out feeling like they are playing for more then Houston. In addition, Jeff Fisher has decided that Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch will sit out the rest of the regular season and only play in the playoffs. I am obviously not qualified to say whether they should play or not, but as a Colts fan I know firsthand that too much rest can cause your players to lose their edge. I’m just putting that out there.

Minnesota (9-5) @ Arizona (8-6)
Pick: Minnesota wins 27-24
Reality: Minnesota won 35-14
Every now and then, some rapper will throw out a diss track on another rapper that will get the whole hip hop community buzzing and anticipating a response. Rarely does it occur that they happen to be in the same weight class. For instance, Snoop dissing Suge, 50 Cent going after Ja Rule or Eminem destroying Benzino. However, every now and then, you can end up with two quality rappers that you hope give you a show. This past weekend, I thought I was going to see Canibus take on Eminem when the Vikings and Cardinals got together. Two distinct styles involving teams whom we thought were in the same weight class and that would give the fans a phenomenal game; that’s the type of anticipation I had. Unfortunately for Arizona, Minnesota came out like Nas and dropped the Ether on the Cards early and called it a day. Have a sample:
[…]You a fan, a phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan
I still whip your ass, you thirty-six in a karate class
You Tae-bo hoe, Tryna’ work it out, you tryna get ‘brolic?
Ask me if I’m tryna’ kick knowledge
Nah I’m tryna’ kick the shit you need to learn though
That ether, that shit that make your soul burn slow
Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy?
Oh, I get it, you Biggie and he’s Puffy […]

Nas – Ether

Denver (8-6) @ Carolina (11-3)
Pick: Carolina wins 23-17
Reality: Carolina won 30-10
Remember when I said that the San Diego Chargers had a schedule that might give them a shot at getting back into the playoffs? Well it’s as if that same schedule got applied in reverse against Denver. Right now, if Denver loses their next game and San Diego wins its next game it will set up a situation where the Broncos play the Chargers in the final game of the season with a trip to playoffs on the line. Although that would be highly entertaining, let me say right now to Charger fans to pack up your ish and go home. Denver will win the division and Norv Turner will be fired. After that happens, LT will be either traded or released. Don’t hate the playa dropping the knowledge, hate the game!

Pittsburgh (11-3) @ Baltimore (9-5)
Pick: Baltimore wins 17-13
Reality: Pittsburgh won 13-9
I rarely if ever complain about officiating because it’s part of the game. A blown call happens every now and then. But what happened in Baltimore was a travesty. With the AFC North title at stake, the refs called the ball down inside the 1 yard line but a replay that seemed inconclusive to me overturned the call and made it a touchdown. Unfortunately, officials make mistakes but this one is hard to swallow. We’ll see what Mike Perreira (referee po po) has to say about this on Wednesday on NFL Network. I reserve the right to change opinions, but this is my stance on the call (pulled from a skit on Wyclef’s Carnival album).
After a witness’s testimony, the defense lawyer states his opinion
Defense lawyer: Bishep. Bishep (with a Haitian accent so you think he’s pronouncing it bad and trying to say Bishop)

Prosecutor: You see your honor, this is what I’m talking about, who the hell is Bishop?

Defense lawyer: Bishep Bishep; not true fuss.

Prosecutor: Oh, bullsh*t!

New England (9-5) @ Oakland (3-11)
Pick: New England wins 27-20
Reality: New England won 49-26
Great return trip for Moss back to Oakland. When Oakland traded Randy Moss, they treated him like a girlfriend that got dumped because of an inability to bring excitement and failure to live up to standards. Now, that girlfriend came back to town with her new dude and did the freakiest ish you’ve ever seen and made you watch the whole thing. Oakland wants that girlfriend back, but Moss has moved on; another great move by the Al Davis dictatorship.

NY Giants (11-3) @ Dallas (9-5)
Pick: Dallas wins 24-21
Reality: Dallas won 20-8
In the words of Jimmy Johnson, How about dem Cowboys?

Cleveland @ Philadelphia
Pick: Philadelphia wins 24-16
Reality: Philadelphia wins
Donovan adds another line to his curriculum this week
*26/35, 290 yds passing, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 30-10 win

A Path to Greatness: Phoenix Suns (by Philly)

I’d like to talk to you (my Bill Cosby intro) about Dominique Wilkins, one of the most exciting scorers of all time. Some say he never won because he always had bigger legends in his way, some say he never had the parts, I say he never had the RIGHT parts.The pressure that comes with being next as an up and coming star has shattered many careers, and although Nique is still a Hall of Famer he will never be in the same convo as MJ, Larry or Magic. That brings me to Jason Richardson. He came into the league with windmills and between the legs and 360s, people automatically gave him the “YOU GOT NEXT” brand. A few clutch shots and first round exit later he was on his way to Charlotte where the real MJ would build a team around him, WRONG. In the meantime, Phoenix was building a championship team with a two time MVP and possibly the most intriguing player I’ve ever seen in the NBA in Shawn Marion. After a couple heartbreaking losses in the playoffs, another ex-Bull (Steve Kerr) decided that , as D’Antoni put it, Marion was not as good as he(Marion) thought he was. He traded him for Shaq who was going to be the saviour. A few months into this season, with both teams not looking anything like they thought they would, the two GMs decided to replay the last seconds of the 1997 finals; MJ deferred to Kerr so that they could both be successful. The Suns now have a line the line up they think will get them the championship with Nash, J-Rich, Amare, Grant Hill (who drinks sprite) and Shaq. Only time will tell if this team has what it takes to become champions or if J-rich is doomed to be the next Nique(or even Nash being the next Stockton) because he always had a true legend in his way AKA they’ll have to get through Kobe and/or LeBron in the process.

Shyne adds:
And if all that wasn't a big enough of a challenge as is, the San Antonio Spurs still have not lost to the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs in the Nash Suns era. Suns fans are hoping thatJ-Rich brings back the fun that left the team when D'Antoni bounced to Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Ja Rule's part of town.....NEW YORK.

Game canceled

Yesterday's game was canceled. So no SBG game updates this week.

NFL Week 15 Picks

Tampa Bay (9-4) @ Atlanta (8-5)
By now, everyone should know the rule, NFC South match up, pick the home team.
Atlanta wins 26-23

Washington (7-6) @ Cincinnati (1-11-1)
Rod Marinelli (Detroit Lions) and Marvin Lewis have somehow managed to remain employed by their respective teams. Yet, interim 49ers head coach Mike Singletary who took over at the midway point of the season has managed to coach more wins out of his teams then both Detroit and Cincinnati combined. I'm not saying those teams should get rid of their coaches; but perhaps they should at least look at the possibility right?
Washington wins 26-17

Seattle (2-11) @ St Louis (2-11)
Picking this game is like picking between the movies Batman & Robin and Spider-Man 3 at a crap film festival. Essentially, you're not picking which will be best; you're actually looking for the worst. Batman is supposed to be a dark figure that instills fear into his enemies and even in some of his allies. However, in Batman & Robin, George Clooney turned the dark knight into a sex symbol with tons of charisma. Basically Batman becomes the dude you want to spend your Friday nights with having a beer because you know that as his wingman you will be getting some action in the Batmobile. Spider-Man 3 had the same problem for all intents and purposes; it turned Peter Parker into this guy that started walking the streets and hitting on women all the while rocking a suave suite to get the attention of the ladies. Peter Parker even shows off his dancing moves in order to make Mary Jane jealous thus betraying the persona of our said hero. These movies were bad because the people behind them lacked the necessary intangibles to make a great movie in these two cases because they betrayed the characters personalities. The NFL is about the same, you need certain intangibles in order to consistently tough out hard fought games and win. The teams that lack them usually lose. But how do you pick a loser when both teams are just as bad? Like I mentioned previously, it's not about picking a winner, it's about picking a team that will screw up worse then the next one. This week, I'll give my pick to St Louis.
Seattle wins 20-17

San Francisco (5-8) @ Miami (8-5)
Robert Downey Jr. has made an improbable comeback. All of us (and I mean all of us in the world) had left him for dead and figured he was probably sharing a cell with John Forte for coke trafficking or something due to his disappearance from the limelight for such a long period of time. Then we heard about him landing the role for Iron Man and just told ourselves there was no way he would be able to pull it off and that the movie would flop. He then came out and gave us a great performance but several were still skeptical. Then came Tropic Thunder. That's when we all became convinced the dude was back; and back with game ladies and gentlemen. Wondering where I'm going with this? Look at the Niners. Mike Singletary has slowly changed the culture of the team and has them performing at a level where they have defeated two AFC East playoff hopefuls (NY Jets, Buffalo) in the past few weeks. I think they pull it off again this week.
San Francisco wins 16-13

Tropic Thunder Trailer

Buffalo (6-7) @ NY Jets (8-5)
The NY Jets remind of the rap phenom Lil' Wayne. My first initial thought about him was: can I take him seriously? And to this day, I still wonder about him. With hot tracks like Prostitute, Sportscenter and the Show me what you got freestyle; you can't help but be impressed and think that this dude is just off the hook. Then Weezy comes out with mediocre or average verses at best on tracks like White Girl or Throw it up which kind of let you know why he's not the top guy in the game……he's too inconsistent. His verse from the track Throw it up can be found below. Nevertheless, the Jets right now are Lil'Wayne. Big game performances and big choke jobs every now and then in back to back weeks. Weezy verse:
I'm about to blast off call it rocket science
Daddy fat stacks check my pocket science
And if ya wanna try it, c'mon and try it
You don't want beef, i'll put you on a diet
I'm comin' through ya house with them choppas firin'
And all adults die, leave the toddlers cryin'
I've been a soldier, never met private ryan
Hey welcome to the jungle, and i'm the lion
I'm dippin' in my coupe, with the top behind me
I'm not the president, but i see cops behind me
Well f**k 'em, f**k 'em, f**k 'em, and they can not stop me
So i will be drivin' like ricky bobby
It's my prerogative like whitney's bobby I
'm skatin' on blades like sidney crosby (that's hockey) Sharper than a ginsu shawty
You not beyonce, but i can get you body
NY Jets win 24-20

Detroit (0-13) @ Indianapolis (9-4)
As a Colts fan, this game scares the hell out of me. I mean Indy should easily win; but every week some announcer drops the line "and that's why we play the games" because of the obvious pick that turns out to be an upset.
Indianapolis wins 20-13

San Diego (5-8) @ Kansas City (2-11)
This game makes me laugh in so many ways. I address this a little more in depth in the preview for the Denver @ Carolina game; but San Diego basically has a pretty legitimate shot at making the postseason as long as they beat the teams on their schedule. Getting back to my initial point about how funny I thought this game is, the Chargers are scheduled to play the Chiefs in what should be cakewalk for San Diego. It's almost as if the Chargers were expecting to be anointed as kings without really doing the work; which basically boils down to Hakuna Mattata. In the movie Lion King, Simba expects to be anointed king when his jungle pals let him know that he is the rightful heir to the thrown. His jungle pals had softened him up with their Hakuna Mattata term that essentially meant to chill out and do nothing. However, in order to overtake Scar, he must fight, scratch and claw. San Diego needs to figure out how to fight right now. "Oh I just can't wait to be kinggggggggg!"
San Diego wins 24-20

Green Bay (5-8) @ Jacksonville (4-9)
Imagine expecting to see a performance like the one Robert DeNiro gave in Men of Honor only to get Joe Pesci in one of the Lethal Weapon movies. Disappointment right? Well that's how fans of Green Bay and Jacksonville feel. Spoiled by their teams performances from the year prior, their respective fans expected bigger and better things for this season only to have both teams lose a combined 17 games after 14 weeks. The only bright side? One team gets to beat one of the teams with high expectations but low results.
Green Bay wins 26-23

Cuba Gooding's character is wounded in the leg and the Navy refuses to allow him to dive again because of his injury. In order to prove he is able to resume his duties, he must walk 12 steps in the huge suit you see essentially on one leg. GIve it a look.

Tennessee (11-1) @ Houston (6-7)
This game has all the makings of a trap for Tennessee. So much of a trap that I will pick Houston (yes the Houston Texans) to defeat the Titans by a field goal. Houston has been frisky as of late and defeating the top team in the AFC would be right up there in terms of accomplishments going forward. Of course, if Tennessee destroys Houston, I will merely erase this part of the column from the site.
Houston wins 23-20

Minnesota (8-5) @ Arizona (8-5)
This is like a battle involving Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. These artists are two very good (not great, just good) pop artists with somewhat different styles which would make a great contrast in a live concert battle if anyone ever figures out how to make that happen. The sexy pick if you will in this one would be Arizona because of all the hype and bandwagon fans associated with the Cards. But give me a good running game and defense any day of the week. In other words, no matter how f*cked up Britney is, you look at the numbers, the productivity, popularity and sales and you see she has withstood the test of time (for now). So my pick is the unsexy pick.......WOMANIZER!
Minnesota wins 27-24

Denver (8-5) @ Carolina (10-3)
Every time that I think that San Diego is cooked and will not be able to recover and make the playoffs, a game like this appears on the schedule; it's as if the Chargers have the strangest luck. San Diego needs to win the rest of their games and need for Denver to lose the rest of theirs. I'm guessing you've figured out that I'm going with Carolina right?
Carolina wins 23-17

Pittsburgh (10-3) @ Baltimore (9-4)
In the movie Rocky (which aired on September 29th 2008 in Pittsburgh), Apollo Creed defeated the challenger to his crown in what was an unconvincing win to many (Pittsburgh won 23-20 in OT). Anyone remember how Rocky II ended? With both fighters falling to the ground, the referees starts his count and Rocky makes it to his feet just in the nick of time as Apollo is unable to get back up and Balboa is named heavyweight champion of the world. Couldn't you see Ray Lewis going to midfield after the game saying: "Yo Adrian, I did it!"
Baltimore wins 17-13

Rocky defeats Apollo

New England (8-5) @ Oakland (3-10)
What happens when you go back to your abusive home? Like Antwone Fisher, you go raise hell and show them you're not the washed up weakling they thought you were. With everything we've heard about the Raiders organization this year, is it really surprising now that Randy Moss could not produce there? Quick note: Right after typing up that text, it occurred to me that if Moss is Antwone Fisher (portrayed by Derek Luke), that would make Bill Belichick the navy psychiatrist Dr. Jerome Davenport (portrayed by Denzel Washington). Umm yea, not my finest comparison. Let's move on shall we.
New England wins 27-20

Fast forward to 4:10 mark and watch until 5:00 mark

NY Giants (11-2) @ Dallas (8-5)
Make or break time for Dallas. If they defeat the Giants at home, it makes their season and gives them something to build on and look forward to. Howeer if they lose? T.O. sounds off; Jerry Jones goes nuts and Wade Phillips might as well be a sitting duck. You will rarely see a regular season game in Week 15 with as much at stake. Enjoy this one in primetime on Sunday night.
Dallas wins 24-21

Cleveland (4-9) @ Philadelphia (7-5-1)
McNabb adds another game to his curriculum to show to teams when the season is over.
Philadelphia wins 24-16

Updated Stats

SBG 2008-2009 STATS
Deez Nuts866.81.820
Hot Rod1664.8110

Terrel Owens unhappy....

Look what we have here. It would seem as though T.O. is ……wait for it……unhappy……again! According to ESPN sources (click here for story http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3763209)Owens seems to be unhappy that Romo schedules some meetings with tight end Jason Witten to create some plays for him while he is left out in the dust. I completely understand T.O. on this one, I mean, it’s not like Romo would have any reason to keep his communications with Owens to a minimum right? I mean if the guy is always whining and complaining on TV about how he doesn’t get enough touches and that the offense sucks; what you do think it’s like behind closed doors? Imagine the team breakfast on game day..

Jason Witten: Tony, could you pass me the salt please?

Tony Romo: Sure J, here you go (Romo passes salt to Witten).

Terrel Owens: I was open on that one. I wanted salt. Why you give the salt to Jason first? I’m going to talk to coach Phillips (head coach) and coach Garret (offensive coordinator) about this.

Tony Romo: Umm ok. Sure. By the way Jason, how about we go get some pancakes before they run out?

Jason Witten: I’m in man, let’s go.

Terrel Owens: How come you always making secret plays with Witten instead of me? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted some pancakes too? You know I’m the best pancake eater here and plus I finished my plate, so let me reiterate this once again; I’m open.

Tony Romo shrugs off the comment and gets some pancakes with Witten and then come back to the table where Owens got his own set of pancakes as well.

Witten: Romo, can you hit me the syrup please?

Romo: Here you go man.

Owens: See what I mean, it’s not like I can’t play anymore. I mean, I can’t throw it and catch it; the system is not conducive to my production; we need to change everything up to accommodate me; the only way for all of our tummies to be full is if I get my numbers. You should have passed me the syrup first Tony, I was open. I’m starting to see a trend here; you acting like those punks Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb. Make sure you know that (at this point, Romo and Witten leave the table and Owens is just rambling on alone) I was and will always be bigger then those fools. If you want to be an elite quarterback in this league, you better start throwing me some balls, salt and syrup goddamnit! I know word of this will leak out to the media and they always blowing things up out of proportion. I wanna be traded from the lunch room to the weight room now. Somebody get Jerry Jones on the phone.

Cowboys fans, you guys can't say you were not expecting this right? Just for the fun it, here is once again me and Philly's version of a T.O. interview:

Early Picks

New Orleans (7-6) @ Chicago (7-6)
Drew Brees right now is eerily reminiscent of Tracy McGrady circa 2000 when he was with the Orlando Magic. McGrady would put out unbelievable stats against the whole league but his team just could not compete with the top tier teams in the league. Many mentioned him as a possible MVP candidate, but he has never actually been close to sniffing the award. Brees faces the same dilemma. Although on pace to overtake Dan Marino's single season passing yards record, his team is in the playoff hunt with a glimmer of hope. Basically, a lot of teams have to crash their ship before New Orleans can stir their kayak into the river. That kayak takes an unexpected turn tonight in Chicago where we should see a replay of the 2006 NFC Championship game. Remember how the Saints' speed was nullified because of the bad weather at Soldier Field then? Should be the exact same outcome unless New Orleans figures out a way to run the ball against Chicago. Let's just say I won't hold my breath on that one.
Chicago wins 26-20