Scattered Thoughts

Every now and then, my mind wanders off and I start to think of the most random things. However today, I bring to you a collective effort. I present to you Sley, Cid, Philly and my Scattered Thoughts.

*It would seem that Mariah Carey made a video in which she made fun of Eminem (I have not seen it). The result? A full fledged war that I doubt she can win. Em responded with a track that dropped called "The Warning". On the song, Slim makes sure to express to Mariah that although it's been a long since they had their "thing" (whatever that was), he has not lost or gotten rid of whatever material he has of her. He mentions compromising pictures and messages she left on his voicemail. The voicemail messages, we have known about for year but never heard any of them. Well Em seems pissed enough to do it. The track shows a side of Em that we knew was there but that's seems to be reaching another level. Right now, Marshall is more mad than Mike Tyson was when the dudes stole his tiger in The Hangover. Just to show he's not playing, Em drops some intimate details of his time with Mariah. He goes 8 Mile (remember the final round? Rabbit beat Papa Doc to the punch when he freestyled about all his embarassing moments so that Papa Doc couldn't use it against him) on her when he mentions how he "ejaculated prematurely on her belly" and then explains that although embarassing to him, it's embarassing to her. Remember, Mariah keeps denying that anything ever happened with the Slim Shady. On her track Obsessed, her chorus says "Why you so obsessed with me? Lyin' that you sexin' me...." This feud makes for good entertainment, let' see if Nick Cannon or Mariah stand pat or attack the raging beast.

*Lamar Odom will be back next year to help the Los Angeles Lakers defend their title. After a long negotiation process, both sides were able to come to a mutual meeting of the minds in terms of years and dollar figures. I might have to call Money just to make sure he's till alive. A certified professional Laker hater, Money was praying to God, Jesus, Allah, Bouddha and Jerry Buss that Odom would take his game to Miami. Now that Odom is signed, the Lakers and Spurs can officially start planning for the 2010 Western Conference Finals. Look at the match ups:
Derek Fisher vs Tony Parker
Kobe Bryant vs Manu Ginobili
Ron Artest vs Richard Jefferson
Pau Gasol vs Tim Duncan
Andrew Bynum vs whoever starts at center for the Spurs
Lamar Odom vs Michael Finley
Phil Jackson vs Gregg Poppovich

Which match up do you think will matter most? Think about it for a quick second? None of the ones mentioned above. How about the match up of Phil Jackson vs Ron Artest? Once that's done, there should be the Kobe Bryant vs Ron Artest match up. Then Ron Artest vs Gregg Poppovich (remember a few years ago, Artest was ready to fight Pat Riley) and finally Ron Artest vs the people in the stands of San Antonio. Let the game begin. Speaking of which...

*ESPN columnist Bill Simmons wrote about just how crazy Ron Artest is this week. Remember the role that Brad Pitt played in the movie 12 Monkeys? Well it would appear that Ron Ron might challenge his level of crazy. Simmons wrote that Artest would routinely ride the team bus in nothing but his boxers and that he did just that before Game 7 of Houston - Los Angeles Lakers series. Want more? Two years ago, the Lakers lost in the Finals against the Boston Celtics. AFter the Game 6 loss,"Tru Warrior" (his Rucker nickname) Ron made his way into the Lakers locker room and approached Kobe in the shower and told him he wanted to be a Laker. At this point, the Lakers could win the title next year or lose in the West Finals as Artest bites off Kobe's ear Mike Tyson style in the final seconds of the elimination game and nothing would shock me.

* Let's listen to Royce da 5'9 for a second:
"F*ck hip hop I'm tired of it,
I will diss Joe Budden and every legend that started it,


*Everytime a rapper mentions a certain brand or type of alcohol in his song (doesn't even matter if the drink is good or not), that drink takes off and dudes start buying it. Let's see if I can do the same. Cop some Barbancourt(rhum) and some Prestige (beer).

*Mike Vick seems to be getting some interest from a few teams. However, here are the teams he will never play for: Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Denver, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Carolina and St. Louis. The reason: all those teams have team names and logos that are four legged animals that could be tricked in fighting for money. And well, that's what he was sentenced to prison for. Here you go:
Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins (not sure if it refers to natives or pigs)
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers
St. Louis Rams

*Earlier this week, Money took me to a Hip Hop show where for the time of life I had the David Hodges performance. Dude raps, freestyles, hits the guitar and dances. Hodges doesn't give you a Hip Hop show, he gives you a Hip Hop performance. The best of it all? The dude does it with a tie ladies and gentlemen. I'll try to hook you guys up with some tracks in the next few weeks. The dude raps like a dude with a ton of life experience. You can clearly see that his interests are on a humanitarian level at the global scale; but dude never makes it sound corny.

Responses to “Thank You” article
Cid: I didntknow u were like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (sike).By the way i teach u more then that lololololololol Im there whenever

Sley: Hey everybody! Shyne needs a Man Hug....LMAO...LMAO.... But for real...You're Welcome Young're Welcome!!! now who's next to express him self..???

Philly: Why you trying to make a nyucka cry at work ...Gucci!

Shyne's Ipod rotation:
Something - Drake
Stunt on you - Drake
The Warning - Eminem
She Knows What She Wants - R. Kelly ft Rick Ross
Yellow Light - Twista ft R. Kelly
Throw it in the bag (remix) - Fabolous ft Drake
Flamme - Slai
Ce Soir ou Jamains - Slai
Chagrin Criminel - Carimi
Cuckoo – Slaughterhouse

Sley’s Thoughts

First things first, I wanted to add my 2 cents to this overwhleming phenomenon called Blogging...What's all the hoopla about it. Of course, Scattered thoughts from my man Shyne does entertain and amuse me in certain ways. So you know what I know what I did for Hip Hop...Getting ahead of my self..Too Much Hova!!!! I basically said let me drop my 1st... "Public Relations Quotes". Of course, In no means (lol) am I trying to upstage my man Shyne's Scattered Thoughts, So here we go:

My Fiancee, yes Fiancee!!! who is a Gossip, excuse me Bossip Fiend wanted me to advise ya'll Nas & estranged wife Kelis are the proud parents of a baby boy called Comment! Also wanted to say welcome to the "30 the new 20 Club" to Mr.Darrell Joseph aka Dzzz'nuts in yo Mouth. Young Boy Cid is right around the corner. I remember when I was 16-18 years old looking at my bigger cuz, doing his thing. He's 8 years my senior, so he had a list which said.. What a MAN SHOULD HAVE OR BE WHEN HE HITS....30!!!!

1- Be Debt Free or Close to being

2- Have a Car

3- Be independant

4- Act his own Age

5- Don't get invovlved in other peoples business

6- Follow a budget

7- Have a home

8- Take some Vacation time out of the city

9- Upgrade

10- Have a Close Circle of Friends, which means you have no Entourage, which equals no Enemies

11- Have at least 3 suits (Not Sean John, Roca Wear) but 3 piece suits (Ex: Armani)

12- Invest into something for the long run

13- Watch your Health

14- Take time to reflect on what you've done and move forward

15- Make a difference

16- Get a Raise

17- Dance a Slow Dance without looking like an idiot

18- Change a Flat Tire

19- Sew a Button

20- Know how to tie a Windsor Tie

21- Learn how to Cook

22- Jump Start a Car

23- Hold a Baby

24- Be honest to yourself and Others

25- Keep a plant alive more than a year

26- Hold your Liquor

27- Know your limitations physically

28- Admit your faults

29- Have at least 2-3 different types of watches

30- Remember that you ain't that old, just entering in your prime...old man!!!!

Relate with a brethren Suckas...back up in this piece yo!...Finalize Fridays...That's right Amigos Let's take it back and Supreme Clientele..Ghost and his comrades like any other group of men, talk about women and who Would you F&&K? So let's do it...Shyne..Play that ol' Delfonics joint...Oak...Don't forget to add the sauce on the wings...Cid..don't overdose on the Thug Passion...Ayyyyeeee!

1- Sanaa Lathan (That's perfection..remember her in that movie with Wesley Snipes..The Fridge Scene...whoa!)

2- Nia Long in "In too Deep" Lovely with the Hair..Exquisite in Bed

3- T-Boz in TLC...The eyes and the voice...whooo!

4- Kelis...when she was kicking it with Skater Boy P..Wild Hair and had a body to match too!

5- Kenya Moore (She's an ex Miss USA I think..regardless..Pops must've been a pusher, cause shorty dope.!)

6- Nona Gaye (Marvin's Babygirl indeed..Come and heal me love..come and heal me!!!

7- Rosario Dawson (Remember her in Kids!!!!)

8- Lauren London (But she messed up by getting with Weezy)

9- Kerry Washington (Luscious lips in she Hate Me)

10- Tae Heckard (She was the video chick

Cid's answers

lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

I give u mine but in no particular order

Megan Good ( she needs to drop the weave but she is whoa)

Sanaan Lathan( the movie is call Disapparing Act)

Kim Kasdashian( she is not with Reggie Bush anymore she can holla at me )

Amber Rose ( she is fine)

Chilly ( one of the most beautiful people i have seen in real life)

Left Eye ( She had a nice curve i really like her)

Halle Berry( I'm supposed to meet her tommorow at St-Sauveur)

Melissa Ford ( yeah yeah yeah )

Joy Bryant( always natural barely puts make up i love that )

Ciara ( there is something about her)

Shyne says: The thing about Ciara is her d*ck. Holla!

Thank You

Normal people usually wait until they accomplish something big like an album release, a book, a promotion or a life altering experience to thank all the important people in their lives. Well, just so you know I am far from normal. More often then not, it's easy to forget all the people that had an impact on you in your life and allowed you to become who you are today. So although I haven't really accomplished anything "big" of late, I still feel that I owe it to several people to give them a thank you. So here's my list:

-My parents: You raised me to be a good caring dude that places loyalty to friends and family over everything else; and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

-My Godmother and uncle: Raising your sister's child probably wasn't easy, but you never made me feel like a stranger in your house. If anything, you're my mother and father as well and I love you for it.

My Godfather: I haven't always been willing to sit through all the lectures but you gave me the necessary guidance I needed even though I didn't know I needed it at the time.

-All the teachers I ever had, they taught me how to write, talk and think for myself.

-My cousin Johnny: At a time when I needed a role model, you stepped in and filled the shoes perfectly. We didn't always get along early but those tough times made me tougher.

-Superstar: At a time when I felt alone and lacked an identity, you helped me form one. You were my partner in crime and you helped me survive.

S. Sweetz: At a time when I was a mere young man coming into his own, you took me and molded me and turned me into a man; I might have never said it before, but you were instrumental in my life pah.

-The Silverback Gorillas: To borrow a line from the Diplomats; " The movement is moving."

-Douglas: One of the funniest dudes I know, and one of the few people that can talk to me and follow everything I say.

-DVD: My hombre. Always willing to help a brother out regardless of the cost or the implications.

-Cid: You taught me that there was a whole other world then the one I lived in.

-My brother Qwest: My dude. My wingman. My point guard. I've always been able to count on you and hope you feel the same; you helped me become a way better ball player then you'll ever know. Mom wants to know why she ain't seen you in a while.

-Supreme: You helped me out through some tough times without even knowing it. Your strength and ish talking helped me survive through some of the toughest episodes of my life.

-Money: Loyal to death and always have my best interest at heart. When it came time for me to make a life decision, you guided me through it with the wisdom of an experience father and didn't even think twice about it, because that's just who you are.

-Sley: Few dudes know how to inspire me to write, but you do it without even knowing it.

-Knight's fan: When things were in disarray and I was confused about where I was headed, you gave me clarity and brightened up my day. You also figured out how to make me happy when I didn't want to be.

-Leah: At a time when I didn't have love to give, you made me love.  You opened up my eyes and heart  and made me care. They say you will never know what love is until you raise a child of your own, well "they" are right. You've taken me to several places in my life and will keep on doing so.

-Philly: My cousin, my brother, my best man, my family. Whenever ish hit the fan, you were the first and last person I would always call, and you ALWAYS came through. The gifts, the hugs and the daps will never fully express the appreciation I have for you. When I needed direction, you pointed. When I needed the hard truth, you kept it real and cussed me out. When I needed you most, I didn't even had to ask; you came through and stayed with me until I could stand my own. I hope you know I never take you for granted.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!

Types of Players

At one time or another, we have all dealt with a player. Whether he was your brother, cousin, co-worker, friend of one of your friends or just an acquaintance, you have once in your life had an interaction with a player. Mind you, not all players are cut from the same cloth. The same way we might have an actor that's amazingly superior to all other actors (or inferior), we will also have a player that has more game then the next. But like I said, they are all different. How about we look at the types of players out there?

P*ssy Magnet

There's not much for him to do really. All he has to do is be there. He barely needs to talk or even smile. Some guys just exude a quiet confidence about them while others just have that look. The dude is so handsome that women literally trip over themselves when they see him. It's an added plus if the dude can hold his own in a conversation; but more often then not it's not a prerequisite.  We all know a p*ssy magnet right?

Stewie Griffin
Named after the baby in Family Guy. Let's be real, if you've never seen the show (or remember your first time  watching it), you might not think much of Stewie on the surface. I mean he's a baby for crying out loud; what he could he possibly do to impress us? Well thing is Stewie is just as important (if not more) then Peter Griffin to the show. His accent, his distaste for anything involving talking to people, his hatred of his family and his use of fancy words make him an impressively funny character. Now add to that his small baby stature and his reliance on Lois to actually mother him, that just takes him over the top. Well some guys are like that. You expect so little of them when you first see them, that they can just wow you. For instance, I know a dude that 's a DJ and he's not the most appealing looking dude you've ever see. Hell, even his conversations are sub par. But the dude just has a knack  for picking up women, getting all their money and have them fall in love with him. I know what some of you are thinking, he's a DJ; therefore he should get girls. I beg to differ. Just because you're in a position for people to come talk to you (to request songs or what not), that doesn't mean they have to like you. But some people just find a way to defy logic, hence the name Stewie.

Wilt Chamberlain
For those that are unfamiliar, Wilt Chamberlain is the only NBA player in history to score 100 points in a game and also average 50 points per game for a whole season. Needless to say, Wilt knew how to amass numbers. Well if you think that's impressive, Wilt once claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women. Think of that number for a second. That's a whole lot of action. But don't get it twisted though, quantity does not mean quality. Therefore, Wilt's list of conquests might look something like this:
-hot white woman
-hot black woman
-hot asian woman
-hot latina woman
-hot arab woman
-hot jewish woman
-hot indian woman
-obese white woman
-bucktooth white woman
-grey haired obese white woman
-ass hanging on ankles obese ugly black woman
-big breasted paraplegic black woman
-curry fish smelling indian woman
-bearded lady with hair on her back
-hermaphrodite chick named Jamie

-Charlie's Angels
-A massage parlor 
-All of the Hookers in the United States from 1965 to about 1975
-All the women that have no money and that ask you for $5 to eat
-Possibly even some of the pimps from 1965 to 1975 as well
-Every woman of every NBA arena (this sounds strangely like R. Kelly and Lil'Wayne's track "Every Girl"; you know, the song where they say " I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world...."
-Any man that might slightly resemble a woman; think of the likes of Prince
-Any woman that might slightly resemble a man; think of Whoopi Goldberg
-Every showgirl for Las Vegas
-Here's a scary thought: the mother of someone you know
-The shy and ugly girl that one of your girlfriends asks you to find her someone that's nice; yup, instead of finding a guy to hook up with her, Wilt finds himself to hook up with her
-Every crack whore from the 60's and 70's and so on

See, the dude allegedly slept with so many women that I can't even find enough hypothetical women to actually complete the list. Anybody feel like adding to the list? Please help me. That being said, the "Wilt" player is all about the numbers baby.

Itchy and Scratchy
Itchy and Scratchy is the cartoon that Bart and Lisa (from the Simpsons) watch regularly on television. The premise behind the show is kind of like Tom & Jerry; except that in Itchy and Scratchy the result is usually bloody and disgusting. The “Itchy & Scratchy” type of player is the one that always gets caught. He thinks he’s slick and that he knows how to kick game but truth is, his repertoire is weaker then R. Kelly’s ability to resist temptation. This type of player is routinely ridiculed and made fun by some of the guys in his surroundings and also the women that catch him. When he gets caught, it’s usually in a spectacularly retarded fashion.

The Wu-Tang clan are a rap group that revolutionized rap in the mid 90’s thanks to their ability to rap collectively in a large group. They were always about supporting one another. Here’s an excerpt from their song “Clan in da front”
    Up from the 36 Chambers...
    Heheh.. it's the Ghost..*Face*..*Killahh* Hehheheh
    Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm
    Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm
    Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm
    Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm
    The RZA, the GZA, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, U-God
    Ghost Face Killer, the Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, the Master Killer
    Raw Desire, LeVon, Power Cipher
    Twelve O'Clock, Sixty Second Assassin, the 4th Disciple
    The Brand White
    K.D. the Down Low Wrecka, Shyheim AKA The Rugged Child
    Doo-Doo Wales, Mista Hezakiah -- better known as the Yin and the Yang
    The Tru Masta, Asan, DJ Skane, The Tru Robocop comin thru
    Scientific Shabazz, my motherfuckin man Wise the Civilized
    The Shaolin Soldiers, Daddy-O and Popa Ron
    Comin down from the motherfuckin South end of things

Notice how much emphasis is placed on making sure to mention all of the members? Well that’s the Wu. The Wu-Tang player is for all intents and purposes, a team player. If he goes out and hits the cluhb, he won’t only make sure that he has fun, but he will make sure that the group has fun. He’s a player, but he’s also the best wingman you’ve ever had. So he will hook up with a girl and make sure to get the know her friends in order for his boys to get a piece of the pie. “The saga continues, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang.”

This one is simple. The Usher is the dude that's in a committed relationship but still getting his action on the side. In a perfect world, he wants to get his, never get caught and simply go on about his business. But if he screws up bad enough, he might have to make a "Confession" or even a "Confession part II" with the stuff he purposely omitted the first time around. You will recognize him at the cluhb as the dude that's constantly checking out the scenery to make sure none of the friends of his better half are there to catch him in the act.
Quick note: Like 2 years ago, there's a video that hit in the internet; it was a remake of the Confessions video, and the dude narrating was basically saying that Usher's confession was in fact that he was Haitian (Youtube the video, just type Usher Haitian video). For some reason it only hit me now, but Haitians have been known to spread their seed around; hence the multiple children with multiple women. Perhaps that's what the video editor was hinting at.

Verbal Kint
If the name sounds familiar but you can't recall who exactly he is, think back to the movie The Usual Suspects. Verbal Kint was the crippled dude (played by Kevin Spacey) that fooled everyone into thinking he was merely the idiot that people felt bad for and therefore let him in on a few deals. By the time the movie ends, Kint shows the world that he has mislead every body and that he is in fact the master mind behind everything. He fools the mob, the hustlers and the police. This type of player is the one that plays psychological games with you. You might perhaps think that he is a player but he will manipulate you into feeling bad for ever doubting him. He will find ways to sell you stories that would otherwise be iffy; but coming from him they make perfect sense. Kint is the type of guy that you might fall love in love with and that might have several other girlfriends but you never find out. Everyone knows who he is and have seen him at some point interacting with people, but he has never been seen in the company of a woman that you can say for sure he is involved with. Kint's trademark line in the movie: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was conving the world he didn't exist"

Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry is the character portrayed by Will Smith in Bad Boy and Bad Boys II. Mike is perceived to be a player by some; but don't get it twisted, that he is not. Those that properly analyzed the movie realize that Lowry offers no form of emotional attatchment to anybody besides Marcus and his family. So from the get go, Mike is telling you that you will not be his woman. He's the smooth guy that all the ladies dream about. The dude is smart, sophisticated and can enter and exit any conversation all the while making an impact. His player perception comes from the fact that he frequently associates with women. 

Alonzo Harris
In the movie Training Day, Denzel Washington plays the role of Alonzo Harris; a ruthless narcotics detective. Harris will do anything and everything to get his way: lie, cheat and steal. Harris' philosophy on life is one of self-preservation. He's not looking out for anybody except himself. When push comes to shove, he is willing to to trade off the life of his son for some money he has to give to some Russians to avoid execution. Well, some players are just like that. They will not be phased or denied. It doesn't matter if the girl is his best-friend's ex-girlfriend, his friend's sister or hell even his mother; the "Alonzo Harris" player plays for keeps and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Once he's done with the person in question, he's off to the next one and has no interest in consoling women after treating them like an ass. The Alonzo type is a dangerous one. As one of the latino gang members from Hillside Trece says in the movie: "Alonzo.......He's a ruthless vato."

Suicide Watch

As I look in the mirror,I wonder what I've become...

What came first the chicken or the egg,

Tryin to beat life cuz I can't cheat death/

Every night I talk to God but he ain't say nuttin back,

I know he be protecting me but I still stay with my gat/

Sometimes I feel so alone, I just don't know, feels like I've been down this road before, So lonely and cold 

it's like something takes over me soon as I go on and close the door/

They told to me hit the scene and make it rain,

I told them I'm already in the storm/

When I die fuck it I wanna go to hell,

Cuz I'm a piece of sh*t it ain't hard to f*ckin tell/

Bang! Bang!

Okay, I'm still alive....

You can't kill a spirit even if you tried to,

You sold your soul to me need I remind you

You remember that night  you

prayed to God you'd give anything......

You make mistakes like me far as I can see

I think it's a mockery whenever rich n*ggas win the lottery/

Gave us Bush twice God I hate to be rude

But you let skinny n*ggas starve give obese n*ggas food/

It don't make sense goin' to heaven with the goodie-goodies

Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies/

I'm sick of n*ggas lyin, sick of b*tches hawkin'

Matter of fact, I'm sick of talkin'.

Before some of you start losing your mind and wondering about my whereabouts, keep your pants on, I have no intention of committing suicide. Gucci. All I did was take the title of one of 50's song (Suicide Watch) and then sprinkled in some lines from some rappers talking about either death, God, heaven, hell or the devil. Each and every day, we are faced with adversity on so many different levels that we must remain strong to deal with them. Unfortunately, not every one is equipped to deal with the obstacles that life might throw at you every now and then. It's important to look for inspiration or possibly a support system that will never allow you to break. Some of you might think it's corny, but your well being and life may rest on your ability to handle conflicts when they arise. I will never consider myself to be a celebrity or to be above anybody else, but as a dude with a forum (or blog), it's my responsibility to reach out to people. Gucci. Now for the hip hop heads, I didn't forget you. Can you guess every song I used to put together that weak verse? Take a stab at it....

Scattered Thoughts

Every now and then, my mind stretches out in several different directions and leads me to reflect on a multitude of issues that might have no relation to one another. Ladies and gentlemen, my Scattered Thoughts.....
*Last week, my friend Jess took the time to submit a list of seven things that women wish men knew. Here's some more that I came up with:
1. No it's not the biggest she's ever seen, regardless of what she says.
2. If she doesn't look like she's having a seizure, don't fool yourself, your performance was average at best.
3. Don't expect to be on her speed dial if you're not willing to go down.
*Stop me if you’ve heard this before: apparently the Detox album is nearing its completion. Yawn.
*Remember all the talk about LeBron's people confiscating the footage of him getting dunked on at his basketball camp? Well if you direct your attention to the TMZ website, you will be able to see the clip. TMZ somehow managed to obtain a copy of the dunk. Money said it wasn't that bad because he was a help defender; but from my perspective, it looked pretty bad (keep in mind it's not the best quality). Wonder what would happen if such a thing involved Kobe.....
*Good I thing I brought that up. Go to Youtube and type in "Kobe talking about LeBron getting dunked on". The first video that pops up will be the correct one. Kobe is at his basketball camp and is playing one on one with a kid and just abusing him. At the end of the game, Kobe grabs the mic and starts interacting with him and the crowd. The exact phrase escapes me right now, but the dude tells Kobe he should go play at LeBron's camp. Kobe's response: "Ain't no way you gonna dunk on me at my own camp".
*Blueprint 3 is set to drop on September the 11th. Anyone recall what Jay did with his first Blueprint album? He engaged Nas in a rap battle right before the album launch which helped boost his record sales. The rapper tugging on S. Carter’s cojones right now is The Game; and Jay merely responded by calling him a groupie. Expect Jigga man to start throwing up some small jabs as we head into August.
*Believe it or not, a lot of rappers keep some of their rhymes tucked away for a rainy day. What I mean by that is that they might write a rhyme that they feel is so good (or weak) that they store it away and bring it back at later point on a hot track. Keep in mind, a great verse is priceless and even better yet, timeless. But an average verse that you store in your vault and bring out a year later? In the words of Borat, "nat so mush". So who am referring to? None other then Slaughterhouse member Joel Ortiz on the song Warriors. Here's the line:
"Couple of joints ago I was right on that ave with ya, now I'm bigger the catch that David Tyree had last winter."
Those of you that are unfamiliar with football, Ortiz is referring to the amazing once in a lifetime catch that Tyree had in the Super Bowl that was held in February 2008; which was over a year and half ago, which it means the catch did not occur last winter. If this were XXL magazine, that line would have been in the "Step Yo Game up" section. True indeed.
*The NBA Arms race
With an aging roster and possibly one or two years left with a realistic shot at competing for an NBA title, the San Antonio Spurs decided to sacrifice any possible shot at cap room in the near future for an opportunity to win at least another ring. They went out and got themselves Richard Jefferson to give themselves some athleticism and versatility. Once the Spurs made their move, the rest of the dominoes slowly started to fall.
Orlando Magic
They traded for Vince Carter and let Hedo Turkoglu dipset his way to Toronto. But it's important to also pay attention to the minor moves that will invariably have an effect on how the NBA season unfolds. For instance, the Magic were able to retain Marcin Gortat and yet still sign the likes of Brandon Bass (this dude can play, only reason you didn't see more of him last year is because he plays the same position as Nowitzki) and Matt Barnes. So Orlando should be able to play inside and out exactly like they did last year except for the fact that Vince Carter is a better finisher at the rim then Turkoglu. The only obstacle right now for Orlando is Vince Carter himself. Once the playoffs hit, will we see Vince the dude that takes it to the rim when the likes of Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett are serving up more hard hits then Mike Tyson in The Hangover or will we see the Derek Zoolander version of Vince Carter we have seen in the last few years that prefers to strike poses and shoot jump shots? That will determine the fate of the Magic for this upcoming season.
Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavaliers turned Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic into Shaquille O’Neal. Several NBA experts have downplayed the trade, stating that the Diesel is not what he used to be. These same experts fail to realize that Bernie (from Weekend at Bernie’s) showed more life then Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic did in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals. So Cleveland basically added to what they already have. In addition, they added Anthony Parker to knock down open shots and defend other shooting guards. He should be able to fill his role quite nicely considering he will not be asked to do much. But the Cavs did not stop there, they went out and got Jamario Moon to sign an offer sheet. The Miami Heat still have a few days to match the offer but currently it seems as though they will not. In Moon, Cleveland would be adding a player capable of finishing over the top in traffic (last year, LeBron was the only one capable of doing that) and also with the ability to defend multiple positions. Does it make Cleveland a championship team? I cannot say for sure, but it does make them a better team then the one they had last year.
Boston Celtics
Some Celtics fans seem to be unhappy about the signing of Rasheed Wallace because they feel that he is too old and cannot offer much to the team. I would beg to differ. Sheed is clearly no longer the offensive force he used to be when he would routinely kill defenders in the post (look back at the 2000 Western Conference Finals against the Lakers). Additionally, he has been chastised for doubling Ginobili in Game 5 of the 2005 NBA Finals; a play that resulted in a wide open three for Robert Horry that led to a win for the Spurs. All of these are facts, and they cannot be changed. However, another fact is that Rasheed Wallace is one of the best defensive big men in the NBA. Wallace is able to hedge out on screen and rolls, double team adequately, and always makes his rotations to cover up for his teammates. But what sets him apart is not only his ability to be a team defender but also his ability to be a good individual defender against some of the best big men in the league. Look at the numbers of the best power forwards of this decade (2000-2009) against the rest of the league
Player vs League
Points Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Kevin Garnett
Tim Duncan
Dirk Nowitzki

Now in contrast look at the numbers of these same players during the same time span when they played against Rasheed Wallace and were matched up against him (combined numbers from years in Portland and Detroit):
Player vs Wallace
Points Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Tim Duncan
Kevin Garnett
Dirk Nowitzki

Although the difference is not huge, Sheed has been able to hold Hall of Fame caliber players underneath their scoring average.
Los Angeles Lakers
Once the off-season hits, contending teams start adding and subtracting players in the hopes of being able to better match up with the team that won the championship. The Lakers however, lost a key contributor to the team in Trevor Ariza but were able to more then make up for his departure by bringing in Ron Artest. The one problem for the Lakers though? THey are fooling themselves if they think they are going to win another title without Lamar Odom. Think back to Finals, there is a reason that Jeff Van Gundy kept mentioning that the Lakers were better off when Andrew Bynum was in foul trouble, it's because the Lakers were a completely different team with Odom on the floor and Bynum on the bench. The Lakers were able to run more without sacrificing any of their rebounding and gave teams match up problems in addition. But if they lose Odom? They will lose some of their continuity. Odom is a rare type of NBA player that can see the court like a chess board. He can anticipate things as they unfold which helps him make the pass that sets up the assist. This ability makes Odom a glue guy on the team, because he is the key element that allows other players to get their shots. Unlike some of his teammates, Odom will not look for Kobe to bail him out, he will instead at times sacrifice his own scoring opportunities to get his teammates open shots thanks in large part to his ball handling ability. Laker fans better pay close attention to how this negotiation process unfolds between the Lakers and Lamar Odom.
*Ladies and gentlemen, Entourage is back! Vinny Chase was able to bribe the dude conducting his driver's exam into giving him his drivers license. So for the first time since the show has started, Vinny is now driving himself around. ANd by the way, Lloyd has given Ari an ultimatum: he wants to get promoted and become an agent or else he's out. Watch the episode to see how the story unfolds.
*The other night I was watching the Just For Laughs show on television and there was a comedian from Boston by the name of Patrice O'Neal. He raised an intriguing point during his stand up when he discussed men. His line: "men want to be alone, but not by themselves. So we want to be alone in the room, but we need her to be inside the house." I thought it was worth mentioning. What do you guys out there think?
*This started out as a joke I was having with one of my friends a few weeka and figured I might as well go on and do it. The idea is fairly simple, I provide a questionnaire and you answer. You tally up your points in the end and it determines your level of "ghetto blackness". So ready? Go on and hit the questionnaire.
1. Which of these would you rather eat? (5 points)
a) Rice
b) Watermelon
c) Chicken
2. Which one of these position is your favorite? (5 points)
a) Tea Bag
b) Cowgirl Ride
c) Missionary
d) Doggystyle
3. Choose a destination to live in (5 points):
a) Montreal
b) Boston
c) Miami
d) New York
4. Which best describes you when you have a rendez-vous ? (5 points)
a) Normally on time
b) About 15 minutes early
c) About 15 minutes late
5. Pick the answer that best describes your level of swimming (5 points):
a) I can swim only with my head out of the water
b) I can swim with head in and out of water
d) I could easily be confused with Flipper (the dolphin)
e) Swimming is for suckers
6."What it is shawty, how about we drink some sizzurp and I skeet on you after you gimme some brain." What does that phrase mean? (10 points)
a)You look awfully short, how about we make a sketch where we drink some syrup and I pick your brain.
b) Hey short stuff, want to hook up and see where this goes?
c) Hey girl, let's get a drink and I can ejaculate on you after you perform oral sex on me.
d) Hey girl, how about we chill and fool around?
7. Which one of these shows would you rather watch? (5 points)
a) Flavor of Love
b) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
c) Pimp my Ride
d) The Brady Bunch
8. Pick one of these guys to hang with (5 points):
a) Nick Lachey
b) Ashton Kutcher
c) Allen Iverson
d) Ol' Dirty Bastard
9. Biggest source of embarassement in the black community:
a) Black people that go on Maury
b) D.C. sniper
d) Not having spinning rims
e) All of the above
10. You're in the club and you start to spit game on a lovely lady and offer her a drink. What will be both your respective drinks? (30 points)
a) You get her an Alize glass and an orange juice for you so it looks like both of you are sipping on Alize
b) Water for both of you
c) You ask her what she wants, she mentions the most expensive drink at the bar and you act like you didn't hear her and order two Coronas
d) You ask her if buying her a drink increases your chances of getting laid
Answers below (right after Ipod Rotation)
Shyne, Cid and Sley's Ipod Rotation
Suicide Watch - 50 Cent
Successful – Trey Songz ft Drake
Warriors – Slaughterhouse
The One – Slaughterhouse
Code Red Freestyle – The Game
Get in – Mase ft Killa Cam
Every Girl – Young Money
Make her Say – Kid Cudi
Ok You’re Right – 50 Cent
Scenario – A Tribe Caleld Quest
Run This – Jadakiss ft Jay-Z
3 AM - Eminem
1. c
2. d
3. c
4. c
5. e
6. c
7. c
8. d
9. d
10. c
So here's how the scoring system goes
0-5 points: Thank God your parents raised you right, you're normal
5-10 points: All is good, you could be one of the children on the show My Wife and Kids
15-35 points: Carlton Banks level
40-45 points: You could potentially be a rapper on the come up, not an artist, a rapper. Think Soulja Boy
45+ points: You're of one the characters potrayed by Chappelle on the Chappelle show. Pick any of them: Ashy Larry, Tyrone Biggums, Tron, Rick James or Silky Johnston .