Rapper Drake Identity Crisis

Please check out this breakdown of Drake's progression as a rapper written by my boy Drew Breezy. He tells it like it is and provides insightful information on Drizzy. Just click here for the full article.

NBA Preview of tonight's feature games

Chicago @ Boston
Two seasons ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers met the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. At the time, I wrote that it was the equivalent of Marvin Gaye (LeBron James) going up against the Temptations (Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo). One big star going up against a big group of stars. The Temptations won the seven game series and later went on to win the NBA title. Tonight, the Temptations will face officer Rick Rose and his Chicago Bulls. This will be the first time the teams meet since their epic seven game first round playoff series from last spring. However, there will be a wrinkle tonight: the Big Ticket will be in the line up. KG will be yelling, swearing and making tons of awkward porn faces before, during and after the game. I expect Boston to go inside early and often as they try to take advantage of a weak interior defense that got lit up by Tim Duncan the night before. In addition, the deadline for Rondo to reach an agreement for a contract extension is Monday November 2nd. So you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be trying to outshine Rose tonight .Couple that with Allen and Pierce having an at least decent night, and it’s a wrap for the Celtics.
Prediction: Celtics win 98-90.

Dallas @ Los Angeles Lakers
During the same postseason run that Boston won the championship, I had dubbed Kobe Bryant to be the Michael Jackson of the NBA. Perhaps one of the most talented individuals we have ever seen at his craft, but also one of the most bizarre icons ever. Kobe has attained certain milestones that others can only dream of ; such as
-81 points in a game
-multiple titles
-multiple scoring titles
-All-NBA teams
-All-Star teams,
-All-NBA Defense team
And yet, all people ever want to talk about is how much of a bad guy he is or that his personality must suck. Hell I even wrote that it was weird that Lamar Odom selected Kobe Bryant to be his best man at his wedding; because the general public as well as the media have portrayed Kobe as a loner and a dude that’s all about himself. However, when all the dust settles and people look at what he does on the court; here is what people should be saying:
1. The game looks ridiculously easy to him.
2. He is hands down one of the best NBA players to have ever played the game.

Tonight, he will go up against the Mavericks in what should be a fabulous game. Lamar Odom and Ron Artest will probably take turns guarding Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki, while Marion will probably be the primary guy asked to guard Kobe. Expect the Lakers to outmuscle the Mavericks and win the rebounding battle. Prediction: Lakers win 110-105.
Random note: If last year was Kobe’s biggest accomplishment as an NBA player (basically his Thriller), does this mean he’s headed downhill from here? Food for thought……

NFL Week 8 Picks

We are set to officially reach the midway point of the NFL season. Some teams are doing quite well while others just plain suck. On the other hand we have other teams that are part of the middle of the pack but that I am still undecided about. We should be getting some more clarity after the set of games in Week 8. Just click here to see my Week 8 NFL picks. Feel free to leave me some feedback.

Shyne interviewed

Check this out. Fellow blogger Drew Breezy conducted an interview with me about how I got into football and who I like. You can check the interview on his blog here.

Scattered Thoughts

Every now and then, my mind takes me to places and I start thinking about things. At times the ideas that come out of this process might be some of the best ever, or some of the dumbest things you have ever heard. It’s like Joe Budden says on the track Microphone: “These guys got too many blueprints, not enough architects…” So with that my people, I give you my Scattered Thoughts…..

*I need some rappers to collaborate with me and my friend Money on this joint. Read the rhymes, understand the premise and bless us with your lines. Money’s rhymes are in blue and mine are in black.

-Area Hoes

“Getting with Montreal girls ain't even a challenge no more/

I'm at the hotel with 5 women, after 1 drink, i have'em on all 4s/

Once I touch hometown there's only one thing that makes sense,

Treat me like Tayshaun and go Port-Au-Prince/

My hunnies in New Orleans asking that I be on the next flight

The city where like CP3, I average 8 dimes a night/

When in Shyne's home town, my people ask me 'Sak Pase'/

When time to leave, ladies holler 'j'en ai pas eu assez!!'/

I'm like an NBA Champ I never lose a playa battle,

forget Kobe, you know who was the MVP for L.A. in the Final/

When I gotta leave, Britney will usualy cry me a river/

To keep me around, she's willing to buy me river/

When spending time in Cali, I don't push a Mazeratti/

but I prove 'no ends, no skins' don't apply to everybody/

Yes, without stacks of loot/

I do like H-Town the R&B group/

In Houston I be ''knockin' the boots''/

When I'm in Argentina girls bedrooms, things get ''Messi''


City to city and state to state

I know I get around but playa don't hate/

The world is a small place where we all can hang

I got more p*ssy then Jay, Nas and the whole Wu-Tang

*Ladies and gentlemen, get set for October 27th. The NBA season will debut; but jut before that; a highly anticipated piece of writing is going to be released. Basketball fans around the world have been waiting for this material for a fairly long time. Bill Simmons will release his new book The Book of Basketball. Although I know nothing of the specific details addressed in the book, just know it’s about the NBA and that Simmons is the best writer out there (in my humble opinion). Hell, reading him is what got me into writing. So I suggest to any NBA fan to get his copy on Tuesday. By the way, he scheduled to be in Toronto in March for his book tour; pencil me and Philly to be there; anybody care to join?

*I was listening to a podcast by Bill Simmons the other day where he was complaining about fantasy football. He was saying that an activity that’s supposed to be fun has become somber and uneventful for him because fantasy sports is essentially a crap shoot. I understand his point, but there’s nothing in the world quite like the preparation for the fantasy sports draft and the draft itself. The exchanged emails leading up to the draft are nothing short of classic. In addition, the trash talk that goes along with each trade proposal as well as the back and forth series of disrespectful comments during the season make it all worth the while. Not convinced?

Read below.

*To determine the draft order of our fantasy basketball league, the participants had to guess the combined points of the Phoenix-Portland preseason game. The closer you were to score, the higher you drafted. My cousin Philly earned the top spot for the draft and made sure to let us know about it. Look at the newspaper clipping that he created at the conclusion of the game(by the way Philly lives in a city in which the initials are SF).

*Obviously, we couldn’t let things slide like that with Philly. So Money immediately went on the offensive at the conclusion of the draft and dropped a verse:

Unlike the Lakers, the Bosses repeat this year/If you aint registered yet, not too late to retreat this year/

We hard to beat this year, you can’t compete this year/

Grab a spoon, you about to taste defeat, it’s clear/

Another year of bold draft picks, another chapter to the story/

Like D-Will’s tats read, no guts no glory/

The Boxscore Bosses will prevail/

You don’t want to be in the way of Baron’s comeback trail/

You would get headbutted by Nene in that scenario/

While I laugh like it’s more than funny, it’s HILARIO/

My team’s built to win, like Carlos is built for the cold winter/

When I serve y’all some KD, I ain’t talking Kraft Dinner/

And if y’all think you might be declared winners by next summer/

You’re chances are the same as Arena’s jersey number/

If you sleep on Danny Granger/

game changer/

you in grave danger/

Pissed like if you had Dissed-Troy Murphy/

he’ll have you dis-troyed early/

Just a few bars to set the tone for what’s about to happen/

We miss Michael, but we know Stephen’s the more talented Jackson/

Add Spencer, Rashard and Turk to the mix, extra pieces to the puzzle/

We got more depth than Jason Kidd has triple-doubles


*Never one to be outdone, I went into the lab and put scribbled rhymes for our league participants: Money, Philly, Supreme, Cid and Shawn. Except I did it with a twist. Enjoy:

“I guess the world is awaiting for my reply. Let's do it. The AffiliaShyne is in the buidling!!

I'll just come out with a few warning shots,

Pay attenSHAWN ballers

Cuz you all are playing for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th


By midseason, I will have completely destroyed your self-esteem,

Considering that my squad will dominate like the Dream Team,

I'm like Randy Moss running down the seam,

However you throw it,

I will reign SUPREME,

Hold up, let me take a quick break,

Cuz I'm hungry right now

For a PHILLY cheese steak,

Messing with you guys to me is funny,

Cuz you guys are overrated like Cash MONEY,

I'll stop here and stop making fun of you clowns,

Own to your spot on the bench and CID your butt down.

Peep the video that accompanies the writing.....

*I need a clarification on something. On the track Ransom, Lil’ Wayne says that he gets paid by the letter and then goes to recite the alphabet. However, on Money to Blow, he says that he gets paid every 24 hours. So does he get paid by the letter every 24 hours? Anyone feel like clearing that one up for me?

* Earlier this week, a situation called for me to make it to my daughter’s school because of issues stemming from an interaction she had with one of the educators. The night before, I spoke to my daughter as she was visibly distraught by the events that transpired at school. That’s when I knew that that my conversation was going to be on some straight G sh*t. I went in there trying to keep my cool, but still wanting to get my point across. Truth be told, I had no idea how I was going to act. I went in there and spoke my mind. Perhaps what I said might have been interpreted as a threat; but make no mistake about it, this proud angry black father made his opinions known. Once everything was cleared, I checked with my daughter and she was happy that her parents stuck up for her. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and gave me a huge hug. Some of you might not know this yet, but once you become a parent, you develop a gene that automatically turns you into a protector; a wolf if you will. You will realize that limits you thought you had, no longer exist when it involves your kin. I was afraid that perhaps the way I came across might have seemed too harsh, but seeing my daughter’s reaction afterwards; I knew that I did the right thing. Where’s this going? Just know that one day your parents did for you what I did for my daughter. In your moment of insecurity and fear, they switched the tables around and made you feel safe and important. We might not recall those moments because as the years pass by they seemingly become irrelevant. However, I would suggest to all to thank their parents for those moments when they empowered us all. With that, I say thanks to my mom, dad, godmother, godfather, auntie and uncle. I can only

hope that my experiences assist others in seeing things that they never noticed affected their lives.

Xzibit’s song Foundation:

"When I look you in your eyes I can see my own

Straight love manifested in flesh and bone

You's a breath of fresh air in this world of shit

You was born to be a soldier don't ever forget […]

[…] It's kinda ruff trying to teach you what's right from wrong

Same shit different day

It's the same ol' song

If the time ever comes that I meet my match

Take control of my assets

Fuck startin' from scratch

Take care of your mother

Keep yourself on track

Just cause niggas get behind you don't mean they got your back

Beware of the serpent

Cause there's a time in life the mothafucker will strike

And try to make you loose sight…"

Shyne’s Ipod Rotation

Real to real, Philly got me hooked on some Drake this week. So I’ve been listening to Drizzy all week and the dude has some rhymes. He’d be cooler if he did a collabo with me! LOL. But on the real, that’s my recommendation this week. Cop some Drake. By the way, whenever you hear Wayne and Drake on the same track; please feel free to compare both of them and tell me who shines more on the track. Drop me an email at ShyneIV@Gmail.com or leave a comment on here explaining your findings. I already have an opinion on this but I’m not ready to divulge it just yet.


2009 NFL Week 7 Picks

It's bout that time people. Your Week 7 picks are now available at the great retail price of $0.00. So just have a seat, grab your coffee, juice, soft drink or beverage of choice and have read at it. Satisfaction guaran-damn-tee (Rock style) or else you get your money back. Just click here to start reading my Week 7 NFL picks. Enjoy!

SBG 1-0

Last night, the Silverback Gorillas traveled about an hour north of Montreal in a not so hostile territory. We got there about an hour early and parked right next to a football field where a practice was being held. Please understand, the only black people in the city last night were probably us. So when we decided to get into game mode by blasting Jay-Z over some Swizzy next to the field, they probably thought we were crazy. With that said, practice ended and we stepped into the gym and started our warm ups. With the game about to start, we went ahead with our new chant: "My n*ggaz don't dance, we just pull up our pants AND do the rock away; Silverback, Silverback, Silverback, Silverback." Before the game started, I knew we would have a few problems: the scorekeepers had no idea how to fill out the score sheet. Consequently, team fouls were not tracked. Pure bishop, I know.

Nevertheless, we came in a halfcourt man to man defense that became a full court defense by the 2nd quarter. We suffocated their offense thanks to our athletes that jumped their guards and forced turnovers. The result: a 41-27 halftime lead. We got kind of happy with our lead and thus our intensity dropped in the 3rd quarter. Some guys were playing halfcourt defense while others were playing full court defense. Also, we stopped boxing out, which led to several offensive rebounds by the other team in the second half. By the 4th quarter, our opponents managed to only be down 61-53.

As we once again stepped up the intensity, we put the clamps on our opponents (I have no idea what their team name is/was) and escaped their gym with a 66-55 win. We should have shot more fre throws because they fouled a lot but we could not get into the penalty because they weren't tracking team fouls. Nevertheless, we are 1-0 and our next game is this sunday at home (centre sportif Jean Eudes) at 2:00 pm.No new videos this week, we'll see what I can cook up for the next few weeks.

Our Gorilla Chant after wins....

New Season

I realize I have yet to make a post about the Silverback Gorillas' 2009-2010 season. Well, this will be the first one of the season. I will be real honest with you folks; I have missed the last two practices and I'm not in shape; hell I'm not sure if the rest of my team is in shape. But with that said, SBG will travel as a unit tonight (Tuesday October 20th, 2009) to St-Jerome for what should be a tough road game. In the past two seasons, we have not lost to this team, however they always place us tough. Hence, I can't wait to see how we match up against them tonight in our first game of the season. In addition, our new free agents acquisitions (O-Boy and Johnny Jumper) will make their official SBG debut tonight and I can't wait to see them in the line up. I will try to keep everyone posted on the developments of the game as soon as possible. Wish us luck.

Kanye to The.....

Man I had no idea that my brother Qwest (light skin dude on the right) knew celebrities! Look at the dude on the left; he's rockin' the Kanye! What is the Kanye you ask? The jacket and the shiny shades baby!

Scattered Thoughts

Often times, my mind goes into a few different directions as I think about a multitude of different things that might or might not matter. At times I might come up with the smartest things you have ever heard; and other times I might say the dumbest thing ever. But more often then not, I hope I stimulate minds. Royce da 5’9 explains how I feel: " When I bless a joint, it's like Spock came up in the spot and grabbed the beat by the pressure point…” With that, I give you my Scattered Thoughts...

*Stephen Jackson: “I'm not going to bow down. I’m not a fan of Kobe. I'm not somebody who looks up to him. I'm a grown man myself. So when I go out there and play the game, I play the game. I feel like I'm just as good as him. I might not get the publicity or notoriety he gets, but I feel I can play with anybody in the NBA any given night”. If you weren’t convinced after the brawl in Detroit that Jackson was crazy, well this should convince you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for guys having all the confidence in the world that they want to have, but being delusional to the point that he thinks he is on the same level as Kobe? C’mon Captain Jack; that’s some crazy outlandish ish.

*I was having a talk with Supreme the other day about basketball fights and mentioned that I would love to see Ron Artest and Kevin Garnett go at each other. But what other fights could be interesting? Glad you asked:

-Stephen Jackson vs Ron Artest.

-After seeing Chris Childs and Reggie Miller go after Kobe; I want to see Kobe in a fight with AI. It might sound funny, but I’m pretty sure Iverson regularly got into fights while Kobe was busy eating pasta and doing homework.

-Shaquille O’Neal vs Kevin Garnett.

-Tracy McGrady vs Marcus Camby; I’d want to see who gets injured first on their way to the fight.

-LeBron James vs Ron Artest.

-LeBron James vs DeShawn Stevenson.

-Andrea Bargnani vs Dirk Nowitzki.

-J.R. Smith vs Kobe Bryant.

-J.R. Smith vs Stephen Jackson.

-J.R. Smith vs Ron Artest.

-Kenyon Martin vs Zach Randolph.

-Kenyon Martin vs Kevin Garnett.

-Kenyon Martin vs Stephen Jackson.

-Kenyon Martin vs Ron Artest.

*For those that are unaware, I am an avid comic book reader. More specifically, I love Batman comics. The story arc in Batman right now is that Bruce Wayne is presumed dead after an encounter with Darkseid. Hence, Batman’s former apprentice, Dick Grayson (former Robin) has taken on the mantle of the Bat. As you follow the evolution of this new Batman, you realize certain things: this Batman smiles more, he does not hang in the shadows (leading to more sightings), and given the circus background is more comfortable jumping in the air during battles to take down opponents as opposed to fighting on the ground. If we as readers notice it, you can bet your bottom dollar that the villains have noticed. So in Batman #691, Two Face realizes that he might be seeing a different Batman. Therefore, he is able to find a way to teleport into the Batcave to surprise this new Batman. The old Batman always relied on some of his mystical friends to mask the Batcave to prevent such things from happening. Despite the surprise, Dick is able to take down Two Face with the help of Alfred. However, because the location of the cave was compromised, our new Batman understands that he must now empty the cave and take it elsewhere. With the cave completely empty, the only things left are two chambers: one with the Batman costume, and another with the Robin costume. As he empties the Robin chamber, he realizes that something is hidden inside it; a USB key. He plugs it into the Batcomputer and the image that jumps onto the screen is a photo of Dick’s deceased parents. What was Bruce hiding? We’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out. However, the progression of this new Batman is quite fascinating.

*Free advice: This paragraph is strictly for men. So ladies please jump to the next one. Mind you, in the event that you do choose to read this part, don't get mad at the next dude that pulls this off. So guys, it has come to my attention that some of us lack some skills when courting women. Some of you might think that it's corny and ridiculous to buy flowers or open car doors for women or even show a little a romance. But understand this: if you want to keep bringing chicks to McDonald's, clubs or the movies; that's cool, but don't expect to find your future wife. The woman that you're refusing to hang with because you think she has too much standards? That's the chick you should be talking to. Try something new, something she hasn't seen before from the next dude. Hell, even if she's seen it before; do it better. For instance, you can take her out to a park close to a lake (preferably close to civilization so she doesn't think that you're the serial killer that was profiled on the last episode of Criminal Minds) and bring a bottle of wine and two glasses. Have a few drinks, and hold a conversation with her. She'll think that's cool that you guys are in a setting where you can just talk and there is no pressure for anything additional to happen. See, a lot of dudes are complaining that they're tired of being single and that the dating game is saturated; well the reason dudes feel that way is because they keep hooking up with the same types of chicks. The ones that put out after you say "wassup". Just trust me on this guys ok?

*Home field advantage: It's not impossible to win on the road, but history has showed that home field advantage usually translates into wins. But don't get it confused though, I'm not talking about sports. See, all men believe in home field advantage. The logic is simple: we believe that if we are able to get the person we want to come to our turf and play by our rules that we can get some action. In general, men will limit their opportunities to two. So if a woman of interest comes twice to his house and nothing comes of it, she gets written off. On the road the confidence is there at well, but we judge that the odds aren't as great as they are at home. So ladies, if he keeps insisting that you go to his place, now you know why. But my advice comes with a warning: if you go to his house more then once and don't put out, don't expect a call back. If you're not ready to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh just yet; don't go to his spot.

*As I was talking to Money and Supreme the other day, something occurred to me: if there was one professional athlete right now that could reproduce in real life the role of Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, who would it be? I came up with Delonte West. West has a history of depression and was arrested during the summer because he was driving his motorcycle armed up from head to toe like he had to meet the crew of Tropic Thunder. He is currently on leave from the Cleveland Cavaliers and no one is really sure for how long.

*Who are the best small forwards in the history of the NBA?

3. LeBron James: The prototypical small forward is the player that's in between the small guys (guards) and the big guys (power forward and center). Consequently, what you want your small forward to do is score a little, rebound a little, pass a little and be able to defend multiple positions. What happens when you get a player who can do all of those things extremely well? You get LeBron James. The NBA has never seen a player with all the gifts that LeBron has. His sheer size make him perhaps the biggest mismatch in the NBA. LeBron James is basically Scottie Pippen with Karl Malone's body. That alone should settle the argument for him having the #3 spot locked.

2. Scottie Pippen: After stating that LeBron was a more physical version of Scottie Pippen, how do I justify putting Pippen at #2 in front LBJ? LeBron James has been playing at a truly high level for the past four years; whereas Scottie Pippen did just that for just about 13 years. I need to see LeBron sustain his level of play for a couple of years before I move him up this list. With that said, take a look at the list of players that Pippen shut down in the playoffs during the Bulls second title run: Penny Hardaway, Detlef Schrempf, Glen Rice, Anthony Mason, Nick Anderson, Juwan Howard, Steve Smith, Jamal Mashburn, Karl Malone (occasionally matched up), Xavier McDaniel and Mark Jackson. Pippen did that while managing 20 ppg, 7 rpg and 7 apg. His play has made him one of my favorite players of all time.

1. Larry Bird: Larry Bird was slow and couldn’t jump for a lick, and yet I have him as the best small forward of all time. Whatever Bird lacked in terms of physical gifts, he more then made up for them with his off the charts basketball IQ. There are very few people that understood the game of basketball as well as Larry Bird. He had a knack for knowing when to score, when to set up his teammates and how to go after tough rebounds. Look at the man’s career numbers: 24.3 ppg, 10.0 rpg, 6.3 apg, 1.7 spg, 49,6 FG%, 37,6 3PT FG% and 88,6 FG%. While we’re at it, let’s have a look at Bird’s best statistical year, the 1986-87 season: 28.1 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 7.6 apg, 1.8 spg, 52,5 FG%, 40.0 3PT FG%, 91,0 FT%. So although Pippen and James were far more athlectic, Bird had the more polished offensive game and literally always got the shot he wanted while managing to contribute to each and every other facets of the game. In addition, he owned the clutch dring the 80’s. With the game on the line, Bird was an assassin. He carved out the hearts of his opponents as he routinely made shots in the clutch to win games for his Celtics. Larry Bird is #1, but for how long?

*A few weeks back, I wrote an article titled Why Do Black Men Like White Women? Well I got a few comments about it:

-Because White women are human beings just like black, asian, and latino women. Now talking about how Black women are supposedly more aggressive and all...well it has not been proven to my knowledge. Show me the stats. Aggressiveness has nothing to with race but with the individual in particular. There are many factors that I could make one individual more aggressive that another one such as education, family, background, life circumstances, and on...

-I would like to hear your explanation on why a white guy (me) married a haitian women...either way good topic, found it to be intriguing.

-Indeed it is to be debated. But I have no issues with BW with a WM. Real talk. I just don't think it's the solution. Meaning, pardon my language but Choca is Choca and Pipe is pipe. The rest is the way both parties handle the flow of things.

-Interrelations are intruiging subject but i think it is ok! I always thought that white men look for black women because they are hot and sizzling...

-Very interesting...not what I expected

-Nice information there Shyne, maybe it is really greener on the other side...

-As a reply to Shyne’s post... 
I, White woman, like black man cuz in general they tend to be more "relax" in life in general. Might be a cultural thing. And i also gotta admit they all got a hell of a ass following em all the time. :P

-I personally think that Black Men are afraid of what they see in the Black Women, which is themselves...More power to them if they find a caucasian woman that makes them happy. I won't hate...But when the tables are turned, meaning a Black Woman decides that a White Man is what she wants...you ever notice the Black Man's reaction?

-“However, if a Caucasian woman offered the same type of attitude, I was completely fine with it. " Why the double standerd Shyne? Im a black woman and have plenty of easy going, educated and delightful black woman as friends, including myself. On the other hand I've met defensive, negative and arrogant women from all nationalities and most of them (contrary to popular belief) were Caucasians in various enviornments. I would like to see you explain away my experience w/rude women in general especially white ones. Or will you just try to continue justify your preference? I personally love everyone in judge people/women by the content of their character and NOT the Color of their skin. Im not against interracial dating, you like who you like. Just dont go disrespecting a race of woman because of your preference based on a handful of experiences.

*Player Hater’s Ball: Named after a skit from the Dave Chappelle show where they set up an award ceremony for the best haters in the world. Here are my contributions:

-XBOX 360 is not pimping. I used to have out and after getting the Rings of Death a few times, I decided to go along with the PS3 and I have not looked back since.

-According to reports, LeBron James was being treated for the swine flu by the Cavs medical staff. My boy Money said that Mo Williams was probably the one that had it and that they were just treating LeBron as a precaution, cuz you know; it’s LeBron.

-Rumor has it that Soulja Boy might be broke; well hell I’m surprised I took that long.

-Apparently Dr. Dre’s Detox album is still coming along. You know what? Who effin cares? It feels like I’ve been waiting for the album to drop since before Kobe and Shaq split up. Last I checked, that was five years ago. At this point, someone tell Dre to start working on Retox.

-Lil’ Flip seems to be back on the music scene. I thought he disappeared after his hit song Game Over because, well he realized his game was over. Apparently not.

-Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are putting the finishing touches on a prenup that will pay Khloe a specified amount of benjamins for every year that the marriage lasts. Sounds to me like somebody’s getting hustled. But then again, he probably got his advice from Kobe.

-Speaking of which, why would you want for Kobe Bryant to be your best man? Could it be because you never had any friends ? Care to answer the question Lamar ? For those that are unaware, Kobe was Lamar Odom’s best man. Go figure.

Shyne’s Ipod rotation

Eminem – Taking My Ball

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy

Royce da 5’9 - Something 2 Ride 2

Slaughterhouse – Cut You Loose

Royce da 5’9 – October 20th

Charles Hamilton – Rockin’ That Pink

Royce da 5’9 – Dinner Time

50 Cent – Redrum

Cam’Ron ft Jadakiss – Let’s Talk About

Mike Jones – Scandalous Hoes II

Trey Songz – Play House

Butch Cassidy – Fast Car

Trey Songz – Every Girl (Remix)

Marvin Gaye – Keep Gettin’ On

Trey Songz - Cheated

NFL Week 6 Picks

Welcome back to the SBG Blog. As usual, the weekly picks are now up. It was a little tougher for me to pick the games this week, but we'll see how it shakes up this weekend. As always, feel free to drop comments, questions or feedback. In the meantime, get ready for what might end up being the best game of the year so far as the New Orleans Saints host the New York Giants. The Week 6 picks are available simply by clicking here.

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

After a full slate of games that came down to the wire this past Sunday, I figured it was only right for me to to have type up my own version of the NFL Power Rankings after five weeks of solid football. So feel free to drop me some lines and have a look at the NFL Rankings here.

Live Blog

8:12pm: Brandon Marshall is dressed in Colorado Rockies gear as he is interviewed by Tiki Barber. He obviously has a posse of "yes men"; cuz there's no way I would let my boy rock that gear.

8:14pm: Tony Dungy sounds like he was made for television.

8:19pm: The Sunday Night Football song is coming!

8:22pm: The blonde chick singing looks kinky lol. "I been waitin' all day for Sunday Night Shyne Live Blog!!!"

8:24pm: Things to look for that NBC isn't talking about
-Can the Colts stop the run tonight
-Can the Titans having a good air game against the Colts pass rush
-The Titans have been known to get inside Peyton Manning's head
-JaMarcus Russell through for 100 yards on 8 of 13 passing. His best game in perhaps a year.
J-Marc: Get a pimp hat and start terrorizing the Bay Area for hoes. What self-respecting pimp would mess with you?

8:29pm: Interview with Jeff Fisher by Andrea Kremer
"Jeff, does the viagra help with your hair color?"

And we have kick off!

Player intros:
Joseph Addai, Tales from the Crypt

1st Quarter
14:54 Random Titans players injured. Injury timeout.
Manning just shot a commercial during the timeout.

14:24-Addai dances at the lien of scrimmage with pink shoes and gets taken down. Does that sound dirty?

13:08 - On the outside run by Addai, great job the Titants to swarm Addai.

12:39-Titans defense does the job and gets their defense off the field. McAfee installs his virus protection software and boots one into the end zone. Commercial break.
"Are you feeling lonely? The cocktail of Cialis and Viagra still can't get you excited? I have e recipe for you. Hi, my name is Brett Favre, when I'm not busy handing the ball to Adrian Peterson, I'm a normal guy just like you that needs to get some. My suggestion? Watch porn and use Kanye West vocals. So Amazing...". Back to our regularly scheduled program.

10:15 - Titans get their first first down of the game.

9:40 - LenDale White used to back up Reggie Bush at USC. Which one of them is a better NFL back now?

7:57 - Two incomplete passes in a row. Peyton Manning is officially in a slump.

7:28 - Peyton goes to the Batcave as he gets the ball to the Wayne Manor for the TD.
Commercial break: I live in Montreal, so i get Canadian commercials. I'm watching a commercial promoting hockey. For my American readers, hockey is a sport played with a puck on ice. Why people like it? Beats the hell out of me! Might have something to do with me not being able to skate though.
Player intros:
Jacob Lcey, Ludacris University.

5:52 - Colts turn the ball over on the punt.

5:07 - Illegal block in the back. 2nd and 14 for the Titans. Collins seems comfortable in the pocket.

4:25 - Freeney is getting double teammed, so they are completely taking away his spin move. Let's see if Robert Mathis can win his match up with the right tackle.

4:20 - Titans on the board.
Score: Colts lead 7-3.

4:06 - Great hands by Dallas Clark.

3:05 - Second turnover of the night forced by the Titans. Keith Bulluck then says: "Ugh, I saw the ball and it came to me and it was my ball."

2:20 - Even when Chris Johnson gets stopped in the backfield, his runs look great. That's a stud running back; great feet and vision.

:30 - Two turnovers, 6 points. The Titans must happy to get the points, but should have gotten more out of those two trips. The Titans have forced two turnovers while the Colts have forced one.
Score: Colts lead 7-6.

End of 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter
14:13 - Titans stop Colts on 3rd down. Titans getting ready to get ball back.

13:31 - NBC shows the match up I wsa talking about. The Colts defensive ends vs the Titans tackles.

11:44 - Colts fair catch the punt. We need more action in the game.
Commercial break. By the way, would anyone have ever thought that the Manning boys would two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL? We always knew that Peyton had it, but Eli we weren't so sure. But look at how the Giants have started the past two years; some big winning streaks to start the seasons. Pay attention to the Giants. I know Plax is.

11:29 - Game lacks flow. Too many penalties.

10:15 - Great information from Collinsworth. he explains that the Titans know 90% of the signals and the calls that the Colts make. That's a testament to how well the Colts execute.

8:22 - Exquisite play action by Manning as he completes a deep out to Reggie Wayne.

8:01 - Not sure why, but now the Colts offense seems to have some pep in their step. Addai is running with attitude and the offensive line is pushing people around. Great replay of the catch by Dallas Clark.

6:22 - Feel like taking a pizza break, but the public awaits my live blogging. The sacrifices I make for you loyal readers. No pizza for now. Will have to wait for halftime.

5:00 - While I was busy talking about myself, the Colts score a Touchdown. My bad guys.
Score: Colts lead 14-6.
Commercial Break.
"I don't know what you heard about me/
A trick can't get a dollar out of me/
No cadillacs, no perms , you can't see/
that I'm a motherf*ckin P-I-M-P"
JaMarcus pay attention!

4:04 - Collins completes a 23 yard pass to Nate Washington on 3rd and 3. Chris Johnson looks like a threat to break a long one tonight by the way.

2:55 - 3rd and 7 for the Titans around midfield. They take a timeout because this is "Eye of the Tiger" time. Hell, they should fly Stallone in at halftime to give a motivational speech:
Sly: So ughh you guys R 0-4. Well who cares! All that matters is what you got in your heart! I beat Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago.....
Vince Young: No offense Sly, but none of that ish was realistic, it happened in a movie. I got real problem motherf*cker. I got bills to pay, depression to battle and a starting quarterback's ass I wanna kick to get my job back.

1:16 - Great offensive line play by the Titans. None of the Colts defensive linemen have had a shot at getting to Collins. As I write that, the Colts force Collins to rush a throw.

1:04 - Titans put up another 3 points on the board
Score: Colts lead 14-9.

:50 - Tough call on the Titans considering the field position.

:42 - Addai catches the ball and dances away from a few linebackers and gets out of bounds.

:35 - The Titans defensive linemen are getting to Peyton Manning. They show a replay of Vanden Bosch after he hits Manning and gets up thiking he got the sack only to realize he got the pass off in time.

:30 - The Colts run the ball on 3rd down and pick up the first down and call timeout. Ball at the 40 and Manning is going to Clark.

:25 - I say that, but he goes to Addai. Another roughing the passer call. Charlie Johnson being out kind of helps the Colts in a way because they keep hitting Peyton late.

:17 - Mr All-NFL Commercial hits Austin Collie deep to complete a 93 yard drive .
Score: Titans lead 21-9.

Titans take a knee and will go into halftime with the score as is.
HALFTIME - Pizza time, see you guys soon. Please entertain me with comments.

-Orton sounded nervous during his halftime interview with Bob Costas. Was that his first ever interview? Or did Costas sleep with his girlfriend and he was twitchy because he wanted to kick his ass? I guess we'll never know...

3rd Quarter
13:39 - Wow, Tim Jennings picks off the ball and now the Colts will be driving going the other way. Titans fans, start calling your crack, heroin or cocaine dealers. You guys might be in for a tough night.

13:20 - Addain leaves the field with an injury and Donald Brown does the Michael Jordan fist pump. He follows that with a catch for a first down.

12:13 - Donald Brown gets the carry on 3rd down and gets the Colts a first down. 1st and Goal. Peyton Manning draws the Titans offsides.

11:09 - Colts get caught holding. Tennessee needs to force the Colts to kick a field goal if they want to have any shot at coming back.

10:36 - Manning snaps his fingers and gets the ball out to the Waiter (Garcon) who gets tackled at the 8 yard line.

9:53 - WOW. Manning fools the defense with the play action and then lofts the ball over the linebackers and safeties to find Collie in the end zone.
Score: Colts lead 28-9.
Commercial Break. Should we start talking about other things while we're here? Who has a topic to mention? I know, let's talk about HOCKEY!
By the way, make sure you tune in on CBS tomorrow night starting at 8 PM. I would suggest to all to start watching the TV sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". The name of the show throws you off, but it's a cool show. It's a dude trying to explain to his kids how he met their mother. Mind you, he goes into the details of the women he hooked up with before actually meeting their mom. Give it a try.

6:43 - I've decided to do like the Titans and take part of the night off LOL.

5:40 - Titans go for it on 4th down and don't convert. Colts ball.

5:33 - Boy does Donald Brown know how to run the ball.

5:06 - Cols in danger of going thee and out.

4:21 - Al Michaels is stating that Tennessee will lose tonight and will lose next week to New England to go to 0-6. Good times.

2:09 - Talk now begins to center around Vince Young. Dwight Freeney takes advantage of the conversation which distracts Collins and takes him down for a sack.

1:23 - Camera closes up on Freeney and Mathis who look like two dudes that should star in a prison movie.....and I'm not talking about a nice prison movie.

:24 - Another personal foul penalty on the Titans.

end of 3rd quarter

4th Quarter
11:38 - Right now, isn't Peyton Manning the frontrunner for MVP? Look at the completion he just through to Dallas Clark.

11:20 - As a Colts fan, I am obviously happy; but I know that we have been feeding off these bad NFL teams. We have yet to beat a quality opponent, so I won't put too much weight on our soon to be 5-0 record. However, I will say that we have been blowing out these bad teams though.

9:49 - Collie is officially becoming Manning's new favorite weapon.

7:37 - Colts put up another 3.
Score: Colts lead 31-9.

7:26 - We are about to get a Vince Young sighting. Let's see if he throws a pick six with about half the quarter left before the game ends. Any bets?
Almost had it on his first throw!

6:32 - Good to see that Vince can still use his legs to run; because he's not using them to pass the ball.
Trivia question: what's the difference between Mike Vick and Vince Young? Young hasn't gone to jail yet.

5:50 - Colts get the ball. It's a foregone conclusion. Message sponsored by BET: "We're wrapping it up". Have a nice night people!!

Live Blogging the Colts @ Titans Game tonight!

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