Franchise Player: Dwight Howard

The term franchise player gets tossed around pretty easily these days. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point a few general mangers, some members of the press as well as some fans lost their mind and started giving the title to a bunch of less than worthy players. You might think I’m exaggerating but look at the list of players that were once given franchise player type of money because they overstated the talent of these guys:
Vince Carter
Tracy McGrady
Joe Jonhson
Baron Davis
Ray Allen
Elton Brand
Al Jefferson
Danny Granger
Stephon Marbury
Gilbert Arenas
And then people wonder why the owners want some significant changes to the collective bargaining agreement. Nonetheless, there really aren’t that many franchise players in the NBA. But then again, it depends on your definition of what a franchise player is. If you want the list of criteria required to be a franchise player, click here to get the rest of the article.


rakeback said...

Every move the Knicks make prior to Free Agency is intended to attract Lebron James and other top players. Tracy has been injury-plagued, and this move will probably not improve the team much in the short-term.

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