Franchise Player: Tim Duncan

Back in 1996, David Robinson suffered an injury and that forced him to miss 76 games (out of 82) for the San Antonio Spurs. The team struggled that season in the absence of their franchise player on their way to a 20-62 record. Although the Spurs had a miserable season, they won that year in more ways than one. First, they were going to get a healthy David Robinson the following season to help them contend for a title. Second, the Spurs had won what was known as the Tim Duncan draft. It was clear to everybody back then that Duncan had all the tools necessary to be a legit NBA big man. Hence, pairing up Duncan with Robinson would probably mean that San Antonio would have the chance to contend for several titles. Here’s the funny thing about Tim Duncan though: don’t let anybody fool you, he’s an NBA center. But the presence of Robinson forced Gregg Poppovich’s hand to start him at power forward. And it worked. The team hasn’t looked back since. For the rest of this post, please click here.

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