NBA Franchise Players

Last week, I started to write about the NBA players that I felt truly deserved the title of Franchise Player. In order to determine who should deserve to be part of such an elite group, I came up with a list of criteria that the players are obligated to fit in if they are going to be considered franchise players. Look at the list below.
Franchise Player Criteria:
-The Tim Duncan Requirement: Barring an injury to him, his team can only miss the playoffs once after his first three years in the league (my friend Money said this one should be changed to the Kobe Exception, and he’s right; I did put this criteria here because of the Mamba, we’ll change it next time).
-The Shaquille O’Neal aka Diesel Test: If he ends up with a contract of $20 million per year, you can’t even second guess the contract because he’s actually worth it (no, the argument that he means more to his team than other teams won’t fly).
-The Kareem Standard: Multiple All-Star appearances (quick note: I originally wrote that the Kareem Standard required multiple All-Star appearances, but NBA hardware is a must as well).
-The Karl Malone Rule: If the team is going to put all of their hopes and money into one player, that player has to be able to suit up for at least 85% of the NBA season (including playoffs).
-The Magic Johnson Provision: Whether we’re talking about the 20th game of the regular season or game 6 of a pivotal playoff series, a franchise player always stands out in a basketball game because he has stage presence. It might be rebounding, scoring, defense , passing or just being a great teammate; the franchise player just stands out no matter what..
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the short list of players that I have written about (click on their names to read the article associated to them):

More to come in the next few weeks. In case you were wondering who was next, it’s none other than Dwyane Wade..

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