NFL Playoff Picks Challenge Winner

Our NFL Playoff Picks Challenge Winner Lady Ravnos stopped by to share something with us...

My papa was an amazing man: smart, strong, funny, and caring.  He was always there for us no matter what. And yes at times, he was a hard ass and could be very scary but he was strengthening us. He thought us the value of hard work but to also take a break and enjoy life. He was never a jealous man.  He would never look at something someone else had and go “I wish I had that.” Nope. If he wanted something bad enough, he’d work to get it.  My papa grew up in the Philippines in the countryside.  His family got by on very modest means. In fact, there were times; they would all sleep on a mat on the floor.  He would get hand me down clothes for the older boys in the neighbor hood.  To him, that was like getting a brand new shirt.  He got a lot of things second hand but he did not care. After a while, my papa went to school and then to university. Eventually he got married to his 1st wife and had a baby girl:  Ellen, my older 1/2 sister.  Unfortunately, his wife had passed away, leaving him a widow and single dad.  It was a couple of years later when he would meet my mom.  After much pursuing and insisting (I calling it stalking), she finally agreed to go out with him. That was back in 1972. In 1973, they were wed and 1975 my brother was born.  Two years later, I popped out.   Ok not really, my birth is a whole other story. So there we were my family living by modest means in the Philippines, just like my dad’s family before. It wasn’t until I was about 6 when we came to the USA. Life was different here.  Everyone seemed to want what the other person had. It was all about “Keeping up with the Jones”. But not my papa, he did care about material possessions.  All he cared about was our health and happiness. I asked him once, ‘If he was happy’ His response, “Yes I am happy. I have a beautiful wife, 3 amazing and beautiful kids, a great home, a great job, my health, and we are all together. So yes I am happy.”  
That was my papa: a great man who always worked hard and never let anyone get him down
That’s why I love the Jaguars and Saints. They kind of remind me of my papa. 
My papa passed away this past Jan 2010 just right before Superbowl.  He was a Saints fan too.  So winning this picks challenge is bittersweet for me.   I love you Papa.  And I miss you.  
Hope (A poem by ladyravnos316)
In the midst of foggy & deep dark skies

A shimmer of hope soon arrives

From the highest mountain to the lowest stream

Hope becomes more than just a dream

So open all your eyes to see

That hope can become a reality

For it's the light at a tunnel's end

It can also be thy loyal friend

So do not give up hope or faith

Cause it never is too late

So keep your dreams alive

And hope to see you on the other side


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