Super Bowl Week: Day 1

With this being Super Bowl week, I figured I'd get the take of some of the NFL fans out there. I'll try to have something new posted by a fan for every day of the week. In the even that I can't get anything from a fan, you guys are stuck with little old me. Cool? Let's do this. Today, I bring to you Marisa; she's a die hard Chargers fan and a contributor for New York CIty Chargers Fans. Feel free to also scope out her blog Pepperforyourhead. She's the one rocking powder blue in the photo. This is what she wanted to share with us.

As you all know, I've been used for the past 6 months and I feel beat. As much as I love this time of year, I am really going to miss some of my favorite people. Here are some favorite memories of the 2009-2010 football season.

In the month of September, I saw some old buddies return for a Sunday Funday. Mimosa and Bloody Mary joined me on the table as we got to watch some good games. I saw some crazy girls dressed up in mini skirts and high heels and I thought, damn!! Not in a good way, this is sunday gameday not sunday best dressed. Either way, I had some good times.

October flew by but November was the month to remember. I met this group of kids from California that were visiting New York, they took me on a joy ride to Jersey and had their way with me. I can't imagine how they felt because I know I was worked hard to give them what they wanted, a good time. Either way, their team ended up winning the game at the Meadowlands and we spent the rest of the night together until the wee hours of the morning. I didn't give them a hangover because I felt it was best they enjoyed the rest of their stay in NY.

Come January, things were slowing down for me. I didn't have to make my rounds as much as I did in September, but I still showed up.

Now I look at the current state of football and realize that my life as beer will be coming to a long 5 and half month break. Football and I don't meet up from March through the middle of August but not because I said so, it's because of Goddell. That bastard!

Did you hear that we may permanently break up in 2011, are you kidding? No $12 pitchers on Sunday, no making the rounds amongst my bffs Mimosa and Bloody Mary. I don't come to brunch unless there's football on. Man, my life would be boring. Not only for me, but, what about all my buddies at the bar. Think about it, no one would have any reason to break one an ice cold one if there is no football on. I mean it would be no fun with only PBA Bowling to watch and a NASCAR race here and there. I don't go well with those things anyway.

On a lighter note, Sunday's Super Bowl game is a gonna be a good one. It will bring me back to early September, the excitedness is there, I can feel it. My personal favorite Drew Brees who loves himself some good IPA is playing in the big one. He has been smashing cold ones all year and it'll be interesting to see how he matches up to the ever-present i-have-a-stank-pissy-face Manning. Probably one of the best SB matchups in a while... I cannot wait. I will be consumed in heavy amounts, along with some chips and dip, finger foods and hot wings!

Until then, drink up!


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