Super Bowl Week: Day 3

Good day folks, we're getting closer to the Super Bowl! Today Cynthia is gracing us with her Super Bowl prediction; give it a read and enjoy. My Prediction should be up probably by tomorrow night. Enjoy the read. 

I’d like to thank Shyne for entertaining us this season with the picks challenge and the opportunity for us to sound off on his blog.  It was a fun season with the newly added dimension of Twitter and just one more exponential opportunity to talk smack about our teams! This year was a lot of fun.

Now bear in mind, this post comes from one extremely heartbroken Chargers fan. One who was pretty sure for most of the season and VERY sure until two weeks ago, that this Super Bowl would end up Saints/Chargers; then Chargers with the ring. So sure in fact, that I got the “bolt” tattooed on my ankle. Yup. Tattooed. NOT the wash off kind.

Ok, ok, enough about the Chargers, it’s over. After much deliberation about the Saints/Colts match up, I’ve decided to go with the “Cinderella” Saints. (Sorry Shyne) Although most everyone I’ve personally spoken with thinks the Colts will win, I think Drew and his boys will come out victorious. You may ask, “Why? When the Colts are favored to win? Studies show that people tend to believe that underdogs put forth more effort than top-dogs. Researchers also propose that those who are viewed as disadvantaged arouse people’s sense of fairness and justice — important principles to most people. Or it may be that as my former Chargers quarterback, I want to root for Drew! Whatever the case, I am rooting for the underdog. Go Saints.


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