Super Bowl Week: Day 4

For Day 4, Gamblaar decided to grace us with his own Super Bowl preview. Some good stuff in here by the Buckeyes fan. By the way, Gamblaar is a contributor to Fantasy Depth Chart, make sure give it a look at bookmark it for the next fantasy season. On with the show. 

By: Gamblaar

When you have two teams that are ranked number 1 in their respective divisions, you could say they were both expected to get to the championship game. This is also something that you would expect to happen more than once every decade, but this isn’t the case. It’s been nearly 20 years since the Bills and Cowboys met in the Super Bowl as #1 in the AFC and #1 in the NFC.

This is not a match up for defensive fans, but if you love great quarterbacks, then looks like you are in for a treat. The question that everyone is asking is, ‘Can Drew Brees out-Manning, Manning?’ I would like to think that no one can do that, which leads me to the next question. If you are down 4, with fewer than 2 minutes and only 1 time out left, who do you want as your quarterback RIGHT now? I think without hesitation everyone would collectively say “Peyton Manning”.

The point of asking that question is as follows. When you are fairly equal in all facets of the game, the edge goes to the team with the most intangibles. The Saints (unfairly) have the underdog card in their corner and also most likely have the most neutral fans cheering for them. The Colts however, have the experience and have the “clutch” factor in Peyton Manning. As we witnessed earlier this year against the Patriots, no lead with any amount of time left on the clock is safe against Peyton Manning.

I think when you throw everything together, you should have one hell of a game that is very aesthetically pleasing to watch for even the common fan. Aside from guessing what E-Trade baby will have to say during commercials, the biggest question I have is this, will New Orleans cheap shot the hell out of Manning like they did Favre? If they can do that, they will have a shot at the end, but every fiber in my body tells me not to pick against Peyton Manning.


Colts 34

Saints 31


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