Super Bowl Week: Day 5

Good day folks, today we have Nate from Dribble Drive making a cameo appearance. This is his Super Bowl pick. Follow him on twitter; his username is nweiser09. My Super Bowl article is already done but I'll only post it much later in the day. Enjoy peeps!

I would also like to thank Shyne for the picks challenge this season.  Twitter has been a great way to interact with other fans from different parts of the country.  Now on to what I think about the big game this Sunday.
As a Jets fan, I hope that the Saints win because the Colts knocked Gang Green out of the playoffs and ended their magical run.  However, I am a fan of Jim Caldwell since he benched his starters during the second half of the week 16 matchup, to help the Jets reach the playoffs.  The Colts are a great team with one of the best quarterbacks of all-time in Payton Manning, and (an injured) Dwight Freeney leading the defense but I will give the edge to the Saints.  This Super Bowl might be bittersweet for Manning since he grew up in New Orleans but that will probably not change his play during the game.
The Saints have so many weapons on offense, and they are much better than the Jets on that side of the ball so that should help them against the Colts.  Drew Brees is probably having his best season of his career after passing for 34 TD’s, and only 11 INT’s.  He has a tall up and coming target to pass to in Marques Colston who recorded 9 TD’s during his campaign.  In addition, they have Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush running the ball. Bush had one of his best games of his career in the divisional playoff game against the Cardinals, and is a weapon catching the ball as well.  With Will Smith, Darren Sharper and Jonathan Vilma on defense the Saints might have just enough to slow down the Colts and I think their offense will be too much for the Colts defense.
I also want the Saints to win because it would be such a great story for that city, after all that they have been through.  If the city of New Orleans could finally get a Super Bowl championship especially after Katrina and all of the teams’ bad years when they were known as the ‘Aints (when fans would put a paper bag over their heads) it would be a great thing.
The Saints are the underdog, but I think they can be considered “Americas team” right now, and if the game is close toward the end of the fourth quarter they should be able to find a way to win.  My prediction is that the Saints will beat the Colts 30-24.  
One thing I don’t really understand is why the Who is performing during halftime.  I think they should move on from the Janet Jackson fiasco halftime of a few years ago, and finally get somebody younger to perform.


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