Slaughterhouse Show

Before the show
Ladies and gentlemen, after failing to assist a Hip Hop show for 12 years, I finally left the house to watch my favorite rap group. Prior to the show, I had the chance (with my cousin Philly) to meet with the group and talk with them (sadly Crooked I could not make the trip due to an emergency back home) for a bit.

-Royce Da 5’9 was by far the nicest dude of the group. He went out of his way to come seek us out and ask us to come talk and take pictures with the group. He made sure to make the whole experience as positive as possible and as fun as it could be for the people in attendance.

-Joell Ortiz was the funny energetic guy. He was full of life and made sure to take pictures with everyone there and try to interact with us all. This one dude asked Joell about what it took to make it in the business, and the Brooklyn rapper gladly offered his insights on what it took to at least have a decent shot at being successful in the music industry.

-Let it be known that Joe Budden is my favorite rapper. However, Joe wasn’t on the same wavelength as the two other Slaughterhouse members. He was available to talk to and he interacted with everyone but the others overshadowed him to some degree. He was more willing to talk to the Slaughterhouse members and crack jokes with them and then entertain whatever conversations resulted from those. Joey’s biggest concern was finding a Best Buy so he could purchase some DVDs because the group was making a 21 hour drive to Thunder Bay immediately after the show.

Opening Act
I won’t bore you with the names of the guys that performed to open the show because, well they were relatively boring. However, there was one guy there that really opened up things properly. I honestly didn’t think he would be such a showman on stage, but Pharaohe Monch really killed it.

He was accompanied by Showtyme who is a cross between Earl Boykins and Carl Thomas (he tried to hustle us after the show and sell us CDs, good times). If you didn’t get the reference; he was basically short and he sounded like Carl Thomas (which is a good thing). Pharaohe Monch and Showtyme went on to perform a few tracks, but naturally the ones that stood out were Desire, Oh No, My Life & Simon Says. Great job getting the crowd ready for the main event.

Main Event
As the beat off Sound Off started playing, Royce’s name was announced. Before he even came out, one of his lines from the track Wack MCs was going through my mind: “I’m married to a bottle of Patron wearing a wedding dress…”. Completely random and yet Nickel came out on stage with a bottle of Patron. Ortiz came out with his pants almost falling off his ass while Joe Budden came out with a pair of shorts, a tank top and some black Jordans.

The group felt it was important that we all know what city they came from and thus played a snippet of a classic joint originating from their hometown and also included the lyrics:

-Royce Da 5’9, from Detroit, Michigan: The Way I Am by Eminem
-Joe Budden, from Jersey City, New Jersey: Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty By Nature
-Crooked I, from East Long Beach California: Nothin But A G Thang by Dr. Dre & Snoop.
-Joell Ortiz, from Brooklyn, New York: Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.

Here’s a quick list of some of the tracks they performed (couldn’t remember all the songs):
-The One
-Pump It Up
-Onslaught 2

After performing one of their joints, Joell stopped the music to ask the crowd if they were pumped. After getting a positive response from everyone, he went on to say that he was pumped to perform in Montreal aka The Real City (let me be honest, I was making fun of people before the show that called Montreal The Real City; but Slaughterhouse said it, so now it’s official; yes I’m fickle). Ortiz then asked Royce who said he was pumped as f*ck. Then they asked Joe and he said “hmm I dunno how pumped I am, but let’s find out”. And then it happened: “PUMP PUMP PUMP PUMP PUMP PUMP PUMP PUMP IT UP!” Joe performed his hit single and drove the crowd into frenzy and caused me to lose my voice (just so we’re clear, I was not part of the groupie patrol after the show, I felt you needed to know this).

By the way, the show has convinced me that perhaps I should start to write after smoking a blunt and drinking some alcohol. These guys performed with Patron, Jack Daniels and Fruit of Passion Oasis juice up on the stage (Mary Jane’s odor was present at the meet and greet and also after the show).

After The Show
So at the end of the show, my man Money was able to orchestrate something with the promoter for us to have a quick talk again with the Slaughterhouse guys.  We were outside the Corona Theater (out back), and Joell Ortiz was cool but he disappeared real fast on us. He checked out early it seemed. Joe was surrounded by five or six ladies that kept trying to sweat him. After about seven minutes, Joe flashed the peace sign and left.

Consequently, we were left with Royce and Money asked him a few questions about a possible signing with Nas and his gravitation towards rappers that take Vicodin (Eminem and Joe Budden). Royce thought it was funny and said he probably had some issues too. To conclude the night, Money asked Royce to sign a picture of his favorite rapper……He took out a picture of Benzino and everyone there just started laughing like crazy. And that’s how my night at the Slaughterhouse show ended. I was able to watch my favorite rap group perform in my city and also get to hang out with the guys for a few hours. Hip Hop is in great hands…..

Left to right: Royce Da 5'9, Joe Budden, me and Joell Ortiz.


Frog said...

This is fucking AWESOME...I would really love to see them live, meeting them would be ridiculously insane.

Consider me jealous.

Shyne said...

Ya I still have trouble believing I met the guys and what not. Great show from my perspective. Thanks for commenting!

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