Vince Carter: Savior or Zero?

Vince Carter is no longer part of the elite group of NBA players. He is not a great scorer, not a great defender and no longer the finisher he was once. Vince Carter is basically no longer a franchise player. And yet, the Magic will count on him in the next few weeks to help them win the NBA title. Kanye West has a song in which the chorus goes: "Everything I'm not made me everything I am." Vince Carter has had an intriguing NBA career to say the least. For the past few years, we have all openly wondered: "how comes he doesn't get it?" No one can grasp why such a talented  player does so little. As a result, he has had several shots taken at him over the course of his career. Earlier this week, Orlando Pinstriped did a feature on him giving some insights on his playoff performances with the New Jersey Nets. The feature was prompted by an article that ESPN's Bill Simmons wrote about Vince's inability to be counted on in big moments. As a result, naysayers will tell you that the Magic cannot win an NBA championship with Vince Carter as the main perimeter scoring threat. Is that statement entirely accurate? Not quite. Click here for the rest of the post


drewbreezzy said...

I don't even follow NBA and know Carter is better off on the bench. Give Reddick some shine or at least more playing time.

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