What if Eminem and Jay-Z battled?

Imagine if Jay-Z and Eminem decided to go at it just for the sake of HipHop…..


“Ya, your boy is in the building!

How they gonna compare your skills to mine,

I did more in the last decade then you’ll ever do in your lifetime,

Your flow is cool and your lyrics are aight,

But you got a little substance but the rest is all hype,

You say how you used to have a drug problem,

Man you shoulda told me, I woulda been your supplier Em,

Attackin me, you must be crazy,

Cuz no one can take down HOV,

Most #1 albums in recent history,

I am on the same level as #23,

Call me S Dot

Cuz I hits the spot,

Then change up the plot

Now goes ask Hailey if I’m hot”


“No valium needed now

Cuz that wack verse put me to sleep,

You better be careful Sean,

And recognize when you’re in too deep,

Maybe right now should be the time for you to run and hide,

Cuz only street cred you got came from your track Bonnie and Clyde,

Bet you still waiting for that Kingdom to Come,

Not gonna happen as long as I'm #1,

C'mon Jay, we all know how you been afraid,

Cuz your lyrics is second grade,

Especially when we went at it on Renegade,

Gotta learn to to check yourself and take a hint,

If I were trying to build a Dynasty,

I wouldn’t need three sets of Blueprints,

Only reason you second guess yourself,

Is because you have a Reasonable Doubt,

Bet you didn’t realize I’d use your album names to call you out;

Jigga Man, Jay-Z, S. Carter, HOV and Hova,

Coming up with names to distract people from the fact your career is over,

MJ went into the Hall as the best ever,

When you retire,

You’ll go in the Rap’s Hall as the “best never”;

Before I turn you into a Washington Wizard,

Help me understand something,

Are you woman, girl or a toy,

Cuz why the f*ck else is Beyonce wondering if she were a boy?

Eminem: Hailey baby, do you like Jay-Z?

Hailey: Who’s Jay-Z daddy? I like Sponge Bob Squarepants.


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