The New East

NBA free agency has not yet concluded but the biggest moves have already taken place; and most of them have had a huge impact on the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Certain franchises were able to acquire enough talent to dramatically alter their teams as well as their expectations, while some other teams lost key players which might ultimately doom them for a few years. It’s like watching a sitcom for a few years and then watching the key actors leave the show in favor of another one. Seriously, imagine Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen) leaving his Malibu house in Two & A Half Men to move to a New York apartment to bang chicks with Barney Stinson (portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris) on How I Met Your Mother. There’s no possible way for Two & A Half Men to recover from that right? Well in a nutshell, that’s the life of an NBA general manager. Click here to read the remainder of this post...


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