Chicago Bulls Star: Officer Rick Rose

Yesterday I was having a talk with my friend Karim and he made the statement that if he could be any NBA player today, he would pick Derrick Rose. I thought the statement was peculiar given how much he loves Kobe Bryant but I left it at that. Later in the evening, with my friend’s words still in mind, I tweeted that I was curious to see how Officer Rick Rose would fare against the Lakers frontline. And that’s when Karim’s statement made total sense.

Please understand, I have seen and admired Rose’s game for a long time; but last night he showed me way more than I had ever seen from him. He literally got to any spot on the floor that he wanted. Whether it was Matt Barnes, Ron Artest or Kobe Bryant guarding him, it really did not affect him. He was able to consistently blow by his defender (he even taught Kobe how to Dougie at one point with his crossover) and get into paint where he finished at the rim. He did this while the Lakers defense game plan was to at all times have four guys helping off the ball to protect the paint.

Rose made a series of tough shots look completely routine. He made contested lay ups (most of which came at the expense of Gasol), incredibly difficult reverse lay ins almost with ease, hit a few floaters and kept the defense honest with a few jump shots. The most glaring hole in offensive game is his jump shot, but he manages to counter that to some effect with his little midrange floater that he’s developed. One thing is for sure though, there is no way one player will be able to stay in front him.

My one concern about Rose showed up last night as he struggled a bit with his decision making. The Bulls star is still adjusting it would seem with being the team’s #1 and arguably #2 scoring option. At times, plays are meant to go to a specific player and if that offensive set breaks down, Rose might still try to force feed his teammate instead of breaking off the play; which results in turnovers.Nonetheless, he still finds ways to deliver the ball to players in a position to score the ball.Within the next few years, it’s quite possible that Derrick Rose might own The Point Guard’s Belt (now being battled for by Chris Paul and Deron Williams while Steve Nash observes like a proud father).

While we’re here, does anyone remember Stephon Marbury? Before becoming the enigma he is today, the former Georgia Tech star was expected to be the next great NBA point guard. Well, don’t look now, but Rose is quite possibly Marbury 2.0.Ludicrous you say? Much like Steph, Rose has the handle to get to point A to point B, the quickness to leave defenders behind, the strength to take hits and still get a quality shot off, and he can score in bunches.The difference between the former Memphis Tiger and the Vaseline eater is that Rose has consistently demonstrated the willingness to get his teammates involved.If we were ready to anoint Marbury, we should have a long list of people waiting for Rose’s coming out party this spring when the playoffs start.But before we get to April, do yourself a favor and watch him play every night, you won’t be disappointed.

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