Why People Hate Lakers Fans...

Yesterday, I was with my friend Money and we were talking about basketball (specifically the prospects of Orlando trading Vince Carter for Gilbert Arenas) in a public area when a completely random dude (for the sake of this post, we will give him the fictional name Gusto) came up to us and asked: “You guys talking basketball?” We proceeded to both begrudgingly answer yes because we weren’t sure where he might potentially take the conversation. He then started by saying that the Los Angeles Lakers would win the 2010-11 NBA title and that Kobe Bryant was the best player of all time not named Michael Jordan.

Gusto (in case you were wondering, I got the name Gusto from the movie CB4, makes sense right?) went so far as to say that people who compare LeBron James to Kobe Bryant were crazy because it would be the equivalent of comparing a Rolls Royce to a Hyundai. After a few playful jabs at him, we knew this dude probably started watching basketball two or three years ago and thus was not equipped to enter such a debate with us.

Please understand, I am not a basketball expert by any stretch; however I have been completely invested into NBA basketball for the past 20 years. So although I am not a basketball analyst per say, I can say with certainty that I can hold my own in any NBA debate and provide an informed argument. I don’t have a problem with this said person saying that Kobe is close to MJ, but when I asked him if he could even mention the Black Mamba in the same conversation as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he just gave me a completely dumbfounded look; he was like the guy on Maury that denies being the father until the paternity test proves otherwise. Completely clueless.

That’s when Money uttered something along the lines of “that’s why people hate Kobe Bryant. Because the guys that come to his defense cannot provide any logical analysis to the table to support their arguments”. And Money is absolutely right. I can totally understand why someone would say that the Lakers superstar guard is better than LeBron James, but to say that one is a Rolls Royce while the other is Hyundai, that’s just disrespecting the game of basketball. Hell, by the end of the conversation, Gusto had changed his opinion and proclaimed that Bryant was actually better than Michael Jordan. That’s when he shared his best argument (in his own mind obviously) with us: “You guys are just Kobe haters”.

In a nutshell, this part of the reason that Kobe Bryant will always be one of the most hated athletes of his sport despite his achievements and aesthetically pleasing game.  Casual NBA fans are far too happy to anoint him as the greatest without knowing the history of the game. Consequently, when people hear his name, they always need to be convinced of his greatness because for years he has been compared to Great One but falls short in every measure. It’s time for us to embrace Kobe Bryant the Lakers star instead of looking at him as the next coming of equal or better than Mike.

The Lakers all time leading scorer’s legacy is secured, but he can however still add to it in the next few years. Forget about what he’s done off the court and how aloof he might seem in interviews, he gets it done on the court. But it’s tough for some to admit this because far too often they are faced with the Gustos of this world that do not allow for an intelligent debate. Ball is in your court now Lakers fans…..

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haha this is a funny article!!

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Thanks, I figured most people would get a kick out of this one. Mucha appreciated!

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your welcome!!!

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