My 1st Ever Celtics Experience

Earlier this week, me and my friend Karim traveled to Boston to watch the Celtics take on the Denver Nuggets in what promised to be a great game. Unfortunately for us, Carmelo Anthony was a late scratch and we had to settle for the excitement involved with seeing J.R. Smith ignore his teammates and jack up shots (seriously, Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson would be jealous of his shot selection). The game itself was quite interesting, but so was the trip overall.

Once we crossed the boarder (we were going from Montreal to Boston) we had to stop to make some gas a few miles past Burlington. Once we walked into the gas station, the two lady clerks gave us the “you guy’s aren’t from around here and we’d love for you to talk to us” look. Once they heard me and Karim talk in French (yes we’re versatile like that), they giggled like a few school girls. We then went on our merry way and drove until we hit Boston. Let the record show that unlike Montreal, there was no snow in Boston, and yet it was colder than the Canadian city we had just left. Go figure.

If there was one thing me and Karim were looking forward to, it was the accents. As soon as we got to the TD Garden, we were told: “Bring your cahhh ova heeeea”. Which in Boston talk means bring your car over here.

Once we were done parking the car, we hit Quizznos and then went inside the TD Garden in order to watch the players finish their shoot around. As I watched the security guards, it dawned on me that they all might have starred in the movie The Departed. Seriously, they all had the Matt Damon look going for them.

Once seated, we checked out the jumbotron and saw Kevin Garnett getting loose in the hallway as the crowd all cheered in unison. Once it was time for the players to come out, it was officially on. The Nuggets were obviously booed and then Going the Distance started playing (you know, the song from Rocky where he trains like a bad ass to knock someone out) and the Celtics came jogging out and the crowd went wild. The energy in the building was truly amazing.

Image courtesy of ESPN
From the jump, we could tell that Denver had no shot in this game. The Celtics showed some stingy defense early on and Rajon Rondo was like Chef Ramsey as he got everyone to cook up their best dish in his Hell’s Kitchen. The recipe early on? Feed Ray Allen for open threes.

Forget trying to stop the Celtics, the Nuggets struggled to contest shots early on in the game. Boston was up 35-21 after the first quarter and never looked back.  Denver made a few runs during the game (they got within four points in the third quarter) as Boston took its foot off the gas for a few stretches; but the home team eventually stepped up the intensity again and put the game away.

There were however several interesting things I observed during the game (I was aided by the Celtics faithful during the game). Ty Lawson is really good. On four different occasions, he completely erased Rondo from in front him with his crossover and scored on the Celtics point guard. One fan sitting next to me actually screamed that Lawson was relying on luck to get by Rondo instead of skill. Homerism at its best ladies and gentlemen.

Also, Al Harrington took 10 shots during the game (he was 3 for 10 from the field and one for seven from three point land), during the game but I swear it seemed like he took way more. During a stretch, it seemed as if Harrington took shots for Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Chauncey Billups and George Karl. It was if someone had told him that if he failed to shoot the ball repeatedly he would get his feces pushed in (Training Day  reference) after the game.  Further exacerbating the problem was the fact that Harrington commited six turnovers on his way to freezing out Ty Lawson.

Indeed, although Lawson (24 points and seven assists) helped make the game close in the second and third quarters, Harrington’s penchant for jacking up shots (he was soon followed by J.R. Smith) essentially took Lawson out of the game. And people wonder why Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver. If you planned a bank robbery with these guys, no one on the team would care to drive the getaway car or be responsible for keeping the hostages in check. Instead they would all be worried about carrying the money. Great teams have players that all fulfill different roles to the best of their capacities. The Nuggets on the other hand all wish to accomplish the same feat: score. Good luck competing for the west crown this year.

Quick note: As me and Karim were on our way to exit the TD Garden, we shared an escalator with New England Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch. As he was standing next to me, two thoughts came to mind:

Thought #1: Congratulate him on dismantling the New York Jets on Monday Night Football but my allegiance to the Indianapolis Colts would not allow me to do it. So this quickly lead to….

Thought #2: Stab him in the leg, shave his head and send his hair to Tom Brady with a note that said “You’re Next Pretty Boy!”

Sadly thought #2 was interrupted by a bunch of fans that spotted Branch next to me and started screaming “GO DEION”. Needless to say, I was not about to stab the Patriots #1 wide receiver in front of a bunch of drunk Bostonians. I would have had a better shot of getting out alive from the Octagon with Brock Lesnar.

That was my trip folks. If you have a cool NBA adventure you would like to share, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with the world. 

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Sounds like a supa time in Bahstan... any other NBA games planned this season? Love the Hells Kitchen reference...and too funny bout stabbing in the leg...Go Eagles? :) Keep writing!

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