Franchise Player: Dwyane Wade

In the past week, I have started to write a series about the criteria that players have to meet to be recognized as franchise players. If you want the list of requirements that I came up with, click here. Now that you know the rules, let’s go check out our featured player of the day.

Back in 2003, teams were all lining up hoping to get the #1 NBA draft pick in what was known as the LeBron James, Carmelo and Darko draft. As crazy as it sounds today, scouts had made NBA general managers as well as the general public believe that Darko Milicic was the next coming of Dirk Nowitzki; except with shot blocking skills and a better post game. He was going to revolutionize NBA basketball (I know this post is not about Darko, but please indulge me for a few lines, we should revisit the 2003 NBA Draft every year); or so we were told. Joe Dumars had a team that featured Chauncy Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Ben Wallace (in his prime no less). Looking at the roster he had, Dumars passed on Carmelo Anothony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for Darko. Just so we’re clear, up to that point, only Dirk Nowitzki , Manu Ginobili and Peja Stojakovic had been able to transition their game from Europe to the NBA and become stars. Wade and Anthony in the meantime had shined on the biggest collegiate stage possible as they dominated the NCAA tournament and both made Final Four appearances. And here we are seven years later, Darko has played for Detroit, Orlando, Memphis, New York and Minnesota while Wade and Melo are still where they started. Milicic has said himself that once this season ends, he’s packing his bags and heading back to Europe (I really hope for him his career pans out there, because that would just give me more stuff to write about for my own entertainment). On the other hand, the Miami Heat selected a 6’4 guard out of Marquette with the number five pick in the draft. Miami knew they were getting a solid combo guard, but did they truly know what they were getting? To read the rest of this post, just click here. 

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NBA Franchise Players

Last week, I started to write about the NBA players that I felt truly deserved the title of Franchise Player. In order to determine who should deserve to be part of such an elite group, I came up with a list of criteria that the players are obligated to fit in if they are going to be considered franchise players. Look at the list below.
Franchise Player Criteria:
-The Tim Duncan Requirement: Barring an injury to him, his team can only miss the playoffs once after his first three years in the league (my friend Money said this one should be changed to the Kobe Exception, and he’s right; I did put this criteria here because of the Mamba, we’ll change it next time).
-The Shaquille O’Neal aka Diesel Test: If he ends up with a contract of $20 million per year, you can’t even second guess the contract because he’s actually worth it (no, the argument that he means more to his team than other teams won’t fly).
-The Kareem Standard: Multiple All-Star appearances (quick note: I originally wrote that the Kareem Standard required multiple All-Star appearances, but NBA hardware is a must as well).
-The Karl Malone Rule: If the team is going to put all of their hopes and money into one player, that player has to be able to suit up for at least 85% of the NBA season (including playoffs).
-The Magic Johnson Provision: Whether we’re talking about the 20th game of the regular season or game 6 of a pivotal playoff series, a franchise player always stands out in a basketball game because he has stage presence. It might be rebounding, scoring, defense , passing or just being a great teammate; the franchise player just stands out no matter what..
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the short list of players that I have written about (click on their names to read the article associated to them):

More to come in the next few weeks. In case you were wondering who was next, it’s none other than Dwyane Wade..

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Franchise Player: Tim Duncan

Back in 1996, David Robinson suffered an injury and that forced him to miss 76 games (out of 82) for the San Antonio Spurs. The team struggled that season in the absence of their franchise player on their way to a 20-62 record. Although the Spurs had a miserable season, they won that year in more ways than one. First, they were going to get a healthy David Robinson the following season to help them contend for a title. Second, the Spurs had won what was known as the Tim Duncan draft. It was clear to everybody back then that Duncan had all the tools necessary to be a legit NBA big man. Hence, pairing up Duncan with Robinson would probably mean that San Antonio would have the chance to contend for several titles. Here’s the funny thing about Tim Duncan though: don’t let anybody fool you, he’s an NBA center. But the presence of Robinson forced Gregg Poppovich’s hand to start him at power forward. And it worked. The team hasn’t looked back since. For the rest of this post, please click here.

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NFL Playoff Picks Challenge Winner

Our NFL Playoff Picks Challenge Winner Lady Ravnos stopped by to share something with us...

My papa was an amazing man: smart, strong, funny, and caring.  He was always there for us no matter what. And yes at times, he was a hard ass and could be very scary but he was strengthening us. He thought us the value of hard work but to also take a break and enjoy life. He was never a jealous man.  He would never look at something someone else had and go “I wish I had that.” Nope. If he wanted something bad enough, he’d work to get it.  My papa grew up in the Philippines in the countryside.  His family got by on very modest means. In fact, there were times; they would all sleep on a mat on the floor.  He would get hand me down clothes for the older boys in the neighbor hood.  To him, that was like getting a brand new shirt.  He got a lot of things second hand but he did not care. After a while, my papa went to school and then to university. Eventually he got married to his 1st wife and had a baby girl:  Ellen, my older 1/2 sister.  Unfortunately, his wife had passed away, leaving him a widow and single dad.  It was a couple of years later when he would meet my mom.  After much pursuing and insisting (I calling it stalking), she finally agreed to go out with him. That was back in 1972. In 1973, they were wed and 1975 my brother was born.  Two years later, I popped out.   Ok not really, my birth is a whole other story. So there we were my family living by modest means in the Philippines, just like my dad’s family before. It wasn’t until I was about 6 when we came to the USA. Life was different here.  Everyone seemed to want what the other person had. It was all about “Keeping up with the Jones”. But not my papa, he did care about material possessions.  All he cared about was our health and happiness. I asked him once, ‘If he was happy’ His response, “Yes I am happy. I have a beautiful wife, 3 amazing and beautiful kids, a great home, a great job, my health, and we are all together. So yes I am happy.”  
That was my papa: a great man who always worked hard and never let anyone get him down
That’s why I love the Jaguars and Saints. They kind of remind me of my papa. 
My papa passed away this past Jan 2010 just right before Superbowl.  He was a Saints fan too.  So winning this picks challenge is bittersweet for me.   I love you Papa.  And I miss you.  
Hope (A poem by ladyravnos316)
In the midst of foggy & deep dark skies

A shimmer of hope soon arrives

From the highest mountain to the lowest stream

Hope becomes more than just a dream

So open all your eyes to see

That hope can become a reality

For it's the light at a tunnel's end

It can also be thy loyal friend

So do not give up hope or faith

Cause it never is too late

So keep your dreams alive

And hope to see you on the other side

Racing to Save Lives...

My friend Teri would like to share something important with you all. Please take the time to read…

Racing to Save Lives
Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm training to participate in the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

I originally signed up for this event to get myself into better shape physically. However, the more I train and meet with the team, I realize what an extraordinary cause this is. When I am running and I feel like I can not go any further, I only have to think about the millions of people battling these diseases, and it doesn't seem so bad! These diseases do not single anyone out. Men, Women and Children of all races and ethnicities fall victim every day.

This is my first time running a distance like this. Many of you who know me, know that I have never been a fan of running at all, let alone 13.1 miles! I am looking forward to this challenge and take pride in knowing that I am helping to find a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission. All donations are tax deductible and 100% go directly to the charity.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Teri Williams

Please check out her fundraising page:

McGrady's Garden Debut

Last night at the Garden, there was no Jay-Z performance, no Alicia Keys in the building and no Empire State of Mind to get things jumping. And yet, the Madison Square Garden had great energy last. The reason? Tracy McGrady. Keep in mind though, one game does not make a season; and I’m not delusional enough to make the statement that T-Mac is officially back. However, should Knicks fans be excited about the rest of the season? Well actually, if you’re a fan of NBA basketball at all, you should start tuning in to see the Knicks play.
McGrady hadn’t played all season, therefore he wasn’t in game shape and might not have been as explosive as he needed to be considering he is  still retuning from microfracture surgery. With that said, can T-Mac still play? Click here to read remainder of article. 

Franchise Player: Dwight Howard

The term franchise player gets tossed around pretty easily these days. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point a few general mangers, some members of the press as well as some fans lost their mind and started giving the title to a bunch of less than worthy players. You might think I’m exaggerating but look at the list of players that were once given franchise player type of money because they overstated the talent of these guys:
Vince Carter
Tracy McGrady
Joe Jonhson
Baron Davis
Ray Allen
Elton Brand
Al Jefferson
Danny Granger
Stephon Marbury
Gilbert Arenas
And then people wonder why the owners want some significant changes to the collective bargaining agreement. Nonetheless, there really aren’t that many franchise players in the NBA. But then again, it depends on your definition of what a franchise player is. If you want the list of criteria required to be a franchise player, click here to get the rest of the article.

Fight Against Breast Cancer

Please take a moment to read the message of my friend Rochelle.
As the world’s leading breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is committed to ending breast cancer forever.  On May 1, 2010, I will join thousands of others playing a part in the annual Komen Southern Nevada Race for the Cure®.  By making a donation on my behalf, you are supporting local breast cancer screening, treatment, education and outreach along with international research that will lead us to a world without breast cancer.
It is likely you know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer – perhaps you or your spouse, a relative, coworker, neighbor or friend – someone in your life’s circle who has heard the words, “You have breast cancer.”
A diagnosis of breast cancer affects more than just the patient.  When someone we love is diagnosed, we all are affected.  Families work doubly hard to keep homes running smoothly while the patient travels the road of breast cancer treatment.  Businesses struggle, not only to support their coworker, but also to fill gaps in productivity.
You see, breast cancer doesn’t care – so we have to care!
My goal is to raise ($5000) this year.  Please help me reach that goal with your financial support.  Online donations are simple, and the site is secure.  Please go to my fundraising page and make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the link below.
If you prefer, mail your donation today to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Southern Nevada Affiliate, 4850 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 25, Las Vegas, NV 89103.  Please make your check payable to: Susan G. Komen for the Cure and add my name in the memo.
Thank you in advance for your support.  Please call me if you have any questions about the Komen Race for the Cure®.  I can be reached at (702-372-6340).
Rochelle Ceballos

Kobe Bryant: Misunderstood?

Let’s get this out of the way right now. Kobe Bryant is perhaps the most socially awkward NBA superstar we have ever seen. Nobody seems to get Kobe. At times, he says and does things that leave you scratching your head. For instance, when the Lakers won the title last year, instead of going to the podium and being in the middle of all the guys and sharing his joy with them; the joy that he had waited for so long to once again regain, the joy that his teammates helped him obtain; Kobe instead chose to stay be the side of his family (wife and kids) and give them the championship trophy (Laker fans, you saw this happen and never said a thing about it, you just swept it under the rug).  Needless to say, they had no clue what to do with the trophy. Odd right? Well it gets better. Kobe Bryant once admitted that back in high school he would miss shots or turn the bal over purposelylate in games,  in order to set himself up to shoot the game winning shot at the end.  It’s somewhat perplexing, but that’s what the great ones do, they play the game within the game. With that said, could Kobe Bryant still be somewhat misunderstood?

Cue in Lil’ Wayne’s Misunderstood:
I’m just a soul who’s intentions are good, oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood. Misunderstood, let me explain…..”

Amare to Cavs thoughts....

With talks apparently heating up about a possible trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns, it might be an idea to explore what this trade does for both parties.  The trade proposal floating around is Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J. Hickson for Amare Stoudemire. So what does the deal mean for both teams? Click here for article....

Orlando Magic (35-17) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (42-11)

It seems as though every decade we are treated to a few physical specimens that just seem to defy the logic (no I’m not talking about Dirk Diggler’s elephant trunk, get your mind out of the gutter) of what a basketball player should look like. For instance, the 1980’s gave us an incredible 6’9 point guard by the name of Magic Johnson; the 1990’s gave us a brute and yet skilled 6’4 power forward by the name of Charles Barkley and the 2000’s gave us a mammoth 300 lbs. and 7’1 center with amazing quickness and agility by the name of Shaquille O’Neal. So what physical specimens do we have to look forward to in the next decade? Glad you asked……Click here to find out.

Scattered Thoughts

I know it’s been a while peeps, but I am back. The opinions, the ideas, the off the top notions and the crazy answers. Welcome to my Scattered Thoughts…..

NFL: A Colts fan’s Super Bowl thoughts
I said it last night, and I’ll say it today: the New Orleans Saints were the better team on Sunday and deserved the win. With that said, let’s look at a few key points of the game from the Colts perspective and from the Saints perspective.

Saints perspective (winners circle)
The New Orleans Saints kept switching up their defense and giving Peyton Manning different looks. They never let him get comfortable but they were smart with their play calling. They blitzed, played coverage and blitzed again. Manning did his best to counter but in the end the film study for the Saints paid off.

In addition, the Saints aggressive play calling dictated the tempo of the game. By the end of the first quarter, I told my cousin Philly that Sean Payton would go for the onside kick to start the second half. I’m actually surprised no one else saw it coming considering that New Orleans never backed off or took their foot off the gas pedal. Part of the reason that the Saints went for the onside  is that….

By the end of the second quarter, Brees had figured out the Colts. Sean Payton’s play calling led to the Indy linebackers and corners getting confused in coverage and giving big openings in the middle of the field. Brees was not going to get a big play down the field, but he could get anything he wanted within  about 15 yards. I didn’t hear many people mention this but the Saints offensive line did a tremendous job on the Colts rushers. All week we heard about Robert Mathis and Raheem Brock; but the only time we heard their names during the whole Super Bowl was during the player introductions.

One last note from the Saints perspective: put them in Canton right now. On their way to a Super Bowl victory, they defeated Kurt Warner, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

Colts perspective (loser’s circle)
The Indianapolis Colts did a decent job of putting some pressure on Drew Brees in the first half thanks in large part to Dwight Freeney. Once it became apparent in the second half that he was going at half speed, the Colts should have adjusted their game plan. Indianapolis was instead content with playing coverage and watching Drew Brees pick them apart.  Here are my three biggest observations from the game:
1.    At least the Colts went 16-0! Oh wait….Not going for 16-0 didn’t have any outcome on the game whatsoever. However, the conservative approach that Indy took in this game is the same approach they took with the 16-0 season. They looked at the probabilities and figured that playing things safe was the best way to go. It worked during the regular season but failed in the biggest game of the season. The Colts watched the Super Bowl while the Saints dictated the terms of the Super Bowl from the second quarter to the end of the game.
2.    4th & 2 had an impact on this game: Indy happily played coverage defense against Tom Brady and got shredded. The Colts won the game but football people paid attention to that game. Of all the teams the Colts played after that game, only one of them had a quarterback that could flawlessly execute that type of game plan: the New Orleans Saints.
3.    Some people (and I’m one of them) will argue that the loss hurts Peyton Manning’s legacy. He has four MVP trophies but only one Super Bowl victory. It’s a sad fact to ponder about as a Colts fan but that’s just how it is in sports. You win some, you lose some. The book is not yet closed on Peyton Manning’s legacy but it won’t matter until next season. Know why? Because the Saints were just that much better…..I’m getting ready to fire u my Madden and go 19-0. See you next NFL season peeps.

Venus vs. Mars

Male ego
Men in general have this constant need for attention. However, once we get the required attention we seek we no longer want that attention; instead we want the attention of someone different. Some guys will roll their eyes and say that I'm not talking about them. But think it through, why is it that you keep trying to hook up with a certain lady and then after getting the goods; you no longer want to hear about her? Although she might have satisfied for physical needs, she also quenched your thirst for attention. Basically, she catered to your ego. Once that's done, you keep her on the side and start listening to Jay-Z and Swizz Beats' On To The Next One. Until she does something you didn't expect....

She gets herself a boy toy, boyfriend or just stops calling. Once she does that, the script gets flipped. The man needs to get that attention again. We do it because we love the attention; but also because there's nothing quite like the thrill of the chase. Give a man a glimpse of hope, and he'll try to walk on water to get to you. Know why? Because that's just the male ego....I've given you gold; use it wisely ladies.

Picks Challenge
Ladies and gentlemen, please make some noise for Bernadette. She is the winner of the NFL Playoffs Picks Challenge. She won the playoff round with a 9-2 record. Give her some love! 

Throwback jersey
Last night, Vince Carter  went nuts in Orlando against the New Orleans Hornets. I quickly baptised him Mitchell & Ness  because he played like he had his old Toronto Raptors or New Jersey Nets jersey on. Vince Carter went for 48 points, seven rebounds and two assists. What a night…A throwback night.

The Texting Guidelines
About a year ago, I wrote the Booty Call Guidelines and put in there a section pertaining to the frequency of text messages a man and woman can exchange depending on the level of the booty call. Recently, one of my male friends asked me to come up with the text messaging guidelines based on the relationship you have with a woman. What are the types of relationships? Glad you asked, here they are: 
- Casual friend that might potentially develop into more
-Booty call
-Person on the side
-Person that's about to get dropped
-Serious relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, husband/wife) 

Let's be clear though, there are two different sets of guidelines:
I. Blackberry
II. Every other phone 

Now that we've established the different types of relationships, what is the permissible amount of texts depending on the person's status? Let's break it down for Blackberry users.

I. Blackberry to Blackberry
a. Serious relationship
Time at which first message can be sent: Any
Time at which last message can be sent: Any

This one is like a monthly unlimited texting plan. In a serious relationship, the texts can come at any time in the day and at any variety. However, you cannot mention anything in the text that might lead to a fight; especially if one of the people involved is at work or school.

b. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Time at which first message can be sent: 07:00 am
Time at which last message can be sent: 04:00 am

This one is a fairly new relationship. The last thing you want to do is spend the day on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) asking your new partner what it is that they are doing at every moment. Consequently you may send the first message at 7:00 am to say good morning, and the last message can go up to  4:00 am, to say good night after the club. Anything outside these times could seriously crash the relationship as time passes by. I recommend a quick BBM chat in the morning to see how both of are you doing and then a quick something during lunch. Anything in excess of that eventually leads to the guy getting tired of constantly replying to messages; while the other ends up saying: "You used to message me all the time, and now you stopped. It's either you don't love me or there's someone else." Don't allow this to be you.

c. Person that's about to get dropped
Time at which first message can be sent: 7:00 pm
Time at which last message can be sent: 7:30 pm

If the dude you’re seeing/dating is becoming more and more distant, it might be a sign that he is contemplating the idea of dropping you. Seeking that person’s attention on BBM is probably not the best of ideas. I suggest that send no more than 7 messages in the day. Example:
Unknown: Hey how are you? (1)
Shyne: Good, what about you?
Unknown: I’m good too. Listen, about that thing I said, forget it. I was just scared that you were going to dump me.(2)
Shyne: Hmmmm.
Unknown: Once again, sorry. So listen, is there any way I can make it up to you? (3)
Shyne: I’m not sure. I might have to think about that one.
Unknown: Well you let me know. I’d like to see you sometime if that’s possible. (4)
Shyne: Perhaps that can be arranged. As you know though, I ‘m at work right now and I have basketball this weekend, so I’ll get back to you so when can hook up at a time that’s convenient for both of us.
Unknown: Cool. Just give me a shout. Have a nice evening. (5)
Shyne: Thanks, you too.
Unknown: By the way, thanks again for helping me. (6)
Shyne: Don’t mention it, we’re good.
Unknown: OK, peace. (7)
Shyne: 1.

See that? Crisis averted. Anything more is added to that conversation, the  Unknown person ends up becoming a magic trick.. By the way, that was completely fictional.

d. Person on the side
Time at which first message can be sent: 1:00 pm
Time at which last message can be sent: 9:00 pm

You might not want to hear it, but there are some cheaters out there. I’m not saying whether it’s right or wrong, however regardless of what your opinion on the matter is, there are rules to follow. If you’re the person on the side, you can only send the involved party a BBM message after they message you first. If you send them the message first and the wrong person gets a hold of it, you probably created a fight; but you also just lost the opportunity to hook up with the said involved party. By the way, pictures must never be sent unless agreed upon in advance.

e. Booty Call
I already covered this in the Booty Call Guidelines, but here’s a quick refresher.

Franchise Player: Unlimited texting is permissible with your FP.

Superstar: The Superstar is quite particular because he tends to have a ton of options (you know from being a bit of a man whore); therefore it might be a little tougher to grab his attention because his phone is like a 1-800 hotline. So in his case, you may send him 10 to 12 texts on any given day; but check the frequency at which he replies. It's one thing if he's at work, but if not at work and he replies to you after a couple of hours, don't bother him; he's busy.
Role Player: Your role player gets 3 texts in the day. His job is to fill a role ladies, if he can't fill it on that day with 3 texts, don't bother calling him.

Bench Player: Remember ladies, the circumstances in which you met your bench player were shady. You were desperate and he looked good but really he's not attractive and you might be ashamed if seen in public with him. So as a result, your Bench Player is eligible for 2 texts in the day and call back

Injured Reserve: The IR is your last resort. So he gets a text during the week and is obligated to call you back one hour after receiving it

f. Friend
Time at which first message can be sent: 09:00 am
Time at which last message can be sent: 10:30 pm

Friends don’t have a threshold that they have to respect in terms of messaging on BBM. Since everything is strictly innocent and on a friendly tip; you can message each other as much as you want and discuss just about any and every topic. If both of the people are single, then there is no time limit. However, if one of the people is in a relationship, I suggest you follow the time schedule listed above  or else it might lead to some friction between the couple.

 II. Non Blackberry users (IPhone, LG, Sidekick, etc…)
The rules are a bit different if the phone is not a Blackberry. The reason is simple: with Blackberry messenger; it’s the equivalent of being on MSN, Skype , AOL or Yahoo Messenger. Basically the conversations flow better, you know if the person is writing back to you right now, so you can keep your phone in hand and wait for the message and plus the fact that you might be communicating with others contacts on BBM make it rather easy for you to remain on your Blackberry to converse. 

In the case of other phones, because you are waiting for the person to text you back and you’re not ultimately sure if they are going to text you back at that very instant, you end up invariably putting your phone away in your pocket or purse after sending a text. So the texting game is different. If you’re not convinced, let me put it this way: porn is porn. But professional porn is far different than amateur porn. The lighting, the action, the direction of the scene and the money shot are all a bit more glamorized in pro porn. Different standards means different guidelines..

a. Serious relationship
Time at which first message can be sent: Any
Time at which last message can be sent: Any

Go back to Article I-1a. Same principle as Blackberry applies here.

b. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Time at which first message can be sent: 07:00 am
Time at which last message can be sent: 04:00 am

There isn’t a limit on the amount of texts that can be sent between both parties; however I would encourage the idea of not going overboard. For instance, anything in excess of 40 text messages in a new relationship might be pushing it. One of the people involved will be annoyed at having to constantly reply to the other.

c. Person that's about to get dropped
Time at which first message can be sent: 7:00 pm
Time at which last message can be sent: 7:15 pm

The limit here is five text messages. Anything additional might just set off a chain of events of cataclysmic proportions. If a man is on the brink of getting rid of you, he can use any possible reason to drop you. So if you want to get rid of him, just call him up and put an end to things. If you still have some hope, have a text conversation with him. Ask him things that require a short answer. If by his fourth text he’s still unresponsive, your fifth text should read: “OK cool, well you have a great night and we’ll talk soon.” If he’s on the brink of dropping you, you being needy is only going to speed things up (unless he likes that sort of thing).

d. Person on the side
Time at which first message can be sent: 1:00 pm
Time at which last message can be sent: 5:00 pm

Same principle as the BBM messaging. You are required to wait for him to text you first; however if you are brave enough to text him before he texts you, it has to be done during the middle of the way and during the week. The reason being is that you might catch him at school, work or possibly barber shop. But once again, wait for him to get at you.           

e. Booty Call
Review booty call guidelines from Blackberry section.

f. Friend (same as BBM)
Time at which first message can be sent: 10:00 am
Time at which last message can be sent: 10:30 pm

Friends don’t have a threshold that they have to respect in terms of messaging on text messaging. Since everything is strictly innocent and on a friendly tip; you can message each other as much as you want and discuss just about any and every topic. If both of the people are single, then there is no time limit. However, if one of the people is in a relationship, I suggest you follow the time schedule listed above or else it might lead to some friction between the couple.

Interracial Dating
About  four months ago, I asked the question Why Do Black Men Like White Women. Click here if you wish to read it. Here are some of the reactions I got.

Tru4life: "However, if a Caucasian woman offered the same type of attitude, I was completely fine with it. " Why the double standard Shyne? I’m a black woman and have plenty of easy going, educated and delightful black woman as friends, including myself. On the other hand I've met defensive, negative and arrogant women from all nationalities and most of them (contrary to popular belief) were Caucasians in various environments. I would like to see you explain away my experience w/rude women in general especially white ones. Or will you just try to continue justify your preference? I personally love everyone in judge people/women by the content of their character and NOT the Color of their skin. I’m not against interracial dating, you like who you like. Just don’t go disrespecting a race of woman because of your preference based on a handful of experiences.

Rebuttal: Which is exactly what I said in the last paragraph tru4life: "My explanation might seem overly simplistic and some feel that I am using it as a cop out, but it’s actually as simple as that for a lot of men. That being said, it’s important that men out there understand that a woman’s race does not determine whether she will be forthcoming or not. Instead, take the time to see what she has to offer instead of profiling her. Hopefully those of you that read this might actually see yourselves in this and take the necessary steps to avoid falling into the perception/assumption game".
Just because my lack of experience at the time once made me ignorant, does not mean that I still am. I do not judge based on race, color or creed; I have dated women with various backgrounds. The mere point I was trying to illustrate (which was lost on several people by the way) was the origin of the apprehension that some black men may have towards black women. My goal was not to justify, rather inform. If you disagree,that's fine and I respect your opinion.

Tzaddik21: ShyneIV, I have had the same experiences with thug like men. I remember this thug asked me for my number, and when he heard me speak, he was like I talk like a white girl. Where I'm at, ghetto attitudes on a black woman is ideal for the men in my community; that attitude is what they are attracted to. I see black men dating white women who mimic the ghetto character of the black women. I think black me date white women because the media says that their skin color and hair texture is the definition of beauty. Black men constantly lie about why they date outside the race in order to not be seen as a sell out. you said a white woman with the same attitude would be ok for you. I know why, because she is white. I remember when I was little, I dreamed of marrying a white man. When I watched my cartoons, white men where the gentlemen. When I watched the sitcoms and movies and t.v. commercials, the white men where always the hero's, the smart ones, the attractive one's, the successful one's. The media does a good job selling to us the messages they want us to believe

Rebuttal: Thanks for your answer Tzaddik. Real insightful; a lot of our thoughts and ideologies at times come from how things are portrayed in the media. I think of the movie Malcolm X, in which white is depicted as being good and almighty in the dictionary but black is meant to be evil, disgraceful and dirty. Great point, Thanks!

THE TRUTH|READ ME I DARE YOU: (I apologize in advance half of this sounds intelligent the other half is a rant, plz read one sentence at a time slowly)
As black people we complain when people are prejudice against us, how do you expect respect from others races when you cant respect your own? I don’t blame you for your views but I encourage you to educate yourself on “color complexes” and really take some time to reflect on your race, maybe the women in your FAMILY are loud, and make fun of you but that’s unfortunate. And notice I said FAMILY if you are sitting there saying “no my family is pretty normal” then you have just contradicted yourself. Don’t make excuses for dating other races, just be a man and say “I like what I like“, but don’t knock black women while your at it (Black women are not mad because your dating white women we are mad because you are attacking our character). TRUTH! Cause ask yourself this if black women are loud(stereotype), rude(stereotype), what about the stereotypes of a black male (criminal, lazy, cheater, uneducated) I‘m a black female and I have defiantly come across many black males who fit the stereotypes, to name a few are those true about you? If yes, why complain about loudness? If not then you are doing to the black females, what I have just characterized you as. And by the way I’m Born in Montreal and Ottawa half Haitian, So don’t disrespect me my family who go work their ass off are stand up, well educated citizens with your ignorant point of view. Sorry thing aint working out for you. Stop saying all this cliché shit I see on the internet everyday to sound impressive, go read, watch a movie learn about your culture, learn about slavery, mental slavery, learn about why we have ghettos full of black people, learn about why we have so many broken marriages, single mothers ,color complexes, learn why a dark skinned black man would only date a lighter skinned women(when he himself is dark), If you read enough on these subjects you might realize the true reason you prefer white women (watch Malcolm X). I hear more of this stuff from black men than anyone else. Black men need to step it up start being fathers, “womanizers”, and hustlers and we have statistics to prove that black men lead in those areas, what statistic says black women are loudest? Latina women are loud (how do I know Cuban side of me) but black men NEVER talk shit about them, my white friends from MTL and Ottawa loud as well, dance the same, actually if dance even more scandalous if you’ve been to a reggae party you’ll know what im talking about . Black men need to step it up and stop blaming everyone for their failures (white men, black women, society). “Getthefuckouttaherewitdatbullshit”. Black women put up with too much of this shit we are too loyal to our black men. That girl making fun of you didn’t change your life just say you like white women , there is nothing wrong with that, Shout out to all the fly white girls, just don’t be phoney about it. Do you think white girls go around saying , when I was 12 a white guy made fun of me so I only date black men. NO!!!!!!!!! they just say “I love black men”. You probably like them because that’s all that’s around you, as you said the majority of people around you were white, so maybe you learn to identify with white people more. I have more to say but this is too long as is ----I should write a book on this-

I get the spirit of what you’re trying to say but you’re missing the point of what I wrote. I don’t make excuses or say that black women are bad for this or that reason. What I’m trying to convey is that I once shied away from them because of my negative experience at an early age. In addition, it seems you failed to notice the part where I specifically say that: “it’s important that men out there understand that a woman’s race does not determine whether she will be forthcoming or not. Instead, take the time to see what she has to offer instead of profiling her. Hopefully those of you that read this might actually see yourselves in this and take the necessary steps to avoid falling into the perception/assumption game.” It’s one thing for you to attack me and call me ignorant, but at least get your facts straight and read everything for what it is.
No I'm not knocking black women, I'm simply stating how I got to where I am today. Quick FYI, you don't know me, nor do you know who I have dated I my life (blacks, whites, latinas, etc..) nor do you know what I have learned or what my level of education is. Telling me to go read a book or watch Malcolm X is actually your way of stereotyping me as the black men you listed in your comment. Funny how things come full circle huh?
My opinions and life experiences are just that, mine. You might not agree with them, but that's your prerogative. Calling me ignorant based on my teenage life experience is jumping the gun considering you have no idea what my stance on the issue is at the present time. It might have made more sense to actually ask me what how my opinion differs today as opposed to my adolescent years on the stereotypes that black women face. I'm not some uneducated individual just posting things on the Internet as banter (or I would like to think not, but apparently that's up for debate); my purpose was merely to inform people where the stereotype stems from. At no point do I make any excuses or say that's it's right. If presenting a list of facts and then detailing my reactions to them is ignorant; well then guilty as charged.

Sley’s gives his Scattered Thoughts as well….
I asked my friend Sley to contribute to the Scattered Thoughts, and this is what he came up with…

There's an old saying that says:

"Ask and you shall receive..." I got a text from Blog boy aka Shyne-o-man, saying brother Sley I need some inspiration for my usual quirky and entertaining segment called "Scattered Thoughts". 1st response, was like whoa!!!! I 'm gonna get a freakin' shout out and I'll be good! Or try to outdo the webmaster. Well hell! here it goes Mr.S...!

1st and foremost, let's have a little moment for Haiti, aka la Perle des
Antilles......! Donate and do something meaningful! Our prayers and
thoughts go to our brothers and sisters in Hispanola!

I also wanna say big up to DVD for going there and helping
out his fellow man. Heard Young Yellow man got into accident on Facebook. Be safe out there D and bring me back a Reserve owe me Fool!

Number 2- Want to send some positive vibes to Jogral aka GIJOE, who went commando and decided spur of the moment to go via D.R trek a bus to cross to Haiti. Heard he bounced with a backpack, visa and said Hasta La Vista Baby! Again be safe out there soldier and come home safe brethren.

Now, back to the original business. Since I had time to kill last night, I
log on to an old system called Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and I fell upon an old acquaintance. Girly girl was a loud redbone (light skin black woman) who was infatuated with getting inked (tattoo). She showed me some sick artwork done on both sleeves. Now, I'm also inked but not like that. Don't know if I could do a full sleeve. I already have my shoulder down to the elbow done with a I love you mom sign...sike (nice portrait and a meaningful phrase said by my momma!!!). Which leads me to my question. How do you feel about a woman with mad tattoo's?

My honest opinion, last fall in MIA yayo, a redbone came up to me to holla and spit and she was tatted with a sick jasmine flower on her torso
(Chest). I couldn't hate on the artistry, plus shorty had a nice rack at
bat too, but I just couldn't see myself with a chick who got more lines
that Google maps. But as a one time fling why not splash some baby oil and rub the human canvas and work it big time..


Feel free to interject....

Marcie’s opinion
As a female who is pretty heavily tattooed (full chest piece, half sleeve, full calf piece & numerous others) and has no plan on stopping anytime soon I felt the need to respond to this.

Id like to first say I’m not upset, mad, or offended. There are a few times of men that if I wasn’t happily married, I’d give them a roll in the hay & then bounce them out the door. Maybe they aren’t relationship material in my eyes, or maybe they aren’t the type you can comfortably bring home to your parents, whatever the reason, I get it, that is where a tattooed woman ranks for you.

On the other side of that, I have not become accustomed to the looks & oogles I get mostly from overweight white soccer moms, 30-45 yrs old., who just assume the mother with tattoos MUST be a bad one. It’s funny what you observe when you sit back & just peep. The last time I did such a thing, I noticed the school mother who had been giving me the dirty looks 5 yr old daughter was the one running after the boys trying to kiss them, while my 5 year old was on the slide. Somebody should spend less time judging & more time teaching their future whore morals. The lesson, don’t judge a person on appearance, color, clothes, hair, etc.

What does irritate me is that tattoos have become SO trendy now. Back in the Sailor Jerry days tattoos were for, well, sailors & other rebels. 10 years ago, most people would get a few small tattoos that could be hidden well, and that was that. Now you have any 18 year old skank feeling gangster for 1 day and she goes out & gets a huge piece blasted on the side of her neck. So sad. Nothing is fun when its cliché. Now you're the outcast if you DONT have tattoos, at least if you're between 18-25 & out here on the West Coast of the US.

I'll end it all with this: "A body is like a house, its only a matter of time before you get bored with the blandness & want to redecorate."

Sley’s Mp3 rotation:

 I wanna Rock - Big Snoop Dogg
 Mercy me (Ecology) - Marvin Gaye
 What's going on - Marvin Gaye
 Number one - R.Kelly feat. Keri Hilson,
 Back by Popular Demand - Clipse feat. Cam'Ron
 Stapleton Sex -Ghostface Killah
 Money to Blow - Baby feat. Lil' Wayne & Drake
 Bricks - Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna
 Pyrex Vision - Raekwon
 Do you feel me - Anthony Hamilton
 Back stabbers - O'Jays
 On to the next one - Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beats
 Redemption Song - Bob Marley
 She's Royal - Taurus Riley
 Say Ah! - Trey Songz
 That new Jay Electronica joint. Don't remember the title though
 My old School goodie: Mass Appeal - Gang Starr

ShynePhone Music Rotation

Cut You Loose – Slaughterhouse
Inseperable Remix – Mariah Carey ft Trey Songz
I Wanna Rock – Snoop Dogg
Women Lie, Men Lie – Yo Gotti ft Lil’ Wayne
Keep Getting On – Marvin Gaye
Sunshine - Jay-Z 
Who Got Bodied - Royce Da 5'9
You Ain't A Killer - Big Pun
Hustlers Go Crazy - Joe Budden
100% - Big Pun

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Super Bowl Pick

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the last NFL preview/prediction of the 2009-2010 season. With the big game set for this Sunday, it’s only right that I give you guys a big preview. So before we go into the breakdown of the game, I’m going to ask some dudes to quickly recap the season of teams that participated in the playoffs. I’m not asking just anybody though; we’re going with Rich Eisein, Deion Sanders and Terrel Owens. So for the Suer Bowl preview, just go here.

Feel free to either leave a comment or drop me an email at

Super Bowl Week: Day 5

Good day folks, today we have Nate from Dribble Drive making a cameo appearance. This is his Super Bowl pick. Follow him on twitter; his username is nweiser09. My Super Bowl article is already done but I'll only post it much later in the day. Enjoy peeps!

I would also like to thank Shyne for the picks challenge this season.  Twitter has been a great way to interact with other fans from different parts of the country.  Now on to what I think about the big game this Sunday.
As a Jets fan, I hope that the Saints win because the Colts knocked Gang Green out of the playoffs and ended their magical run.  However, I am a fan of Jim Caldwell since he benched his starters during the second half of the week 16 matchup, to help the Jets reach the playoffs.  The Colts are a great team with one of the best quarterbacks of all-time in Payton Manning, and (an injured) Dwight Freeney leading the defense but I will give the edge to the Saints.  This Super Bowl might be bittersweet for Manning since he grew up in New Orleans but that will probably not change his play during the game.
The Saints have so many weapons on offense, and they are much better than the Jets on that side of the ball so that should help them against the Colts.  Drew Brees is probably having his best season of his career after passing for 34 TD’s, and only 11 INT’s.  He has a tall up and coming target to pass to in Marques Colston who recorded 9 TD’s during his campaign.  In addition, they have Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush running the ball. Bush had one of his best games of his career in the divisional playoff game against the Cardinals, and is a weapon catching the ball as well.  With Will Smith, Darren Sharper and Jonathan Vilma on defense the Saints might have just enough to slow down the Colts and I think their offense will be too much for the Colts defense.
I also want the Saints to win because it would be such a great story for that city, after all that they have been through.  If the city of New Orleans could finally get a Super Bowl championship especially after Katrina and all of the teams’ bad years when they were known as the ‘Aints (when fans would put a paper bag over their heads) it would be a great thing.
The Saints are the underdog, but I think they can be considered “Americas team” right now, and if the game is close toward the end of the fourth quarter they should be able to find a way to win.  My prediction is that the Saints will beat the Colts 30-24.  
One thing I don’t really understand is why the Who is performing during halftime.  I think they should move on from the Janet Jackson fiasco halftime of a few years ago, and finally get somebody younger to perform.

Follow Firday

Good day folks, considering that today is Follow Friday on Twitter, I figured I’d make my list here and share it with you. The names included in this list are only the most fun and interactive people on Twitter that I have come across so far. I’ve taken the liberty of telling you what team these tweeters follow the most or just plain love. I’m not suggesting anybody boring or lame here. If you want to be added to the list, get at me  on twitter (, leave a comment here or drop me an email at Keep in mind though, I’m only putting up the people that I feel are the best tweeters out there. With that said, follow these people! If you end following anybody, tell them I sent you!


Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos

Green Bay Packers

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Oakland Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots

NY Giants

NY Jets

New Orleans Saints

San Diego Chargers

Washington Redskins


Boston Celtics

Charlotte Bobcats
Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Denver Nuggets

Los Angeles Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat

New York Knicks

Orlando Magic

Sacramento Kings

Toronto Raptors