Sley's Barbershop Chronicles

Sley is an occasional SBG contributor and he decided to grace with one of his soon to be many Barbershop style posts.

As I sit and wait for my laser line up or a clean cut taper or my favorite: I got to hurry and get fresh to def cut. I seen the vision like a 27" Zenith in Technicolor baby! My first installment of the barbershop chronicles.

50 said it best: I'm the topic in every barbershop and beauty salon. Nothing beats the overall feeling going to get a cut. Whether your 5 or 85, stories and gossip go like rice and beans baby!

Of course the bond between the barber and client is pretty special (pause!) This means the following:
-You and the barber know each other on a 1st name basis. Meaning ya'll got each others phone number or ya'll are FB/BBM/IM or whatever type of  social network type of  friendship.
-He already knows what you wanna do with your hair.
-He makes you pass before other clients, because you got it like that. And he makes it happen so smoothly by saying that you had an appointment like Puff Daddy (circa 1994) and Ciroc.
My brother Qwest getting lined up.

With all these brothers in one place the basic convos revolve around the following:
-What's popping tonight or what did you do last night?
-Sports talk
-Reminisce about the good old days when ya'll were young dumb and full of cum. Even doing some Wu-Tang skit of saying what was their favorite year?...mines was 1996!
-Who'd you mack ?(i.e: approached a girl got her digits and well you know the rest...)

The entertainment centre plays the latest movie or Urban music videos. The system is blasting the latest MMG (Maybach Music Group) self-made LP (Huuuuuunnnnghh-Rick Ross ad lib). I'm telling you boy, no better feeling than being at a barbershop!

The funniest feeling is when a femme fatale comes with her kid for a cut and everybody just keep silence and observe how the heels compliment her Eye Candy of the month in XXL frame! Another one is the guys that just pass and shoot the breeze for a while or the ones that come at the last minute thinking he's gonna get a cut, but no love on this day slacker. Good times most definitely.

Well it's my turn now so ya'll stay tuned for Part II... Relate


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