What’s It Like to Lose Your Pimp Game? Drake knows….

Imagine this scenario: it’s 1:00 AM, your girlfriend recently broke things off with you, and you decided to drink a little bit of alcohol while home alone. Consequently, all the emotions that have been lying beneath the surface slowly take over and you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror.

 Society has dictated that as man, you have to be strong, tough and emotionally stable. Thus, it is not permissible to display any sign of perceived emotional weakness for fear that others will pounce on the occasion.

But in this rare occurrence, the emotions are too raw and the pain too deep. This is where most men go when they hit rock bottom as a result of a woman.

The self-doubt, the loss of what once seemed like a confidence that could never be shattered, the inability to trust and the attempt to fix one’s self by overcompensating in other facets of life such as sex, alcohol, drugs, dancing and flirting to name a few.

One of my closest friends once had a huge meltdown a few years ago specifically because he went through that process. This seemingly perfectly sane and normal individual was up in the club feeling sorry for himself and then decided that he was going to stab the man that he thought caused his misfortune (luckily I helped him cool off).

In short, my friend was living the life Drake appears to be living right now; albeit without the money, cars, clothes and hoes.

If anyone’s been paying attention, Drake’s been telling us for the better part of the last two years or so that not having the girl you want can at times put a strain on your life. On Missing You, Drizzy raps:
“I’m scared that every girl I cared for,
Will find a better man
And end up happier
In the long run…”

As much as men hate to admit these things, at times we do wonder where we will be viewed in someone’s life ladder; whether at the bottom, the middle, or at the top. And once those thoughts set in, it’s almost as if inner conflict becomes inevitable. The good memories overshadow the bad ones and almost like an orphan; the feeling of being left behind arises.

Hence, it’s no surprise that Drake has the voice of someone who appears to have trouble moving on. The complicated relationships that people go through in life can weigh on the mind and even occasionally make one bitter, as seen on Replacement Girl:
“Cuz I do things from he M-town,
To the UK
And from Spain back down to Texas,
This album for my fans
But yo this hook is for my ex..”

Hook by Trey Songz:
“This song is for you girl,
You know who you are girl
You only show your face
Cuz you know that I’m a star girl […]
You had your chance now it’s gone
You had a man,
Now you don’t
Back to basics
I think I made it
Ladies make some noise
If you wanna be my replacement girl”

Once a man’s vulnerabilities have been exposed, a fear arises that others could potentially take advantage of him despite the fact that he willingly opens that door to others. Drake shares his insights on Trust Issues:
“You know what I’m sippin’
I teach you how to mix it,
But you’re the only one
Cuz I don’t trust these bitches,
I don’t, I don’t trust these bitches,
They might catch me slippin’
So you’re the only one
Cuz I don’t trust these bitches…”

Typically, the “quick fix” to these issues would be for one to build back up their self-esteem; and the best way men know how to do that is through multiple conquests. Enter Marvin’s Room:
“After a while girl
They all seem the same
I’ve had sex four times this week
I’ll explain…”

Although these songs come at different points in the rapper’s life, they illustrate that even some of the richest people in the world do in fact get lonely and may have a tough time moving on. Whether it be anger, self-pity, a detachment from people or jealousy; the symptoms are more often than not there for all to see when a playa’s lost his pimp game.

And yet, Drake seems to be perfectly at ease with confronting his mack mortality right before our eyes; it’s almost as if he is giving us the playbook on solving the issue. Perhaps men and women alike should pay close attention…

For this could be happening to you. 

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drewbreezzy said...

A lot of Drake's music reflects the suffering of the human experience. While despite "having it all" he can't seem to find what he needs.

He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes.
- Buddha

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