I Hate Getting Messages From You...

One of the most unfortunate facts of life is that relationships end. Whether that bond is one of friendship, love or simply a casual friends with benefits type of situation; at one point or another the possibility will arise for the situation to come to a term.

And for all the good or great times that occurred, the end is often not pleasant and leads to wounds that can remain on the surface or perhaps just manifest themselves in subtle ways that we fail to fully comprehend at that moment in time.

In an odd twist of events, the more I listen to Drake, the more realize that the man is conflicted but that he understands the harsh effects that relationships can have over people.

I finally got around to listening to his song Messages From You; and Drizzy goes on to explain that he has met a new lady by the name of Lorraine that seems to be good for him. She is from Los Angeles, provides good conversation, makes him laugh and even pays for drinks. The meeting with Loraine is stalled when he receives a text message from his ex-girlfriend that brings up emotions that he thought were now non-existent. The content of the text message: “I miss you”.

And just like that, his ex-girlfriend has him all over again. If you have ever been in that situation, you are fully aware that several reactions can come from such a moment: joy, sadness, confusion, apprehension, infatuation, despair or even possibly hate.

Given the fact that this lady is the one that broke up with Drake; his reaction is instead one of self-questioning followed by hate. Indeed, the fact she ended things and then turned around and sent him a message (right as he was getting over her might I add) manifesting her feelings for him sets him off and rightfully so.

Lorraine who is right there next to him is now a distant memory; instead the Young Money rapper is now trying to figure out what led to the message. His journey into self-reflection leaves him angered given the fact she broke things of but still had the gall to tell him she missed him. His date and his day are now officially ruined. Whatever it is that Drizzy had set off to do for the remainder of his day, he can no longer commit to because his mind state has been completely altered and left him a soon to be emotional wreck.

And for the most part, Drake’s situation perfectly illustrates why some people are weary of remaining in contact with people with whom they have severed ties. It can be challenging to deal with old wounds, especially when we believe that they had completely healed. That might be the most important message in the song as Drake concludes it as such:
“I thought that all these feelings went away,
Ouh I hate that sh*t you do
I hate that sh*t you do
I hate that sh*t you do
I hate that sh*t you do
I hate that sh*t you do
But I still text you back
To say I miss you too…”

In a nutshell ladies, that’s why at times we hate getting messages from you…

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