Finally The Rock...

It would seem as though my free time is about to get shorter. After years of completely ignoring the wrestling world, something, or rather someone made a triumphant return this past Monday night that warranted my attention. For those that are unaware, I spent countless hours of my childhood in front of the television set on Saturdays, watching World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and then moved to WWE’s Monday Night Raw during my adolescent years.

The product was decent but I tuned in every Monday night and even submitted some of my school work late because of two reasons:

Austin 3:16
Stone Cold Steve Austin went above the call of duty to keep fans entertained but also to piss off Vince McMahon. Between the beer chugging, the middle fingers, the WHAT chants, the fun he had at the expense of Vince and the Stunners he laid on his opponents, Austin was far too great to pass up.

The People’s Champ
Simply put, the Rock knew how to rock an area (no pun intended). Between the devastating Rock Bottom and the most electrifying move in sports entertainment (The People’s Elbow), few offered as much charisma in the ring as well as off it like the Rock did. Every single one of his matches always left me wanting more and yet he always delivered. The most impressive part of all of Rocky’s talents? His mic skills. This man probably would have given Katt Williams a good run for his money on Widin’ Out and might have even upstaged Wayne Brady on a few occasions on Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

That’s just how much power the man had with a microphone in his hand. And now, word on the street is that not only is the People’s Champ back, but he will also host Wrestlemania. In his extended monologue on Monday night (thanks to Kevin the Nets fan for hooking me up with the link), Rock mentioned that he had a score to settle with WWE star John Cena; in what could be a match of epic proportions as the millions (AND MILLIONS) of fans tune in to watch it unfold.

My one question: is the Rock really back? Or is this merely like Michael Jordan scrimmaging with the Bobcats to get a kick out of talking trash and spending time in the locker room again; only to fill a void that was missing and then will he be back in Hollywood to work on The Game Plan 2: Can The Rock Actually Cook?

Hopefully my questions will be answered soon, but it seems as though Vince McMahon has made the decision to monopolize my Monday nights….again.

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SBG Show: NBA Blog Talk with Zach Harper

ESPN’s Daily Dime Live Host Zach Harper stops by to discuss the Minnesota Timberwolves, DeMarcus Cousins, running Truehoop for a few days, Derrick Rose’s game and he shares his thoughts on who he thinks is the league MVP right now. If you wish to download the podcast through Itunes, you can click here; if not you can just click play on the player below to listen.

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Used To Be Worth Every Penny

There will never be another Magic Johnson. He was and still is (at least for me) the greatest point guard to ever set foot on an NBA court. Indeed, Magic did it all: winning, passing, scoring, rebounding, leadership and Showtime. Do not discount the last one; fans tend to want to follow flashy teams because of the possibility involved with seeing something incredible happen (Blake Griffin fans just nodded in approval). If we asked fans and media members which current or former NBA point guard reminded them most of Magic, the answer would probably be Jason Kidd.

Kidd’s rebounding and passing abilities in his prime were just too overwhelming. Back in 2002, we watched him completely dismantle the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals on his way to the NBA Finals:


Some would argue that he was the best player in the NBA not named Tim Duncan that season; and Shaquille O’Neal was still a dominant force at the time. And as great as Kidd once was, there is another player that seemed to encompass Magic’s game better than the former California point guard: Anfernee Hardaway.

Before the knee injuries, before the interview with John Thompson (I love the fact that Thompson asked Penny if he was a hypochondriac and Hardaway just laughed it off), before being traded to Phoenix and then New York, Penny Hardaway was considered to be the one of the two best guards in the NBA. Indeed, Penny captured All-NBA 1st team honors for his performance during the 1994-95 and 1995-96 seasons. Have a look at Hardaway’s averages during those seasons:


Three of the NBA's top 50. Too bad Penny's not part of it.
The physical similarities to the Lakers Hall of Fame point guard were obvious: Hardaway seemed to play out of position given his length (he was 6’7) but his speed with the ball in his hands was uncanny and also his court vision and decision making were quite impressive. But what impressed basketball people early on was the fact that the former Memphis Tiger was able to quarterback the Orlando Magic of 57-25 in 1995 and a record of 60-22 in 1996. Taking down Michael Jordan on his way to the Finals with Shaquille O’Neal certainly helped boost the legend….temporarily.

But then the Magic got swept at the hands of Michael’s Bulls, the Diesel moved to Los Angeles where he won multiple titles and Orlando struggled for a few years to make the playoffs because Penny struggled to remain healthy and just like that his iconic status was gone. No one today remembers that Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan struggled to guard him in the playoffs or that Penny Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan were arguably the best players on the court in the 1996 All-Star Game and that they played on the same team. But that’s the life of an NBA player; the fans are quick to celebrate them and shower them with praise, but the moment they become irrelevant, we completely forget them. I would like to think that Penny Hardaway is worth remembering though, right?

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