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Scattered Joker Cards.

With Peyton Manning on the shelf for a fairly lengthy period of time, I just could not bring myself to write about the NFL. It was just far too depressing to watch my beloved Colts play in what looked like a WWE handicap match against the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and UFC champion all the while writing about it.

But at some point, something has to give right? Instead of making it a full-fledged NFL post, I instead decided to give the best of both worlds and hook you guys up with my Scattered Thoughts. But first, a quick public service announcement…..

Competitiveness is a funny thing; people try to outshine one another in every aspect of life but it never dawned on me that such would be the case in writing. To my surprise, writing isn’t unlike rapping and sports; in that once the established stars feel threatened, they are not above taking shots at you to knock you down a few pegs.

I guess it just never occurred to me that I might matter to some guys at the top….on with the Thoughts.


32. Indianapolis Colts (0-4)
Let’s get them out of the way right?

31. St. Louis Rams (0-4)
So much for everyone picking Sam Bradford and the Rams to win the NFC West. And to think, a few weeks back I was in Vegas and could have hopped on that bandwagon but thought better of it.

30.  Miami Dolphins (0-4)
I’m surprised LeBron James hasn’t been blamed yet for the Dolphins record. I guess fans will probably wait for the last quarter of the season….

29. Minnesota Vikings (0-4)
It seems the Vikes were in fact better off with Favre at the helm huh?

28. Kansas City (1-3)
How long before Todd Haley ends up in a fight with one of his players? There’s just something about him that seems to rub players the wrong way and we keep seeing it on Sundays. Mind you, ever notice how he only seems to chew out offensive players and not defensive ones? Wisely picking his battles….

27. Jacksonville (1-3)
These guys are still in the NFL? Then again I should talk, they have a better record than Indianapolis.

26. Arizona Cardinals (1-3)
For everyone saying that Philadelphia should have considered keeping Kolb in the city of brotherly love, the Eagles and Cardinals both have the same record. So would he really have helped?

25. Seattle Seahawks (1-3)
You mean to tell me Seattle let Hasselbeck walk away so they could sign Tarvaris Jackson?

24. Denver Broncos (1-3)
Things not looking so good in Denver.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3)
The first win in the Andy Dalton era ladies and gentlemen!

22. Carolina Panthers (1-3)
The Panthers might have a losing record, but other than the Eagles, they might just be the most exciting losing team in the league.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3)
I’m not sure why the media keeps making a big deal out of every Philly loss. They are the best one-win team in the NFL, which has to count for something right? Dreat Team indeed…

20. Cleveland Browns (2-2)
Peyton Hillis annoys me. Know why? Instead of the Madden Curse leading to him missing time due to injury, my PS3 keeps freezing every time I reach Week 13 in my Madden season. So yes, even in Madden, my Colts can’t make the playoffs.

19. Atlanta Falcons (2-2)
We expected more out of this team but it seems that they just might be overrated.

18. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
17. NY Jets (2-2)
Romo played brilliantly early against Detroit and then essentially gave the game away to the Lions. Mark Sanchez on the other hand felt as though Romo was getting too much attention and thus pitched a stinker against the Ravens.

16. Oakland Raiders (2-2)
Who knew Asomugha would join a stacked team and watch his former team (Oakland) win more games through four weeks than his new one?

15. Chicago Bears (2-2)
Devin Hester now stands alone in history with 11 punt returns for touchdowns. He is bar none the best punt returner the league has ever seen.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
If Big Ben is going to finish up this season, he is going to have to start to get rid of the ball quicker with that banged up offensive line. But the real issue in Pittsburgh, what’s up with the defense?

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)
Could they win the South?

12. San Diego Chargers (3-1)
The Chargers under Norv Turner have historically underperformed early in the season. Given their current record now, one wonders if they will finish with perhaps one of the top seeds in the AFC given their ability to usually finish up the regular season strong.

11. San Francisco 49ers (3-1)
After a big win in Philadelphia, perhaps we should start paying more attention to the Niners.

10. Washington Redskins (3-1)
The question might have once seemed ridiculous, but now one can only wonder: Tony Romo or Rex Grossman?

9. Tennessee Titans (3-1)
Chris Johnson is officially back and you have to figure that the Houston Texans are at least somewhat concerned that they will have someone to fight for the division crown.

8. NY Giants (3-1)
Leading the toughest division in football right now.

7. Houston Texans (3-1)
How does Houston handle prosperity after being mediocre for so many years?

6. New England Patriots (3-1)
Oddly enough, the Patriots win big on the road and still fly under the radar because of the Lions and Packers. Just remember, in recent years New England has not properly handled playing with the target on their backs. With them now not garnering much publicity, I’d keep an eye out on them.

5. Buffalo Bills (3-1)
Just a bump in the road in Cincinnati or a sign of things to come?

4. New Orleans Saints (3-1)
Their defense needs to play better but that offense can sure cover up a lot of mistakes.

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
The Ravens defense did one hell of a job against the Jets and then their ground game showed up late in the third quarter to help them put away the game.

2. Detroit Lions (4-0)
MEGATRON!!! *Transformer sound and jet flies away*

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0)
Still rocking the belt.


The Ex
Last week, one of my friends mentioned to me that he had started talking to this lady and that she seemed to be a keeper at first glance. She was pretty and appealed to him physically. The one issue he faced with her is that she seemed to be stuck on her ex-boyfriend.

Granted, these things happen fairly frequently and thus at times it comes down to simply toughing it out for a few days or possibly a few weeks while the woman in question gets it out of her system (if you are willing to wait). But then he mentioned how he had complimented her at one point and she replied: “I know right? Why wouldn’t he want to be with me?!?”

And that’s when I told him, GET OUT! It’s one thing to be hung up on your former lover and having trouble moving on, but the impression I got from my friend was this lady wasn’t even trying to move on. Instead, she was trying to understand why this man had turned her away and could not get past that. And thus my advice was that he cut his losses now before he become involved in a love triangle.

The Changes
A phenomenon seems to have taken over the world. Women now seem to expect men to basically change the core of whom they are for the sake of pleasing them. It would seem that specifically women who have recently had their hearts broken by their one-time lover have made the executive decision that there are things they will not stand by; which is fine, those are called standards. However, where things get complicated is that when these women meet a man that seems to fit most of their criteria, they take a particular interest in him but set out to change some of the characteristics they do not like.

For instance, if he is not a hugger, she will force him to hug, if he does not like to purchase flowers or go to the movies; well his refusal to acquiesce to such demands will become a matter of national security with the lady in question.

Remember when you were an early teenager and would watch early Saturday morning teen shows and they would always preach to remain yourself and to never try to be someone else because people should appreciate you for who you are? That message seems to have been lost on certain women when dealing with men. Approach with caution!

Hip Hop Power Rankings: Top 3

3. Joe Budden
Jump Off Joey has no shame. He puts his feelings as well as his life on full display and has us live his life through his songs. In his new mixtape Mood Muzik 4.5, Joe touches on issues like the loss of Aspen (his unborn daughter) and finally getting closure from breaking things off with his most recent girlfriend as he raps about their fights and her suspect behavior with a known NFL running back on No Ordinary Love Pt. 3.

Joey just keeps doing his thing and we are all better for it.

2. J. Cole
Cole came to Montreal last month and literally killed the show by performing hit tracks such as Who Dat, Can’t Get Enough and Farewell to name a few. The Carolina rapper had me reeled in then and there but then he took it even further and dropped his LP The Sideline Story.

The album is titled in a way for you to think that it’s everything that is on the side in his life but it’s actually the opposite. Cole’s album is the window with open blinds into his life.

The Jay-Z protégé raps about the path he had to take to reach his goals in A Dolla and a Dream III, the quintessential rags to riches story that focuses on his being poor.

No Hip Hop album would could termed as such without a radio friendly single in which the rapper boasts about his skills in the bedroom and The Sideline Story is no exception, as the Carolina rapper spits game on Can’t Get Enough with Trey Songz on the hook. Here’s a quick verse:
“Won’t brag but the boy been blessed man,
Let you play with the stick

But ultimately, the album hits hard and hits home because Cole shares with us a piece of who he is and why he is the man he is today. He gets deep and introspective on Lost Ones when he acts out a conversation he had with a girlfriend when he was younger and faced with the prospect of raising a child with her in poverty. Essentially they are discussing the possibility of an abortion and Cole tells her (and us) that he isn’t too proud to say that he cries sometimes about it; it may not seem like much, but he sends a powerful message in the song.

And finally on Breakdown, the rap star explains the sadness he felt when his father left him when he was younger and how his mother and brother had to take care of one another. There may be some resentment on his part, but Cole squashes the notion when he states that he just spent some time by his father for the first time in a long time and that all of it rendered him extremely emotional.

There are more tracks to listen to and appreciate on The Sideline Story and I would invite you to do so. Between the production, the lyrics and the radio friendly songs, this album is clearly a must-have for Hip Hop enthusiasts.

1. Eminem
The beats, the lyrics, the words, the word play and the content that Marshall handles in his songs just elevate him above everybody else in the game.

ShynePhone Rotation
DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne – I’m On One
Joe Budden – No Ordinary Love pt. 3
Royce Da 5’9 - Vagina
Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis
Crooked I – Fast Car Freestyle
DMX – Sucka for Love
R. Kelly – Ex-girlfriend
Sean Kingston ft Nicki Minaj – Letting Go (Dutty Love)
Gyptian – Beautiful Lady
Rock City ft. Gyptian – Hold Yuh Remix
Wayne Marshall ft. Mavado – My Heart
Mohombi ft. Nicki Minaj & Gyptian – Hold Yuh Remix
Royce Da 5’9 ft. Travis Barker – Legendary
Drake – Trust Issues
Black Rob – Get Involved
Royce Da 5’9 – Second Place
YC – Racks
Lil’ Wayne ft. Drake & Rick Ross – She Will
Drake – Club Paradise

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